Why Jason Momoa Is Hollywood’s Hottest Rising Star

Jason Momoa first caught our eye in the remake of 2011’s Conan The Barbarian. At the time, he had big shoes to fill, as the original starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was then cast in HBO’s massively popular Game of Thrones as the formidable Khal Drogo, husband to the stunning Khaleesi.


Jason attracted a massive amount of fans when starring in the DC Comics film adaptation of Aquaman. He is very attractive and modeled in his younger days, and even starred in Baywatch. Jason really attracts the ladies, and his love life is more interesting than you can imagine. Here are facts about the actor that will simply blow you away!

Hawaiian Fantasy

Many people know that Hawaii is a place of hot, sunny and tropical weather, and this is Jason Momoa’s birthplace. His exotic looks are made up of his Hawaiian father, and his mother who has Native American, Irish, and German roots. When Jason was only a few years old, he and his mother moved to Norwalk, Iowa, where she raised him as a single parent.


A few years later, he went back to Hawaii to reconnect with his father and get back to his Hawaiian roots. While he was in Hawaii, he was noticed by some Hollywood execs for his stature and good looks. His life was about to change forever.

Oceanic Vibes

Jason Momoa got many hearts pounding for his role as Arthur Curry (Aquaman), in the DC Comic Movie Aquaman. He actually really adapted to the role well as he was born in Hawaii. He even chose to study marine biology in Iowa, having no idea what future lay ahead of him. 


While he was studying, he had to travel to Florida, as he needed to do field research. He also carried on his studies at the prestigious Colorado State University. There, he studied wildlife biology. He definitely has a love of nature. However, before completing his studies, he went back to Hawaii, and his career in Hollywood started soon afterwards.

A Creative Artist

Jason grew up with a mother who was an artist. She encouraged him to follow his dreams and his heart, as he was a young man who had a very creative flair. When he was a few years younger he went to France and studied pastel painting, which he was very good at. He had seen his mother paint and photograph for so long and wanted to learn more about it.


After France, Jason then made the decision to travel to spiritual Tibet so he could study Buddhism. He had a thirst for knowledge when it came to meditation as well as spirituality. He is a very deep person that is creative, spiritual, beautiful and an actor as well.

His Curious Scar

When you look at Jason Momoa’s beautifully sculpted face, you will notice he has a very large scar across his left eyebrow. It has a serious story behind it, as it occurred during a bar fight in Los Angeles. Someone had taken a glass and whacked it across his face. Jason had to have surgery due to this.


This aggressive act led to Jason having to get 140 stitches with a permanent, deep scar across his left eyebrow. It all ended up well as the scar added to Jason’s appeal in many of his roles, especially those where he played a warrior, such as in Conan The Barbarian and as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

A Top Model

There’s no denying that Jason Momoa has one of the most handsome faces in Hollywood. It’s just so manly and rugged, yet beautiful at the same time. Before getting into acting, Jason was a model, which he took very seriously. He was even Hawaii’s 1999 Model of the Year. 


When Jason was announced the winner he went on to do a lot of fun things, like host the Miss Teen Hawaii pageant. Although he did well as a model, he didn’t want to stay a model forever and rather saw it as his way to get into acting. He achieved this by getting into Baywatch Hawaii and remained on the show for three years.

Baywatch Launched Jason’s Career

Baywatch used to be one of TV’s hottest franchised shows. Millions gathered around their television sets every week to get their weekly dose of the hottest lifeguards around. Jason, ironically, worked in a surf shop, as well as a real-life lifeguard before getting the role of a lifetime as Jason Ioane on the top show. 


When Jason was a lifeguard, he was really young. In reality, he was the youngest lifeguard ever in the Gulf Coast and it tailored him perfectly for the role in Baywatch. He really suited the role extremely well with his perfect body and exotic looks. In reality, Baywatch was really about beautiful people showing off their perfect bodies among the waves and the sun. 

How He Got To Be Khal Drogo

Game of Thrones was one of the most successful shows in the history of television. It was the one series where every character’s story was so rich, that it captivated audiences. The casting directors for the show auditioned hundreds of people for the different roles who they thought would portray the characters best.


