Would You Drive Along These Dangerous Roads?

We all love dangerous roads and road trips. To explore parts of the world unknown is a fantastic way to leave your comfort zone. What better way to see the world?

Sometimes, you’ll leave your comfort zone way back home!

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Here are some roads that are definitely different than what you are probably used to. Whereas we think these are dangerous – for some it’s just their commute to work each day! Would you drive along these roads? Check out some of the craziest roads we could find.

Bridge – Siberia


This is probably one of the scariest roads that are open to the public today. The complete lack of structure and materials make it known that you better have a good reason for crossing this thing! When driving across this bridge, there are literally no safety concerns to consider.


According to local sources, only 35 people have successfully crossed it in its history. Let’s hope the person in this photograph is one of them! Would you cross this bridge?

Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

China is a wonderful place. Full of sights like the Yellow Mountains and the “Precipitous Pillars” of the Zhangjiajie, China has multiple naturally occurring attractions. But some of the most beautiful parts of the nation include the artificial areas in nature. For example – the scary cave-dwelling Tunnel Road in Henan Province.

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This tiny slice of terror was built within a steep mountain ridge that barely has space between the wall and the cliff. The road was built by only 13 people and has been open for a little over 40 years.

Yungas Road – Bolivia

This driveway has won the fame of adrenaline junkies everywhere with an extraordinary death toll of around 300 people. This amazingly high number of deaths occurred upon travel from La Paz, Bolivia to Corocio. The journey is 43 miles long and is not for those scared by stupidly steep heights.

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For most people, it’s doubtful whether the journey is ever worth the risk. It was recently where the path was replaced with a modern and smoother road – even the smallest bumps would knock people off! Still, without a barrier, we wouldn’t suggest traveling here.

Zoji La Pass – India

Some may say that mountains are some of the most serene parts of nature – but those people aren’t driving down this road! The Zoji La Pass takes you from the Indian State of Jammu providing a link between Ladakh and Kashmir Valley. Overall, it brings you to heights of around 11,000 feet.

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For tourists, they visit the road due to how thrilling it is. For the locals, it is a normal part of their daily commute. We would definitely recommend a different route if you find yourself here.

Paso de los Libertadores – Chile/Argentina

This winding road sits along the Chile and Argentina border and runs up to 10,000 feet high! The reason for its height is that it takes drivers up to the Andes – one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

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While it sounds great, it’s actually pretty intimidating. This particular portion of the road is called ‘The Snails’ and has 20 turns in its short distance. Add snow to the mix? Yeah, you’ll want to be careful.

Stelvio Pass – Italy

Italy might be home to some great wonders – like Mount Vesuvius and Mount Etna – but it also has the entire Alps to play with, too! One road sits along the Alps and takes you directly to a lower region – but beware!


What makes it dangerous is the amount of thin and delicate turns, making you feel as if you’re descending down a dark and twisted road to Hell. When you think of it, you might want to avoid this icy deathtrap.

Commonwealth Avenue – Philippines

Most of the roads we’ve seen so far have been dangerous due to their infrastructure – but not Commonwealth Avenue. The road, which is located in Quezon City in the Philippines, is totally paved and protected with barriers. So what gives?


Well, it has an amazing 18 lanes, causing five traffic accidents every day. Usually, the drivers are rushing to get to work and don’t have time to play by the rules. Make sure to avoid this dangerous route if you’re ever there.

Adriatic Highway – Croatia

Croatia is one of the most charming places on Earth. Did you know it is the location was chosen of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones? However, mountainous beauty often brings with it dangerous roads. Croatia is no different.


If you find yourself driving along the Adriatic Highway, you find abundant danger. Much of the road doesn’t have a barrier, making it all too easy to accidentally drive off its edges. Next time you drive along it, make sure to have a coffee and stay alert!

Karnali Highway – Nepal

One-lane highways are dodgy. One-lane highways that wrap themselves around tall mountain ranges are downright alarming. This one-lane highway encircles the mountain ranges of Nepal and is called the Karnali Highway.

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Home to the tallest mountain on Earth (Mount Everest), Nepal has more than a few roads that would encourage the bravest of us to turn around and drive the other way. It is so dangerous that you’re not allowed to drive on it once the sun goes down.

James Dalton Highway – Alaska, USA

This is the first road on our list to appear from the western world – way up in North America’s Alaska. The road is completely isolated with nothing around for miles. That and the bad weather conditions make this a road far less traveled.


If you are unfortunate enough to crash, there are no services around to help you. Without streetlights or cell service, you might just find yourself stranded. You will want to stay well away if you can.

