Need To Breakup? Use These Signs For Inspiration

Thinking of a breakup? We get it. Relationships can be hard and sometimes ending it can be for the best. Hopefully, both members of the relationship agree to end this nicely – although no two hearts break evenly.


For some people, their breakup was a little more dramatic than we would have liked. We’ve highlighted some of the funniest (but brutal) breakup messages. If you’re still a little heartbroken from your ex, we suggest you look away. Although, misery loves company so why don’t you join us?

Proof Is In The Pizza

We all love pizza. While we may disagree on how we like it (pineapple and thin crust!) we can all understand the desire to eat it for comfort food. Well, it turns out this partner knew this as well as anyone.


We have to admire how much they know their spouse to predict what they would want in times like this. Maybe it isn’t the first time they broke up? Who knows. We hope they enjoy their dinner and move on.

Communication is Key

We don’t know if this is real or not but wow – talk about bad timing! Imagine the circumstances in which someone thought it would be ok to break up with someone over text or propose to them!


We have a feeling this photo might be a prank. After all, how could two people get it so wrong so perfectly? Let’s hope these two resolved whatever problems they had. Do you think Jacob got the breakup he wanted?

Public Displays of Divorce

Oof. You can only imagine what Paul must have done to get this message from his wife. Written on the sign as if it were written in the stars, this wife has finally had enough and decided to end her marriage.


What do you think Paul did to warrant such a public and brutal message? We would rather not think about that right now. All we hope is that both parties ended the marriage nicely to one another – although we doubt that was the case.

Broke and Single

If your soon-to-be ex-wife is taking such measures just to prove a point, then you know you screwed up bigly. And, if we consider the charges against him, it doesn’t look like he deserves much of our sympathy. It’s on tape, Steven!


What do you think he thought when he saw this driving home one day? Perhaps he took a few more circles around the block before finally going home and facing the consequences of his actions.

Very Funny…

Jokes can’t always be interpreted correctly – especially via text message. We’ve heard some pretty bad jokes over the years, but this one is probably the least funny one we could find. Who’s there? Not sympathy, that’s who.


Judging by this exchange, we say the person who got dumped had a lucky escape. Who would think it’s acceptable to dump someone over a (bad) joke? Even the biggest Dad wouldn’t think this is a funny joke… what do you think?

Oh, Dave…

What’s the number one rule, Dave? Making sure our wives and girlfriends never meet! Here, we can see the consequences of introducing your wife to your mistress. Surprisingly, it didn’t go well. For Dave, he better hope his actions were worth it.


Using bright pink lipstick, Nikki wrote a message while taking the kids (and all his money) with her. What is he going to do? Let’s hope his girlfriend liked him for his personality and not his finances.

… Are You Serious?

Here’s another case where communication would be better in person. We can see that ‘11:11 :D’ clearly has a relationship with the recipient. After all, he wants them to get married! How could he have read it so badly?


Truthfully, the person texting here should have been a little more sensitive to the other person. Why go through all this trouble each day to want to break up before things got serious? It looks like it’s TIME… for a change.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter is important for any relationship. Just ask this person, who has decided to end a relationship because of it. Not only is Keenen not funny, but he actively makes himself look bad. Ouch.


Of course, humor is subjective and this person can think whatever she wants. We think you’re funny, Keenen. Let’s be honest, you can do much better than this tough critic. It looks like Keenen will be the perfect dad once his baby comes along – what with all the bad jokes!

Just To Be Clear

We decide to break up with people mainly because we no longer want to be with people like them. So, it makes sense that ‘babe’ doesn’t want anyone like this guy again. After all, dating is just a learning experience.


Usually, you date to find not what you DO want, but more what you DON’T want. This is pretty evident in the photo here. Just to be clear: she doesn’t want someone she’s currently with! Best of luck to these two during their breakup.

All Must Go… Including The Wife

When a sale sign outside says “all must go” that usually means the owner is prepared to bargain with you for the best deal. You may be able to buy something he wants to get rid of for a fraction of an original price.


For this guy, it includes his wife. She’s probably not going to like the idea that she is being categorized in the same way as the old record player! Let’s hope this is just a funny sign between a loving husband and wife. What do you think?

Not What We Thought…

If you’re going to communicate with acronyms, it’s important to both make sure you’re using the right ones. Or, at the very least, you are both defining them in the same way! For this unlucky couple, there was an awkward moment.


Surely, one member thought that ‘ILY’ means ‘I Love You’, whereas the other thought it meant ‘I’m Leaving You’. We’ve never heard of the latter description, so let’s hope this was just a joke between these two. What do you think ILY means?

Cake And Eat It, Too

Moving countries can cause big problems among couples. Unless you both decide to do it together, you’re effectively putting an end to the relationship. It looks like this is exactly what’s happening here. Australia is pretty far, after all…


It’s a big ask to get someone to move country just for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your own dreams. We can see why this happened, but what a shame to find out this way! Let’s hope there were no hard feelings.

