How Jennifer Lopez & Shakira Keep In Such Great Shape

The Super Bowl took place on February the 2nd 2020, and the halftime show was absolutely explosive! Shakira opened wearing a tight red outfit that showed off all her curves, and Jennifer Lopez followed in a black outfit that held everything in place. 

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Looking at both these Latina goddesses aged 43 and 50 (respectively), it just makes one wonder, how on earth do they look so fabulous?


Shakira exploded onto the commercial music scene almost 20 years ago in 2001 with the song Whenever, Wherever. She was young, blonde, Latina and beautiful. Her song Underneath Your Clothes also did phenomenally well.

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As the years progressed and Shakira’s talent grew, we saw that she could belly dance and literally shake her hips in incredible ways. So what is the secret behind Shakira’s amazing body? 

Shakira’s Exercise Plan

Shakira has a personal trainer called Anna Kaiser that helps her. They start off on Mondays with 90 minute sessions of dance interval training. What’s important is the cardio work involved.

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The workouts change every day as to keep it varied, and Shakira also does weight-based strength workouts, high intensity interval training, as well as swimming. 

Shakira’s Diet

Shakira typically eats a lot of fresh food and proteins. Her breakfasts include eggs or avocado and a smoothie made with berries and plant protein. She likes to make her lunches come alive with color and will have fish and vegetables. 

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As a snack, in the afternoon, she will have either an artichoke or leek and eggplant soup with ginger and carrot and a side dish of cucumbers. Dinners include fish and vegetables. Sometimes she will eat pork chops and very dark chocolate. 

It is a really strict regimen that Shakira puts herself through, but the end result is phenomenal, with Shakira bouncing around with a body that looks better than most 20-year old girls.  

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has consistently been a household name. She started dancing as a “Fly Girl” on the show In Living Color in 1990 and soon moved on to movies. After her spectacular performance as Selena Perez in the movie Selena, she started her music career. 

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Her first single If You Had My Love in 1999, did especially well and the world’s eyes were on this lovely Latina lady.

Jennifer Lopez’s Exercise Plan

So, how does she keep in shape? Well, starting off, during her training for the movie Hustlers, Jennifer had to focus on upper body strength for all the pole dancing scenes. She still does these workouts. 

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She also concentrates on the muscles of her legs by doing low-rep, heavy-weight leg presses. Her celebrity personal trainer in Los Angeles  is Tracy Anderson who famously trains many stars. Her personal trainer in New York is David Kirsch. 

Jennifer makes sure to raise her heartbeat at least 3-4 times a week, and she loves it. She also incorporates dance into her routines as Jennifer is a triple threat star (dancer, actress and singer). Her favorite time to work out is in the mornings. 

She mixes up her workouts, and when she is with Tracy Anderson her workouts are more freestyle while with David Kirsch, they are a little bit higher intensity. They include lunges, kickboxing, burpees, circuit training and ab workouts. 

According to David Kirsch, Jennifer’s gorgeously sculpted buttocks is thanks to a move called the “platypus walk.” It is a low squat technique where you turn your knees outwards and then walk forwards and backwards.

This is her exact list of workouts:

  1. Wide Stance Squat
  2. Pike-up Planks
  3. Overhead Slams with Medicine Ball
  4. Reverse Lunges
  5. Lateral Lunge
  6. Russian Twists
  7. Plank on a Medicine Ball – 30-second plank.
  8. Squat with Row and Bicep Curls with Resistance Band
  9. Side Planks
  10. Dumbbell Row to Tricep Extension – 10 reps on each side.
  11. Shoulder Taps
  12. Torso Rotation with Resistance Band
  13. Medicine Ball Sit-ups
  14. Weighted Jackknives
  15. Push-ups with Glider
  16. Tricep Extensions with Resistance Band

Jennifer Lopez’s Diet

J-Lo truly works out hard to get the body we all dream of. As far as diet is concerned, Jennifer stresses the importance of drinking water, especially before workouts. She also avoids caffeine and alcohol all together. Although she will drink coffee, it will always be decaffeinated.  

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Her diet is very clean and organic. She eats a lot of extremely high-quality proteins and nutrient-rich food. Of course, it is always fresh. When she goes out to restaurants, she will usually choose salads or fish with vegetable dishes and drink water throughout her dining experience.

For lunch, Jennifer tops up her plate with vegetables like broccoli, red bell pepper and zucchini salad with a vinaigrette paired with delicious salmon. For dinner, she usually eats protein together with quinoa. 

She also loves chicken and pork, cooked the Puerto Rican way. She typically eats food that will keep her full the whole day so that she doesn’t feel restricted or starved. If she eats carbohydrates, it will be complex carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potatoes. She snacks on fruit and vegetables and will carry some protein with her to snack on as well.

Latina Goddesses Forever

No matter what, Jennifer Lopez will always be beautiful and stay relevant. Together with Shakira, she really makes the Latina community proud and millions all over the world are both inspired by her and Shakira for their beauty, tenacity, strength, discipline and confidence.

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The fact that their bodies are in such good shape shows that with a lot of training and clean eating, you can have a beautiful, strong body for years to come!

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