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The Biggest Lifestyle Innovations From CES 2019



Each year, we get closer and closer to technological innovation and a potential apocalypse. These incessant inventions are usually on display every January at CES – the world’s largest electronics show.

Hosted in Las Vegas, CES 2019 had a plethora of new and improved gadgets that inventors hope will fit comfortably into this year’s culture and retail space. Not every announcement at the conference is successful, but all are interesting.

We’ve highlighted some of the most innovative tech inventions on display at this year’s CES. Check them out!

Fashion LED Rings

It’s not just technology that is facing innovation this year, as iGlam will show you. Their new Smart Ring Jewelry will revolutionize the way we coordinate our clothes and accessories.

The LED jewelry are color-changing pieces that can be adjusted with a smartphone app, helping to pull colors from one’s wardrobe. Rings are made from high-quality silver and can boast a five-hour battery life – enough for a night out with friends. iGlam also offers extensions for necklaces and earrings.


Body Massage Chairs

It’s nice to have a foot massager while watching TV at night. DreamWave agrees and decided to build an entire, full-body shiatsu chair based on designs from car companies. Inspired by the sleek look of Porsche, Ferrari, and Maserati, the chair literally opens up like a car and allows people to easily slide into its compartments.

Jamie Lai/CNET

The massage chair offers kneading, pulsing, tapping, and rolling movements and adjusts itself according to the person’s height and weight. It also has Bluetooth speakers and an ionized air generator!

Delivery Robots

This one will scare mailroom interns right out the door. This Loomo Delivery Robot from Segway is an autonomous indoor robot that can intercept and deliver small parcels and letters. Ideal for offices, the Loomo can hold and transport anything from mail, food, takeaway lunches, and packages.


It can even navigate in busy crowds and operate around obstacles. Although it could change how offices and malls operate, this one might just affect the internship industry – which one of us wasn’t stuck delivering coffee once?


All-In-One Cookers

Whirlpool has designed a small appliance capable of weighing and organizing your ingredients. The KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect can stem, stew, puree, or mince a variety of dishes and optimize the procedure for perfect results.


The KitchenAid is just one of the many devices that are offering people to connect their kitchens, what with the introduction of Smart Fridges a few years back. Real chefs might not like the automated process, but modest cooks can enjoy preparing the meal and leaving the rest to this device.

Instant Kettles

The Heatworks DUO Carafe aims to eliminate the kettle from your kitchen. The carafe can heat up to four cups of water instantly while you pour – reducing the dozens of seconds you normally would have to wait for a kettle to boil.


It can also purify the water, making it healthier and safer to drink. No more will you have to flick a switch and wait up to two whole minutes before you can pour your coffee or dilute your instant noodles.


Pet Cameras

The next generation of Petcube is a vast improvement from its predecessor. These all-in-one cameras have been redesigned for better remote experiences and wide-angle lenses. The camera offers 180-degree views, improved connectivity, two-way audio, and more.

Petcube Bites 2 is also connected to Amazon and Alexa, meaning pet parents can still check the news, weather, order items, and more. With an additional subscription service, the Petcube can also use AI to care for, and keep tabs on, the pets.

Social Robots For The Elderly

Being an old person in a connected world can be lonely. Thankfully, Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ is here to save the day. This social robot actually won the 2018 CES Best Innovation Award for its Beta version, and now it’s almost ready for consumers.

The bot learns how to best interact with its elderly companion and keeps the human active and engaged in their day-to-day lives. Reviews from people aged 62-97 have been incredibly positive and can help change the lives of old people.


Foldable Phones

These have been rumored for years and finally made their debut at CES this year. Royole FlexPai’s foldable screen is truly unique and the start of things to come. The 1920×1440 can bend into two smaller phones back-to-back.


It certainly looked impressive, but we can’t think of a purpose for this gimmick just yet. With the size of phones getting bigger each year, perhaps this will one day be a necessity. Would you like to play with one of these?

Spinning Headphones

ZenPods hope to capture some of the attention garnered by Fidget Spinners in 2017. This year, CES saw a hybrid take center stage with the ZenPod Airpods Case – half air pods case, half fidget spinner.

It can hold and charge your iPod or iPhone air pods, which also offering spinning abilities. For the millennials and gen-Zers who have already lost or broken their spinners, they can buy this device for $30. It is available in black, silver, or brown. Would you buy it?


Smart Dog Toys

People will buy anything to make their pets happy, and CamToy knows it. The French company offers your dog a high-tech robotic companion. They call it Laika and is described as “part toy, part robot, and part pet camera.”


The CamToy can follow and play with the dog, even dispensing treats when it is well behaved. Of course, all interactions are recorded with a video camera so you can follow your pet’s antics when you’re out of the house.

