Plot Points In The Flintstones That Make Us Go ‘Yabba Dabba What’?

Set in the stone age, The Flintstones follows a modern prehistoric family that always seems to get into unlikely situations. And while it was a popular animated sitcom when it premiered on ABC in 1960, there are many aspects of the series that don’t really make sense, and we’re not just talking about a pet dinosaur who’s allowed to hang around babies!

Tiny points such as Fred getting gas for his foot-powered car and how time-traveling has no butterfly effect on the Flintstones’ actual timeline leave people saying yabba dabba, huh? And those aren’t even the most confusing points!

They Have Wood And Fabric, Yet Use Stone For Most Things

They Have Wood And Fabric Yet Use Stone For Most Things

In many scenes in The Flintstones, viewers see Wilma, Fred, Barney, and Betty in one of their humble abodes. Their residences are very primitive, with all of the furniture being made mostly of some type of rock or stone. But, if you look closely, some items, such as pillows, are made of fabric, and even the bed frame is made of wood.

So, this begs the question, why on Earth would they subject themselves to hard rock furniture when, obviously, fabric and wood are readily available? Think about it, not only would the furniture be more comfortable, but labor costs would be much lower since there’d be less back-breaking involved.

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