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This Blog Post From 2005 Predicted The iPhone And President Trump



The internet can be a strange place. It’s full of weird and wonderful content that challenges our very understanding of the human psyche. For every piece of compelling news, there is a cat video. For every social justice video urging a cause, there is a teenager biting into a delicious Tide Pod*

No weirder place online exists than in forums and discussion boards. Before the widespread use of social media from 2008 and onward, people around the world would talk to each other in dedicated chat rooms and sites. And it was a weird place.

Recently, it has been unearthed that a blogger from 2005 wrote about Apple’s need for an ‘iPhone’. Apple’s signature product would not be released for another two years – how did he know they were planning for such a thing?

The blog post on DSL Reports, titled Why Apple Must Come Out With An iPhone, attracted the attention of computer and software fanatics from all over the world, as they described the need for Apple to enter into such a market.

“If Apple came up with the iPhone, it would be a great inducer into the G5. An executive with a smartphone has to sync well. The elegant sync between the iPhone and the bosses’ G5 would be the beginning of a tidal wave of conversions away from the PCs.”

At the time that ‘Cortland’ wrote about such a need, phones and computers were not yet as easily synced as they are today. The idea that you could merge all your content and easily transfer it from phone to computer seemed far off – and PCs were the dominant force in the American workplace. When talking about a company executive, he said:

“To see seamless sync between his iPhone and his G5 would be too seductive to ignore.”

Of course, today it is common practice to be able to shift between devices and access content from multiple areas. He argued that change had to be made at the top – by managers and executives – and behavior would trickle down to employees. He continues:

“Say Donald Trump got the iPhone. He would then get a Mac. Then his whole organization would get MACs. It is leading from the top.”

He uses Trump as an example for ‘top businessman’ due to his reputation at the time as Chairman of The Trump Organization, the property tycoon, and host of The Apprentice.

He then uses a strange analogy to complete his argument on how someone like Trump could influence the integration of Apple software into his organization with the then-fictitious iPhone.

“The only person who can influence the MIS manager is the President. Get the President his toy and you get a lot back.”

Bizarrely, the blog post had predicted the introduction of the iPhone, the influence of Donald Trump, and how a ‘President’ could make decisions to influence the future of tech. Leading from the top, indeed.

You can see the entire blog post here.

*Editor Choice does not condone eating Tide Pods.

James Spiro is the Head Writer and Editor at Editor Choice. His passions include comic book movies, tech, politics, and Twitter.