These Imaginative Inventions Actually Exist…

The world is full of amazing inventions. Once upon a time, we were sparking flint and rocks to make heat and light, today we’re streaming videos of our cats to millions of people. How times have changed! And look how far we’ve come.


Some modern-day inventions are stranger than others. While we might be getting used to having Alexa in our homes, there are other gadgets that proved not as popular. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest inventions that are completely real and around today.

This Umbrella/Cup Holder Hybrid

If you’re walking to work with your morning coffee, then the last thing you want to do is also carry an umbrella in the rain. Suddenly, both your hands are busy and you can’t do other things like check your phone or scratch your nose.

Amazon | Urban Zoo

With this impressive umbrella, you can keep one of your hands free as you battle the weather during your commute. This Urban Zoo product is available on Amazon for only $30 – so why not invest in one today?

Produce Holder

This Orblue All-in-One Onion Holder will make sure you never accidentally cut off a thumb again. By sticking this comb-like product into your onions, tomatoes, or potatoes, you’ll be able to easily cut up your veggies.

Amazon | Orblue

Amazon is currently selling these for around $10 dollars each. But be careful: these things are rarely in stock and you might need to wait a bit to get your hands on one. Reserve yours today and prepare your next meal soon.

Rotating Power Strips

It can be incredibly annoying for electronics fans to plug in their devices each day. Between our phones, tablets, PC, ebooks, or smartwatches, there is an abundance of power needed to charge all these things.


With this Echogear Power Strip Surge Protector, you can now easily rotate and shift any of the sockets you need at any given time. With almost a perfect score on Amazon, it is clear more of us need this in their lives!

Traffic Lights With Hourglass Displays

Some countries already have traffic lights that count down the waiting time in seconds for stationary drivers. However, have you ever seen anything like this? Yanko Designs have recently revealed this brand new traffic light.

It aims to visually and clearly show you how much time you have to wait or drive until the light changes. The only thing it doesn’t do is distinguish between amber before you can drive and amber before you have to stop!

Pizza Scissors

You thought the pizza cutter was one of the coolest inventions around? You clearly haven’t seen these innovative pizza scissors! College kids all over the world can rejoice at this fancy product that can cut their microwavable pizzas in just a few cuts.

Amazon | Dreamfarm

We feel like the pizza needs a revolution, and this is one of the key inventions to help us get there. Next time you get a delivery of your favorite pizza pie, be sure to cut it up with a set of these.

Smart Lenses For Diabetics

Here’s one of the best inventions of the 21st century that could literally save lives. The pharmaceutical company, Novartis, announced a few years ago that they were developing special contact lenses.

Google |

Of course, these help people see better with their prescriptions. However, they can also help monitor blood sugar levels via the tear ducts of the user. This could be invaluable for people suffering from diabetes and could potentially save their lives. They are designed to change color if glucose levels become imbalanced.

Santa Flasks

Who needs gifts this Christmas? Now, Santa can fill your stocking with one of grandpa’s favorite invention! This specially designed flask can contain liquor which is what most of us need when we’re with the family at the holidays. Let’s be honest.


So, since the holidays are coming up why don’t you order one of these to place above your fireplace? For just $15, you might just save Christmas! Don’t forget to also place some of your favorite snacks on display to wash it down!

Drip Catching Mugs

Anyone who works at a desk or tries to balance their mug on the sofa knows the struggle of avoiding drips from their mug. Well, fear not, clumsy people! Designer Kim Keun Ae has invented the Drop Rest Mug – which does the seemingly impossible.

Yanko Design

Its design means that it catches all unwanted drops through its thin groove at the bottom and the physics behind catching surface tensions. You’ll never have to worry about a coaster ever again. Definitely one of the coolest inventions for coffee drinkers!

Thermometers For Faucets

This is one of those inventions where you wonder where they’ve been this whole time. It’s one thing for us to guess the temperature of our morning showers, but any new parent will tell you just how important it is for a newborn.

Amazon | 4moms

With this faucet thermometer, you’ll never have to guess the temperature again! It measures the water as it fills into the bathtub making sure you know how to get the perfect temperature for your baby.