Jason took the auditioning process for the role of Khal Drogo very seriously. He really stood out because during his audition he performed the Haka war chant, which can be very intimidating. The casting directors loved it so much that they asked if he could do it again so that they could capture it on camera and it got him the part. This role was his major stepping stone to fame. 

An Ever-Loving Husband

When Jason was a young boy, he used to watch The Cosby Show with his mom. Lisa Bonet played the daughter of Bill Cosby’s character and certainly turned heads. When Jason first saw her on screen he actually turned to his mom and said, “Mommy, I want that one!” Years later Jason’s wish came true and he married her.


Jason Momoa only has eyes for Lisa, and is crazy about her. The two got married in 2017 but have been together since 2005. Two years later they had their first child. They have two children together and Jason is very close to Lisa’s first child Zoë Kravitz – who she had with singer Lenny Kravitz. 

A Man of Many Talents

Although Jason has been in front of the cameras for over 20 years, he decided to co-write a film back in 2014. The movie was called Road To Paloma and he starred in it alongside his beautiful wife Lisa Bonet. It was the first time they ever starred alongside each other in front of the camera.

Anchor Bay Entertainment/WWE Studios

The movie premiered in April 2014 at the Sarasota Film Festival. It was well received by the critics who gave it good reviews. The movie is about Robert Wolf, a Native American who avenges the death of his mother and makes it his mission to spread her ashes before the authorities catch him.

Interesting Children’s Names

As we know, celebrities love giving their children different names to the norm such as North West and Blue Ivy Carter. However, due to Jason’s roots, his children’s names have very special meanings. His son’s name is Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. It is a very long name, but it has a lot of meaning.

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Nakoa translates to “warrior”, and Mana translates to “strength.” Kaua means “rain” and Po means “dark.” The name also has to do with the night he was born and the weather outside. Namakaeha is Jason’s middle name. Their daughter’s name is Lola Lolani Momoa. 

Any Hairstyle Suits Him

Once upon a time in Hollywood, Stargate Atlantis was a really big show for sci-fi fans. It followed after the 1994 movie Stargate starring James Spader. Jason landed a big part on the show. During his time on the show he wore really thick dreadlocks that caused sores on his head. Eventually he started wearing a dreadlocks wig on the show.


The dreadlocks suited his character Ronon Dex perfectly, and he was always filmed with them in the series. Before he had permission to wear a wig on the show, the dreadlocks were physically, constantly sewn in. It hurt him so much that he almost left the series because of them. Luckily, he didn’t. 

Even Jason Gets Shy In Love Scenes

Just because Jason is extremely beautiful, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t get nervous during love scenes. When Jason first met his on screen wife Khaleesi (played by Emilia Clarke), he said, “hello wifey” and picked her up. However, he got very nervous during nude scenes with the beautiful star.


He admits that he both loves and adores Emilia Clarke and pretending to make love to her in front of the cameras was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. About the scenes he said, “You have to kind of separate (yourself from) it.” To this day, they are both very close to one another.

Becoming a DC Comics Superhero

Nowadays, the world of Marvel and DC Comics rules the big screen as children, teenagers and adults alike crave their fill of superheroes. Jason was exceptionally happy taking the role of Aquaman as it was a role that he knew his children would love to watch. In this role he returned to his marine roots.

Warner Bros./DC Films

Jason admitted that his son absolutely adores Batman and his daughter is inspired by Wonder Woman. Besides that, he really wanted to go back and connect with his Hawaiian roots as Arthur Curry (Aquaman). 

Loving Tattoos

Jason has a huge love of tattoos. In fact, some of the tattoos displayed on his body for Aquaman do actually belong to him, and most of the tattoos are an extension of the tattoo he has on his left forearm. The design is a tribal tattoo of sharks’ teeth. It is a tribute to “aumakua”, his family god, which comes from Hawaiian mythology. 


When Jason talks about a “family god,” it suggests an ancestor who passed away and resurrected, and that is what his tattoo is about. It has 9 rows of triangles, representing the family’s animal guardian, the shark and its teeth. Momoa has many other tattoos including the initials of his kids and a french quote on his forearm among others. 

Jason Almost Made Marvel 

Marvel makes millions at the box office and the Avengers films are truly the most ginormous franchise in the world. Jason actually almost became part of the Marvel family, as he auditioned for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, with fellow actor Chris Pratt. 