Ruta Nacional 5 – Chile

What makes this road so dangerous isn’t necessarily what it has going on around it. In fact, it’s the total opposite. This road has so little to keep drivers interested that they often find themselves falling asleep at the wheel.

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What’s more, the climate often attracts fog that suffocates the landscape – making visibility nearly impossible. These factors make it one of the most dangerous roads to use – don’t go it alone if you want to reach the other side.

The Pan-American Highway – Alaska-Argentina

This particular road runs from Alaska to South America, making it the longest highway in the world. One part of the road – The Darian Gap – is 60 miles of land with thick, dense, unmonitored rainforest. Located in between Colombia and Panama, it is incredibly dangerous.

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There have been many documentaries made that explore the region and how travelers manage to travel across it. Hundreds of people each year flock to see it and admire the nature and passion involved with visiting such a place.

Cat and Fiddle Road – UK

Whereas most of the roads on the list relate to drivers in cars, Cat and Fiddle Road is particularly dangerous for cyclists. The English road lies just outside of Manchester, England, and attracts a lot of cyclists who often get knocked right off their saddles.


Unfortunately, the visibility around corners is restricted and drivers in cars cannot see around some of the hills and curves. This means that bikers need to be extra careful to make sure they’re not hit.

Cotopaxi Volcano Road – Ecuador

The Cotopaxi Volcano Road is precisely what it sounds like—a road that heads up to a volcano. But what the road’s title doesn’t tell us is that the volcano you’re going to visit is actually still active. And this activity can, as displayed in the photo, make your drive a little less than comfortable.

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Among the other features of this road that make it something better to avoid is that it is relatively unmaintained. It includes a whole lot of potholes and leaves part of it with just dirt and gravel to complete the pathway.

The Trans-Siberian Highway – Russia

The Trans-Siberian Highway is a system of roads that operate through Russia towards destinations like the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to the Sea of Japan. One part of the road lies 7,000 miles from St. Petersburg all the way to Vladivostok.


The road is unsafe mainly because of how far it extends through icy conditions. The sheer cold weather of Siberia makes it isolated and dangerous – with no one around to help you if you crash. Better to avoid it.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is another one of those roads that will take you up ridiculously high mountains. Many of these mountains are around 13,000 feet in height. That suggests the amount of oxygen available at these heights is about half as much as you’d get at a normal level closer to the sea.


People who travel along this winding road need to battle bad infrastructure, lack of oxygen, and cold climates. You might want to give it a miss or leave it to a more seasoned driver.

Lake Berryessa – California, USA

Resting along Lake Berryessa in California is Monticello Dam. It was developed to try and monitor the state’s drought levels and maintain water levels. What you might not know is how it is one of the most dangerous roads on the list.


You can see this large gaping hole in the water? It’s the spillway that causes many heads to turn while you drive around it. Make sure you keep your eye on the road and don’t get distracted – you might end up in the water.

Passage du Gois – France

Passage du Gois is a natural pathway with a modest length of just 4.3km. It is located on the Atlantic coast of France in the Vendée region. What makes it dangerous is how this stretch of the D948 road is regularly flooded.


It is flooded twice a day, each time the tide rises! You’ll need to plan when you enter the Passage du Gois – your car could literally be swept away if you go at the wrong time(s) of day.

BR-116 – Brazil

BR-116 is one of the more spectacular of these extremely exciting roads. The route is so scenic since it takes you past some amazing high mountain ranges, including the Dedo de Deus, Verruga do Frade, Pedra do Sino, and Dedo de Nossa – all of which are in Brazil.


The road also spends 2,700 miles along the Brazillian coast. The road itself isn’t dangerous, but it’s who occupies it that might want to raise eyebrows. There are plenty of illicit gangs, corrupt police, and high levels of crime.

Kabul-Jalalabad Highway – Afghanistan

The Kabul-Jalalabad Highway gets you to or from Jalalabad, Afghanistan – depending on which way you drive. The most dangerous part of the 89-mile-long road is the part that outlines the Kabul River Gorge. Here, the road bears narrow turns and rocky valleys. And, as you’d expect from any deadly road, the turns and narrows are lined by sharp cliffs.

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There are many instances in which the road is sitting alongside steep drops without a barrier. You’ll face danger at least once along this destructive highway. Hopefully, you won’t encounter people trying to turn around!

Fairy Mountain Road – Pakistan

One of the main parts that make this road frightening is the fact that it doesn’t have rails and that it’s only made of gravel. On top of that, the roads are razor-thin. True thrill-seekers will know that this is the only road you can take to ascend the ninth highest mountain in the world, Nanga Parbat.


