How To Keep Your House Clean With A Busy Schedule


Cleaning your house can be a lot of work and it’s especially daunting if you are already busy. Like most individuals these days, people have a lot going on, whether it’s work, school, family or other activities and it can be hard to find time to clean your house. Sometimes when you actually have time to clean, it can feel overwhelming due to the build-up of messes that you never got around to during the week. This tends to make people less motivated to clean and can even prolong getting anything done.

The good news is, you can keep your house clean even with an insanely busy schedule. Below are some cleaning hacks and tips to help you become organized and enjoy your clean house after a long day.

Do a Little Cleaning Everyday

Most busy people don’t get the opportunity to have a large amount of time designated for just cleaning so a better option would be to clean a little every day. This can be done in different ways like making a schedule where you clean one room per day or do whole house chores on certain days.


  • Clean kitchen on Monday, bathrooms on Tuesday, etc…


  • Dusting on Mondays, vacuuming on Tuesdays, etc…

You can create a cleaning checklist or schedule where you check off rooms as you go so you know what has been done and what needs to be cleaned next. You can also adjust your days depending on your schedule. Plan for smaller rooms or chores on your busier days and larger rooms when you have a little more time.

Clean What NEEDS To Be Cleaned

It is not necessary to give a full deep scrub down of your house every single week. Mostly because busy people don’t have time for that and plus why clean for the sake of cleaning? If you focus your cleaning to rooms or things that are truly dirty or messy, it can save you time and help your house look spotless.

Declutter Your House

Sometimes what people perceive as dirty is really just a lot of stuff. Having knickknacks or other various things all-around your house will not only clutter your home but your sanity as well. There have been studies showing that people with too many things are less productive than people who have minimal items in their house so going through and getting rid of the clutter can help your house stay more organized and clean.

Micro-Clean When You Have a Little Time

When you are blessed with a little time, straighten up or organize in that small window. Some examples of micro-cleaning would be:

  • While waiting for the dryer to finish, wipe the kitchen counters.
  • Pick up items during commercial breaks.
  • Load or empty the dishwasher while waiting for kids to finish getting ready.

This is a great way to feel like you are still getting something done with little time available. This also helps keep things tidy so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the mess.

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

This tip doesn’t sound important but can definitely help keep your house clean. If you separate your cleaning supplies to their designated areas, you are more like to use them when you spot a mess. Keeping your bathroom cleaners in the bathroom will ensure you clean up right away after a mess because you know you don’t have to go throughout the house to gather supplies. The same goes for the kitchen or other household cleaners.

Use A Timer

You would be amazed at what you can clean in just 10-15 minutes. Set a timer for a certain amount of time and pick a room to clean. Even as little as five minutes can be productive and if you do this every day, your house will certainly look tidier. Another bonus is to have the entire family work with you during the time frame with each cleaning a different area, this can significantly help with keeping your house clean.

Here are some more quick cleaning tips that will go a long way:

  • Clean one room at a time instead of doing many different things throughout your home.
  • Have the entire family help with cleaning.
  • Get into the habit of putting things away.
  • Enlist organizational tools.
  • Don’t expect perfection all the time.

All of these cleaning hacks are a great way to get things done when you have little time. With the help of these tips, you can have a clean house so when you actually do have some free time, you can spend it with doing things that you enjoy!

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