Surprisingly, he didn’t get the role but maybe that it is a good thing as it would have taken him away from other projects that boosted his career. All he says about the role is that it was for the part of the villain, which no doubt, he would have played brilliantly.

Jason Wants To Diversify

It’s very easy to see Jason in roles where he is the warrior or the big bad guy, or even the superhero. Although these roles suit him perfectly, he actually really wants to do comedies as well. If you ever see interviews with Jason, he is always happy and smiling.


Jason openly admits that he is a huge fan of Saturday Night Live and would love to do a film similar to Robin William’s The Birdcage. He is naturally very light-hearted, and although he is massive, he is actually like a huge teddy bear inside. You see this in his interviews. He really is a lot of fun!

Jason Loves Music

Jason has an absolute passion for music. No doubt, he and Lenny Kravitz (his wife’s ex husband) have a lot to talk about in this department. He has an amazing guitar collection which includes a serious collector’s item. The item is a 1959 Gibson Les Paul, which was once owned by Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin. Jason picked this beauty up to congratulate himself after it was announced that he would play Aquaman.


Of the guitar, Jason says that it is only one of a hundred worldwide, and he owns the ninth one that was ever made, very special and very rare indeed. As his career carries on expanding and growing successfully, he will no doubt carry on adding to his collection.

Pulling Pranks On Set

Jason knows that he can annoy people and he can really act like a big kid. When he filmed Aquaman, he was constantly pulling pranks. Gorgeous Amber Heard tried to escape these pranks on set by sitting quietly and reading books, but he still got to her. 


Jason acted like quite the bully, tearing out the last ten pages of the book Amber Heard was reading as to frustrate her, so she couldn’t read to the end. The only person he wouldn’t touch was Nicole Kidman. 

A Talented Family 

When it comes to the Momoa family, talent doesn’t fall short. Remember, Jason is stepdad to Zoë Kravitz whose father is one of the biggest rockstars of all time, Lenny Kravitz. Zoë has also starred in the movies Divergent and Fantastic Beasts and is set to play Catwoman in the new Batman movie. Lisa Bonet is also a great actress and starred in movies such as Angel Heart, alongside Hollywood heavyweights Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke.


Zoë is actually very fond of Jason and refers to him as “Papabear.” He is her stepdad and Zoë often posts pictures of herself with him  on Instagram. The great thing is that Jason is also good friends with her dad Lenny Kravitz. 

Jason Does Not Like The Gym

When you look at Jason’s huge size, you immediately think he pushes weights every single day. The truth is, you will only find him in the gym when he is forced to do so. This is a man who loves nature and the outdoors. He adores rock climbing, skating, surfing and throwing axes. To keep that perfectly toned body of his, he admits to eating a lot of lean meats and vegetables.


Jason is often cast in roles where he has to show his muscles (Conan, Khal Drogo, Aquaman) and so, working out constantly is just his way of life. The reality of Hollywood is, just as the starlets have to stay thin and in good shape, the men have to be big and strong if they are to land the big roles in action movies.

He Only Has Eyes For One Beer Brand

It’s true that Jason eats very healthy, but when he does indulge, he indulges with the Irish beer Guinness. Guinness is famous for its taste. He actually connected with his wife over a Guinness beer when they both enjoyed these beers during their first date. He admits he knew it was love when she ordered the beer.


Guiness is located in Dublin, Ireland. When they found out that Jason was such a big fan of theirs, they decided to make a beer especially dedicated to the star. They created a brew that was sour and called it the “Mano Brew” back in 2016.

A Really Good Person

Inside, Jason is a really beautiful human being. He is not very materialistic and likes using his fame for good, in a way that can make a difference in people’s lives. He takes his Hawaiian heritage very seriously, and actively protests against a telescope that is being constructed on lands that are indegenous that are on top of the summit of Mauna Kea. 


He stood in a large group of fellow Hawaiians to protect the land that they love so much. Jason is very serious when it comes to his Hawaiian heritage, and doesn’t take destruction to his homeland lightly.

Friends With Superheroes

Often in the movie industry, famous people will befriend one another. After all, they belong to the same elite Hollywood club. It is not so common, however, that movie stars are friends from childhood into adulthood. It is quite ironic that Brandon Routh, who has played Superman in the past, actually went to the same high school as Jason in Iowa.


