Come Aboard These Glamorous Cruise Ships

A cruise is a great way to travel the world on the seven seas. Full of activities for the whole family, cruise ships are massive villages sailing on the water for days or weeks at a time. Your average ship holds thousands of people and contains countless things to do.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation on a ship around the world, then we’ve outlined some of the biggest ones ever made. These will surely contain enough things to keep the grandparents and kids busy! All aboard…

39. Carnival Breeze

Key facts: Weight: 128,052 tonnesCapacity: 3,690 paxSize: 305m

First up is Breeze by Carnival. The ship was Christened and hit the waters in 2012 and is often seen traveling around the Mediterranean and Bahamas. For those who spend time on Breeze, there are spas, adult-only relaxation areas, and an activity center for the young kids. With plenty of dining options available, there’s always something fun to do onboard a Carnival on the seven seas! Let’s take a look at her sister ship…

38. Carnival Dream

Key facts: Weight: 128,251 tonnesCapacity: 3,646 paxSize: 305m

Carnival Dream started service in 2009 and has been sailing around the US and Caribbean for a decade. Onboard, passengers can explore features like an 18-hole mini-golf course, whirlpool jacuzzis, and other outdoor features. For those who are a fan of food, there are steakhouses, seafood shacks, and BBQ joints to satisfy all your desires! At the end of a long day, why not grab a drink at the Alchemy Bar? Let’s take a look at a DISNEY cruise ship…

37. Disney Dream

Key facts: Weight: 129,690 tonnesCapacity: 2,500 paxSize: 339m


Disney dream is a ship belonging to the Disney Cruise Line. In total, there are four Disney ships that travel the world enlightening families as they play with their favorite Disney characters. Dream hit the waters in 2011 and was followed by her sister, Fantasy, the following year. Onboard, families can enjoy listening to her unique horns playing anthems like When You Wish Upon A Star and Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

36. Disney Fantasy

Key facts: Weight: 129,750 tonnesCapacity: 2,500 paxSize: 339m

Jonathan Palombo/Wiki/CC BY 2.0

Fantasy is another ship from the cruise line, hitting the waters in 2012 one year after her sister. Dream. Onboard, families can enjoy shows from two of her Broadway-style theatres, or swim in the Aqualab. At dinner, children can draw on special boards and watch their animations come to life in front of their eyes. Don’t worry, adults: there’s plenty of fun nightlife to enjoy once the kids go to sleep! But what about your favorite Celebrity?

35. Celebrity Edge

Key facts: Weight: 130,818 tonnesCapacity: 2,918 paxSize: 306m

Celebrity Edge apparently cost more than $1 billion to manufacture. Hitting the waters in 2018, she has been traveling the world for a little under a year. Currently, she starts her voyages in Florida, USA, and journeys to the Caribbean. Onboard, there are ‘infinite balconies’, six restaurants, and the largest spa of the entire Celebrity ships. So, if you fancy a trip with plenty of pampering, then get the ‘edge’ on other cruise lines.

34. Costa Diadema

Key facts: Weight: 133,019 tonnesCapacity: 3,700 paxSize: 306m


Diadema was ordered in 2012 and came to fruition a few years later. Currently, she is Costa’s largest ship and has the longest promenade which is perfect for shopping once hitting international waters. If shopping isn’t your thing, you can take a dive in one of Diadema’s three swimming pools, and catch a show in its theatre. For the next 12 months, fans can see Costa Diadema in the United Arab Emirates.

33. Carnival Horizon

Key facts: Weight: 133,596 tonnesCapacity: 3,954 paxSize: 323m


Carnival Horizon entered the water in 2018, two years after she was laid down. She is the second of Carnival’s ‘vista-class’ line. She started her voyages in Europe can be seen today traveling around the United States. For older cruise lovers, passengers can book one-year voyagers to the Carribean. Onboard, passengers can explore the Liquid Lounge, the Smokehouse Brewhouse, and a Latin-themed Nightclub called Havana Spot.

32. Carnival Vista

Key facts: Weight: 133,596 tonnesCapacity: 3,934 paxSize: 323m

Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Line

Vista hit the seven seas in 2016 and offers 6-8 day cruise itineraries around the European waters. Nicknamed the ‘Fun Ship’, Carnival’s biggest ship contains plenty of fun and games for the whole family. Guests can explore the outdoor views with SkyRide – a revamped outdoor space that offers panoramic views 150 feet up in the air. Her clubhouse has space for mini-bowling, gaming, ping pong, and more.

31. Costa Venezia

Key facts: Weight: 135,500 tonnesCapacity: 4,208 paxSize: 323m

Costa Venezia hit the waters in 2019, making her one of the newest ships on our list. She was built to sail specifically in the Asian and Chinese waters and technically falls under the Costa Asia branch of the company. On board, passengers can enjoy a slew of bars, restaurants, and fun activities for the whole family. If you ever find yourself in China, then this is the cruise ship for you!