The road is completely ignored by the government and is never maintained. It is one of the most dangerous roads in the world due to its unpredictable nature – travelers never know what they’re getting.

Skippers Canyon Road – New Zealand

When thinking of New Zealand, most people remember back to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you ever find yourself traveling down south, there are other landmarks you’ll want to visit, too.


Skippers Canyon Road is a dangerous one-lane pathway designed to offer citizens the opportunity to head south of the island. Unfortunately, that was more than 140 years ago and it hasn’t been renovated since. Even insurance companies won’t cover your journey there – so it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Bayburt of Yolu – Turkey

The Bayburt of Yolu is located in Turkey’s Trabazon region and, for understandable reasons, has found itself here on the list. It is a single lane, it has no guard rails, and wraps itself along a nauseating drop on one side.


Not only that, but the steep cliff on the road’s left (or right) side has tumbling rocks that trickle down its side depending on the weather. If you ever find yourself along this road, we recommend you turn back immediately.

Furka Pass – Swiss Alps

Furka Pass isn’t dangerous for the same reasons as we’ve listed on other roads – it’s true that it’s smoothly paved and protected with a side barrier. What makes it dangerous is the fact that it’s way up in the mountains.

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The extreme weather means that black ice can settle on the road without the driver knowing, causing deadly accidents if not driving safely. It’s also home to many of the windiest and steepest roads around – a recipe for disaster if it starts snowing.

Oh-My-God Road – Colorado, USA

A road so dangerous that they actually named it after the very thing you scream when you’re on it! Oh-My-God Road is in Idaho Springs, Colorado, and is barely wide enough to fit more than one car down its main lane.


When winter comes, drivers will be hit with ice and wet mud which can lead to a tragic accident if not carefully handled. It’s recommended that you use a four-wheel drive and only enter this road when the weather is dry in sunlight.

Col du Chaussy – France

Col du Chaussy is considered one of the most scenic roads in the world – but don’t be fooled by its beauty. The road is wrapped alongside a high mountain that has steep falls around every sharp turn.

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Still, it isn’t as dangerous as other roads we’ve seen. Local authorities have made sure it is properly paved with a barrier running alongside it. Still, we wouldn’t rush to send anyone there with a fear of heights!

Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road – China

While the winding Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road isn’t that dangerous, it’s sharp turns can be a dizzying experience for drivers in the region. Located in the Tianmen Mountain National Park, the road elevates 3,000 feet in six miles.


If you don’t want to drive up the mountain, visitors can always ascend the peak with a cable car – although that removes much of the fun! Either way, you’re in for a treat: it’s the longest cable car in the world.

Gorges du Dades – Morocco

This road is carefully paved and should be safe to drive if you are cautious when you travel along its winding roads. The sharp angles are easy enough to meet if you pay attention.


However, it’s the locals that make this road such a danger! Moroccans are famous for their reckless behavior, especially those who are well-versed in traveling down the Gorges du Dades. Better keep an eye out for other cars when driving this one!

Amalfi Coast Highway – Italy

This is certainly considered one of the most beautiful highways ever designed. The road takes you along the coast of Italy from the towns of Amalfi to Scala and Vietri sul Mare.

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However, even though the infrastructure is in place for safety, you cannot predict the rock slides and some of the steep cliff edges that lie around some of the corners. If you want to journey along the Amalfi coast, beware of the turns and twists.

Leh-Manali Highway – India

This Indian highway is one of the highest roads on Earth – its average altitude is a whopping 17,000 feet. If you find yourself driving along the Leh-Manali highway, it literally might take your breath away – because there isn’t much oxygen.

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Aside from the physical effect it can have, the highway is also home to unwanted ice and mud which can steer you off track. It’s recommended you don’t take this route unless it’s absolutely necessary.

San Juan Skyway – Colorado, USA

This section of highway is actually part of the Million Dollar Highway in the western parts of Colorado. Running from Silverton to Ouray, parts of it literally don’t have a barrier to stop you from driving off a cliff.


Definitely don’t rush to journey down this road at night – or at any time, for that matter. Just one small wrong turn can send you down the mountains and into the streams far below.

The Himalayan Road Network

This road in the Himalayas is as scary journeying up as it is once you get to the top of the mountain. The winding roads have no railings and are often curving around crumbling rocks and jagged edges.


Tourists are advised not to travel on it without a guide – even then you can be prone to accidents. Thrill-seekers will love the opportunity to ride along this route – just make sure to make it to the other side!

