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We Need These Hilarious Signs In Our Lives




We all know about the importance of everyday signs. Whether they’re telling you where to go or what to do, they need to be clear and concise. In fact, some instructions are so universally applied that they can be used around the world.


Here are some of the funniest signs we found online. In our routine lives, it can be nice to see some creativity in the normal. Whether they made us laugh or think, each one broke the mold and deserves a place on this list.

A Meaningful Sign

Church signs can often be full of wisdom and life lessons. In a world that is talking about borders and walls, it can be refreshing to see another perspective every so often. Here, the church places an emphasis on extending our tables for guests and families.


The sign is a great reminder of the good we can all do in the world. If we spent more time focusing on our communities, societies could flourish and grow together. Even if you’re not religious, there’s a lesson here.

Accidental Philosophy

Here’s what happens when a sign accidentally reveals another message altogether. Anyone who has studied philosophy knows how you can rip your hair out by asking some of life’s biggest questions. One includes: are feet shoes?


Of course, this message only appears because the ‘B’ has fainted, but it’s still funny. ‘Bare Feet Shoes’ is also a strange name for a store. In fact, we don’t know which name we prefer! What do you think about the name change?

Support Local Business

Today, it’s never been easier to order online for a product or service. In fact, we’re already seeing the death of the high street due to large corporations that can offer more for less. Consumers may benefit, but the little guy loses.


Here, this sign highlights the importance of using local business and the direct impact it has on their lives. Next time you think about getting a McDonald’s or shopping at Walmart, consider the little guy.

Avoid The Clowns

Let’s be honest: clowns are already scary. If we ever think about being attacked by a mob of them, we might never go to a child’s birthday again! Despite the clever wordplay, we can’t help but think of the terrifying imagery.


This was a strange sign that was sure to turn heads when read by passersby. It’s important info to remember – go for the juggler! Next time you’re attacked by a mob of clowns, you know exactly what to do!

Better Latte Than Never

Who hasn’t seen pictures of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes on social media? The Autumn craze attracts people every year and encourages them to fill our Instagram news feeds with pictures of the drink. It turns out that TireDiscounters wanted in on the action.


In a funny call the annual craze, these folks have taken advantage of the interest in the drink for their sales. If anything, the sign made us pause for a second and smile, even if we didn’t buy any rubber.

It’s Not Wrong

Driving for long distances can cause road accidents if drivers lose attention. Long, straight roads can cause people to get lethargic, which is a danger for everyone – not just themselves. Thankfully, the guys who operate these signs know the importance of laughter.


Seeing this on the road can cause drivers to react to something unique – recharging their energy levels. We couldn’t resist reading the sign out loud, could you? This sign is both funny and true. Safety first!

Blah, blah, blah…

Today, people seem to care a lot about who uses what bathroom. Aside from the usual ‘Ladies/Gents’ or ‘Men/Women’ signs we see everywhere, it can be fun to experiment and play around with other designs and messages.


This sign perhaps offers some insight into why there’s always such a long line for the women’s bathroom. Funnily enough, no one is suggesting that they DON’T know which one is which, which says a lot. Do you like the signs?

Don’t Text and Drive!

Each year, more people are injured because they text and drive. It is a wildly irresponsible habit that endangers not just yourself but all the other people on the road. Texting while driving is one of the worst habits around.


This sign aims to bring a little humor to the very serious request to get people off their phones while on the road. Remember: no text is more important than your life, so pull over before reaching for your phone.

Penguin of the Month

What’s cuter than an employee of the month? Well, a penguin of the month, of course! This New Zealand zoo aims to bring a little joy to the visitors by highlighting some of their penguins. Using a ‘naughty and nice’ system, visitors can get to know the animals through their character traits.


It’s a nice and innocent way to get to know the animals and make it a little more personal. Over time, visitors can learn the names and characters of some of New Zealand’s most famous penguins!

Just Wash!

Another bathroom sign that aims to break down barriers as long as we unite over one thing: washing our hands! This restaurant won’t force anyone to use a specific toilet, just be civil and wash after you’re done.


When customers don’t wash hands, it causes bacteria and illness to spread over our food. It’s unhealthy and overall just gross. It’s very easy to do and takes a few seconds – so always wash your hands! We would definitely support this policy.

Philosophy Over The WiFi

It’s pretty common for cafes to provide WiFi now. Wherever people go in the world, they want to check in and connect to the online world. While most cafes simply prove the WiFi details, this establishment wanted to have a little fun with it.


Why not provide a fun and light-lighted message to your customers? What’s more, we bet they have fun thinking up new funny messages each day. Although they may need to work on their spelling sometime soon…

Look Out!

A sign that can only be from Australia, drivers are being warned about some of the drunk folks who might be climbing along the floor. Amazingly, this sign should only be relevant for weekends, but somehow it is a regular staple.


In all seriousness, this sign raises awareness for both drivers and pedestrians. We need to make sure that people are safe at all times, and if a funny sign can do that, then it’s worth it for us.

Makes Sense

We imagine there have been a little more than a few accidents to cause people to put this sign up. After what we reckon was one too many times, they put this up as a warning for large trucks who wish to drive under the bridge.


It’s much better to hit a sign than a bridge, we think! It’s a good test and perhaps more low bridges should adopt a sign like this nearby. It could save your vehicle!

Mind Games

We’ve already discussed the dangers of driving for long distances. This Australian highway has an interesting solution: posting trivia questions along the way! As we can see, they can help the driver remain engaged and excited about the journey.


We only hope it doesn’t result in the driver speeding to learn the answers quicker! Remember: if you feel tired behind the wheel, always pull over to rest. This Queensland road knows the dangers of tired driving and the signs could save a life.

