Jason Momoa’s Super Bowl Commercial

Jason Momoa is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood right now. He’s tall, has a huge physique and is built with strong muscles. He was easily chosen to play Conan The Barbarian and Khal Drogo on Game Of Thrones. We recently saw him as Aquaman. He is simply stunning, and so is his wife Lisa Bonet.

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What Happens In The Commercial?

This past Super Bowl (2020) saw many great adverts, but none were as striking as Jason Momoa’s Rocket Mortgage commercial where he literally strips himself bare. He strips off his muscles – both arms, and his six pack. He also removes his hair, making him look completely unlike himself. It is quite amusing.

How His New Look Was Achieved

The commercial was shot in the West Hollywood Hills. The concept was for him to remove everything so that he can really feel at home. They needed to create his skinny alter ego. Many aspects of the commercial were done with a green screen. 

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The commercial was shot by David Shane who is a very famous commercials director in Hollywood. A second actor was also needed for this commercial to shoot all the skinny scenes. Both actors had to repeat all the same movements. 

Jason’s wife Lisa Bonet also appears in this commercial encouraging him as he tries to lift a weightless bar. The message is that Rocket Mortgage understands that at home you can just be yourself. Everything that was digitally remastered could be achieved through Jason wearing a tight green outfit.

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This advert will surely go down as one of the best Super Bowl commercials in the history of Super Bowl commercials, and it couldn’t be more hilarious!

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