Taroko Gorge Road – Taiwan

The Taroko Gorge Road is recognized as one of the most hazardous roads in Taiwan. It has many tight bends, sharp turns, and small paths that lead through the mountains and cliffs of the region.


Cyclists often head to the road and need to make sure to stay away from oncoming car traffic. Each year, pedestrians and cyclists are sadly hit by inexperienced drivers.

Halsema Highway – Philippines

Back to the Philippines for a look at Halsema Highway – one of the most dangerous roads in the country. This road is prone to landslides and is generally poorly maintained. Each year, at least one or two buses will roll over its edges.

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Unfortunately, the road in part of the route to Sagada – a popular tourist spot. This means that thousands of tourists are put at risk by having to travel down it to reach their location.

Kahekili Highway – Hawaii, USA

Kahekili Highway is a piece of one-lane paved road bordered by rock on one side and sheer cliff drops on the other! This continues for 20 miles from Kapalua to Wailuku in Hawaii. It’s a famous road known for its sharp turns, narrow passages, and dangerous road conditions.


Nowadays, the road is completely repaved but still shouldn’t be attempted by novice drivers. Even though the road is paved, there are parts where falling rocks can be a problem.

Mokee/Moki Dugway – Utah, USA

The Mokee (or Moki) Dugway, is found on Utah Route 261 just north of Mexican Hat, Utah. The road is a tremendous, rough dirt switchback road resting alongside the cliff edge of Cedar Mesa. It’s a total of three miles of steep, unpaved, but well-graded switchbacks.


Road closures can be expected due to weather or natural occurrences, so tourists are recommended to check conditions before traveling to this part of the road.

Col de Turini – France

This mountain pass is 1.6km above sea level and is widely considered to be one of the most scenic roads in the world. The winding roads veering left and right make for some delicate turns, especially since the weather is so unpredictable.


Col de Turini is recognized as the stage for the Monte Carlo Rally, which is hosted on the tight road with its numerous twists and turns. The road has been the course where some of the best drivers in history demonstrate their skills for the assembled fans.

Pikes Peak – El Paso, USA

In the true American tradition, Pikes Peak has been nicknamed “America’s Mountain” due to its high elevation. It is 4,302m (14,115ft) above the sea level and runs along the Rocky Mountains in El Paso County, Colorado.


Along the way, you’ll experience some of the most breathtaking views in the world. It is at least partly open year-round but it depends on the weather. Pikes Peak can be shut at any time when the path is not cleaned of snow, so make sure to plan ahead.

Karakoram Highway – China / Pakistan

Karakoram Highway connects China and Pakistan and is the highest paved international road in the world. If you love exploring the mountains, this journey is practically a paradise. But be careful of the falling rocks and sharp drops!

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To date, 810 men from Pakistan and 82 men from China have lost their lives while working on the road, mainly due to landslides and falling off its edges. Its height means that drivers will also be tested against avalanches and heavy snowfalls – so watch out for ice!

Pamir Highway – Uzbekistan / Kyrgyzstan

The old Pamir Highway, officially called M41, is an extraordinary challenge for a 4×4 thrill-seeking travelers. Most of the drive is paved, except for the mountain passes, and the highway is 2.038 km kilometers connecting Termez (Uzbekistan) and Kara-Balta (Kyrgyzstan) – all the way through the Pamir Mountains.

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However, most of the road is profoundly damaged in places by earthquakes, erosion, avalanches, and landslides. Some parts of the road even claim to have a notorious lack of oxygen, testing drivers.

Strada Delle 52 Gallerie – Italy

Strada Delle 52 Gallerie used to be a military trail during WWI. The Italian road is located on the massif of Pasubio in Vicenza and is dangerous mainly due to its winds. It gained its nickname, ‘Sacred Area of Italy’ from its brutal setting in the war.


When you journey along the road, you’ll see many mementos of wartime, including caves that were used to store food for soldiers. It was designed in 1917 and built in just seven months – a feat at the time.

Carretera de Sa Calobra – Spain

Like most of the scenic roads on our list, this is not without its dangers. The rocky piece of terrain is shaped like a piece of long and winding spaghetti – full of twists and turns.

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There are more than 800 turns on the Carretera de Sa Calobra, meaning drivers need to keep their attention the whole time they’re on it. Of course, it is advised not to drive on it when it’s raining.

Combe Laval Pass – France

This is often recognized as the most beautiful road in the French Alps. The constructors built the road between 1861 and 1898, and it first served for the transport of timber from the Forêt de Lente to St-Jean-en-Royans.

