These Workers Probably Just Got Fired. Here’s Why.

Getting fired always sucks. Even if you planned to ‘screw it to the system’ and tell the big man to shove it, it’s never nice being told you have to leave. Most of the time, there’s always something that can be done to reverse these decisions or rectify past actions.

Then again, sometimes you’re one of these workers.

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Here are some photos of people who definitely didn’t do their job to the best of their ability. What happens next probably resulted in them getting fired. When you see the photos, you’ll understand why.

What Now?

Come on, guys! Doors are supposed to be simple things. They either let us in or keep us out. Literally, that’s it. So, when this worker put both contrasting signs on the same door, it left many people dumbfounded as to what they should do next.

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Since the door is red, we have a feeling you’re supposed to NOT enter, but we can’t help but giggle at this. Do you think the person got fired? Rumors are that people are still waiting outside, unsure whether or not to enter.

Follow The Arrow

The strange thing about this one is how the painted must have known he was making a mistake at the time. Look – the arrow is pointing straight into the boulder. Let’s hope no accidents came out of this error!

Imgur | 90min

If you consider the context of the arrows, it’s easy to understand what they mean and how they advise the cyclists which direction to go. Still, we couldn’t help but chuckle when we saw this template be put where it was.

Same Difference

Do you think the person who designed this t-shirt might have missed a vital class of geography. Either that, or it was made in a country where English isn’t the first language. I mean, could anyone look at that and think it was Asia?

Imgur | 90min

The biggest problem with this mistake is that there were probably thousands of t-shirts printed after it was too late. Still, even after a mistake like this it can always be turned into an ironic or comical shirt. Let’s hope no one was fired!

Back To School? Have Some Knives

Um, we’re not sure exactly what this store owner was thinking when he or she made this display. Why does he think students need knives going back to school? Either way, it’s pretty morbid, indeed!

Imgur | 90min

Perhaps it was just a mistake and not a dark attempt at comedy. Or, maybe the school items are on the other side of the display out of sight. Either way, we think this was a mistake that might have just caused them to lose their job!


Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a bat… apparently. Here’s another example of too many people not noticing a mistake before the final product gets shipped off to be built. You would think at least ONE person on the team knew the difference between these two superheroes?

Imgur | 90min

In truth, the mistake was probably made by someone who didn’t speak english and so it’s no one’s deliberate error. Still, we think it’s actually quite funny! We’d happily use one of these anyway.

Derpy Lion

It’s amazing what an impact eyes can have on a doll. As we can see by this doll of Nala from The Lion King, just one eye placement can make all the difference. It looks more like one of the hyenas than Queen of the Pack!

Imgur | 90min

We don’t know if this was an error on just this doll or on a whole batch of them. Either way, the rotated eye certainly turned a few heads on our end. Would you be happy with this version of Nala?

Taco Bell? More Like Taco Hell

Sure, we all like different things in our tacos. But we bet we can assume that everyone likes SOMETHING in their taco! This customer was in for quite a surprise when he realised most of the contents of his taco were outside of the shell!

Imgur | 90min

We hope no one was fired for this mistake. He probably just went up and got a replacement taco free of charge. We all make mistakes sometimes, and this one isn’t worth losing a job over. Unless it’s a common occurrence!

Bad Marketing

If you promise something that isn’t true, you’re going to want to at least make sure you can’t easily prove it wrong! This campaign suggests that for $129, you can buy a phone that floats in water. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it looks like it is.

Imgur | 90min

Someone has literally placed one of the phones in a tank of water right underneath, proving the claim to be entirely worthless. Why hasn’t anyone done something to remove it? We have no clue.

Printing Error

There’s always something to be said about factory lines and making sure that all the parts fit into place to make sure everything runs smoothly. What happened here was one unfortunate case of graphic designer error and printing mishaps. Have you ever seen it result in something like this?

Imgur | 90min

We actually wouldn’t mind if we bought a can of soda like this. It’s a pretty unique design and makes for some interesting conversations. How many of these do you think were printed? Let’s hope no one got fired!

Now, For My Next Trick!

