Super Cute Cats Who Are Busy Doing Human Jobs

We all have an idea of what a cat does. He or she will usually sleep, eat, mate, hunt, and sleep. When we think of our cats, we hardly think of them are the hard-working individuals they could be.

@wilbur_of_thornbury / Instagram

Well, you haven’t met these furry friends! We’ve collected some of the most adorable pictures of kittens who are very hard at work in human jobs. You thought dogs dressed as humans was cute? Wait till you see cats working WITH humans! We know it seemed impossible, but these photos will say otherwise!

Gardening Experts

If you have an outdoor cat, you might recognize how comfortable they feel around plants and other outside environments. Well, this feline wanted to join his owner during his agricultural endeavors by lending a helping paw.

@hurdletreenurseries / Instagram

Ok, so he might be taking a nap on the job! Still, anyone who has a cat will know how nice it is just to have a calming presence around while you work. We will wake him up when September ends!

Dr. Cat

Yes, Dr. Cat is a very important scientist who enjoys conducting some very serious experiments! Ok, not really. This cat is a member of Pet Assisted Love and Support (PALS). His real job might just make you cry.

@wren_and_finch / Instagram

This cat’s whole job is to travel around universities and make sure that children and students are relaxed, calm, and comfortable. Imagine all the kids he’s cheered up over the years? Thank you for your service!

Kitty The Salescat

Who could resist a sale from this feline fella? Well, these shop owners clearly love the idea of having their own little mascot around the shop to help them sell some personal items. With eyes like those, could you resist?

@janysauria / Instagram

She actually has a very important job. If she DOESN’T sit on those boxes all day, just who will? Depending on where you live, you might have seen other cats at stores across the country. We know we have!

Model Cat

This is one of the toughest jobs in the world – especially if you’re a cat! You’re expected to be out all day in the sun with a smile on your face. Unless you make your profession being a ‘grumpy’ cat (RIP), then it can be a burden to smile all day.

@landofmeow / Instagram

Thankfully, this is not one of those cats! Look at that amazing pose with her human buddy. These two clearly have a great relationship and they continue to pose and model all day. Looking good, girls!

Sally The Office Manager

Meet Sally. She’s the very important office cat who is in charge of the admin and manager of this busy library. Make sure you’re not scrolling your social media feeds while Sally is on her shift! She might just catch you.

@kelmscott_bookshop / Instagram

Despite her firm but fair approach to work, Sally has been known to let loose at the office Christmas parties with the other cats. Just make sure she doesn’t have too many treats or she’ll be sick in the plant pot again!

Captain Kitty

All aboard, sailors! This cat is ready to jump ship and steer us all to sea. While most cats don’t like being in water, this one has no trouble riding up on it all day and night. Just where will he take us?

@project_luni / Instagram

This cute kitty is set to travel the seven seas and hopefully find Atlantis one day. His first mission is to rename it ‘Catlantis’ and invite all his friends to sit there all day and eat the fish that swim his way.

Bobby The Builder

Bobby is one of the best cat builders ever employed by a union. He will travel day or night to make sure you get the best home improvements possible. Have a mouse in your floorboards? No problem for Bobby!

@ice_cream_errday / Instagram

Simply invite him in to roam your home and he’ll have that pesky mouse out in no time. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Tom & Jerry, you’ll know how fun it can be to watch. Look out!

Move For The Mow!

Look at this guy’s face – he means business! This cat is doing two things today: mowing the lawn and chewing gum. And guess what? He’s all out of gum. Jump aboard and pull that string – there’s no stopping this train!

@tabbynco / Instagram

We think it’s great how these cats want to help out with the gardening so much. We bet they enjoyed their afternoon nap in the freshly cut grass soon after! They definitely deserve it for all their hard work.

Working On Caturday

Careful! If you work for this office manager you might end up working on your weekend – specifically your Caturday! It looks like he means business while he thinks about crunching those numbers and making the office a safe space for mice, cats, and dogs.

@andre.giantcat / Instagram

Anyone who has ever had an office pet knows how quickly they can fit in with the human employees. Well, this buddy clearly has no trouble being a collaborative member of the team.