30. Adventure of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 137,276 tonnesCapacity: 3,114 pax, 1,180 crewSize: 311m

One of Royal Carribean’s signature ships, Adventure of the Seas can often be seen along the Carribean coast. On board, guests can enjoy a rock-climbing wall, a Royal Promenade shopping center, an ice-rink, and more. It’s perfect for those of all ages which means you can book a journey for the whole family across multiple generations. Why choose between sports and bingo when you can choose both?

29. MSC Splendida

Key facts: Weight: 127,936 tonnesCapacity: 3,274 pax, 1,332 crew Size: 333m

Youtube | Cruises and Travels Blog

The MSC Splendida might be longer than some other ships on this list, but it is far lighter and carries fewer passengers. The stylish cruise line can take you around charming European cities that rest along the coast, such as Marseille or Barcelona. Look out for the exclusive MSC Yacht Club, described as a ‘ship within a ship’. There is also a 24-hour butler service for your needs.

28. MSC Fantasia

Key facts: Weight: 137,936 tonnesCapacity: 3,900 pax, 1,313 crew Size: 333m

Another MSC ship which is much heavier, but also has more passengers with fewer crewmembers. The Fantasia has an amazing stone piazza which contains its own espresso bar full of baked pastries. So, next time you’re storming the seven seas, look out for some of the amazing foods available onboard. As well as cuisine, the MSC Fantasia also has a Formula One simulator, mini-golf course, and a basketball court!

27. Explorer of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 138,000 tonnesCapacity: 3,114 pax, 1,180 crew Size: 311m

Here’s one of the shortest models from Royal Carribean with its Explorer of the Seas. The family-friendly cruise line offers plenty of thrills and excitement for young children. These include ice-skating rinks, rock-climbing walls, and a FlowRider surf simulator. For the adults, they can sit back and relax in one of the 15 bars serving plenty of cocktails into the night.

26. Voyager of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 138,194 tonnesCapacity: 3,840 pax, 1,180 crew Size: 311m

Explorer’s sister ship, Voyager of the Seas, enjoys many of the same perks. She entered the water in the same year, 1999, and is often seen traveling the waters around Australian and New Zealand. The Royal Promenade includes many shops that are perfect for those who wish to pick up some tax-free good. In 2015, she underwent some renovations to bring her into the modern cruising world.

25. Marina of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 138,279 tonnesCapacity: 3,114 pax, 1,185 crew Size: 311m

If you fancy a trip around the Bahamas, then the Marina of the Seas is for you! This massive vessel can be seen journeying the waters where passengers enjoy some of her unique features. These include ‘The Bamboo Room’ bar, which is a tiki-chic Polynesian-themed lounge. At night (and in the day!) it serves up some of the most fruity cocktails. For dinner, feel free to pop into Jamie’s Italian – a restaurant from the acclaimed British chef.

24. MSC Preziosa

Key facts: Weight: 139,400 tonnesCapacity: 3,959 pax, 1,388 crew Size: 333m

The MSC Preziosa is a little bigger than the Royal Caribbean ships, making it the perfect vessel to travel around western Europe. The classic design of the ship brings out the subtleties of detailed craftsmanship and vintage styles. There are even ‘adult-only’ parts of the ship to attract those who seek a bit of a quieter experience onboard their ship. After dinner, why not check out The Galaxy – a nightclub that plays disco songs well into the early morning.

23. MSC Divina

Key facts: Weight: 139,400 tonnesCapacity: 3,502 pax, 1,539 crew Size: 333m

The Divina is the sister ship of the Preziona, but she still offers many different things to appeal to others. It’s full of sports and leisure activities, and a popular Kids and Teens club perfect for young ones. You can book a luxurious spa treatment at the MSC Aurea Spa, and then relax and enjoy panoramic views at the adult-only deck! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your luck at the Casino Veneziano?

22. Navigator of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 139,570 tonnesCapacity: 3,276 paxSize: 311m

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Even though Navigator of the Seas is a little shorter than the MSC models we’ve seen, she is much heavier. Once you get on board, passengers can experience the Mediterranean and Caribbean with some of the best food and wine available. Recently, Navigator of the Seas has been cruising along the Bahamas and stopping off in Nassau and Miami, Florida. The Casino Royale is a favorite for those who wish to bet on red or black!

21. Regal Princess

Key facts: Weight: 142,229 tonnesCapacity: 3,560 paxSize: 330m


Regal Princess perfectly blends relaxation with a fun-filled cruise along the Australian or North American coast. As well as the 13 restaurants to choose from, passengers can also order 24-hour room service to their cabins – all 1,400 of which have balconies. Princess also has an intense over-the-ocean walkway made of glass that extends almost 10 meters over the edge of the ship! Adults can also escape to their own retreat if they wish.

