Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Were The Butt of a Joke At The Emmys


The 2019 Emmys just passed and although most of the headlines focused on TV show Fleabag stealing the show, the Kardashians managed to pull a few headlines, but for the wrong reasons.

Reality stars Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner were presenting an award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program and when they gave their monologue before announcing the winner, the audience burst out laughing at the irony of their words.

Kardashian West said “Our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves,” Jenner added “Telling their stories, unfiltered and unscripted.” With their reality show being outlandish, over the top and allegedly scripted, anything but the sisters had just described, the audience broke out in laughter, but the sisters did not see the funny side.

It turns out that the monologue written for them was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but in a mix-up, the reality stars were reportedly not briefed on the joke and read it out loud thinking it was intended to be serious. The Internet immediately caught on to the Emmys awkward moment which naturally generated some hilarious gifs. Other viewers who were watching the award show live, took to Twitter to air their opinions, some joining in on the joke while others said it was unwarranted and not fair.

One user wrote “Did the #Emmys audience just laugh at Kim Kardashian? I don’t think she was telling a joke.” While another added “Eeeek. There was a very loud laugh from the audience when Kim Kardashian was presenting. Laughing at her; not with her. It was uncomfortable (and, in my opinion, uncalled for) in the room. #Emmys”

RuPaul’s Drag Race was announced as the winner of the Emmy but unfortunately, the worthy winners seemed to be overshadowed by this very awkward moment. Nonetheless, it hasn’t seemed to phase the very famous family, Kim didn’t comment on the incident and continued to promote her new shapewear line.

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