Me No English Or Math

Intelligence can be an incredibly attractive quality in someone. What’s more, ignorance can be a nail in a relationship coffin. This person clearly had reached the end of their patience when it came to Ron and his English skills.


The fact he thought it was because of his poor math skills and not his insufferable English just shows how stupid he must be! Hopefully this is just another joke, too. What you think was the real reason?

What A Rollercoaster

Oh my god. We can’t imagine the journey that Jennifer must have experienced during this drive. We only hope she wasn’t the one driving the car! Can you believe this man wanted to put her through these ups and down like this?


Hopefully, this is just a prank to entertain the other drivers on the road. But we can’t be too sure. Never underestimate how petty people can be during a breakup! If it’s a joke, let’s hope enough people laughed.

First Stage: Denial

How do you tell someone you want to break up when they cannot read the words you’re writing. It seems this girl was a little bit too blind to read the message within the messages. Here she is blaming it on autocorrect!


We’ve all made mistakes on autocorrect before, but we always rush to make it clear what we meant! For this unlucky girl, it seems he was making it pretty clear where he stood and what his message meant. Sorry girl, this one’s over.

Thank You, Next!

Looks like this guy had enough with his girlfriend after she spent a little too much time with Derek. We particularly like the novelty card that is used to signify the weight of the key. Perhaps it is also a reflection of the baggage of the relationship?


Either way, we appreciate how swift and polite this guy remained during the breakup – even after she was caught cheating. We don’t think we would be able to stay as calm as he is here.

Try Get The Hint

When you are trying to associate yourself with another famous couple, make sure it’s one that’s attractive and in love! Here, we can see how these two view their relationship. One of them was trying to get the other to see how they view the relationship.


Clearly, the joke was lost on the other person because they didn’t realize that the sender saw the relationship as the same as Britney and Justin. Ouch. We get the picture…

Try Opening Up, Shawn…

We get it. Sometimes men can be a bit closed off with their partners. While Rachel was initially patient when it came to her boyfriend, she decided to end it after he stopped talking to her. For three months.


To be honest, we would find it strange if our partner stopped talking to us for three DAYS, let alone months. Judging by the handwriting and the wording, we think this couple must be quite young. Ah, puppy love!

Game On…

This is some real Jigsaw kind of stuff. Here’s what happens when you’re silly enough to leave your Facebook logged on at your girlfriend’s house. Instead of getting angry and destroying his things, this girl went proper crazy with him.


Hiding all his stuff in different parts of town has turned his afternoon into a complete Rat Race. Hopefully, he has all the locations in his memory and can ask some friends to help him with this breakup along the way. We hope Keisi was worth it, buddy.

If It’s Not Online, Does It Even Count?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words just to come out and say that you want to break up with someone. So, using the immense power of social media, CJ found a trendy and passive way to show Syd that things were donzo.


It looks as though at least 15 people knew they broke up before she did! That’s a brutal way to tell someone you want to break up and see other people. That’s some transformation all right…

One Hundred Million Trampolines?

We’re not all poets. Some of us find it hard to find the words we need when describing ourselves or our loved ones. For this poor note-writer, it seems to be the case. I mean, we all like trampolines, but comparing a smile to 100,000,000 of them?


It’s probably why the letter took such an expected turn and they ended up finishing the relationship entirely. Perhaps it was full of too many ups and downs?

Poor Kevin…

This is both cowardly and embarrassing! Can you imagine breaking up with someone through an advert in the newspaper? We think it’s a pretty harsh way to end things.


Still, there’s something quite admirable about knowing the parts of the paper that your partner would read. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money – not to mention confusing! What would happen if Kevin missed the message that day?

Dating Five Guys?

Ok, so Madelyne isn’t actually dating five different men! Here, we can see an example of how this lady ‘broke up’ with her work. She claims it is no longer the right fit and they have to part ways.


This is a pretty unique way to tell your employer that you will no longer be working there. We hope everyone took it well! If you want to read more funny resignation letters, feel free to read more here.

Start Spreadin’ The News…

Clearly this wife doesn’t care about keeping matters private. After discovering that her husband was not being loyal, she decided to (publically) breakup with him and tell the whole neighborhood at the same time.


Can you imagine getting home and seeing this made-up sign all on display like this? We have to kind of admire the amount of effort she put into getting the whole thing made. How long do you think she was holding on to it for?

Dear Mr. Fantasy…

This guy has a thing for imaginary scenarios. Speaking with ‘Dr. Who Girl’, he had already married and divorced this girl – even though he didn’t bother to learn her actual name!


Greg went on to break up with her before it even got serious. Well, actually in case it ever got anything. But she gets to keep the cat, so at least she has that going for her? We’d rather have the Hawaii house. What do you think?

Wholesome Breakup

Not all breakups need to be angry or sad. This kindergartener learned the hard way that breaking up is, in fact, hard to do. He even admits it at the bottom! ‘It’s really hard to do this’, he wrote. You’re right there, buddy.

Funny Notes/Pinterest

We also like how he calls for a breakup, and celebrates his anniversary, with his now ex at the same time. He’s clearly a little young to realize that’s not the right thing to do. Still, he’ll have plenty of time to learn from more experiences.