This one looks like a magician has cut his assistant in half! Putting up a billboard of this size usually isn’t down to just one person: so how many people do you think missed the error of putting these images backwards like this?

Imgur | 90min

We can just imagine them stepping back after putting it up and looking at each other awkwardly. Would they all be too embarrassed to suggest swapping it? Alas, the campaign stayed up like this for millions of people to see.

On A Roll!

This reminds us of one of those stories you hear about when one twin eats the other one while in their parents’ womb. You can see here how a toilet roll has been ‘eaten’ by a more dominant one while in production. The result? An unfortunate looking roll with a hole in one side of it.

Imgur | 90min

It looks as though this roll was caught in the production line and never sent out to consumers. Do we think someone was fired for this? Maybe, but maybe not. We don’t know how often things like this happen on a daily basis.

Right Or Wrong?

The people who use this remote had to find out the hard way whether or not to listen to the arrows or the word. Amazingly, we’re not quite sure how this happened. How many people had to sign off on this design before it was confirmed for production?

Imgur | 90min

We think this was probably made in a factory that didn’t speak English, otherwise anyone would have noticed it! That’s why we’re more tempted to trust the arrows on the buttons and not the words. After all, symbols are an international language on remotes!

Taking Artistic License

We all know that food is expected to look a little different in real life versus pictures seen on packaging. BUt still: we can expect it to have the same design as what’s on the wrapper! With this ice cream design, it’s almost entirely different from what they were expecting!

Imgur | 90min

In some respects, the buyer was in for a treat – they got a lot more chocolate than they thought they would. However, if it was a hot day outside they can expect to have it melt right into their hands. Quite the sticky surprise…

SOTP Right Now!

When you think about it, it’s amazing how these road markings aren’t creating using a stencil or a template of sorts. So, here we can see what happens when someone isn’t quite paying attention and inadvertently causes a spelling error.

Imgur | 90min

It’s pretty cool how our minds immediately recognize what the word is supposed to mean and what we should do. Still, we can’t help but think some poor worker lost his job to the mistake which looks as though it went unfixed.

Dead End Walkway

Do you think this person knew what they were doing when they did it? It kind of looks like they ran out of metal for the central pole halfway through the project but had to remain committed to what was already there. The result? A blocked hallway that creates quite the fire hazard!

Imgur | 90min

We reckon it didn’t stay like this for long because of, you know, the law. Still, we managed to snap a hilarious photo to show the ineptitude of the project before it was taken down. Do you think these contractors kept their deposit?

Sure, Why Not?

When it comes to bugs, who cares, right? These toymakers clearly thought that a big toy of an insect would sell well – regardless of what the packaging says. It’s probably the same problem we’ve seen countless times before: the factory doesn’t speak enough English!

Imgur | 90min

Again, how many of these ‘tarantulas’ went into production before anyone noticed the error? We can’t help but think that the mistake is rather charming. Let’s hope no one was fired over this!

Gender Is So 2017

Um, hello? Welcome to 2019 where gender doesn’t exist and everything is meaningless. For this new baby, he or she is going to ignore gender norms and enjoy an upbringing with as much ambiguity as possible.

Imgur | 90min

There’s a chance this was simply a mistake in the factory when it went to print. However, looking at some young people today you wouldn’t be surprised to find them championing this as progressive. Would you be happy to have this banner for your newborn?

Built A Wall!

Ah, that oughta do it! These architects definitely thought ahead when they planted this barrier next to this massive, wide driveway. It actually makes us wonder why they have even bothered to keep it there! We imagine it provides no more use than a good laugh.

Imgur | 90min

We blame the lack of budget in the first place to result in this small barrier that has probably never been used. Do you think that it has ever been used? We’re sure they fired the people responsible for this mistake!

Always Read The Fine Print

Here’s an important life lesson: always read the fine print! If you place too much faith into your colors then you’re set to be disappointed. Just look at what this worker did. Do you squirt according to the color or according to the name? There’s only one way to find out…


We’re not sure if this particular worker was around for much longer after this. Especially since there were probably loads of complaints about the misuse of the condiment corner!


