Fashion Tips That Will Help You Look Fierce

Fashion is a massive part of what makes us, us. What we choose to wear on our outside can help us reflect our inside thoughts and feelings. Who doesn’t like looking and feeling absolutely amazing when we leave the house each day?

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We’ve outlined some of the best fashion tips that can take YEARS off your look. Next time you arrange a night out with your pals, be sure to try some of these secret tips! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Shorten Your Hems

Long skirts can sometimes look elegant, but if they’re not done correctly then they can make you look old and out of place. This is particularly true if the dress or skirt isn’t even flowy to add extra room to breathe.


Next time, consider shortening the hem of your next fashion choice. Raising it just above your knees can take years off your look. Don’t worry, we’re not saying you should switch it up to miniskirts just yet!

Mix Up Your Accessories

Whether you’re going on a date night or a night out with the girls, why not mix and match your jewelry? We’ve been programmed to wear elegant and matching accessories, but who knows what look can be achieved by trying new variations.


You can pair hoop earrings with a spiked bracelet, or even long a clutch with a purse. Why not? Life’s too short to stick to conventions, so try some experiments today! What would you do?

Stay Away From Clunky Shoes

Getting stuck in big and awkward shoes all day isn’t exactly the perfect look. In terms of fashion choices, it can make us look stiff and not exactly our most flattering! Next time, consider slim pairs of ankle boots that don’t stick out too much.

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If you’re self-conscious about the size or shape of your feet, we’re not saying you should jump into a pair of platforms! Just be mindful of the weight of your shoe choice and see how smaller and slimmer pairs can be a great look.

Invest In Hyaluronic Acid Products

If you don’t yet know what hyaluronic acid is, then you’re missing out! There’s a reason why everyone today is talking about it: it does wonders to your skin! It helps revitalize and replenish the outer layer and keeps you refreshed for hours.

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The acid products come as a lotion, cleanswer, or even a toner. So, all you need to do is find the one that works for you and apply it twice a day. You’ll be looking younger in no time.

Whiten That Smile!

Years of coffee, black tea, and red wine have probably affected your teeth – and therefore your smile. Nowadays, whitening your teeth is relatively cheap and easy. There are many methods to the madness: one is to purchase some of the products on the market.


If you want to go down the DIY approach, then you can mix water and baking soda together. We would suggest that you invest the proper time and energy in finding the best product for you.

Get A Good Bra

We’re all guilty of keeping hold of our bras for a little too long. This is understandable – they’re not exactly cheap! Once you get older, you can really spend the time and money in investing in a solid set of bras that fit you perfectly.


It’s amazing just how much of a difference a well-fitted bra can have on your posture and confidence. Get one measured and fitted and watch how it can take years off your appearance. You won’t regret this one!

Keep Makeup Natural

One of the biggest giveaways to our gae is how we shape our makeup. Since fashion has changed so many times over the years, people can work out what decade you grew up in by how you dress your face. Ouch!

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Why not consider some more natural looks with your makeup? By sticking to a natural look instead of bright colors, you will appear more modest and youthful. But don’t forget a pop with some fierce lipstick!

Wear New Colors

Let’s face it: it’s so easy to stick with our usual fashion choices. Usually, we find the few colors we like and stick to them for years. Especially once we get older, we’re more likely to stick to monochromatic colors – but why?


Our later years are the perfect time to try different colors and shades. Let’s try some reds, greens, blues, or even yellows. If you don’t want to go full patchwork right away, why not try a colorful accessory first?

Keep Your Color Hair Simple

When we’re younger, it’s the perfect time to try different colors or shades. Who didn’t try different blondes or browns – maybe even a red or blue once in a while? Well, there’s nothing sadder than an aging hipster, so now is the chance to keep it more conventional.


You will want to keep the colorful hairstyles to the pop stars now. It’s best to keep your hair with some modest light browns, but nothing more. The subtle touch will still give you a youthful glow with elegance.

Visit A Tailor

Once you get to a certain age, you can and should invest in a proper clothing tailor. If you’re stuck wearing clothes that don’t quite fit you, then you’ll never look the best way you can. You deserve the best!


A tailor can help women with dresses and skirts, or men with shirts and suits. The difference between tailored clothes and off-the-rack is immediately noticeable. Careful: you won’t be able to go back once you try it!

Wear Fitted Jeans

This isn’t the ‘90s and you’re not in your 90s. There’s no reason why you should be wearing baggy jeans. Yes, they might be comfortable, but they’re adding years to your appearance!


We’re not saying you should be wearing tight and skinny jeans, but it makes a huge difference when they fit properly. Next time you invest in new jeans, experiment with a different cut and watch how your fashion style will change with it! You won’t regret it.

Pamper Your Feet

We may not think about this too often, but our feet are a huge giveaway to our age. If it’s summertime and you’re stepping out in sandals or flip flops, consider prepping your feet with a nice pedicure or exfoliation every month.


This helps care for your feet and will give you a smooth and luscious look down there. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking down the street looking and walking 10 years younger! Let’s go!

