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These Glamorous Grandmas Are Total Goals



Who says getting older can’t be fun? Today, grandma is no longer a term used to describe grey-haired and frail ladies who never get off the couch. Today, we see our grandmas starring in Hollywood films and running for president. Basically, it’s never been a more glamorous time to be a grandma.

We highlight some of the best grannies out there who can inspire us to be our best. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Carole Middleton

At 64, Carole Middleton has grandchildren she never thought possible – the future king of England! As the mother of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, Carole has remained largely outside the public eye except for a few royal engagements.

Gareth Fuller/Getty Images.

Today, she is seen looking charming and glamorous as always as she even shares some of her daughter’s outfits! In 2013, she was voted the most glamorous grandma. Today, she has four grandchildren. She is married to Michael Middleton and the two live in England.


Goldie Hawn

It’s hard to believe that Goldie Hawn will actually be turning 74 this year. As an actress, producer, and singer, she rose to fame on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In during the 1960s. Today, she is a grandmother to five children: three from her son, Oliver Hudson, and two from her daughter, Kate Hudson.

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

According to her memoir, A Lotos Grows In The Mud, Hawn confesses that she wasn’t too keen on becoming a grandma and doesn’t see herself old enough! Apparently, the little ones call her ‘glam-ma’.

Hillary Clinton

Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton was almost on her way to becoming the world’s first ‘Grandma-in-Chief’. After spending much of her adult life in public service, Clinton describes the birth of her grandchild as something of a life-changing experience.

She told People: “Having that next generation right there and thinking about everything you want to do both personally but in our cases, publicly and professionally, to give that child the best chance in life to be all he or she can be, that is profoundly moving to me.”


Jessica Lange

She might be known for her scary roles in shows like American Horror Story, but Jessica Lange is far from it in real life. The 69-year-old has two granddaughters who definitely think she is pretty cool, indeed.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Can you imagine having a grandma who scares people as much as she does? Lange recently published a children’s book which she first made as a handmade Christmas gift to the two young girls. It’s great to see her keeping her creativity alive.

Blythe Danner

The 76-year-old has to be a pretty glamorous grandma to keep up with her trendy grandkids. With names like Apple and Moses, you know that they’re going to expect her to keep up! Thankfully, Danner, whose daughter is actress Gwyneth Paltrow, has no problem having fun with her four grandchildren.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

She has two from her daughter Gwyneth and two from her son, Jake Paltrow. Danner is best known among young audiences as Dina Byrnes in the Meet The Parents franchise, although the starlet has been acting since the 1970s.


Priscilla Presley

When you’re the bride of the King of Rock and Roll, you’re going to maintain some of your glam from over the years. Today, the 73-year-old former wife of Elvis Presley has four grandchildren via their child, Lisa Marie Presley.

Can you imagine your grandma being the Queen of Rock and Roll? It must be great for the children to be connected to such American royalty. Today, she shares stories of their grandfather and how he changed the face of music for generations to come.

Kris Jenner

The Queen of the Kardashians feels the same way to Goldie Hawn when it comes to grandma titles. According to a 2013 interview with People, Jenner said that her grandchildren call her ‘Lovey’.

As of 2019, the 63-year-old has an impressive nine grandchildren from Kylie, Kourtney, Kim, Rob, and Khloe. In May 2019, Kim and Kanye are expecting their fourth child via surrogacy, making Kris a grandmother for the 10th time. She is definitely a glamorous granny – let’s see if the grandkids can keep up with her!