Sometimes it’s better just to do stuff yourself than to bring in a questionable contractor. When this couple fired someone to redo their kitchen, we bet they weren’t expecting drawers like these!


Can you imagine not being able to use one of your drawers because of how they were designed? Let’s hope these folks made the fix and that the builder learned his lesson. We don’t think he’ll be getting return business anytime soon. At least they can slip a few things in for now…

Identical Twins?

Poor Teresa Kennedy. She attended all those years of high school and won’t even have the proof of it in the yearbook. Sure, she has the name there, but the proud smile is most of the reward! What happened?


It looks as though the printer of the yearbook accidentally put Ben’s image on two sections. Now, thousands of books have been printed without her. It may be funny to most, but for Teresa, it’s a shame. Let’s hope no one was fired over it.

Inverting Expectations

We all like surprises. Modern art and design can have its benefits, but it’s important to still maintain its practical purposes! This designer thought he was being clever when he wanted to make a mug that would surprise people.


Turns out people didn’t like it too much – can you think why? Not only does it not product your hands from the heat, but it takes up valuable tea space! This is a bad design overall and shouldn’t be copied!

Good Job!

It has to be hard to write thousands of fortunes every day for cookies that are shipped around the world. For this worker, he wanted to send something a bit more wholesome and uplifting. ‘The job is well done’.


What a nice thing to read! It may not be what the reader was expecting at the time but it’s still appreciated. Unfortunately, this is China we’re talking about and he was probably fired for this. What do you think?

‘A Little Off The Top…’

See, THIS is why we don’t trust barbers! You can walk in one day and ask for a little off the top and then walk out with this! Let’s hope this was… um… the style that he wanted? We can’t imagine someone would want this on their head.


He probably asked for a little surprise, but the barber took a little creative license when it came to what that meant! Still, it’s just a haircut – if he doesn’t like it he can always shave the rest of it off!

Winter Shoes?

Um… we don’t think these shoes are what he thinks they are. Flipflops aren’t exactly known to be ‘winter’ attire – so why are they hanging up next to this sign?


We reckon this was just a bit of laziness on the shopkeepers’ part. Obviously, they knew the sign was incorrect but they left it anyway. Is that worth getting fired? It’s very off-brand if you ask us… At least they’re right twice a year, so they have that for them!

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Juice

Oh dear. It doesn’t look like this carton was going anywhere fast anytime soon. In what appears to be an error in the manufacturing section of the factory, the boxes were placed on the wrong side, meaning that the lid is pretty useless.


How many of these do you think were sent to print until someone spotted the mistake? Shame, they probably had to throw all of these away. What a waste! Let’s hope someone didn’t lose their job.

A Very Special Ranking

Not first, not second, but thirst! Shame: first this participant loses out from the first two places in the race, and what does he get? An incorrect ranking! It’s almost as if they’re making fun of him for placing third.


To be honest, the makers of the medals probably noticed the mistake but figured, ‘hey, it’s third place – no one will hang this up anyway.’ Even though they may have a point, it’s still not very professional.

What’s In A Name?

Onions? Potatoes? They’re BASICALLY the same thing, right? We’re sure it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if someone ordered a bag of onions and got cobs of corn instead, right? RIGHT?


Well, that’s definitely what this factory worker thought when he bagged these up for shipment. We reckon the restaurants won’t be too happy with the order. Perhaps he will lose his job from this mistake or carelessness? Who knows, we just hope everyone got the product they wanted and no one was fired!

Special Parking

We all know what handicapped places look like. Well, have you ever seen one like this before? We reckon the painter here had some problems with spatial awareness, and it resulted in this example of modern art?


Embarrassingly, this is probably one of the only symbols you NEVER want to get wrong. We can’t imagine it was done on purpose, so let’s hope no one was fired. Still, we couldn’t help but think of how awkward it is!

Follow The Instructions?

This delivery person obviously wasn’t listening to the very specific instructions that were recorded when he typed them up and printed them on the very thing he shouldn’t have put them on! Oops!