Try Concealer

People in their 20s are experimenting with concealer frequently, so why should you fall behind in the trend? Applying a little bit around the eyes and mouth can reduce the look of wrinkles and remove years from your look.

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In fact, concealer is so effective that it can change the entire shape of your face if applied properly. Your friends might ask if you’ve had some work done – but you can just show them the power of concealer!

Stay With Light Lipsticks

As we get older, we’re going to want to stay away from dark or popping lipstick shades. Since our lips lose volume as we age, these vibrant shades will only highlight that fact! Probably better to stay away…


Why not try some lighter shades of lipstick next time you go out? Nude and lighter colors can help take years off your look and complement other fashion choices you decide to adopt, too. Head to the store and pick up some new shades today.

Avoid Powder Makeup

Over the years, makeup has taken leaps and bounds and massively improved. Today, there are so many formulas and textures that can hydrate your skin without irritating it for days after. So, why would we stick to powder makeup?

Powder makeup is drier than your skin deserves and can actually have the opposite effect on your face. Why not switch it up and change to a lightweight tinted moisturizer? Trust us: your face will look years younger.

Show Off Your Shoulders

Just because we get a little older, it doesn’t mean we can’t show off our shoulders from time to time. Being restricted behind thick and heavy clothes bogs us down and makes us stay looking old.

Showing off your shoulders in summer evenings can give us a more relaxed and casual look. This will be sure to keep you looking young in the evenings. Once you show your shoulders, the rest of the fashion choices are up to you.

Invest In Statement Shoes

Say goodbye to boring shoes! Old fashion rules state that your shoes and belt should match: well, not anymore! Since shoes are a massive giveaway to our age, it’s the perfect way to keep us looking younger.

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Statement shoes can pop with their shape, size, or color. Heck, you can even explore unique textures if the climate permits it. If you could wear any shoe, what would it be? Now’s your chance to explore brand new possibilities.

Think About Shorter Hair

Ok, we’re not talking about a pixie cut here! However, bob cuts can be a great fashion choice for when we get older. It’s less maintenance than longer hair and helps us shape our thinning hair as we get older.

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It’s amazing just how a short haircut can take years off our appearance through a youthful style. Next time you head to the hairdresser, tell him or her to cut a little more than usual and watch yourself travel back in time.

Shape Your Eyebrows

No one likes having big bushy eyebrows. They can bog down your face and distract from the whole chic look you’re trying to achieve. What’s more, if you’ve just cut your hair for the summer, then these are definitely going to pop out – and not in a good way.


Make sure to invest a bit of time and money into shaping your eyebrows every few weeks. It only costs a few dollars but can completely transform your face. If you don’t want to go regularly to the salon, try going once and then doing it yourself at home once they grow back.

Say Goodbye To Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner might have been a cool look in the 1980s, but fashion trends are changing and it’s time to keep up! It can close the eyes, especially when lined from corner to corner, which can have a heavy look on your style.


Instead, try swapping the black for a lighter navy shade. It opens the eyes up and brightens the whites around your face without creating too much of a contrast. Don’t add too much eyeliner to the bottom lid!

Show Off Your Legs

It’s time you rocked it, girl! As summer gets into full swing, don’t be shy about showing off a little leg when you walk around. It doesn’t need to be much: only enough to show a little bit of skin and give your body a needed breeze in the heat.


Creating a slit in your legwear can make you look younger while also adding apparent height to your posture. You often see countless celebrities show off their leg on the red carpet – well, now it’s your turn!

Consider Shapewear

You shouldn’t wear shapewear all the time, but it’s definitely something to consider if you don’t want to have any nip or tuck under the knife. Shapewear lifts your rear while also decreasing the size of your midriff.


This means that it smoothes out parts of your body you might feel shouldn’t be there. Next time you have a fancy dinner, or even something casual, consider trying this new fit. You’ll be amazed at how confident you feel.

Get Bangs

Why not? Do you think bangs are reserved for young girls? Well, you’re as young as you feel! The full, side-swept bangs are a great haircut to get this summer to help you look and feel five years younger!


Not only do bangs hide your unwanted wrinkles, but it also quickly updates your look from a conservative and old-fashioned dresser to an instantly chic popstar. Once you try this style of shorter hair, you won’t be able to go back.

Embrace Contouring

Contrary to pop culture beliefs, contouring is not just reserved for your favorite drag queens. In fact, the application of this kind of makeup is widely considered an art and can be applied by men or women alike.

The benefits to contouring means that you can look YEARS younger through some modest yet powerful artistry. Certain looks can highlight your cheeks, nose, or eyes – it’s entirely up to you. There are plenty of videos on Youtube about it, so feel free to check it out.

Consider Minimalism

It really is true what they say: less is more. Wearing too much jewelry or makeup can often actually give clues to how old you really are – and no one wants that! Instead of a large stone or ring, why not try some modest bands instead?


Applying ‘less’ to your fashion choices doesn’t mean that you will look any worse or any cheaper. In fact, it can even add a level of intrigue which is priceless among fashionistas!

