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Hotels To Book If You Want To Save The Environment




Hotels can often make or break a vacation. If you’re staying somewhere with bad service or amenities, it’s more likely that you’ll have a worse time than someone sitting by the pool drinking Mojitos. Today, there’s a lot of onis on this holidaymaker as he or she plans to go away: “Am I doing what is right for the environment?”

Image courtesy of Hotel Hangaroa

Well, worry no more! We’ve highlighted the best eco-friendly hotels to consider next time you go traveling. If everyone thought this way, perhaps we’d have more than 12 years left on this Earth. Let’s check in…

Six Senses Con Dao – Vietnam

All of the resources in Con Dao’s hotel are made from sustainable and natural resources. Professional architects were brought in to make sure that airflow was maximized – reducing the need for air conditioning in the humid country.

Image courtesy of Six Senses Con Dao

According to online reviews, the staff at Six Senses are just as passionate as the guests when it comes to protecting the environment. Their social responsibility for saving the planet shines through everything they do – and it definitely shows.

Hotel Tierra Patagonia – Chile

Located in Torres del Paine, the Hotel Tierra Patagonia is built within the gorgeous hillsides of South America. Upon being built, it wanted to make sure it wasn’t too intrusive among the rest of the natural land – and boy, does it show.

Image courtesy of Tierra Patagonia

Inside, it’s full of low-energy lighting and wooden walls that are designed to monitor the climate inside without additional use of power. If you decide to stay here, your footprint won’t be as large as other places.

White Pod – Swiss Alps

These pods might not look luxurious, but that’s because you haven’t seen inside them! These white bubbles along the landscape are considered ‘low impact accommodations’. Simply put, this means their carbon footprint is little to nothing. 

Image courtesy of White Pod

When you stay in the White Pod, you’ll have access to minimal amounts of electricity and running water. In turn, you’ll be expected to produce less waste and reuse some of the resources that are on site. Would you take on the challenge?

Spice Island Beach Resort – Grenada

Located in St. George’s, Grenada, the Spice Island Beach Resort is a shining example of energy efficiency. This is one of the most dedicated hotels to recycling and replanting on trees. In fact, it even hosts community cleanups.

Image courtesy of Spice Island Beach Resort

Guests are encouraged to help out around the site and pick up any trash they see. Occasionally, the resort hosts lectures on how to conserve the planet – so, be sure to book for that and learn a few things while on vacation.

The Park Hyderabad – India

India isn’t known to be very considerate when it comes to protecting the environment. However, it doesn’t mean the country doesn’t have a few hotels that try to appease to the needs of guests from around the world.

Image courtesy of the Park Hyderabad

The Park Hyderabad amazing design is intended to maximize the natural light from the sun. This, in turn, reduces the amount of electricity needed. The site is also dedicated to using bicycles and electric vehicles for guests who want to explore the area.

Saffire Freycinet – Tasmania

As well as monitoring its carbon footprint, the Saffire Freycinet also goes above and beyond to work with local vendors in Coles Bay, Tasmania. Construction included energy-efficient windows and air-conditioning to make sure no gratuitous energy was used.

Image courtesy of Saffire Freycinet

When guests step inside the Tasmanian hotel, they’ll be amazed at the effort that was put into making it as comfortable as possible. Looking out into the misty mountains will only make you appreciate nature more. Would you stay here?

Hotel Punta Islita – Costa Rica

This Costa Rican hotel was dedicated to protecting the environment and has earned countless awards in the process. Thanks to the local government and the Sustainable Tourism department, the Hotel Punta Islita is getting the recognition it finally deserves.

Image courtesy of Hotel Punta Islita

Aside from the physical construction dedicated to the environment, the whole staff also makes sure they engage in reforestation initiatives in the entire area. For them, the priority is wildlife conservation and helping protect the environment.

Proximity Hotel – North Carolina, USA

Let’s take a look at Greensboro, USA, for a glimpse at the Proximity Hotel. It’s one of the only hotels in America that has a LEED Platinum Green Hotel’ award for its efforts to low-energy use. 

Image courtesy of Proximity Hotel

Overall, the Proximity Hotel has 70 sustainable practices to abides by. For starters, it has a totally vegetated restaurant on the roof that it uses to grow most of its own food. On top of that (figuratively), there are 100 solar panels that heat 60% of the water for the entire place. 

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa – Maldives

If you find yourself in the Maldives, you will definitely want to book a stay at the Park Hyatt. It was built on top of the Indian Ocean, meaning that it has practically no effect on the rest of the land in the area.

Image courtesy of Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

As well as being cautious about its location, the Park Hyatt received silver EarthCheck certification for its dedication to protecting the environment and conserving the region. It’s one of the only hotels built over the water – would this bother you?

Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge – Nicaragua

These bungalows can be found near San Juan del Sur, and are an impressive feat in eco-protectionism. They epitomize a ‘less-is-more’ approach and encourage guests to live a frugal and minimal lifestyle during their stay.

Image courtesy of Morgan’s Rock

This means that electricity, heating, air-conditioning, and more are usually left off limits. One of the biggest selling points is how guests become more at one with nature. If that’s your kind of thing! Be prepared to sleep on the floor and under the stars.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – Nevada, USA

You might not think that the hotels along the sunset strip would be considerate of the environment, but the Mandarin Oriental is one of the exceptions! The building takes advantage of its facade to maximize natural light.

Image courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

As well as using the building to its natural advantage, the lamps are all installed using compact fluorescent lights. The cherry on top? Even the paints on the walls are non-toxic and the sushi in the downstairs restaurant is prepared with sustainable fish. Whatever that means. 

Lefay Resort and Spa Lago di Garda – Italy

There are a few aspects of the Italian resort that make it eco-friendly. The building is constructed within the natural hills and slopes to reduce energy and heat dispersion. One of the more unique parts of this hotel is how it collects its own water from the sky! 

Image courtesy of Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

Lefay Resort and Spa Lago di Garda collects rainwater and manages its waste disposal in such a way that makes it practically perfect to maintain a healthy environment. Why import water when it falls from the sky for free?

Lapa Rios Ecolodge – Costa Rica

Here’s another ecolodge designed to minimalize its carbon footprint and encourage its guests to consider the environment. Unfortunately, poaching and deforestation are major issues in the Costa Rican region of the Peninsula. Well, Lapa Rios is here to help out! 

Image courtesy of Lapa Rios Ecolodge

The Ecolodge has promised to protect more than 1,000 acres of land within its entire private land. On the land, it hosts plenty of sustainable projects that focus on solar power and water preservation. 

Jetwing Vil Uyana – Sri Lanka

The area’s biodiversity has been improving over time with the inclusion of hotels like the Jetwing Vil Uyana. Originally, the Sri Lankan region of Sigiriya was used for ‘slash and burn’ agriculture that had devastating effects on the environment. 

Image courtesy of Jetwing Vil Uyana

The Jetwing Vil Uyana is set up its own program: the Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (JEEP) that is dedicated to innovating the ecosystem and giving back healthy initiatives to the community. Guests can sleep silently under the stars knowing they’re saving the planet.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort – Fiji Islands

This resort was named after the world-renowned explorer and conservationist, Jean-Michel Cousteau. Therefore, it makes sense that this Fiji hotel would want to follow in some of its footsteps and be sustainable, too.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort

Every detail is considered when it comes to the resort: menus don’t include farmed fish, lighting is low-voltage, and even the wood used for the building came from certified local forests. Next time you travel to Fiji, this is one of the hotels you’ll want to see for yourself.

Inn by the Sea – Maine, USA

We return to the United States, this time to New England, for a sustainable hotel found in Crescent Beach. Its whole agenda aims to minimize its footprint and make sure there are no drastic long-lasting effects of the hotel.

Image courtesy of Inn by the Sea

These include, but are not limited to, using non-toxic cleaning products and using recycling products for the amenities. Even its heat is collected from solar panels on the roof to minimize how much energy it uses. Impressive for New England!

Hotel Topazz – Austria

Hotel Topazz is based in Vienna, Austria, and is one of the hotels on this list that lives in a busy city center. Topazz uses triple-tinted windows and LED lamps to maintain its eco-friendly agenda. 

Image courtesy of Hotel Topazz

In fact, it is also in close partnership with a restaurant across the street to make sure that food is healthy, organic, but also mindful of the environment. If you find yourself in Europe, then why not book a stay at Hotel Topazz and save the world?

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole – Wyoming, USA

Much like the hotel in South Carolina, the Hotel Terra Jackson Hole also obtained a LEED certification. Its energy is drawn from the sun through solar panels as well as hydropower from the water in the region. 

Image courtesy of Hotel Terra Jackson Hole

The structure itself is made from recycled materials, and the heating and cooling systems are controlled by an AI-driven system designed to optimize the energy output. Found in Toton Village, the hotel is one of the most technologically advanced, yet environmentally friendly, hotels in America.

Hotel Hangaroa – Chile

We’re back in Chile to visit Hotel Hangaroa. Located in Isla de Pascua, the hotel is full of staff members from inhabitants of Easter Island. Together, they share a deep respect for the Earth and want to maintain its beauty as much as possible.

Image courtesy of Hotel Hangaroa

Amazingly, there are parts of the hotel made from tree branches, volcanic rock, or even clay and rock. If you want to venture to Chile, then we recommend becoming one with the world at this gorgeous site.

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