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How Decorations Can Affect Your Productivity



The primary goal of any organization is to raise the productivity levels of all employees because by so doing, revenue and service delivery is always top-notch. But sometimes raising the productivity of your employees is difficult due to individual differences and other factors that are beyond your control.

If you have tried to improve productivity in your office but you cannot seem to get things right, maybe it was time you tried something different. Workplace wall art and other wall décor ideas have worked for many people before and so trying them out would probably be the key to unlock your productivity puzzle. In this post, we will look at these and more décor ideas and how they can affect productivity in your office.

Photo via: Ashley Beer

Stimulating colors

For starters, colors have a surprisingly strong correlation with human psychology. The right color patterns will raise your employees as well as your productivity, creativity, and concentration at work.

If you paint the interior of your offices blue, for example, you are likely to succeed in raising the mood of your employees. The color has a calming effect that you and your employees need to concentrate fully with your duties,

If you paint the working spaces with green paint, you all remain fresh and rejuvenated all around the clock. If you have been trying to make your employees work for long hours, this is a great color to try.

Adding lights

Light increases your ability to work during dimmed seasons. But that is not all; adding lamps to the working spaces makes the room look lively and full of life. When people work in darkness, they tend to get gloomy and disinterested in their duties. If your budget allows it, you can use halogens to increase the clarity of vision and coloration of a room. They will beautify your office too.

Have the right furniture

Old furniture can emit dangerous volatile fumes that can jeopardize your and your employees’ health. Also, outdated chairs compromise your comfort in the office and hurt your back and neck. You definitely cannot be productive if you are spending too much time adjusting your body or – in the worst-case scenario – attending doctor appointments.

On the flipside, ergonomic chairs with the right padding and swinging mechanism will help you to remain healthy and motivated to keep working. That will, in turn, improve productivity in everyone in your office.

Well-arranged working spaces

If your employees are too squeezed to work properly, they cannot be productive. When the desks are too close to one another that colleagues spend hours talking with each other, and you may never get them to be productive no matter how hard you try. If the cubicles are too private that a worker can choose to spend a whole day chatting on the phone, then work will hardly be done. The best thing to do is to organize your office such that employees don’t get the chance to waste time. Ensure that people aren’t competing too much for space to the point of becoming less productive.

Natural lighting

Although artificial light is beautiful for your office, natural light is the real deal. It lifts spirits and makes people healthy. It is also a good source of vitamin D. As much as possible, have your offices facing east so that they can easily let in natural light during morning hours. And besides improving the employees’ productivity, it will help to lower your energy bills and overall running costs. You can use the money you save every year to change the office furniture or create an extra room to decongest the office. It is a win-win situation here.

Try using office plants

For starters, office plants will make your office look smart and organized, which will make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to work harder. And when talking about office plants, we mean real plants and not plastic or dried flowers that have nothing beyond their beautification value. We mean real, living green plants that will help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the office and improve the circulation of fresh air. As a matter of fact, plants are known to reduce stress, precipitating a sense of calmness and wellbeing. That, in turn, raises productivity.

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Ashley is a professional gardener that likes to take care of the green part in her home and other people's houses. She believes that taking care of your garden and personalizing it, it shows a way of your personality and who you are. She likes to work with different people because she gets to learn more and she expresses her knowledge with her writings.

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