The two were actually quite close growing up, playing sports (soccer) together at Norwalk High School. They were both born in 1979. Routh had stated in interviews later that he thought it was crazy that they grew up together and both became famous on-screen superheroes (both belonging to the DC Comics world). 

When Jason Shaved His Beard

Jason is known for his long hair and beard. It’s his look and the way we recognize him. In fact, he wears a beard in most of his movie roles. When he decided to shave it off in 2019, it really caused an outcry (mostly by women). 


Jason went onto talk shows with his new look and explained he did it to make people aware of all the plastics that are destroying the planet. He wants the world to know that using 100% recyclable aluminum cans is viable and helps the planet. It really is tragic when innocent marine life end up eating plastic and getting sick or dying because of it. 

Jason Is A Die-Hard Rock Climbing Fanatic

Jason absolutely loves the outdoors, and rock climbing is one of his favorite sports. He climbs rocks outside his home and has even taught his young children to climb and encourages it. He has a special wall outside his house for the kids.


Jason is also good friends with one of the most professional and best rock climbers in the history of rock climbing – Chris Sharma. Chris has helped and guided Jason in his pursuit of rock climbing and when Jason isn’t in front of the camera, he’s busy climbing rocks.

He Wants His Children’s Lives Kept Private

Jason is a big friendly guy who always has time for his fans. He has been in the public eye for over 20 years, exposing (almost) every part of his body for the world to see. No matter where he goes, people recognize him. He understands how Hollywood works, but when it comes to his children, it’s a different matter altogether.


Jason and his wife Lisa want their children to have a really normal childhood and don’t want them to look up to himself and Lisa as special celebrities. It’s important to him that they remain humble and don’t develop an entitled attitude.  

Jason’s Passion 

In 2014, after Jason’s first movie that he co-wrote, Road To Paloma, he announced it would take him around five years to write a new script. He didn’t expect  to be cast in so many roles afterwards, and due to this, it is obvious it will take longer than that.


The next script Jason has in mind, is a historical period piece set in the 1800s which he describes as “Braveheart or Last of the Mohicans for Hawaiians.” No doubt, the movie that comes out of this script will garner even more attention than the last movie he wrote, considering how famous he is now.

An Eternal Student

Although Jason is constantly busy, he really has a thirst for knowledge and constantly wants to know more. When he relaxes, he likes to challenge himself and learn new skills. This is the way he constantly grows and evolves.  


He showed this enthusiasm on the set of Stargate Atlantis where he learned the slide guitar. Later on, he learnt the bass so that he could play music with Patrick Wilson, who was his co-star on Aquaman. Patrick plays the drums. 

He Wasn’t Considered A Serious Actor 

Actors on Baywatch were never really taken seriously, because the show was really about checking out hot babes in swimming costumes. Although Jason was chosen for his role in Baywatch Hawaii, out of 1,300 actors, he had zero acting experience.


He admittedly said he was just “winging the role.” Although the Baywatch franchise was so huge, it took 5 years for an agent to sign him afterwards. No one took him seriously. He even ended up bouncing at clubs and people saw him as a joke. That must have been hard to shake off, but Jason persevered – and look where he ended up!

A Mommy’s Boy

Jason has admitted in countless interviews how much his mother shaped him. His mother is a free spirit who was an artist and photographer, and allowed Jason the freedom to chase his dreams and become the man he is today. He studied pastel painting in France because of his mother’s influence.


Jason mentioned that his mother was always looking for something of beauty, or something inspirational to capture with her camera. Jason saw this and learnt the importance of traveling and exploring the world around him, seeing and discovering new things, and creating something. 

Jason Loves Harley-Davidson

When it comes down to who Jason is inside, he’s a free spirit. It doesn’t come as a shock that he adores Harley-Davidson. It just adds to his rugged and manly appeal. Jason loves this luxurious bike and has toured their private museum and chose one of his bikes at their flagship store.


Jason is really creative and handy. When his wife told him he couldn’t take their kids on his Harley, he built a sidecar (together with his children) for the Harley, so they could accompany him all along the road. 