Transparent Highlighters

Have you accidentally highlighted too much of your book or pamphlet? College kids everywhere will be thankful to know that now they can follow and highlight passages that catch their eye without marking too much at once.

Amazon | Sharpie

This is because these highlighters have see-through tips where the ink comes out. Now, you can easily see the content all around the marker making sure you stop highlighting at the perfect time. Next time you need to track and highlight some papers, check out this invaluable product!

Slippers With LED Lights

Next time you need to get up in the middle of the night, don’t worry about turning on the bathroom lights! With this unique set of slippers, you can walk around at night and rely on LED lights in your feet to keep you on the right track.

Amazon | Bright Feet

This way, you don’t need to shock your eyes by turning on the light or knock into tables or toys on the floor. When ordering these from Amazon, make sure you get the right size and pick the color you want.

Lightsaber Lights

Star Wars fans, rejoice! For all of you who enjoy acting like a Skywalker, you can now buy your very own lightsaber light for your bedroom. This deluxe room light fits on most walls and can light up your space while also acting as a decorative piece.

Amazon | Uncle Milton

Better yet? The light has eight different color settings so you can transform your room from Jedi to Sith at the click of a switch. What color would you light up your room?

This Colander Cutting Board

Why should we have to cut up our foods on one cutting board and then transport it to a strainer or colander? When you think about it, it’s bizarre we haven’t already incorporated this 2-in-1 product into our kitchens.

Amazon | Originalidad

Well, it’s not too late to get shopping! For around $13, you can upgrade your kitchen appliances and include a device that doubles up as everything you need when you’re preparing your meals. Get cutting and straining today!

Ice Cream Locks

How many times have your kids snuck into your kitchen and stolen the last remaining scoops of your favorite ice cream? Well, thanks to this official Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lock, it’ll never be a problem again.

Amazon | Ben & Jerry’s

All you have to do is place it around the brim of the top of the tub and pick a combination to use as a lock. Suddenly, the tub is locked off to anyone who doesn’t know the code. Now you can sit back and relax knowing your favorite flavor is locked up tight.

Condiment Guns

Things got a little easier when condiment companies upgraded from glass bottles to plastic ones. Sure, squeezing got a little easier but was it fun? The answer was an astounding no.

Amazon | Ideas In Life

Well, times have changed! Now, you can put ketchup, mayo, or your favorite condiment into one of these impressive guns. A simple pull of the trigger can squirt out your favorite sauce onto burgers, hot dogs, or french fries. And the best part? No background checks before you buy!

Umbrella Hats For Babies

Is there anything cuter? Whether your young one is having a bath or sitting in the sun, you’re going to want to protect them with this stylish hat. Next time you need to wash your little one’s hair, plop this on the head.

Amazon | HOOYEE

It will make sure that no nasty chemicals get into their eyes and will make washing a more relaxing experience. And for hot days in the sun? It’s the perfect sun visor in the garden playtime.

Bottle Opener Rings

Here’s the perfect piece of jewelry for a bartender or alcoholic. With a simple design on the side of this ring, you can easily open up a bottle of your favorite beer or non-alcoholic beverage.

Amazon | ZRAMO

While they’re not currently available on Amazon, Zramo makes these in two colors: silver and gold. If you like, you can add the product to your wishlist and get notified when it becomes available. Next time you’re at a party, you’ll be everyone’s number one fan.

Serrated Spaghetti Forks

Let’s be honest: eating spaghetti is hard work. You can spin your fork round and round and end up with one lonely piece of pasta at the end of it. Well, look no further than this grooved fork perfect for your pasta needs!

Amazon | RSVP International

The rigged design means that the spaghetti easily catches onto the fork and making it simple to gather up and eat. Next time you make a big batch of pasta, don’t forget to eat it up with one of pasta’s best inventions!

Water Sterilizer and Air Purifier For Foods

Are you a germaphobe? Well, the WSTA Ozone Generator Purifier and Water Sterilizer is here to save you! It’s the ideal appliance for your kitchen to help you rid germs, bacteria, and nasty pesticides from your food.