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The road wasn’t carved out for just the view, but it helped make the forestry activity successful. Today, it mainly attracts cyclists keen to face the trial of a steep climb and be rewarded with awesome views of the Vercors area.

Killar-Kishtwar Road – India

This scary high mountain trail, with a length of 114 km, is found at the eastern end of the Kishtwar District of the Jammu district and Kashmir, India. If your phone thinks it might be a good idea to direct you on to this road, it could be time to buy a new one.


It’s a narrow, windy road without any guard rail for about 100 miles. In fact, you can directly look down to views of the valley thousands of feet below. It is especially disorienting to look over the edge, so we don’t recommend it!

Avenue of the Baobabs – Madagascar

The Avenue of the Baobabs is a collection of baobab trees bordering the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region of Madagascar. The road is one of the most beloved and toured places in the country. People often say it is the most beautiful road in Madagascar.


However, you’re going to want to be aware of the gravel path. If their tires get torn, people can be stranded for hours waiting for assistance.

Alberta Highway 40 – Canada

This particular highway rests at 7310 feet, making it the highest road in Canada. Full of spectacular views, drivers need to be aware of oxygen levels when driving through it. You don’t want to pass out!

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The road actually closes for the first six months of the year due to the extreme weather. You might just spot an elk or coyote along the way. Just make sure not to hit something!

Mosquito Pass – Colorado, USA

This path has humbled many drivers. The extremely gravel road lacks any signs for direction or barriers to guide visitors. Nicknamed ‘highway of the frozen death’, tourists should keep note.

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It is the highest road in Colorado at 13,208 feet, which causes light-headedness and confusion for some people who aren’t used to the lack of oxygen. Don’t try it unless you have what it takes!

Transalpina Road – Romania

Before 2009, this was just a normal gravel and dirt road. In the last 10 years, the Romania government has taken steps to pave it and make it clearer for people when driving. It doesn’t stop it from being a dangerous journey.


The weather during the ride is intense and very unpredictable. It doesn’t take a lot of time for the sunshine to turn over to moderate to heavy snow storms – so watch out!

BAM Road, Russia

BAM Road is a test of physical and mental endurance. It’s an old railway track that is full of wobbly tracks, loose bridges, and high water crossings. If anything happens to you en route, you are miles from any civilization.


The BAM Road is actually impossible to cross when wet. Be sure to test yourself in the dry land and prepare for an adventure! It is recommended you take a 4×4 vehicle.

Road to Mount Ai-Petri – Crimea

The road to Mount Ai-Petri in south Crimea is a portion of the Yalta-Bakhchisaray highway and actually its most dangerous part, too. The 23 km route from Yalta to the plateau contains around 280 twist and turns.

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The road is often shut during the winter periods to all sorts of transport, except for off-roaders who have studded tires and snow chains. It’s surely not for novices or drowsy drivers.

Akhty-Khnov Road – Dagestan

Found in the Republic of Dagestan, this road connects the villages of Akhty and Khnov. People that journey along it say they sometimes are required to ride on this “road of death” under countless beds of rocks.

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The road is particularly dangerous after it rains, making it extremely slippery. This massively raises the odds of cars going over the cliff edge of this narrow hair pinned road.

Auto backup of the Baikal-Amur Mainline railway – Siberia

This is a dirt and gravel trail that sometimes is divided by swamps and rivers. It does, however, have a few bridges over the larger rivers. One of the most famous among them is the connection over the Vitim river. It is 560 meters long and has no fences along it.


Trucks that travel on this thin bridge with constantly shaking beams run the risk at any moment of falling down into the river – 15 meters below them!

Tizi ‘n’ Test Road – Morocco

The Tizi ‘n’ Test Road (officially called R203) is a mountain road that sits through the High Atlas between Asni to Taroudant and deep into Morocco). According to drivers, it is one of the most spectacular drives in Morocco.


The drive up to pass is not for those who want a calm journey. Some experience of mountain roads is recommended when tackling this route. It’s passable thanks to an amazing piece of French engineering. The trip is not advised for those with a little more than mild vertigo.

Great Alpine Road – Australia

This Ozzie tourist road comes in at a lengthy 303 km (188 m). It’s officially known as B500 and is fairly new: it was opened to the public in 1998. Don’t be fooled by its modern paving – the Great Alpine Road is incredibly dangerous.

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It’s steep with sharp twists and turns. The drive needs close attention to detail from the driver – some parts are missing safety barriers and street lights. Just be sure to take a map and charge your phone!

Route 622 – Iceland

Not to be confused with Route 66! This Icelandic road is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world – and for good reason. Avalanches, heavy snowfalls, and landslides can occur at literally all times throughout the year and can block some parts of the road.


