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Hairstyles That Are Set To Impress Us In 2019




There’s no time like today to change our hairstyles. With everything going on in our busy lives, why not treat yourself to a brand new change? New haircuts can be the perfect way to express ourselves after a new job, break up, or the start of an exciting adventure.


Here, we outline some of the best hairstyles that are set to amaze us this year. As summer comes into full swing, expect to see more of these styles in the next few months. Let’s comb our way through these, shall we?

Reddish Browns

If you desire a new color for the season, why not try a rich reddish brown. This warm and nutty color is charming and fits on many skin tones, not to mention an easy choice for naturally brown hair people!

hairdesignsbydanielle | Instagram

Normally, these hairstyles are for the fall, but why not wear it all year? It’s amazing and can totally change the way you look. Honestly, everyone can rock this style and leave an impression wherever they go. Get dying today!

Sleek, Kempt Bob

The advantage of sprouting a Bob is that they have literally never gone out of style. However, recently they seem to be making quite the comeback and more people are wearing them today than ever.


People with thinner hair can still get a Bob. All you need to do is use a little more sea salt spray than usual and you’ll add some volume for maximum impact. Make sure to blow dry it with your hair upside down!

Brushed Out Curls

Curly haired women, rejoice! 2019 is welcoming the curls with open arms, especially this summer when the humidity plays a part. Talk about easy: all you need to do is wash, air dry, brush, and finish!


For those who have straight hair, you can always curl it yourself or get a perm. Hairstyles that accentuate curls and natural beauty are some of the best ones out there. So, what are you waiting for? Get curled up today!

Low Messy Bun

Those who already have long hair can adopt this hairstyle right away. It’s pretty easy, too: all you need to do it crunch it up to a ball and tie it up. Hey, presto – you have yourself a messy bun! This is definitely a simple but effective method to try at home.

Kickaboo | Facebook

The best part of the low messy bun is how it drives all the boys crazy. There are plenty of times where men have said they love the natural hairstyles on women. Well, we’re happy with that!

Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs are always a classic hairstyle. The best-kept secret with bangs is how you brush on the top of them, not underneath! This way, you can blow dry them straight back to the original curls over the brush.


If you don’t want to invest in blow drying, you can always part your hair and just wait to see that it dries in place. But be careful – you’ll want to keep it in place with hairspray. Sweep those boys off their feet with this one!

Icy Blonde Balayage

Look out: blondes are getting blonder. The icy blonde balayage is coming back in a major way, making it one of the most desireable hairstyles at the moment. Surely, most men will be turning their heads once you hit the streets with this one.

hairbybrookenangle | Instagram

We love the small details of the hairstyle, like how we can see the slight brown roots popping out to say hello. These means we don’t need to stress about dying our hair and can enjoy a few weeks of this cut.

Dirty Dancing Curls

Nobody puts this hairstyle in a corner! For those who loved watching Dirty Dancing on the big screen, you can now relish in this style being very ‘in’ this year. Those with curls can proudly wear them bright and big!

Edelweiss Kruidenier | Facebook

The best thing about this hairstyle is how fun and bouncy it is. Immediately, girls give off a light-hearted and relaxed vibe about themselves with it. We could dance all night with hairstyles like this – what about you?

The Lob

The Lob is the nickname for a ‘long bob’ – a short and layered hairstyle. Usually, it is short in the back and a bit longer in the front. According to the data on Pinterest, it’s one of the most-searched hairstyles on the site. Looking at it, we can see why!


Many celebrities have worn a Lob over the years, including Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Hale, and Jessica Alba. The best part? It looks completely different on each person, so you can copy it and still make it your own.

Messy, Curly Bob

You may not realize it, but the curly bob is actually the same length as the sleek bob! The only difference is that it’s unkempt and therefore looks completely different. Thankfully, this is one style this year that’s set to make an impression.


Let’s be honest: any hairstyle that allows us to relax and not worry too much is good in our books! It’s simple: flip your hair, spray, shake, and off we go – we love it!

High Chignon

Ok, we get it. A low chignon is, of course, a classic look. But have you ever considered a high chignon? This is a new funky style that’s catching the eyes of fashionistas all over the internet right now.


It’s the best way to modernize your style and bring you to the tip of 2019. All you need to do is put your hair in a ponytail and leaving a small gap between the hair tie and your head. That way, you can clip it higher up with bobby pins.