Loving Natural Scenes

Jason is not the most dramatic of actors, and he surely has many unexposed acting skills we still haven’t seen. He has admitted though, that he does enjoy the challenge of working with a green screen but prefers to be around nature as it makes acting much easier.


Momoa also has a fondness for keeping the props, from the time he spends in front of the camera. He has kept the “tongue” that his character Khal Drogo ripped out of someone’s mouth in Game of Thrones

A Sensitive Man

Jason really stood out in Game of Thrones, and it most certainly put him on the map. His character was very cold and hard when we first met him. He doesn’t treat Khaleesi well in the beginning. In the first scene they ever had to make love without Khaleesi’s consent, he felt extremely uncomfortable. He admitted it was one of the most difficult things he ever did.


Because the scene was so hard to do, he felt he needed to lighten the situation and replaced the flesh colored sock, typically used in these kinds of intimate scenes, with a fluffy pink one. Once the scene was finished, he planted kisses all over Emilia Clarke and apologized afterwards.

Taking His Acting A Little Too Seriously

Jason is very grateful for his career and knows that he really needs to look the part in all of his roles. When he got the role of Conan in Conan the Barbarian, he thought that his character would look more realistic with a broken nose.


Jason must be a very impulsive person because he asked his friend to punch him hard to break his nose and his friend did exactly that. Obviously Jason wasn’t thinking clearly when this happened as a special effects make-up artist could have just made his nose look broken. Perhaps he was drinking a Guiness or two at the time. 

Marrying His Childhood Crush

Lisa Bonet was a star of the ‘80s, but Jason Momoa was only born in 1979. Meanwhile, Lisa was born 12 years earlier. It didn’t matter at all to Jason. The minute he saw Lisa playing Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show, he knew it was love.


He fell in love with her deeply when he met her while he was with a group of friends in 2005 in New York City. They met through mutual friends and were at a jazz club.  When they first locked eyes she said “I’m Lisa.” Jason apparently turned around to his friend at the club and screamed. 

Keeping Hush Hush 

When Jason found out he got the role of Aquaman, he had to keep it a complete secret from the public. As with most movies based on DC Comics or even the Marvel Universe, actors are not allowed to disclose certain things. Aquaman went on to gross $1.1 billion worldwide which made it one of the highest grossing movies in the history of cinema.


After this movie came out, Jason was bumped onto A-list status. He announced the fact that he was going to be Aquaman through social media by jumping into the ocean and showing a screen on his phone that said “Aquaman Trailer Tomorrow.”

Stepfather Support 

Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa are great buddies. Lenny supports Jason as he still cares deeply for his ex-wife Lisa Bonet. Jason and his daughter Zoë Kravitz are really close too and they have dinners all together sometimes. Lenny Kravitz even supported Jason by coming to his Aquaman premiere. 


Because of this kind gesture, Jason purchased matching skull rings which he gave to Lenny after he played on SNL (Saturday Night Live). It’s beautiful that they can do this and work as a cohesive family for the sake of all involved. After all, Lenny has only one child. 

An Expert At Martial Arts

A lot of the roles that Jason undertakes are physically intensive. Often, his shirt is off and he needs to display muscles that are ripped. Jason also doesn’t rely on stunt doubles and is usually trained to do all the scenes on his own. When he was in Stargate Atlantis and Conan the Barbarian, he learnt martial arts, and then started training in the Japanese fighting style of jiu-jitsu back in 2017.  


He studied jiu-jitsu carefully and took his experience onto the set of some of his movies. When it came to Aquaman, he needed to train in sword fighting and for Braven, he learnt axe-throwing, which he still loves to this day and does for fun. 

Leaking Spoilers 

When it comes to spoilers, film studios are very hush-hush. After all, they want to bring in a huge amount of crowds to see their movies. They know if people know what will happen in their movies, they may not be so excited to come. DC Comics movies are especially secretive when it comes to their projects. They know that millions of people are fans. Unfortunately, Jason isn’t so great at keeping secrets.

Getty Images

Before the premiere of Aquaman, Jason let out that the very last scene of Aquaman shows Arthur Curry (Aquaman) becoming the King of Atlantis. He was, after all, the son of the Queen of Atlantis – Atlanna (played by Nicole Kidman). Everyone knew what was going to happen but people didn’t care – they wanted to see their favorite Hawaiian star!

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