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What Are People Saying About The End Of ‘Game of Thrones’?



game of thrones
credit: HBO

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale, Season 8 Episode 6, “The Iron Throne.”

After eight seasons and 72 episodes, fans finally saw who claimed the throne. The HBO sensation came to an end last night and has divided the fanbase into more camps than Westeros ever could.

It’s no surprise that the final season of Game of Thrones has been disappointing so far. At the time of The Iron Throne’s broadcast, a petition demanding to ‘remake Game of Thrones with competent writers’ had surpassed 1.5 million signatures.

“As Heath Ledger’s Joker once said, ‘It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message.’ And I think this message is one of frustration and disappointment at its core,” the petition explains. It continues by expressing its surprise at the attention it received in the last few weeks of the show.

Here’s what people are saying online about the finale and who now rules the six kingdoms:

What did you think of the finale? Are you happy with how the show ended? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Bobbi Wilson

    May 21, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    honestly I thought the ending was awfull…the ending with dany and jon was ridiculous…I hated it.. all the work jon did to bring everyone together to defeat the ice king and that’s how they repay him… and the fact that his character could just kill dany… just didn’t fit.they just started killing everyone off to fast… I also didn’t like what happened with the dragon.. he is just gone… didn’t add up…bran was the last person I thought should be king…didn’t make any sence …should have been jon snaw… I loved the series will always be one of my all time favorites.. up there with true blood and vampire diaried.. but was a sad ending that I just didn’t like….i was so excited and let down at the end it was horrible.. I didn’t expect that from HBO…one of my favorite channels…

  2. ro

    May 26, 2019 at 3:59 am

    everything was fine with me except Jon snow
    glad bran was king

  3. Wanda B.

    May 27, 2019 at 1:49 am

    I have to agree with most fans who have watched from the 1st King Robert and his family came to Winterfell. Jon has gone through a lot, lost a lot, even more than his thought to be siblings. At the end, they left him as a bastard, calling him Jon Snow. I also felt Dany worked to hard to have an ending like that. We all know Jon will do what is necessary for the people, plus he wasn’t more of the same, he was ice and fire which had never been. Sansa, Tyrion, Varys,and even Arya had a say in what happened to Dany, and to say I’m sorry to him was a slap in the face. He didn’t want to go back to the Night’s Watch, he handed over his title. When Sansa rode in with Brienne and asked him to help take back Winterfell, which he did. His face told the story at the end, he didn’t want to go back to the Night’s Watch.

  4. Debora E Sanders

    May 31, 2019 at 1:13 am

    Terrible ending after all these years watching the show. Jon Snow deserved to be King. I was glad he kill his aunt!. I think we need 2 new seasons. Jon Snow has to come back. The dragon seeks him out and he has to go back and help his brother to keep the throne from new invaders dangering him and his sister in the north. There you go! You need to end this right! Such a great show but the ending just awful. Whoever thought of the twist, bad move. You could do better. A true fan!

  5. mirrorhome

    June 17, 2019 at 3:55 pm

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