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Cyclist Proposes To His Girlfriend Using GPS Tracking App



Reddit | u/jonxblaze

A Texas couple got engaged after the boyfriend took her on an ‘annoying’ ride that spelled out ‘MARRY ME’. 

Jon Blaze and Thao Nguyen met on Valentine’s Day back in 2016 and bonded over their passion for cycling. For years, they would go on rides together each week and track their progress using Strava. 

After the cyclist posting the photo on Reddit, it quickly went viral and people congratulated the happy couple.

“If she played along with that bonkers route she’s a keeper for sure,” said one user. 

Speaking with ABC13, Nguyen spoke about her frustration at the route, which was quickly turned into surprise and delight at the proposal. 

“I went from being so annoyed by all the crazy turns we did to being completely shocked and with the biggest smile on my face,” she said.

Blaze spoke with The Housten Chronicle about his big plan and how he mapped it out to surprise her. “I initially tried mapping out the downtown area, but decided The Heights area would be best since there wasn’t going to be heavy traffic in the neighborhood,” the cyclist said.

There are many examples of young couples who use imaginative ways to propose to one another. 

At time of writing, the post has more than 8,500 upvotes on Reddit. 

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