Robotic Kitty Litters

It appears that robotic companions for pets were all the rage at CES this year. This one caters to the more discrete elements of pet care – kitty waste. The ‘LavvieBot’ is an automated box that will continuously scoop waste from the main compartment of the kitty litter and store it in the back.


Owners then easily empty the container (like a vacuum sack) to avoid touching any feline waste. It’s a more hygienic experience for all involved and comes with an app that notifies you if you’re out the house.


Smart Skis

The Internet of Things will penetrate almost every area of our lives, even our skiing. This Hawx Ultra Connected ski boot from Atomic offers digital tracking and analysis. Like most things, the boots can connect to an app that provides feedback on slopes and winter sports experiences.


Skiers can adapt their techniques and improve balance or pressure, creating a safer and more enjoyable snow experience. If faced with an emergency, the boots can send a distress signal and location to people nearby.

Mechanical Bench Presses

This digital bench press device is a safe way to ensure that weightlifters don’t injure themselves from excessive workouts. The Hiiga-One is a revolutionary, weight-free workout system that measures the work of the athlete and adapts its pressure if energy levels decrease.

This way, workouts can be optimized to be longer laster and more accurate for the best results. It is assumed that consumers won’t be buying this for their home, but expect to see these in gyms throughout 2019.


Cars That Climb

Were you terrified of that Black Mirror episode? Well, one person’s fear is another person’s inspiration. The Hyundai Elevate is just a concept at the moment, but these walkable and climbable cars look eerily similar to the robots in Netflix’s dystopian drama.

Camille Suard

These cars (and yes, they’re classified as cars) are designed to boost the ability of first responders to rescue people. They could also provide more mobility for the disabled or elderly.

Sleep Training Devices

Amazingly, one in every three people doesn’t get enough sleep. It makes sense that CES would have at least one device capable of improving our sleep habits with AI and technology. The Urgonight Headband isn’t used during night-time – instead, individuals simply wear it for 20 minutes three times a week.

Over the course of three months, the device functions similar to an EEG, scanning your brain and sending imagery to a smart device that helps retain the brain. We are in the future.


Why Brush?

This Y-Brush is showing off the next generation of toothbrushes. This smart (as in clever) device reduces your brushing time down to 10 seconds. Simply bite down on the Y-Brush and chew for five seconds while switching on the motor.


Then flip it to the other row of teeth and repeat. Toothbrushes and dental care don’t seem to have faced a revolution in recent years, but this little gadget could change all that. It will hit shelves in April for $125.

Cat DNA Kits

2018 saw the craze of 23andMe – where people could explore their genetic background going back generations. It only makes sense that pet-obsessed entrepreneurs would soon extend this to their cats – welcome to Basepaws.

The direct-to-consumer DNA tests can provide invaluable information for pet owners, such as specific nutritional requirements or potential diseases. What might start as a gimmick could have life-saving consequences for millions of pets every year. Never underestimate what owners will do for their pets.


DIY Fertility Tests

Medical Electric Systems (MES) announced new, FDA-approved, features for its male fertility clinic. Finally, individuals can research and examine themselves and understand their fertility potential from the privacy of their home.

The test provides information on how nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle can affect fertility and how to improve your chances of reproduction. The MES procedure was evaluated by the Cleveland Clinic and published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility in December 2018. A win for shy couples everywhere!

Walking Wheelchairs

While still just a concept for now, Japanese University Tsukuba might be on its way to revolutionizing how disabled people move. The university students were finalists in Toyota’s Mobility Unlimited Challenge, designing a standing wheelchair.

The chair morphs between sitting and standing, making it easier for disabled people to move and communicate. No news yet on whether it can climb up stairs.


Fake Food

Fake meat is all the craze for a small set of people who are trying to convince the rest of us from eating delicious beef. Impossible Foods launched their new soy-based burgers that aim to replace meat, improving health and our environment in the process.

© Stan Horaczek

According to journalists who took part in taste-tests, it was pretty convincing! Would you eat a soy-based burger?

Smart Pet Doors

Catflaps are great until your cat or dog decided to invite its friends over. Wagz has introduced perhaps one of the more innovative inventions at CES, with this high-tech answer to pet owners’ problems. Owners can sync their pets’ collars to the door, ensuring that only specific pets can leave and enter through it.

Connected via a smartphone, owners will be able to monitor whenever the pet uses it, offering peace-of-mind for anxious pet owners. There’s also an HD video camera, which is sure to capture some great pictures.


Smart Diapers

You don’t need to wait for disasterous smells before changing your child’s diaper. With Monit’s Bluetooth sensor, parents can attach a device to each diaper that can detect the presence of liquids and solids.