Let’s hope that the child of the birthday girl got to the parcel before the mother did! Otherwise, the delivery person might have just ruined the whole party. Is that worth losing your job over? We’re not too sure. Next time: make sure to use your critical thinking skills!

Cover Story

Amazon might have some questionable warehouse conditions, but usually, its delivery service is near-perfect. Well, USUALLY. For some reason, this Amazon person didn’t think to cover these packages. Guess what? It started to rain! 


Well, you can only imagine how upset this customer must have been when he got home from work and saw his parcels destroyed. Let’s hope it was clothes inside and not electronics. Gosh, we would hate to see that. Do you think everything was ok in the end?

The Inception of AA

Oh dear. Talk about irony! Imagine being called on to a job and then needing to call your colleague to help YOU instead? Well, that’s what happened to this car mechanic. He managed to lock himself out of his car.


This means the two of them were out there helping each other while the original caller was stuck on the sidelines. We bet he didn’t think he was so lucky for getting two mechanics for the price of one!

College of Irony

When you look at this, you’d have to think it was an act of irony or a sick joke. How could the college of architecture and planning plan this so badly? It looks like it wouldn’t be so hard to simply move it all to the right?


We hope the organizer wasn’t fired from future projects, but we also hope that he wasn’t an alum of the school! That would be even worse. Maybe he enrolled after committing this architectural accident.


Quick, no time to think about what fruits these are. Just label them with a bunch of adjectives. That oughta do it, right? Well, that’s clearly what this labeler thought. Little did he know how silly it would be in print.


It’s hard to know if this was a joke or whether he had a brain freeze when it came to his food. Either way, we reckon customers had more of a laugh than a cry when it came to looking at this.

Identity Issues

This cat clearly identifies as a dog. To suggest otherwise would be bigoted and catist. Well, this photo carer knew this all too well and made sure this cute little guy appeared in the right frame with his identity.


Of course, we’re kidding and this was probably just an accident. Still, this guy was probably fired for sparking a whole debate about what it means to be a ‘cat’ or a ‘dog’ in modern day 2019. Boy, is that not a conversation we want a part of.

Raining On The Wrong Side

This guy had a 50% chance of getting it right… and… well, he got it wrong. Looks like these pedestrians are going to need a strong pair of rubber boots to make sure they can walk this path in a safe and suitable manner.


We hope some professional city planners came and fixed this massive error. It must affect the whole street for months of the year. It’s amazing how they didn’t know how the drain system wouldn’t work. They do now!

Employee Of The Month: Jesus

Thank you, Jesus! Here can see some divine intervention in action here as the water section is ‘miraculously’ turned into wine. My gosh, it’s a miracle! Well, probably not. Either way, we think it’s great.


We doubt anyone got fired from this funny joke. Do you think he changed the sign of the wine section or filled the water section with wine? Either way, we think it’s pretty funny and deserves a thumbs up from us.

Spinning Toilet Top

Um… we don’t know what is happening here. Perhaps this was screwed on by a man who never bothered to put the toilet seat down? Did he think no one would notice? Well, if it was the men’s toilet then perhaps he would be right.


It looks like this is the women’s toilet – making it worthy of the photo. These things can easily be fixed by simply unscrewing it and replacing it the right way. Either way – a silly and unavoidable mistake.

Escher On The Walls

This is so wrong that it looks like a piece of modern art. How could these folks mess up so bad that this is their result and it’s deemed ok? Do you think they fixed this or simply left it as it is? We have no idea.


We’re unsure how this even happens. It must have been a machine that was programmed incorrectly: we can’t see how humans would print this so wrong. Still, it’s pretty funny when you think of it.

Not Even Sorry…

As IF someone’s rudely parked car would stop this man from doing his job. If lines need to be painted, they’ll be painted, dammit! To the credit of the driver, he didn’t know he couldn’t park there since the lines weren’t yet on the road!

Imgur | 90min

We have a feeling this worker probably painted his last set of lines that day. Can you imagine making the point of painting over a whole car? Yeah, that’s no good.

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