Deep Side Part

We all know that the middle part has been ‘in’ for a while now. However, did you know the deep side part is on its way to hit the mainstream? Yup, it’s true! Even though the middle part is easier to manage, the deep side part is the future!


Overall, it’s a much more mature look that makes it look like you have your life together – even if you don’t. Let’s be honest: pretending you have your life together is half of adulthood, right?

Blunt Bangs

RIP to the old Taylor Swift and her old hair. As we follow the style looks of the pop star, we can see the brand new T-Swift haircut. These blunt bangs are easy and lowkey – and absolutely amazing!


Generally, blunt bangs are perfect for those with a rounder fact. It’s one of those hairstyles that adds a layer of feminine beauty and makes you look softer. Look out: bangs can make you look ‘fuller’, so be sure to get them from a stylist you trust!

Natural Hair

Um, hello and welcome to 2019. Natural hair is the best way to rock the real you and show people the beauty you possess. What with inclusivity rising each year, there’s never been a better time to be yourself.


The best thing about rocking your natural hair is that it is 100% free and unique to you! Don’t think about the texture, length, shape, or size – just be you! This year, the best hairstyle for you is growing right on your head – so listen to it.

Double Ponytails

For this one, think of a real-life Princess Jasmine. Ok, so here’s what you need to do. Pull your hair into a low ponytail and then add another hairband on top. What you get is a totally unique and fun hairstyle to wow your friends and family.

dimitristratos | instagram

As well as a fun style, it’s also a great way to keep your hair during exercise. The best part of double ponytails is how they can give you a long, puffy look that is hard to get if you have straight or thin hair.

Bobby Pin Art

Ok, now we’re having some fun! This year, bobby pins are entering the mainstream and are the perfect way to wear your hair in a unique way. For the first time, women are styling their heads by creating artwork with bobby pins and their natural hair.

spstyled | instagram

This works for anyone with any hair. Since it’s artwork, it’s completely subjective and you can do it in the best way that works for you. What will you design with them?

Small and Messy Braids

Braids aren’t just for young girls. Today, women are adopting them underneath messy curls which is causing a brand new style. Peak 2019 shows a mixture between young and old, modern and vintage, with these hairstyles that are already all over Pinterest.

Glow By River | Facebook

To upgrade messy curls, try to add some ‘peek-a-boo’ braids underneath them. To add a bit of volume to them, be sure to play with the strands a bit and pull them out to make them loose. That way, they’ll look thicker and bigger.

Burgundy Hair

The best thing about Burgundy hair is how it can look amazing on literally any skin tone. This means that anyone can dye their hair to match this incredible 2019 look. All you need to do is add that touch of purple and get dying today.

theyoungamericansalon | Instagram

We’ve had years of blonde and reds. Purple and burgundy are surely on their way to be a new level of hairstyles in the months to come, along with pinks and blues. Make sure to dye it before protesting the patriarch!

Wet Look

You know that look your hair gets once you step out the shower? Yeah, that’s all over the place this year! It turns out that the wet look is catching on and attracting more and more people with every passing month. What’s more, it’s even more popular in summer days because of the climate and longer days.

sinisiambalisofficial | instagram

All you need to do is smoothen your hair out once you step out of the shower, and then wait for it to dry. If you need to, feel free to apply some hairspray. But ideally: the more natural the better!

Air-Dried Texture

Whatever texture your natural hair has, it’s definitely in style this year. All you need to do is give some heated tools some attention to your hair and let them do whatever they want! The result will be your own hair looking absolutely fierce.

taniawhittier | Instagram

Feel free to use a straightener or curler if you want to add a little style, the choice is completely up to you. That’s the best thing about an air-dried texture hairstyle – it’s all you.

Pixie Cuts

Whether you decide to cut it off or pin your hair back so no one can see it, a shaggy pixie cut will totally be ‘in’ this year. This pixie is rocking some of the longer pieces mixed with a “I woke up like this” way kind of style.


Another advantage is how Pixie cuts are so low maintenance. As well as this, there are plenty of other benefits. First, you use less product each day, saving you money. Second, it’s ideal for warmer climates since there isn’t any hair getting stuck to the back of your neck. Nothing is worse than sweaty hair.