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The Craziest Things People Have Tried To Sell On eBay



We all like a quick buck. With the chance to buy and sell anything we want at our fingertips, eBay offers some of our imaginations to run wild with possibility.

And humans are flawed people.

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It is an interesting examination of mankind to explore what people are willing to sell, and in turn, buy, online. We are all but strangers in this mad, mad, world and who knows what people need in order to feel better.

eBay has a long list of Terms and Conditions that tells people what they can and can’t buy and sell – but it doesn’t stop people from trying to bypass them. Behold, capitalism at its finest:

Britney Spears’ Gum

Fangirls gonna fangirl. During her peak years as everyone’s favorite Slave4U, Britney Spears developed a charming-if-not-Toxic habit of spitting her gum at her audience. Yeah, really. During her shows, she would often go through two, three, or sometimes even four pieces of gum.

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Disgruntled and sticky fans decided to make the best of the situation by shouting ‘Gimme More’ at the singer and collecting her waste to sell on eBay. The only person stranger for selling her gum is the person buying it. A Crazy match made in heaven.



eBay makes a point of not allowing human body parts to be sold on the site. This is one of those important nuggets of information you might need to remember for your next quiz night. In 1999, before the internet was really even a thing, someone posted a ‘fully functional’ kidney on the site – and bidding reached a whopping $5,750,100.


That’s a lot of dough for the ability to, you know, live. The seller was even generous enough to offer the buyer either one – the choice was up to the winning bidder.

A Girlfriend

We all find our partners annoying sometimes. And sometimes, all it takes is a little push to finally list your girlfriend on an auction site to discover her worth to some desperate folks who are attracted to the picture you chose to accompany the ad. We’ve all been there, right?


Dale Leeks posted a picture of his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, on eBay offering the used girlfriend and describing her as ‘fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear.’ Some very sad and lonely men were willing to pay $119,000 until the site pulled the listing.


Princess Beatrice’s Hat

A lot of people have a lot of opinions on the British Royal Family and their place in the world. By far, the worst crime they have ever committed was allowing Princess Beatrice to wear that hat to the wedding of her cousin, Prince William.

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After seeing the funny side of the international ridicule, the princess decided to auction the hat on eBay and raise money for charity. Amazingly, it unironically raised $30,000 and the happy buyer can sleep at night knowing we never have to see her wear that hat again.

A Grandmother

Family can be difficult, especially in these politically charged times. With the holidays coming up, it is the perfect time to get some of that last-minute gift shopping done on eBay or to casually sell your grandmother. Little 10-year-old Zoe Pemberton was fed up of her grandmother’s views one day and wanted to teach her a lesson in the power of the internet.


She listed an advert asking for someone to take her grandmother off her hands, and it reached $27,000 before the advert was removed. And people say we don’t value our elderly?


Casey Anthony’s Face

Casey Anthony may or may not have killed someone in 2008. If that isn’t scary enough, someone decided to make a latex mask of her face and sell it for Halloween.


If that isn’t scary enough, the highest bidder walked away with it for a staggering $999,900. Some people have some strange fetishes out there and every so often we are reminded of how rich people choose to spend their money. Whose face would you wear for Halloween next year?

Justin Bieber’s Hair

In 2011, Justin Bieber kindly gifted a signed box of his own hair to Ellen DeGeneres. It was very DeGenerous. Ellen decided it wasn’t for her but listed it on eBay and vowed to give all the money to charity.


Well, did that excite the Beliebers or what! The box of hair sold for $40,668 and the proceeds were given to fight for animal rights. Bieber the Philanthropist was overjoyed at the impact and has promised to do it again someday soon.



In 2008, a listing appeared under the pseudonym ‘Natalie Dylan’ offering her virginity to the highest bidder. As the story goes, it was to help raise funds for her Master’s degree. This story isn’t so shocking: virginity postings have been consistently appearing on eBay since the 1990s, but remain against the company’s Terms and Services.


Still, it doesn’t stop people from trying to capitalize on the opportunity. It remains for the best that certain things, like virginity and body parts, remain off limits to people out there.

Michael Jackson’s Underwear

After Michael Jackson’s underwear was confiscated as evidence for a court case against child molestation charges, the King of Pop never thought he would see his precious Calvins again. He was as surprised as anyone he scrolled eBay one day and came across his underwear.

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The briefs made a brief appearance on the site after someone stole them from the evidence room and tried to make a buck online. For $1 million, the lucky buyer would have been the owner of the most questionable pair of underpants ever.


A Lads’ Night With Lads

In 2006, four guys from Australia offered one lad the chance of a lifetime to be their friend for a weekend. The listing said that even though travel expenses weren’t included, the winning lad would be entitled to “some beers, some snags, some good conversation and a hell of a lot of laughs.”


Boys will be boys and they promised the winner a good time with some adventures to last a lifetime. There is no record of how much money was spent for the honor, but we reckon it was a cracking good time!