The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is Getting A Reboot

fresh prince
NBC via Getty Images

13 years after the final episode of the much loved Fresh Prince of Bel-Air left our screens, Will Smith has confirmed it is getting a comeback. The actor revealed that a spin-off of the sitcom is in development through his production company Westbrook.

When it first hit screens in 1990, it became an instant fan favorite and went on to run for six seasons and airing 148 episodes. The show gave Will Smith his big break in acting and allowed him to go on to make blockbuster movies and become one of the highest paid actors today.

Ever since the final episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air aired, rumors of a reboot have always swirled, but nothing has come to fruition until Will Smith decided to take things into his own hands. Prior to this, fans were crushed as Karyn Parsons confirmed that no reunion for the show would take place after the death of Uncle Phil, played by James Avery. The actress admitted “I don’t think it would have happened anyway, but with James gone, it is not possible.”

Without the inclusion of Uncle Phil, of course the show would not be the same which is why Will Smith has gone for the idea of a spin-off, instead of a continuation. Many people have been speculating if Will’s children would move in with Carlton, mirroring the plot of the original Fresh Prince, or if it will be the family mixed up and their current dynamics played out on-screen.

This isn’t Will Smith’s first time jumping back in time to his Fresh Prince days as just a few months ago the actor launched a limited-edition line of Fresh Prince merch, Bel-Air Athletics. While it was only for a limited period, it seemed like Will Smith’s way of getting people warmed up for the news of a remake of the successful TV show.

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