Marking Appointments All Day

Cats love to be organized. That’s why they are the ultimate pet to take the reins of the receptionist duties in the office. Need a meeting with the big guy? Well, this buddy will have no problem making it work for you.

@glendaryning / Instagram

Just make sure you stick to the rules of the office! If not, this little guy will be all over you. Late forms, office complaints? This is one cat who doesn’t mind dishing out the dirty stuff. Look out!

But What’s It All For?

Some aren’t cut out for the grind of shop life. Look at Alfie, for instance. His door might be open, but what about his heart? It looks like that might be closed for the day. As he stares out his window all day, he can’t help but ask: ‘What’s it all about, Alfie?”

@andre.giantcat / Instagram

We all get these kinds of days in the office and it’s important to keep yourself motivated. What do you do to keep focused on the task at hand?

Comic Book Cat

Whatever you do, don’t mess up the order! This kitty has been hard at work all morning making sure that all the best superhero comics are on display and ready for purchase. What do you think her favorite issue is?

@wilbur_of_thornbury / Instagram

You probably guessed Catwoman – well, you’d be right! This furry store owner is proud of the representation of cats in the comic industry and will sell them as long as she can. What is your favorite comic book hero?


When you are in a library, you should always keep quiet! Not everyone listens to human librarians when they seek quietness, so this library went one better – hired their very own cat. When this fella looks into your eyes, will you be able to say no?

@a_cat_named_lionel / Instagram

Better yet, the library noticed an increase in young visitors who would come to the library to say hi to the cat and take out a book in the process. A success all around, it seems!

Construction Cat

Watch out for that manhole! This kitty is out there in his orange jacket making sure people are safe when walking around construction zones in the street. Each year, too many people are injured by public construction, and this is one of the cats who aim to fix that!

@ozzy_the_shopcat / Instagram

Seriously though, we love how much he seems to take pride in his work. Just look at those eyes and that cheeky smile! We think you’re doing a great job there, buddy!

Nurse Kitty

Meet Jackie. Jackie is cat belonging to the local hospital who goes and visits sick children and elderly folks. Her presence can help make them more comfortable, relaxed, or simply bring a smile to their face.

@rogersterlingthecat / Instagram

Jackie takes her job very seriously and makes sure she always leaves patients feeling than before they saw her. Don’t worry, if cats aren’t their thing, there is a pack of puppies outside ready to lend a paw!

Must Finish This Essay…

Not all cats who work are professionals. Look at this fella, for instance. He’s hard at work finishing his student essay. Sadly, he is working around the clock to make sure he hits his 4,000-word count – meaning he’s in for an all-nighter!

@jkrross / Instagram

We can see him grabbing a quick power nap here to regain some of his energy. Let’s hope he brings his A-Game and sends the professor a good piece of work!


Here’s Nicholas, only the most adorable electrician cats we’ve ever met. Now, we know what you’re thinking: how can he handle all those cables without opposable thumbs? Don’t worry, Nicholas has you covered!

@ats_and_nicklas / Instagram

He’s more of a mascot and sidekick to his human owner, but people have been rushing to meet with Nicholas due to his calm nature. In fact, it’s bringing the human a bunch of additional business. Good kitty!

Inspector Cat

Cats have high standards, which sometimes makes them the perfect food critic! If your kitty doesn’t like the smell of those pickles at the bar, it’s time to get rid of them. Trust us – your place will be better once you listen to your cat.

@docleopold / Instagram

It’s just one of the jobs that cats can enjoy and thrive in, as we can see here. Who knows what will happen in the future and where his inspecting skills can take him. Watch this space.

Mayor Kitty

Would you believe us if we told you that this little guy is the mayor of a human town? Talkeetna, Alaska, voted him in as an honorary mayor until his death in 2017. The mayor, full name Stubbs, was sent to clean up some of the dirt in politics.

Jenni Konrad/Wikimedia Commons

He’s not your ordinary politician. Stubbs actually lost his tail a few years ago in battle, so he’s one of Talkeetna’s most noble veterans. This cat is a mayor – what have you done with your life?