It’s a wobbly rocky track, and often muddy. Rough gravel, and even mud, and you have to go on low tide on the south part of it.

Route de Presles – France

The Route de Presles is an amazing road with hand-carved windows in its mountain trail! It has a collection of open tunnels and passages that drivers can use to explore some of the amazing views of southern France.


You still have reasons to be concerned. There are several potholes and turns that can make even the most seasoned driver anxious. Make sure to check the road beforehand and don’t get distracted!

Khardung La – India

This Indian highway has an elevation of 5,359 m and can be a treacherous road if driven in the winter. Ice collects along the road with intermittent maintenance – making for some difficult driving. The path is particularly important for the transport of supplies to neighboring villages.

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But leave it to the professionals! Khardung La is snowy, unstable, and unpredictable. Best to leave it for the regulars.

Passo San Boldo – Italy

This mountain pass is found between Trichiana and Tovena in Veneto. This photo highlights one of the most difficult parts of the trek: seven hairpin turns in 700 meters!

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The good news is that it is one way, meaning that you don’t need to worry about oncoming traffic. Make sure you don’t get motion sickness when driving down this part of the road – it can make your stomach churn.

ER101 Antiga – Portugal

On the small island of Madeira, Portugal, there lies the oldest and most beautiful road. The Estrada Regional 101 is actually also one of its most dangerous – it runs low next to a rocky ocean with plenty of currents and waves.

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Drivers need to make sure that they avoid it on wet or stormy days – avalanches and landslides can occur at any time, and wash you into the ocean.

The Col du Parpaillon – France

This high mountain pass reaches 2,700 m at some points, making it well above sea level. The pass connects Ubaye valley in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence regions with Embrun in Hautes-Alpes.


The most famous – and dangerous – part of the road is a 500-meter tunnel which was built over 100 years ago. It’s completely dark with ice and water flooding the road inside it. Enter at your peril!

Kolyma Highway – Russia

This Russian highway will take you all the way to the eastern bank of the Lena River at Yakutsk. Famously, this location is where one explorer recorded the lowest ever temperature on Earth (not including Antarctica!). It is nicknamed ‘The Road of Bones’.


It’s precisely this reason that makes the Kolyma so dangerous. There is plenty of black ice resting on the surface of the road that can get you sliding off into the forest. Definitely miss this road if you can.

Hagerman Pass – Colorado, USA

Colorado appears to be full of scenic but scary roads! Hagerman Pass lies high in the mountains near Leadville. It isn’t considered as dangerous as other roads on the list, but it still requires additional attention.


Drivers are advised to take a 4×4 along its gravel road and to help steer some of the sharper turns. Two-wheel drives will be totally unable to cross some of the river streams, so don’t try it!

Jacob’s Ladder – Tasmania

This Tasmanian road is named Jacob’s Ladder – and for good reason! The sharp twists and turns climb up to an impressive 1,500 meters and it is one of the most famous hair-pinned roads in the world.

Jenne; courtesy of Flickr

You shouldn’t go on this road unless you are driven by a local who absolutely knows what they’re doing. That way, they can focus on the difficult driving and you can experience the amazing views.

Hardknott Pass – Cumbria, UK

Located in Cumbria, England, Hardknott Pass is one of Britain’s most delicate roads. It is a single lane highway with sharp twists and turns. Apparently, it is also one of the steepest roads in the country – its gradient lies at 33%.


Heavy vehicles, such as trucks and lorries, are recommended to stay away from it. Remember, England uses the left side of the road to drive – something to keep in mind when faced with oncoming traffic!

Sani Pass, South Africa

Sani Pass lies in the western end of Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa on the road between Underberg and Mokhotlong, Lesotho. The road is known to be dangerous and drivers are required to use a 4X4 when using the route.


The gravel pathways, rocky edges, and poor traction causes dozens of accidents a year. At the very top rests South Africa’s ‘highest pub’ – so drivers can reward themselves with a beer when they get there!

Lippincott Mine Road – California, USA

Lippincott Mine Road is deep inside Death Valley – one of the hottest parts of the world. It isn’t maintained and doesn’t have any barriers protecting drivers from a steep cliff nearby. You might be tensing the steering wheel while you drive down it.


Often, cars are susceptible to overheating. It’s been recorded that tires have melted and engines have shut down if in the direct access to the strong sun. It’s best to journey Lippincott Mine Road in the early morning or late evening.

The Magic Roundabout – Swindon, UK

It is true that the British love their roundabouts – something seldom seen in countries like the USA. However, Swindon’s Magic Roundabout takes it to another level: one roundabout surrounded by five smaller ones!