Check For Typos

If you’re going to pretend to be an automated machine from a phone company, you better be sure you check your spelling! This ‘babe’ tried to dodge a hard talk when his girlfriend announced she was pregnant.


Never someone to give up, this noble boyfriend tried again, this time fixing his typo. It’s unclear if these two managed to sort out communication and whether they sorted things out together. Let’s hope for at least a happy ending for the child!

Double Teaming

This sign must have been the inspiration for countless rom-com films to come out of Hollywood in recent years. We’ve all seen the story: two women dating the same man come together to defeat the man they’re both dating. Who knew these things happened in real life, too?


Well, these ladies wanted to put their money together to shame Steve and his promiscuous activity. Let’s see if he got the message and learned his lesson in the long term.

Quite A List…

We all know people who like to keep lists. But, it’s important to consider this character trait in someone you choose to date. You never know what you might end up getting yourself into!


Take this poor fellow, for example. He probably wasn’t expecting a long list of traits that would contribute to his ultimate breakup with his girlfriend. Looking over these, it’s safe to say that a few of these are rather petty. Do you think he deserved this?

From Your Friend

They always talk about how hard it is to get out the friend zone – but ask this guy about going back to it! Sadly for N.D, it wasn’t meant to be and Carol decided that they should remain friends instead.


She even went out of her way to sign the note ‘Your Friend Carol’ at the end. As if the note wasn’t painful enough! Do you think these two ended up staying friends after this was sent? We hope so.

Those Who Can’t Talk, Draw

If you ever lack the ability to write a note, you can always rely on a doodle to capture how you’re feeling about your relationship. Clearly, this guy found it hard to talk about his feelings and so he drew a nice little picture.

We imagine that the relationship already had some problems with communication to begin with. After all, he can’t seem to talk about how he feels! If things were like this when they were ‘bad’ then what about when they were good?


What’s worse than dumping someone for your friend, Gary. Yup, you guessed it: doing it Valentine’s Day. That is shameless! Laura is dumping poor Dan on Valentine’s Day for Gary, who we imagine is a mutual friend of the pair.


Hopefully, Dan could get a refund on the present he got Laura after the breakup. She even made the effort to dump his clothes at his mom’s place, and now it appears he’s homeless. Ouch. We feel sorry for you, Dan! But still, it sounds like you got a lucky escape.

To The Point

This one has everything you need to qualify as one of the most ruthless breakups ever. It’s a short note accompanied by a doodle. The only problem? The image is a decapitation! Ouch, indeed.


This guy couldn’t pick up the phone and call her to breakup? Instead, he relied on a passive note to give Valerie the message. Looks like she will do much better on her next relationship. Don’t worry, Valerie, you’ll find someone better!

You And Your Friends

Another note that’s short and sweet. Jenny clearly has no intention of being friends with Alexander after their inevitable breakup. But to make matters worse: she’s breaking up with his friends, too!


It’s common for couples to spend time with each other’s friends over time. We suppose it’s for the best that she doesn’t want to see his friends – imagine how awkward that would be at birthdays? Don’t worry, Alexander, you can do better than her! There’s always a next time.

Stealing Movie Lines

Any film fan will catch this one a mile off! The famous speech in The Dark Knight Rises is copied here to excellent effect by someone who is sadly ending their relationship via text message.


Perhaps once upon a time these two would bond over their love of superhero films. Well, not so much anymore! Let’s hope they remained friends like intended and that they DID go to France. Although that might be a little too romantic for exes…

The Sequel To ‘The Other Woman’?

Ouch. Why did this person feel it necessary to build up a breakup like this? We get it: sometimes relationships come to an end. But still, this has to hurt! We wonder if the recipient thought it was about to be a nice date night?


Other People sounds exactly like the kind of film that the sender hopes it is. If you had a breakup, what ‘film’ would you use in a text? We’d see I Know Who You Did Last Summer.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! You do not want to annoy your girlfriend, especially by dumping her via a stupid text message. Well, this girl wasn’t messing around and threw something right back at him!


How do you think he reacted when he saw this reply? I mean, it’s like the total opposite of what he wanted! Now he’s going to share a baby with his ex. Oh dear! Let’s hope these two worked it out ok for the child.

New Fone, Who Dis?

We’ve all accidentally texted the wrong person, but this husband has just made the ultimate mistake! Looks like he was thinking of his wife while texting his girlfriend. Looks like he’s just broken up with both of them!


Hopefully, this husband and wife were just joking around late at night. After all, they’re sitting in the same room – why would they text? Still, this would be a pretty bad mistake if it’s true. How would you react to this?

Man In The Mirror

While it may be a great song by Michael Jackson, it’s not somebody you want to look at when it’s in relation to a breakup! Using her pink pop lipstick, the girlfriend had had enough of the relationship and relied on the mirror to get her message across.


What do you think he thought when he saw this? We only hope that it was in the privacy of his home and not during a house party with friends. That would have been so embarrassing!

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