Amazon | WSTA

Simply use it to wash and clean your produce before you cook and see how much cleaner and healthier your food can become. It’s perfect for salads, meats, or even your kids’ toys after playing in the garden.

Bike Lanes With Lazers

Similar to the LED slippers we saw earlier, here’s a great way that bikers can light up their streets in a non-invasive way. Using dim but vibrant lights on the streets, cyclists can easily navigate in the appropriate lanes suitable for their evening travels.

Amazon | Crtch

These LED lights will give cyclists and drivers peace of mind as they can ‘stay in their lane’ and make everything safer for everyone involved. Better yet, they don’t contribute to any nasty light pollution.

Face Tighteners

For those who are a little too scared to get some nip and tuck, allow us to introduce you to this lip tightening device. Its creators intend to ‘help shape the overall look of your face’. Here’s how it works:


“The Face Slimmer is a simple solution to the timeless problem of how to give sagging facial skin and muscles that much-needed daily lift. Just 3 minutes per day is all you need, pop in the mold and then make mouth movements. The makers recommend you say vowel sounds (AEIOU) out loud over and over again.”

2-in-1 Ironing Board Mirror

Those who might lack some home space are sure to benefit from this ingenious device. This hybrid invention allows you to iron your clothes and then try them on in front of a mirror as soon as you’re finished. Two inventions for the price of one.

For some reason, you might not have a hanging mirror on your wall. If this is the case, then you are sure to benefit from something that needs to be physically flipped in order to use it properly. The best place to keep it seems to be in the office before those big meetings!

Flask Tie

Speaking of boring office meetings… next time you come unprepared to sit down for hours, you might wish you had something like the FlaskTie! Using secret pockets, you can fill a stylish tie with your very own favorite drink.


Next time you’re a little thirsty (or you want to get drunk), simply take a swig from the bottom of the tip and watch how you’ll add a healthy buzz to your office meeting or social event. Scotch, anyone?

A Backseat Mattress

If you need inventions that can help when you take a long road trip in your car, you’re going to want to order one of these. The mattress inflates in the exact size of the backseat of an ordinary car. This means that you won’t be stuck sleeping upright in the seats.


Simply blow it up with a pump when you fancy a nap and feel yourself drift off to a comfortable sleep. Alternatively, it’s also a great addition if you’re traveling with kids during the night – just make sure they keep their seatbelt on!

Your Own Private Sauna

Let’s face it: going to the gym can be a pain. Well, the person who wanted to avoid trips out of the house decided to bring the gym to THEM. Well, not the gym but specifically the spa. As you can see, this is a personal and private sauna!


For just $200, these portable pods can be heated up and can offer the very best spa treatment. Better yet, you can enjoy it while reading or watching TV. Sounds like a sweet deal to us!

Kitty Cribs

Look, we know you can’t control your cat. But you can try! Next time you run out of space in your home or apartment, you might want to consider this Cat Crib for your kitty as her new home.


The purpose is to make some extra room for Whiskers when a bed might not be so easy to accommodate. Hopefully, your cat will find it a nice place to rest and relax after a long day of knocking your cups over!

Doggy Umbrellas

Never underestimate the things people will do for their dogs. When it gets cold or rainy outside, owners will go out of their way to make sure their precious pup is protected. Well, with this ‘dogbrella’ they’ll never be wet again!


Simply attach it to a firm leash and see how your dog will be able to walk around outside completely protected from the rain. Now you can take your pup for a walk night or day, rain or shine!

Bendy Desks

Are you sick and tired of the conventional desk that has a hard 90-degree angle? Well, look no further than BendDesk. Used mainly by designers, this is a curved desk where 100% of the surface is touchscreen.

designboom | Bendesk

This makes it perfect for drawing and designing things with as much space and creative freedom as possible. If you’re a creative person, you can now transform your office with BendDesk. The future really is right here! Careful: it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

Virtual Keyboards

These have been around for a few years but never quite took off until fairly recently. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can now turn any surface into your next keyboard!