Ever since its opening in 1972, motorists have marveled at how exactly to navigate through the different circles. To date, there have been 14 serious injuries on the route. Also, keep in mind that it will operate backward because they drive on the other side of the road!

Imogene Pass – Colorado, USA

Located in the San Juan Mountains, Imogene Pass has an elevation of 3,997 meters. You can only drive it with a 4X4 car and is not recommended for novice drivers.


The road has a speed limit of 15mph, due to the levels of concentration required for the journey. It’s gravel and rocks with touches of ice depending on the season. Make sure you go when the weather permits it!

Col de l’Iseran – France

This road in the Alps is one of the highest roads in Europe, with an elevation of 2,764 meters. It is only open in the summer due to the heavy mist that can arrive and sit stubbornly on the road in cold weather.

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The Col de L’Iseran itself was built between the two World Wars, but the route has been used by people for hundreds of years. Make sure you use the route when the weather makes it safe to do so.

Iroha- Road – Japan


Iroha-zaka is a duo of famous winding roads found in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It’s the central access to attach the lower elevations around central Nikko to the higher heights of the mountainous Okunikko region.


Every corner has a letter of the ancient Japanese alphabet, and you will see it in alphabetical order so you know when you’re on the right path. The road is famous among Buddhists for its history.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road – Greece

Perdikaki-Patiopoulo is a road in the mountains with a total length of 28.80 km (17.9mi). It lies in the northeastern part of Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece. It’s known among drivers as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.


Even experts agree that it is not recommended to attempt this road if you are visiting Greece. This is a mountain road with scary dropoffs that come by frequently when twisting and turning along the side of it. One wrong turn and you could end up at the bottom of the cliff.

Umbrail Pass – Italy

This international road runs across the Swiss and Italian borders, making it a popular road for those who wish to travel across Europe. It is currently the highest paved road in the Alps, at an altitude of 2,500 meters.


There are parts of the road that include steep sections without markings, and can barely fit two cars next to each other. Be careful if using this route – especially if it’s your first time.

Via del Sale – Italy

This old military road rests between Monesi and Limone. It is one of the many roads that connects the ancient Liguria and Piedmont to France. Today, it makes it one of the most famous roads in the area.


This doesn’t mean you should rush to drive along it! The Via del Sale is not for novice drivers due to the number of turns and lack of safety barriers. However, if you do find yourself on it, you’ll be blown away by the scenery.

Needle’s Eye – South Dakota, USA

Needle’s eye is a tiny tunnel that appears on the South Dakota Highway 87. It is also known as Needle’s Highway. The road itself isn’t too dangerous: it’s a smooth gravel path with beautiful roads and views on either side.


However, drivers should be aware that some vehicles are literally too big to fit through the tunnel. Trucks, RVs, and trailers will want to avoid this particular route – especially when the weather is bad.

24-Zig Road – China

This road got its name for a few obvious reasons. The winding road is one of the most famous hair-pinned roads in the world. It was built in 1935 and once carried 2000 soldiers during the war.


Today, 24-Zig Road is not in use by cars or other large vehicles. It doesn’t stop cyclists or three-wheeled vehicles from using it as a shortcut to get to Quiglong town. Would you cycle or skate down this road?

Eshima Ohashi Bridge – Japan

Eshima Ohashi Bridge isn’t just a scary road – it’s a terrifying bridge! Located in western Japan, the bridge has been known to cause nausea and fear for the drivers that need to cross it.

Dangerous Roads

It’s a two-lane concrete road that rises sharply – 6.1% gradient – causing drivers to feel like they will soar into the sky. Remember to stay in a low gear when tackling this bridge!

Burr Trail – Utah, USA

Burr Trail is a 68-mile route that winds through some of the most intense areas of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Even though normal cars can use this road, once the rain hits you’ll be unable to travel on it without a 4X4.


If you can manage the twists and turns that demand the driver’s full attention, then you’ll be in the presence of some of the greatest views in the world. Many people can hoke the journey, too. Would you sink into the depths of Utah’s most stunning view?

Shipki La – China / India

This highway, found in Himachal Pradesh, a northern Indian state in the Himalayas, is normally open all year round. However, it can be closed whenever the weather is bad and the access is not cleaned of snow.


It’s positioned in Kinnaur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, and Tibet Autonomous Region in the People’s Republic of China. It’s also a very high road – 2,800 meters – and oxygen levels are scarce. Make sure you take this road with a professional.