Lionel The Science Cat

We’ve all heard of Bill Nye the Science Guy, now let’s meet Lionel the Science Cat! He’s back, this time having moved on from a brief career as a librarian. He’s now a professor at Cattech in California.

@a_cat_named_lionel / Instagram

Each day, Lionel conducts very serious scientific experiments, such as: “How can we catch the mice?” and “The Cuteness of Puppies: A Study”. Today, he hopes to get his work published in a kitty journal. Good luck, Professor Kitty!


This kitty is the next best pianist – you haven’t heard the news? He’s been known to recite some of the most romantic and emotive ballads in history. You thought you knew Mozart? Now let’s have a listen to Meow-zart…


Rumors are that he’s already booked out in venues across Italy and Spain. His unique talents are causing people to paws in their tracks and listen for minutes – hours even. Quick: it’s time to book your seat before time runs out!

Prime Minister Kitty

Meet Larry. Larry The Cat is a famous member of Britain’s Number 10 Downing Street. He lives with the Prime Minister and has the very important job of keeping the mice at bay! Larry loves the camera and is often seen posing with world leaders.

Twitter / @Number10cat

Here he is feeling extra patriotic – perhaps it was the Queen’s birthday? Either way, he’s going to have to get used to a new leader joining him in the next few months.

Meow Meow Fuzzyface

Attention! Here comes PC Fuzzyface. This police cat has a special duty to protect citizens from the strict rule of law. Just look how serious he is with his big, blue eyes and his uniform! He’d be adorable if he weren’t so scary!


You better hope you don’t do anything too naughty when Fuzzyface is around! Punishments include cuddles and knocking your glass of water off your table when you’re not looking! Are you willing to run the risk?

Safety Cat

Who else would be better than this guy helping kids cross the road? With his slick black fur and cat reflexes, he knows all about the risks and rewards of crossing the road safely. He’s so good that he’s the main commander!

Youtube/Tuppy Glossop

Of course, he has a human to help with the communication and authority, but the strategy is all him! Your kid will never be safer without safety kitty on top of it! Why did the cat cross the road…?

Kitty Cop

We’re gonna be honest here: Millie doesn’t mess around. Just look at that face – it screams professionalism! Here she is scouting a warehouse of Bandai in the UK. In the warehouse, there’s a myriad of high-profile and valuable items that could be stolen at any time.


Well, not of PC Millie has anything to do with it! Here she is – badge and all – patrolling the area and making sure everything is where it should be. Good job, kitty!

All Steam Ahead!

All aboard the choo choo kitty train. Tama the cat has always had a passion for train sets. Well, here she is with her own badge and hat ready to go. Where will she take us? We don’t know yet, but we’re sure to think it’s an adventure.


We love it when animals – manly cats – take on human interests. Just look at this: we have a cat who is desperate to be a train driver! Oh my gosh, we love it.

Minister Cat

Some single women in their 30s wish they could marry their cats. Well, if you get your pet ordained then you can get them to marry whoever you want! Just look how professional he looks here – ready for anything.

Twitter / deleted user

There was some controversy within the Cat-olic church about inter-marriage between cats and dogs. After some progressive reforms, they now allow it. Another step in the right direction for rights! We would love to see this service in action.

Wannabe Cricket Player

You might think this is just a cat pictured next to a cricket pitch, but you would be so wrong. So, so wrong. Meet Brian. He’s only the best ever cri-Cat player out there. To date, his stellar analysis and instincts have wowed crowds around the world.

Twitter / @bbctms

Brian was hoping for a career as a player but he injured his knee when he was a kitten. Sadly, he wouldn’t be able to run as fast as others. Thank goodness he still has his brain!

Study Hard

When you’re a cat, you still need to spend time being a student. Whether it’s staying up late to write an essay or finish reading your notes – this cat knows how hard it is to study for that big test. Just look at that face!


Amazingly, this university won the ‘University of the Year’ award in 2018. Maybe because it lets cats take part in its academic studies? Either way, We hope he graduates with honors. It’s the least he deserves.