Simply connect the device to your machine of choice and turn on the light. You’ll see a complete 78-key keyboard appear in lights and ready to go right away. Just be careful: germaphobes will want to wipe down the surface first! Then, find your perfect spot and get going on that next great American novel!

Candle Art

Having a candle is a lovely addition to any home. It can add an authentic sense of smell and warmth to any room – but how can we make it even better? Well, look no further than these shadow art votive candleholders.


All you need to do is purchase a small candle and place it next to these designs – all of a sudden you’ll see them appear on the wall. These are a great way to make sure your kid gets some visual stimulation before going to bed. Just make sure it’s done in a safe way!

Breakfast Sandwich Makers

Here’s the perfect invention for breakfast lovers around the world. While we may love picking up our bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from our local shop, those dollars can add up. Well, save yourself some money by making them at home!


This device can prepare two bagels capable of storing bacon, ham, egg, or cheese melted as the perfect sandwich. You’ll never want to eat anything else again! What would you put in your new favorite breakfast sandwich?

Portable Travel Strips

When we travel, there are so many devices we need to charge. Think of it: we have our phones, computers, tablets, watches, vapes, or headphones. This makes traveling difficult – but not for much longer!


With this power strip, you can now attach as many as six devices to charge all at once. With three plug sockets and three USB slots, it will be simple to charge as many things as you want with only one socket available.

LED Fan And Clock

This is definitely one of the ‘coolest’ inventions on the list, if you’ll excuse the pun. This LED fan also projects as a clock so now you can check the time while you’re busy cooling down on a hot summer’s day.


How many times have you been fanning yourself and wondered how long you’ve been doing it for? Well, now you don’t need to worry that you’re spending too much of your time being cool. Now, you can be refreshed AND punctual with two inventions in one.

Smartphone Docking Station

How many times have you gotten into bed but stayed up late playing on your phone for an extra few minutes or even hours? Well, now you can prop it into this fancy device that hangs right above your bed.


Whether you’re scrolling Instagram or watching a film on Netflix, you’ll be able to rest your arms and easily look at your screen for another few hours until you’re ready to finally fall asleep. Careful, you might find it hard to switch off from inventions like this!

Pierogi Models

You’ve seen a toasted cheese sandwich template, now check out this pierogi mold! How many times have you wanted to try and make a dumpling or empanada, but haven’t managed to make the patterned food good enough?


Well, now you can rely on this mold to fill your pastry with anything you want. Next time you think of chicken, pork, or vegetable empanadas, simply invest in one of these inventions and you’ll never go hungry again! What will you eat?

Portable Espressos

It seems that portable inventions are the next best craze – to the delight of coffee lovers everywhere. With this MiniPresso, you’ll never be too far away from your next kick of caffeine. It works the same way as a thermos: prepare your coffee in the morning and store it in the MiniPresso.


Then, when the time is right, you can pour some of your favorite joe into a cup and sit and relax on top of a mountain. You’ll be happy to know it will be as hot and delicious as the time you made it all those hours earlier.

Delivery Robots

The LoomoDelivery Robot, designed by, Segway is an indoor robot that can pick up drop off parcels and letters for your colleagues. It’s perfect for offices since each Loomo can carry and transport anything from the mail, drinks, lunches, and important business notes.


It can even move around in crowded spaces and move around obstacles. If adopted across the country, it might change how offices and shopping malls function. This is one of those inventions that will surely change the world.

Spice Racks For Chemists

Wanna cook? For fans of cooking (and maybe the TV show Breaking Bad), our inner chemists can now enjoy this unique spice rack. Using the ‘chemical symbols’ for important herbs and spices, we can decorate our kitchens with this fun gimmick.


Many chefs say that cooking is a delicate balance between an art and a science. Well, those who invest in this rack will surely settle the debate once and for all. Time to get cooking!

Pedal-less Bikes

Ok, bear with us for this one. You’re looking at the Fliz pedal-less bike – the only bicycle in the world without any pedals! So, how does it work? Hanging from a harness attached at the top, the rider builds speed with his/her feet and then raises the feet into the air!


The result is a Fred Flintstone-type design that will certainly attract a few people who seek a new way to travel to work. Would you ride something like this?

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