20. Royal Princess

Key facts: Weight: 142,714 tonnesCapacity: 3,560 paxSize: 330m

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

From the Regal to the Royal! This sister ship enters the waters in 2011 and is actually the third ship to sail under the name. Once onboard, passengers can enjoy her million-dollar renovations. These include a SeaWalk, a Watercolor Fantasy Show, and an award-winning Thermal Suite to kick back and relax. Kids and adults will all find a way to keep themselves entertained from dusk till dawn.

19. Norwegian Getaway

Key facts: Weight: 145,600 tonnesCapacity: 3,963 pax, 1,646 crew Size: 325m

Debbie Ann Powell /

Getaway joined her sister on the ocean in 2014 with her maiden voyage starting soon after her christening. Onboard the Norwegian Getaway, there is a unique ‘Illusionarium’, which is dedicated to magic and entertainment. She is based in Miami, Florida, and often circles the region while occasionally traveling up to New York. The Norwegian Getaway is the ‘official cruise line partner of the Grammy Awards’.

18. Norwegian Breakaway

Key facts: Weight: 146,600 tonnesCapacity: 3,963 pax, 1,657 crew Size: 325m

Alexander Sviridov /

Norwegian Breakaway and her sister, Getaway, were two of the first ships in the ‘Project Breakaway’ organized by Norwegian. Breakaway first entered the water in 2013 and has been riding the seven seas for six years. Onboard, she has her own comedy club hosted by some of the funniest comedians known to sail. Generally, she stays in the USA and can be seen traveling to New Orleans from New York.

17. Queen Mary 2

Key facts: Weight: 151,400 tonnesCapacity: 2,691 pax, 1,292 crew Size: 345m

Philip Schubert /

Queen Mary 2 is considered the epitome of travel in the golden age. In 2016, it was completely revamped and upgraded to feel more elegant than ever. Once aboard, passengers feel like they are literally resting on a five-star hotel – but on the sea! Better yet: Queen Mary 2 allows guests to bring their pets with them, so you can enjoy your Afternoon Tea with your pup by your side.

16. Independence of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 154,407 tonnesCapacity: 4,560 pax, 1,440 crew Size: 339m

sbw-photo/ Royal Caribbean

For those who like to be pampered, look no further! Independence of the Seas has more than 100 spa treatments and procedures to truly kick your feet up and enjoy your time at sea. After your spa, you can go for a rock-climb, skate on an ice rink, or relax in a whirlpool overlooking the Promenade. Make sure to enjoy this cruise was cucumbers on your eyes!

15. Liberty of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 154,407 tonnesCapacity: 4,960 pax, 1,360 crew Size: 339m

Lainey Melnick | Youtube

Here’s the sister ship to Freedom, with Liberty offering some of the same amazing qualities enjoyed by the previous cruise ship we’ve already seen. She joined her sister a year later in 2007 and has an emphasis on health and fitness. Passengers can enjoy time in the gym, the spa, and even take a run along the ship’s running track. As the sun sets, guests can enjoy an entertainment show or a drink in the stunning lounge.

14. Freedom of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 154,407 tonnesCapacity: 4,515 pax, 1,360 crewSize: 339m

Freedom of the Seas is relatively ‘old’, built back in 2006. Once onboard, you can experience a 3D theatre late at night. If art is more your thing, then passengers can go and visit the BRITTO gallery which often highlights upcoming artists. Passengers can also take a spin on the ship’s very own ice rink or even give a putt a go at the minigolf course! There’s truly something for everyone on the Freedom of the Seas.

13. Norwegian Epic

Key facts: Weight: 155,873 tonnesCapacity: 4,100 pax Size: 329m

Benson Truong /

There are many reasons why Norwegian Epic is one of the most unique ships on the water today. As well as awesome rock-climbing walls, the cruise ship also has live performances from the Blue Man Group and has an exclusive partnership with Nickelodeon. This means that kids can enjoy the company of Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants! Epic is the perfect ship to let the kids roam free while parents enjoy a drink upstairs!

12. Norwegian Escape

Key facts: Weight: 164,600 tonnesCapacity: 4,266 pax, 1,733 crewSize: 326m

©2015 Michel Verdure

Norwegian Escape first entered the waters in 2015 and is considered one of the greenest ships. This is due to her Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) system which was designed to clean out sulfur oxide, and more poisonous gas. Once aboard, passengers can enjoy a slew of activities and restaurants designed for all generations of a family. You can often find Escape traveling to Bermuda from New York.

11. Norwegian Joy

Key facts: Weight: 167,725 tonnesCapacity: 3,883 pax, 1,821 crewSize: 326m

Back to Norwegian for Joy – and here we can see a slightly different cruise ship to the others so far. Joy was actually custom-designed for the Chinese market, with Mandarin the official language onboard. She contains artwork by Tan Ping, a Chinese artist, and she can often be seen traveling between China and Australia. Would you jump aboard the Norwegian ship for Eastern seas?