Cat-olic Nuns

Less is more: just ask Tuna. She has created a life with no wallet, phone, watch, or PC. All she has is her spiritual religion and faith in the system. In fact, she is totally celibate and is dedicated to her cause.

Youtube / jessie chen

How did she get to this state? Perhaps she had some profound experience that led her down this path. Whatever it was, we are happy she has found peace now and can relax in her new way of life.

Statue Protector

Here we can see a kitty taking the huge responsibility of protecting the statue of Winston Churchill. He must have learned a thing or two from Larry the Downing Street cat! Descendents of Churchill can rest easy knowing this kitty has it under control.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

His name is Jock VI, and he is working round the clock to make sure that no one steals the bust. He is particularly mindful for pesky dogs that might come and try to steal it.

Station Guard

Look who’s ready to see that everyone boards the morning train to work! Meet Felix. Felix is in charge of making sure that order is maintained on the platform when commuters wait for their morning trains.

Pinterest / Heather Lee

It’s a tough job: people are usually short of coffee and rushing to get to their morning meetings at work. Therefore, you never know what you’re going to find on the platform. Don’t worry: Felix has you covered! Thanks, station guard Felix!

Pizza Kitty?

What if your cat wasn’t trying to be a human, but trying to be an entirely different thing? What if you get home one day and find out your cat wants to be a pizza? Well, if you own Waffles, then that might be what you get.

Twitter / @WafflesCat

If only he had wanted to be a waffle, then his name would not have been in vain. As for now, the humans are contemplating changing his name from Waffles to Pizza. What do you think they should do?

Snowball The Homicide Detective

Snowball has seen some stuff. When you’re on the force for so many years, you can expect to see some bad things. Well, Snowball is approaching the end of his shift and is ready to finally talk. Let’s see what he has to say…

Pinterest / S.V.M. Enari-Potter

First: he’s seen more dogs stick their heads of the window than he can count on his paws. And don’t even think about all the times their waste wasn’t picked up by humans! Snowball is currently writing a memoir about his time on the force – out for Christmas 2019.

Maru The Youtube Star

Maru decided to become a famous Youtube star after seeing Pewdiepie. Apparently, getting paid millions of dollars just to post funny videos was a lucrative and appealing process, so Maru decided to give it a go.

Youtube/Guiness World Records

Turns out that people really enjoy cat videos online – who knew? Well, now Maru and his owner are living the good life and spending their summers in Spain after making audiences around the world laugh and cry. Would you start a Youtube channel?

Piano Kitty

Anyone who is anyone has seen RocketMan – the story of Elton John’s life. Well, Fatso here saw it and wanted to try his luck as the next piano kitty. The truth is that he’s not good enough yet to make it big!

Youtube / Keyboard Cat

That’s why he’s training hours every day to make sure that he can one day be the star he wants to be. Minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days. But we think he will make it to the big leagues one day!

Crunching Those Numbers

It turns out that being an accountant is just as boring if you’re a cat. Here is Mitzy hard at work as an accountant trying to balance the books of a local pet store down the road. The problem? There are too many dog bones and not enough cash.

Twitter / @TangoMango3

Now, Mitzy needs to stay up and find those missing numbers. It could take all night! Thankfully, he has a bag of catnip somewhere that should help him stay up a few more hours.

Newspaper Editor

What does he want? Pictures of Dangermouse! When does he want them? Now, ready for tomorrow’s front page! This cat is called Jameson and is named after the famous newspaper editor from the Spider-Man films.


We love the bowtie choice here and how dedicated he seems to be about his work. Let’s hope he got the exclusive shots needed to keep the newspaper afloat for another day. We think this is very cute and look forward to the days the paper goes digital.

Would You Like Fries With That?

We’re not sure just how much we’d want a kitty taking our fast food orders. But when you consider how proud he is, tie and all, we might not be able to resist. It looks as though he takes his job very seriously.

@wilbur_of_thornbury / Instagram

This is definitely the pinnacle of the American dream. Maybe he worked his way up from just a street cat a few months ago, to a store assistant, and now the manager! We absolutely love it.

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