It’s Not Too Late To Change Careers And Earn $100k

We often think that high-paying jobs are reserved for lawyers or bankers. Unless we become celebrities, a six-figure salary can feel lightyears away. Today, more people are surprised to know that there are plenty of jobs that offer $100,000 – and you won’t even need a degree for some of them!

Here, we’ve outlined some of the most surprising jobs that offer six-figure salaries. If you’re thinking of a career change, remember it’s never too late! Read on to find your next dream job…

Technical Writers

Mean Income: $67,280Top 10%: $102,250

Usually, Technical Writers have degrees in English, Communication, or Journalism – although this isn’t essential. Technical writers are incredibly detail-oriented and knowledgeable about various subjects.


Their projects differ depending on the role, but they usually write instruction manuals, how-to-guides, and other resources that break down complex issues. You would be required to write about complicated issues in a simple way. Nowadays, it is easier to be a writer and work remotely, making it a convenient occupation for most.

Elevator Installers and Repairers

Mean Income: $73,560Top 10%: $105,750

You can become an Elevator Installer with nothing more than an apprenticeship or hands-on experience. These folks are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators, escalators, and more.


Repairers can earn more than 100k since they have to be on call 24 hours a day and might need to journey out in the middle of the night. Still, people are willing to compensate you heavily for your unique service. Just make sure you don’t suffer from claustrophobia!

Database Administrators

Mean Income: $77,350Top 10%: $108,500

Conventionally, Administrators would need a Bachelor’s degree to be considered for a position, but this is quickly getting replaced with hands-on experience.


They increase the security of private databases and keep track of payments, financial information, and other matters for large companies. Many corporations seek out an individual who is result-driven and who can easily adapt to new technologies and software. This way, competition is easily met and standards are kept high.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Mean Income: $68,060Top 10%: $109,370

Many companies who are in search of Multimedia Artists and Animators seek ‘true artists’ – not just those who are skilled in one field.


That’s why it’s important to have a solid portfolio of work to show, not just a degree from an Art School. These media professionals work in-house and are responsible for creating art, animation, and visual effects for digital media and movies. If you are thinking of pursuing a new creative job, consider the demand for working in an office and keeping to strict deadlines.

Transportation Inspectors

Mean Income: $65,770Top 10%: $110,210

Transportation Inspectors hold a range of job responsibilities pertaining to everyday vehicles. Some of these include managing and overseeing material production, operating several transportation vessels, finding cost reduction possibilities, and running various safety and security checks on public transportation.

A few of these professions have restrictions, such as certifications and state-controlled training. It is important for these inspectors to understand labor laws and safety regulations, which differ depending on the state.

Home Economics Teachers

Mean Income: $68,080Top 10%: $110,650

Home Economics aims to teach people all the things that school doesn’t usually offer. A Home Eco teacher will teach a wide variety of subjects that pertain to real life – taxes, nutrition, groceries, doctors, insurance, budgeting, real estate, cooking, and more.


These classes are often deemed invaluable by college students who aren’t prepared for ‘the real world’. Common qualifications include necessary licenses and certifications to teach, the ability to plan and execute lessons, and life experience in the topics.

Farmers, Ranchers, Agricultural Managers

Mean Income: $70,010Top 10%: $112,150

The difference between farmers and ranchers is slight: farmers care for crops and agriculture; ranchers own land for livestock. Both professions require a large amount of heavy physical labor and knowledge of nature.

Outside of understanding the weather and the animals, farmers and ranchers will also have experience with irrigation equipment and have a GED. If you ever want to leave the city behind, a new career in farming can get you more than $112,000!

Insurance Sales Agents

Mean Income: $62,970Top 10%: $115,300

To be an insurance sales agent, you need to make sure that you enjoy being with people. Each client has different needs and personalities, and it is important that you can help each one effectively.


Generally, agents need knowledge in business and economics and at least a GED or Bachelor’s in Communication. Outside of academia, you would also benefit from having a driver’s license and strong public speaking abilities.

Loan Officers

Mean Income: $67,960Top 10%: $115,450

Although Loan Officers earn an average of $68k, an expert in the field can earn almost double that! Officers are the people responsible for how and why people are granted loans. They determine risks, rewards, and return rates.


They require a strong ability to analyze complex and private financial information. It’s important that they have strong decision-making skills and can handle difficult clients! Familiarity with government guidelines is also an added bonus.

Writers And Authors

Mean Income: $68,060Top 10%: $115,740

It can be difficult to enter the writing industry due to its competitive nature. However, the ability to communicate effectively can be incredibly lucrative – with some writers earning $115k for a project.

There are many different fields that writers can enter: generally, positions as copywriters or technical writers are more financially rewarding than a novelist. You don’t need any academic experience, just work on an impressive portfolio to show potential clients.