Eyre Highway – Australia

Eyre Highway links the western and southern parts of Australia via the Nullarbor Plain. What makes this road so dangerous is how, frankly, boring it is. Eyre Highway has an impressive 90 miles of completely straight road without a turn.


It can be easy for drivers to drift off and get distracted due to the plain road ahead of them. Not every store is open for 24-hours on the highway, so you’ll need to plan your trip.

Forgotten World Highway – New Zealand

Even though it has often been named as one of the most scenic drives in the world, the police disagree! Local law enforcement has labeled it as one of the worst roads in the country due to the accidents that occur each year.


Forgotten World Highway is incredibly secluded. Its route includes unkempt forests, gushing streams, and gravelly gorges. Drivers, beware: there are many twists and turns that can catch you off guard if you’re not paying attention.

Cirque de Jaffar – Morocco

This is a completely natural pathway that formed in the Eastern High Atlas – a mountain in North Africa. Drivers need to remain cautious since the high views can disorientate people and claim too many lives.


The road itself is in terrible condition and requires a strong backbone to tackle the challenge. Apparently, the views alone are worth the dangerous drive, so don’t forget your camera. Just be safe!

Icefields Parkway – Canada

This road runs straight alongside Lake Louise in Banff National Park – making it one of the most beautiful journeys in the world. The route has more than 100 ancient glaciers and Icefields Parkway is considered somewhat of a national treasure in Canada.


Just be careful of the twisty hair pinned corners that might occur every so often. The weather is also known to change often – so plan ahead!

Strada del Ponale – Italy

You’ll have a hard time driving on this road, and not because of its conditions. It’s closed to vehicles! The gravel path lies across mountains and waters and people are encouraged to hike and cycle along it.


Just be careful of loose rocks and temperamental weather. It can be a dangerous route to walk along if you are alone or inexperienced. You don’t want to be the wildlife’s dinner!

Iron Mountain Road – South Dakota, USA

If you find yourself driving along the Iron Mountain Road, you better be paying attention! In only 17 miles, there are 314 curves, 14 switchbacks, three tunnels, pigtails, and even turns that loop over themselves.


The road is famous for the views that drivers experience when they reach the peak of this winding road. And, most importantly, it takes drivers straight to Mount Rushmore – where they can marvel at the statues of four US presidents.

Strada Scarubbi – Italy


This is a terribly scary mountain which is full of mist, fog, and other bad weather. The route itself links the Passo Xomo and the Porte del Pasubio, in the Alps. Locals admit that it requires 100% from drivers.

Dangerous Roads

The track was carved in 1917 during the War and very few improvements have been made since. There are no barriers or streetlights for 10 km, so be sure to avoid it at night!

Outback Highway – Australia

We’ve all heard about Australia’s Outback, and this highway is one of the best ways to experience it. You’ll need a 4X4 to navigate through the rocky roads, and plenty of backup materials – the estimated journey takes four days!


Outback Highway is often referred to as ‘Australia’s Longest Shortcut’ since it is the quickest way to get from Western Australia to Central Australia. Taking this highway is accepting the fact that you’ll be doing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Slate Peak – Washington, USA

At the very top of Slate Peak is a fire lookout tower. At 2,282 meters, drivers can venture up Hart’s Pass and see the amazing views from the very top. It is the most maintained road in Washington State.


This road is gravel, steep, winding, and narrow. Many parts of the lanes aren’t protected by barriers, so you won’t want to take a wrong turn and end up in the crater below! But trust us – the view from the top is worth the struggle.

Old Gavia Road – Italy

This old road is part of the famous Italian climb to the Passo di Gavia. It is only 500 meters but is full of twists, turns, and edges that bring fear into some of the most seasoned drivers.


The barriers have been replaced by pieces of string at some point, and many people have died while riding along it. Police officially closed access to the road, but you can easily sneak in and see it for yourself if you wish.

Austrian Road – Kazakhstan

Austrian Road was built by Austrian Prisoners of War in 1915 during The Great War. It’s about a 5-hour drive and takes you 60 km through several of the Altai Mountains.


There are a few parts of the road that are often hit with heavy rains and snowstorms. Although difficult to drive, the road is highly respected by travelers since it shows how many can build lasting infrastructure with nothing more than picks and shovels.

Atlantic Road – Norway

While this road in Norway allows plenty of views of the gorgeous ocean landscape, it also gives you anxiety when driving across it! This is what wins it a place among the most deadly roads the world has to offer.

Norway Travel Blog

This road has eight different intersections at which this road meets with the ocean. Definitely do not travel along here when the weather is bad. Thrillseekers might want to take a few pictures but you could be swept away!

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