Then, it quickly sends an alert to the parent’s phone for immediate disposal. Brands like Huggies will be offering them in stores as soon as April. Would you use this with your newborn?

Shopping Companions

Not all women are fortunate enough to have a whipped boyfriend or husband to carry various items during a shopping trip. With ShopPal, shoppers can now explore stores with their very own companion. The robot is programmed to follow the human around and offers features like voice control, storage compartments, and mobile charging points.


These aren’t designed to be bought by consumers but instead implemented into malls, hotels, or airports. All people would need to do is scan a QR code and get going!


Underwater Headphones

Swimmers can finally listen to their podcasts without suffering in silence. AfterShokz Xtrainerz can fit neatly into your ear and are waterproof up to six feet – perfect for most swimming pools. What’s more, they hold 4GB of MP3 storage – so you don’t need to rely on Bluetooth.


Simply load up your favorite podcasts or albums and hit the water. You’ll never be able to swim in silence again! Do you swim, and would you like to listen to music while you do it?

Breath-Tracking Babywear

Tech company Nanit is familiar with babies: it already has baby cameras and crib monitors for worried first-time parents. This year, they revealed a ‘smart blanket’ of sorts: a wearable blanket that tracks the breathing habits of newborns.


It’s a non-invasive way to measure the health of babies – and is compatible with existing Nanit products. This may seem excessive to non-parents, but most mothers and fathers will understand the fears of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Would you invest in this?


Built The Wall!

Samsung went and did the very thing that shut down the US government. Its new massive screen is appropriately called ‘The Wall’ and is the biggest 4K MicroLED TV ever made. At 75 inches, it’s perfect for those sports games or nature shows you love.

© Samsung

For the ultimate experience, you can even play video games on this massive screen. There is no price or date announced, but we think it’ll comfortably fit into the tens of thousands.

Space Monitors

Ok, these aren’t exactly how they sound, but they’re impressive nonetheless. Samsung has released new display units which can fold flat against a wall, as well as clipping right on to your desk.


This is particularly helpful for people with limited space or multiple monitors at their work setup. The monitor is 27×32 and can attach itself to any desk or surface. It’s hard to believe something like this wasn’t created sooner.


Smart Weights

Pretty soon, everything will be connected. JAXJOX revealed a smart Kettlebell that can change its own weight depending on your workout needs. It can transform from 12 pounds to 42 pounds and sends the data of your lifting session to an app that interprets your progress.


Fitness buffs will be able to charge and use the same weight for a variety of exercises suitable for different body parts. With a subscription, users can join online classes with human instructors.

Robot Pets

Have you always wanted a pet but are unable to commit to the everyday requirements? Groove X has you covered. Their Lovot robots are programmed to follow you around and ask for hugs. They might not serve any practical or convenient purpose, but look at those eyes!

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

You can now feel smitten with these little guys who don’t require much more than a hug now and then. Each robot has 50 sensors and can recognize 1000 faces.


Cat Wheels

The Little Cat Treadmill attracted a lot of attention online when it was revealed at CES this year. Designed to look like a futuristic hampster wheel, pet owners can now keep an eye on how much exercise their cats get each day and adapt their diet accordingly.

Pet Ding

The company behind the $1,800 gadget also claim that it helps extend flexibility by encouraging the cat to take longer strides. The data syncs to a smartphone via an app and cat owners can change the exercise according to recommended data.

Voice-Controlled Smartbikes

Adding voice controls to inanimate objects is proving to be the easiest way to incorporate AI into our everyday lives. The Cybric Legend smart bike can collect vital information such as distance traveled, speed, navigation, and overall fitness.

For people already obsessed with fitness trackers, they won’t need to carry their phone with them during a bicycle session. The bike has wifi and a dashboard where you can see all your progress. It will hit UK stores later this year.


Smart Toilets

It was only a matter of time. Koher has finally(?) integrated Amazon Alexa into its toilets, creating the bathroom accessory we never knew we wanted. The $7,000 device can tell you the weather, play music, and set ‘atmospheric’ music.


Of course, it also comes with bespoke features such as a deodorizer, UV sanitation wand, and a seat-warmer. It will be available later this year and might just change the way we, um, conduct business.

Smart Punching Bags

It can be hard to work out without the support and guidance of someone else. Now, boxers can practice with FightCamp – an at-home boxing system. It has motion tracking gloves that connect to on-demand workouts.

The gloves can track each punch and provide feedback on how to perfect your technique. With a subscription system, users can connect to FightCamp content online, such as classes. Over time, users will be guided through more intensive programs to better results.