Gaming Manager

Mean Income: $74,480Top 10%: $116,840

This one requires patience, skill, and a sharp eye! Gaming Managers are responsible for enforcing the rules of casino games while keeping it fun for the player. In high-risk environments, this can sometimes be a challenge when dealing with greedy gamblers!


Some casinos would require a degree in Hospitality or Management, others simply ask for GED. Either way, to be a successful Gaming Manager you need to be flexible and fun!

Research Veterinarian

Mean Income: $68,170Top 10%: $117,150

For many people, a research vet is the dream job regardless of salary! These folks are responsible for diagnosing and treating sick animals – and requires a high level of stamina and perseverance.

It may look like fun and games, but often vets are faced with large and aggressive animals that don’t understand the need for medicine. You can’t be a research veterinarian without a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, so this change in career would be quite the investment!

Captains, Mates, Pilots Of Water Vessels

Mean Income: $71,760Top 10%: $119,280

This job can be summed up in three words: operating, obeying, and maintaining.


Once you operate the vessel properly, follow the chain of command with loyalty, and maintain the safety of all people on board, you’re good to go. It may sound easy but it takes a year of training and you need to pass US Coast Guard approved training programs. And don’t be afraid of the open waters!

Detectives And Criminal Investigators

Mean Income: $73,010Top 10%: $119,320

Who hasn’t dreamt of solving crimes like Sherlock Homes? It turns out, all you need is a degree in Criminal Justice and previous experience in law enforcement or the military.

U.S. Army

They’re usually hired by high-level businesses, government businesses, or attorneys and must work within the frame of the law. Much like the show, you could expect police departments to call detectives for special cases. Do you have what it takes?

Makeup Artists: Theatrical And Performance

Mean Income: $63,710Top 10%: $120,050

Nowadays, many makeup artists are discovered and booked from their social media presence, like Instagram or Pinterest. As well as having the skill and creativity to be a makeup artist, you also need to have knowledge of how to market yourself online.

Make sure to build an impressive online portfolio that shows you can keep up with the latest trends. Makeup artists usually need physical stamina from being on their feet all day, especially in the performing arts.

Art, Drama, Music Teachers

Mean Income: $72,660Top 10%: $124,880

Being a teacher can sometimes feel like a thankless job, but more often than not it is incredibly rewarding. Teachers have travel opportunities, field trips, and countless creative possibilities.


To be a teacher in the arts, you would need to have a particular knowledge or skill in the subject. All you need to do to be a teacher is obtain a certification proving you are eligible to teach. Then, watch your students become the next big star!

Public Relations Manager

Mean Income: $90,410Top 10%: $128,101

Those who work in public relations are responsible for conducting media campaigns on behalf of a company. Their role is to ensure that their employer has media opportunities available and are presented in the most positive way possible.

PR professionals need to be strong at networking, public speaking, and writing. If you lock down what it takes to clearly convey a message through the media, you might be able to save a company one day!

Environment, Health, and Safety Engineering Manager

Mean Income: $109,946Top 10%: $136,324

A lot of this job is evaluating, preventing, and using problem-solving abilities, but that’s not all you’ll have to do. Making sure people are safe is their number one priority, meaning they often conduct tests and update procedures.


Usually, these workers come from a background in other managerial positions or expertise in the related sector. Public speaking can also help in effectively communicating your concerns to teammates.

Film And Video Editors

Mean Income: $66,690Top 10%: $126,250

Film editors are expected to go through hundreds of hours of footages and crop, edit, and label each relevant section. If working on a documentary, the editor works closely with the director to determine the tone, pace, and overall story.

To become a film editor, you would need to be proficient in editing software such as Avid, Adobe, or Final Cut Pro. Since it can be a laborious profession, it’s also important to have strong time management skills.

Education Administrators, Elementary And Secondary

Mean Income: $90,200Top 10%: $128,660

Being a school principal means you can have an incredible impact on the future of many children. Teaching young minds the difference between right and wrong is incredibly satisfying and can help them throughout their lives.


You would need 5-10 years with prior experience in teaching before becoming the top of the chain, as well as effectively communicate with parents. Outside of office duties, principals also hold fundraisers and work with local communities.

Arbitrators, Mediators, And Conciliators

Mean Income: $75,550Top 10%: $137,570

These are the folks who sit in and help solve disputes between two conflicting parties. They don’t make decisions but instead help listen and guide both parties to work together.


Working as an Arbitrator or Mediator requires a high amount of emotional intelligence since you have to work with highly-unsettled people. It is common for insurance companies, loan companies, and law offices to have a full-time arbitrator and mediator on site. It is expected that they have knowledge of the law, even if they themselves aren’t lawyers.

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