Beware of Humans!

Who says you only have to fear the dog? This homeowner clearly wants to establish some house rules here: look out for the owner! While we hope that this is a novelty sign intended to make people chuckle, we can’t be too sure!


Who knows if these folks even have a dog? What we can be sure about, however, is that we should tread lightly when entering this home. Would you feel safe walking past this sign?

Pick Your Battles

We’re not sure how many people will run into a mountain lion during their normal days, but you can never be too sure! This national park has some strong advice for those who encounter a wild animal. Safety first, kids!


What caught our eyes was the last point: fight back? We have a feeling that if we were attacked by a mountain lion, we wouldn’t have the arms to fight back with! We’re happy to stay home, here.

Don’t Get Grabbed

We’re not quite sure what happened here to make such a spooky sign. How many people are going to grab you, exactly? It isn’t explained what it is that would grab you if you entered the park. Animal? Creatures of the night?


If you find yourself looking at this sign, you might want to turn around and go home! We don’t know if you would want to risk this spooky experience. Unless they’re trying to give high fives? Who knows…

Campers, Stay Away!

This funny sign can be seen by drivers to make sure they don’t use the left lane for leisurely driving. We all know how annoying it is (let alone dangerous) to drive slowly in the fast lane, and this sign is there to point it out.


Hopefully, people took note of the instructions and managed to fix themselves into the correct lane. There’s nothing wrong with applying a bit of humor into your road signs, especially if it helps road safety.

A Message For The Ref

It can be tough to be a Sports Referee. You can make thousands of accurate calls across your career but will likely be remembered for a bad one you might make. In fact, referees often need security around game time due to this pressure from fans.


This enthusiastic sports’ attendee found an imaginative way to catch the referee’s attention and remind him to keep his eye on the ball. Using a ‘missed call’ sign on a mobile phone, the referee is reminded to think twice!

Rally Against Poaching

This lady has picked a worthy cause – refrigerated eggs! We all know the importance of necessary refrigeration and she wants us to know the benefits of it. At least, we think that’s what is going on here?


Truthfully, this is only the back side of a totally different protest sign! Still, we find it pretty funny to see how passionate this lady seems about eggs! You can read more about foods and appropriate refrigeration in our piece here.

Time To Fight Children?

This is why it’s always important to have an editor! While the intention is clear, we can’t help but get a bit confused at the sign here. Is it telling us to fight children who have diabetes? Is it asking us to fight for a cause? We don’t know!


What we do know is that they are clearly doing good in their attempt to help children out. Let’s hope next time they have a second set of eyes next time around.

Dog? Where?

We don’t know what to think here: is the sign ironic or is this little pup as dangerous as they say? Perhaps we don’t want to find out! Either way, this photo definitely made us laugh. We love the contrast between the big warning sign and the little puppy that’s in the background.


Of course, good things come in small packages and it’s important to remember just how special this puppy is. Who’s a good boy? Definitely this little guy.

Spelling It Out

This poor delivery guy probably wasn’t expecting so much sass when he went to drop an Amazon parcel at this couple’s house. For some reason, people never use the button and rely on knocking on the front door.


Anyone who lives in an apartment block understands the struggle, so they made this snarky sign to highlight the importance of the bell. Let’s hope it worked: if not, it makes for a funny photograph of ultimate pettiness!

Room For One More?

Let’s be honest: this is our spirit table. ‘Jack’s’ has obviously conducted research into their clientele and understands that most of the restaurant-goers just like to be left alone on the ‘Old Fart Table’.


What do you think they talk about? We imagine they sit around, eating their applesauce, talking about the past and how no one respects their elders today. Well, we respect you, sir! We would love to have a seat there and hear about ‘the good old days’.

Mistakes You Make Once

Here’s a life lesson if there ever was one! This novelty sign would make the perfect Father’s Day gift. How many times have you made a mistake that affects the outcome of a project like this? We reckon enough times to have this sign as a memento!


We remember a time when teachers would tell us to write in pencil before going over it with a pen. Here, we can see the same lesson in action: measure twice, cut once!

Don’t Be Food, Please!

All zoos need rules to improve the safety and well-being of their guests and animals. However, when you read signs like this, you begin to question where the loyalties are! They don’t want you to sit, climb, or lean, but the consequences are different to what you might think.


The zoo’s main concern isn’t only that you will get eaten, but that their animals will get sick because of it! It’s probably better to stick to the rules and make sure everyone is safe and sound!

Stop, Dur!

Everyone can recognize red octagon-shaped road signs. The universal sign means ‘STOP’ and is taken very seriously, especially in the USA. Well, how obvious is it to stop when you see this? We think very!


Truthfully, this isn’t some road sign that has been graffitied. In fact, ‘dur’ means ‘stop’ in Turkish. Translated into English and you get a funny double meaning intended to point out the obvious. Be safe, folks.

Don’t Litter!

There’s nothing nicer than a walk in nature – but it can so quickly be ruined by trash. Here, we can see how signs aim to tackle littering by posting a funny sign alongside the trail. If you’re there to enjoy the nature trail, why ruin it?


Hopefully, signs like this helped reduce the amount of litter that was found in the area. After all, they wouldn’t need the sign unless it was a problem to begin with. It’s not hard – pick up after yourself!

Pesky Pedestrians

When driving, you’re going to want to look out for pedestrians. Of course, one of the worst things you can do is hit someone (or get hit!) and so the sign has an important message for people who see it.


Regardless, we couldn’t help but giggle a bit when seeing this sign. Even though it’s a serious message, the drawing seems a bit comical. Of course, it’s important to be careful on the roads – as a driver and pedestrian!