Move Your Part

It’s easy for us to get used to where we place our hair parting. Years can go by before we realized that our hairstyle hasn’t changed. You might not know it now, but it can have severe consequences to your hair and its color.


If the sun has constant, direct access to the same roots, there are more chances that it will go grey before other parts of your head. Make sure you even out these odds (and reduce it overall) by moving your hair parting every so often.

Check Out Silicone Products

Products like serums and primers that have silicone work to fill some of the lines that our skin produces over time. So, if you haven’t thought about switching up your products to include more silicone, then now might be your best chance.


You might find that these newer products have a better impact on your skin than some of the older products you’ve been using for years. There’s no downside: if you don’t like them, you can always go back to your old routine!

Shine Your Hair

Let’s face it: years of blow-drying or straightening our hair can have detrimental effects over the years. In fact, years of styling can actually make our hair look lackluster or wirery over time. Well, consider repairing it with some conditioning gloss.


The shine that conditioning gloss can add to your hair will add years of life to it. Once you get your hair back on track, the added confidence and style will make you feel years younger!

Embrace Those Sequins

Just because it’s no longer the 1960s it doesn’t mean we’re not ready to bring back some of its fashion! As the summer sun starts to shine, why not complement some of the radiant light with your very own style including sequins.

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Just because not many people wear them today, it doesn’t mean they won’t be appreciated. Just see how heads will turn as you embrace your inner hippy and strut your stuff down the street. It’s all good, man.

Fake Your Full Lips

As we get older, we might start to notice how our lips aren’t as pump as they used to be. This is completely normal and an expected part of the aging process. However, not all of us are so keen on seeing it happen!


You might hear of some people getting their lips filled via injections. We would definitely recommend you avoid this since it can cause complications. Instead, simply invest in a lip liner to run across your lips. The little bit of plumpness will be instantly recognizable.

Invest In An Acid Peel

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Making sure you apply a face mask on a consistent can make you look years younger if done correctly. Make sure you know what kind of skin products work on your face and see how it reacts with different chemicals – each person is different!


Once you find the right mask for you, you should make sure to apply it regularly. After a short while, you’ll see your skin look cooler, plumper, and generally healthier.

Match Your Pieces

Nothing makes you look cooler than when you match a few items to each other. You don’t need to be wearing a three-piece suit to make sure that your style can be mixed and matched effectively. Why don’t you start off by matching your shoes to your belt, and then take it from there?


After a while, you’ll be able to easily find outfits that complement each other in different ways. Let’s see: necklace and watch, or hair band and earrings? The choice is always yours.

Adopt Some Modern Style

If keeping your style in the past isn’t for you, then you can always add a touch of modernity to your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you need to throw out all your favorite items! Like all revolutions, it can start small and then grow into something great!


Even if your favorite scarf is a little old, perhaps you can match it with a piece of modern clothing or jewelry? Once you start to explore the options, you’ll be amazed by how much your style can change.

Get Some Ankle Boots

We’ve mentioned other forms of footwear on this list, but ankle boots can be a great way of making yourself look a few years younger. They don’t have to be too high up if they’re uncomfortable, but adopting a new style can really add some confidence to your strut.


We recommend your first pair in black, since that basically goes with anything. If you like them, then you can expand your collection to different shades of brown or blue.

Reflect The Light With Your Earrings

No, it isn’t a magic trick! There are many ways you can attract attention to your face, and one of them is through unique earrings. By adopting a light shade of earrings that bounce the sun off them, you’ll glow brighter than ever before.


This is also a great tip for those who may be too sensitive for makeup or those who don’t want to change their hair right away. Start with the earrings and see how it goes from there.

Avoid The Massive Trends

Remember: the most important thing to do is to always be yourself. Just because there’s a big trend in the stores this season, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Be you and your fashion sense will come naturally.


So, don’t get distracted by what the clothing companies or magazines are trying to sell you. Mix and match your clothing, cut your hair how you like it, and listen to your instincts. We promise you that you will look your best.

Emphasize Your Beauty

You know what works for you. So, even though we’ve outlined some tips and tricks across this article, it’s important to stay true to yourself and stay happy, confident, positive along the way.


In fact, doing your own thing might help you discover a fashion style that isn’t on this list! Who knows? We can only advise so much and we encourage all our readers to find the best versions of themselves. What will you come up with?

Highlight Your Face

The trick to looking youthful doesn’t just rely on the clothes you wear. It’s also the look in your eyes, the width of your smile, and shine in your hair. That’s why it’s important to make yourself feel confident and happy through your face, too.


You can highlight your face by applying makeup or even by wearing a white collar. White collars help shape the face and bring out any color in your eyes or lips. So, next time you buy a shirt consider how it can affect your face and watch yourself get younger by the day!

Rock A Statement Belt

Similar to statement shoes seen previously, the same can be applied to your belt. Today, people are wearing a range of skinny or fat belts around their waist to match their own personal fashion styles and size. You can choose exactly what you want to keep your pants up high.

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Why not try a skinny belt with a pair of jeans or a fatter belt to wrap around a dress? Nowadays, fashion is a lot more liberating and flexible than it once was. Go ahead and try some different styles today.

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