10. Ovation of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 168,666 tonnesCapacity: 4,905 pax, 1,500 crewSize: 348m

Ovation of the Seas is full of fun and adventure for all of the thousands of passengers who ride her each month. Many passengers describe their time aboard Ovation as an immersive experience on the sea. As well as plenty of pools and spas, it also has a sky-diving simulator and robot bartenders mixing cocktails all night. Can you imagine how sophisticated that is?

9. Anthem of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 168,666 tonnesCapacity: 4,905 pax, 1,500 crewSize: 348m

Here is Quantum’s sister ship, Anthem. She has exactly the same specifications as her sister who she joined in 2015. Anthem of the Seas is one of the few ships with a North Star – a jewel-shaped capsule that takes passengers 300 feet above the ocean. For the first time, cruise lovers can enjoy completely panoramic views of the ocean that surrounds them.

8. Quantum of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 168,666 tonnesCapacity: 4,905 pax, 1,500 crewSize: 348m

We’re back at Royal Carribean for Quantum of the Seas. She first entered the water in 2014 but is still up to date with some of the world’s best cruise technology. Generally, she offers a lot more flexibility than other ships: there are no set dining times, no ‘formal’ nights, and no assigned seating. This is perfect for families who enjoy more freedom and choice on their vacations.

7. Norwegian Bliss

Key facts: Weight: 168,028 tonnesCapacity: 4,004 pax, 1,716 crewSize: 333m


Norwegian Bliss is the newest ship from NCL, having first dipped her toes in the water in April 2018. The cruise ship explores some of the most amazing sites along the west coast of the USA. Its revolutionary observation deck provides panoramic views of Alaska, Canada, and Washington state for guests to jump aboard the charming ship. Passengers on Bliss can also enjoy a myriad of fun adventure activities and delicious dishes.

6. MSC Meraviglia

Key facts: Weight: 171,598 tonnesCapacity: 5,714 pax, 1,540 crewSize: 315m

Stefano Garau /

MSC Meraviglia is one of the most inspiring ships in the world, even hosting acclaimed acts like Cirque du Soleil. There are 12 restaurants, spas, pools, and even an exclusive Yacht Club for high-flying guests. Since it has far fewer passengers than previous cruise ships, guests have a lot more space to themselves. Meraviglia has the longest LED dome on the entire sea.

5. Costa Smeralda

Key facts: Weight: 183,900 tonnesCapacity: 6,334 pax, 2,444 crewSize: 331m

Our first Costa ship on our list isn’t yet on the waters, but it is expected to make a splash. The Smeralda will take her first voyage in November 2019, and oozes Italian style and sophistication. There will be four pools, 11 restaurants, 20 bridges to explore the views, as well as a slew of activities. Each evening show will treat guests to plenty of fun and games.

4. Oasis of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 227,000 tonnesCapacity: 6,300 pax, 2,394 crewSize: 361m, 18 decks

Oasis of the Seas first entered the water in 2009 and can be considered a city resting on the water. It has its own green space, separate neighborhoods, and even an elevating bar! The Rising Tide Bar lifts you up more than three decks as you sit back and relax with an evening cocktail. It’s Central Park has more than 12,000 living plants on display.

3. Allure of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 227,000 tonnesCapacity: 6,318 pax, 2,300 crewSize: 361m, 18 decks

Matt’s Big Dream

Forget what they tell you: every inch counts! Allure of the Seas is less than two inches longer than her sister, Oasis of the Seas (who we will meet later). ‘Allure’ also has the iconic Royal Carribean neighborhoods, as well as plenty of green space to catch up with nature onboard. For the kids, the cruise ship has two rock-climbing walls, a surfing simulator, and a zipline!

2. Harmony of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 228,000 tonnesCapacity: 6,360 pax, 2,394 crewSize: 362m, 18 decks

Harmony of the Seas is technically the same size as her sister, Symphony, but the passenger/crew ratio is a little bigger. There are fewer guests on the cruise, but more crew to accommodate them. The cruise has seven neighborhoods, including Central Park, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, and the Pool. She first entered the water in 2016 and has been hosting families ever since.

1. Symphony of the Seas

Key facts: Weight: 228,081 tonnesCapacity: 6,680 pax, 2,200 crewSize: 362m, 18 decks

Royal Carribean is responsible for the ‘of the Seas’ series, starting with ‘Symphony’. To date, it is the world’s largest ship. In total, there are 18 decks with 24 elevators taking passengers around. Since its first voyage in 2018, it has hosted thousands of excited guests. Once onboard, guests can eat at the many dining rooms, watch magical shows at night, and even step inside the casino.

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