9 Must-Have Home Security Advancements

New technology for security appears to materialize almost every day, enhancing every facet of our lives. Most of these technology advances arrive in the home security industry. Not only these upgrades protect our homes from burglars, but they have many safety features as well.

Have you ever tried making the best out of something? Well, let’s make the best out of your home security! Let your home security up to the top and make it worth your expenses.


Knowing the advancements of the current home security is essential, as it portrays the overall safeness of your household. There are a number of security advancements today that are reshaping the industry. We took note of them, and here are nine that you need to know.

Safe Neighborhood

Having a safe community is the actual key to a happy family! Avoid neighborhood that has an existing or even a long time quarrel as you might be in real jeopardy. For some instances, if your realtor will not or cannot provide you with such information, then your personal scouting skills are put to the test.

Start by researching online, then pass by the area, next you can proceed by going to the local police station and ask for the crime rate of the location. Lastly, know the tell-tale of a crime in the community. Take note that if the community consists of numbers of anti-theft items, it can primarily mean that there are problems. Also, seeing alarm industry signs on lawns and bars on the windows are a giveaway, meaning the neighborhood might not be a safe location.

Keep in mind that the safer the place, the more the cost. Based on statistics, the more expensive the location is, the safer it is. Look at the bigger picture! You won’t worry about any problems since your community has been notably safe, rather than paying less for a community that has issues with danger. Remember to possess something expensive and reliable, never cheap but dangerous.

Strong House Numbers

Post a house number that is not only seen on daylight but also at night. Danger can occur at any time, that means your local assistance needs to see your house number whether it is daylight or night. Take note that emergency personnel could react and come faster if they see your house number legible and visible.

Own A Dog

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Owning a dog has many advantages, it can help you ease any stress, and it can guard your home the best. Having a loyal and robust dog like a Bull Terrier is key to a safer home! Dog barks could be an indication of strangers near your home and would keep you alert for any intruders.

Dogs can be a small cost but are very practical in terms of fighting criminals. There are several reports that dogs have saved homeowners in danger and criminals.


Have reliable, secured windows that are limited to any opening less than six inches. Making sure your windows won’t easily slide, has a strong foundation and is notably compact is essential in keeping your home safe. If you are a handy person, you can screw your windows to its frames the tightest. Also, there are jam devices available in the market now that would help you keep your windows closed at all times.

Perimeter Check

Motion sensor lights are a great scare for intruders, so considering it is a plus to a safer home. It adds an element of surprise! So adding it in your defense will assure your safety and alert. Can’t afford it? We recommend you put regular lights if your out of budget, this makes the intruder feel exposed.

Putting up a strong fence is also a good restraint to criminals. Short or a high fence is an obstacle a thief must cross to get inside your home, and so ample time to be alert is provided. Moreover, planting trees and flowers indicate not just beauty but also indicates how the owner takes protection uphill.

House Or Home

Make your home look like someone is there! Make it look like someone is always there to guard your home, avoid saying tell-tales of you being home late or of you being on vacation. If on vacation, make sure your friend gets your mail and make sure it is not piled up, this makes it look like you are there. Remember, do not leave your porch or home lights turned on the whole time you are away. Also, do not leave garbage days before the pickup.

You can ask all mail delivery to be on hold while you are on vacation. Doing this will keep your mails away until you are available. To have this activated, all you need is to register online in the local post office portal or to go there yourself.

Also, park in your home driveway, if you do not own any cars, have your friends or family park there until you get home. In a long vacation, having a friend or a family member water your plants, mow the lawn, and open and close the curtains is a great idea to scare intruders.

Alarm System

This might seem to cost you money. A tip on these is to make sure to put a company’s sign visible on your property. Like adt, security home system companies offer tarpaulins or signs of there home security. You don’t need all the fancy alarm systems as a shocking sound is all you really need to threaten intruders.

Community Watch Programs

Join your community’s watch programs! Joining such would definitely impact the increase in security of your home. Community watch programs add additional eyes to safeguard the place. Be committed and advocate safety in your local community, and the assurance of a happy and safe household is granted.


The door is not just your main entrance. It can also be an entrance for a culprit. As going through the windows is mostly hard, Bulgars would take advantage of your door. First, make sure your locks are upgraded, look for high-quality locks that you can install yourself easily. Lastly, consider a solid door that a hollow-core door. This makes it harder to kick!


Be vigilant and alert! Remember that your aim is a highly secured home, this does not always mean a pricy and a high-technology expense. All it needs is your commitment and wisdom! Having a safe place to live is primarily needed for a family.

There are a number of strategies that have been invented to create a harmonious and safe place. Simply locking your doors at all times, never leaving your garage door open are ways to avoid break-ins.

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