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Meet Kirby Jenner – The Man Who Pretends To Be A Kardashian




Andy Warhol basically got it right when he said that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. He could not, however, have predicted the sheer amount of budding content that is up for our competing eyes each second. Literally every second online is spent trying to catch our attention.


It appears one man knows a thing or two about how to become a star. Meet Kirby Jenner, the ‘self-confessed fraternal twin’ of Kendall Jenner. He has amassed more than one million followers on Instagram by photoshopping himself into existing photos of the famous TV star and pretending to be part of the family. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we? Try to keep up!

PLEASE NOTE: These are not real images and were created for entertainment purposes.

A Bumblebee Masterpiece:

Kirby says: “Kendall and I had to do science fair projects in 4th grade. Hers was called “How Flowers Bloom” and mine was called “Deadly Killer Bumblebees: When Will They Strike Next?” Kendall got an ‘A’ but I got a ‘D-’ because my data was pretty inconclusive and also made up. Anyways, that’s what this photo is supposed to symbolize. I think it’s art.”


We love how the ‘twins’ complement each other here. Who would you dress as with your sibling?

Meeting At The Met

Kirby says: “Whoa! I won the award for “Longest Sleeves” at this Met Jingle Ball thing and this is a real big moment for me. S/O to Reggie at Men’s Wearhouse for hooking it up like always, my Uber driver for her patience, and Janet the caterer who fed me snacks all night bc I couldn’t find my own hands.”


The Met Gala is an extremely prestigious event. It is invite-only and closed to the public. Thankfully, Kirby was +1 with his generous sister. Looking good, Kirby!

Pets For The Whole Family

Kirby says: “Every good dog owner knows that 1) dogs love to be petted 2) all dogs go to heaven and 3) the longer the tail, the smarter the dog. Well my dog Andrew has the longest tail I’ve ever seen so he must be one friggin smart af pup!! He also loves biting, running away and hiding under the couch. haha smdh freakin Andrew! Kendall’s dog is cute too tho.”


What pet’s would you get with your family?

Halloween Dress Up

Kirby says: “Kendall’s gotten super into murder mystery dinner parties and tonight’s theme is “Dead Ass People.” I’m dressed up as some dead ass little butler and Kendall dressed up as some dead ass business entrepreneur. All the other guests are gonna show up in their dead ass costumes and then we get to solve a murder mystery and have pizza!”


Do you like to perform in fancy dress? We think the duo looks great dressed up here.

Wrapping Up Warm

Kirby says: “Found this coat sitting next to a dumpster behind an Arbys and yelled “DIBS” so loud that I lost my voice for like 3 whole days haha!! Sometimes fashion is just MEANT to happen… Plus now me and Kendall look like chill AF bears LOL!!!”


The twins are at it again! Here are Kirby and Kendell having fun together in the streets eating Arbys and chilling like bears. So blessed for these two to be together.

Dressed For A Day In The Zoo

Kirby says: “As you prob know, Kendall and I take Halloween VERY srsly. No LOL. Ghosts and ghouls and pumpkins are serious business. This year, Kendall dressed up as the “ghost of a girl who got 2nd degree rope burn from her tire swing and died” and I went as “cute giraffe.” Kinda bummed I didn’t win the costume contest but Khloe’s Megatron costume was friggin lit AF”


Fantastic effort all round, guys! Who do you think looks better here?

Teen Vogue Cover

Kirby says: “Hey does anyone have a WebMD login I could use? I basically swallowed a bucket of sand and am worried it’s gonna form a rock in my stomach. Not the first time this has happened and I honestly just wanna be prepared haha.”


Oh no, being glamorous doesn’t come without its risks! Sadly, Kirby swallowed some sand during the shoot. It’s a good thing he was protecting his sister. That’s what twins are for!

10,000 Hours Of Fun

Kirby says: “Kanye said you gotta practice something for 10,000 hours before you master it so I spent the last 10,001 hours practicing shadow puppets. I can make a bird, a ship and a bird sitting on a ship! Does anyone know Nick Cannon? Kinda wanna go on AGT!”


Jayden Smith is so lucky he gets to hang out with these amazing twins. Here they are showing off their hand puppet skills. How many shapes can you make?

“So Evil. So True.”

Kirby says: “I have one simple request.. and that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!! Hahaha so evil. So true.”


Name a more iconic outfit. I’ll wait. The effort these twins went through to appear as a Fembot and Dr. Evil is truly amazing. Of course, these characters are from Austin Powers, created by and starring Mike Myers. The pair dressed up for Halloween 2018 and were turning heads all night long.

Skating Lessons

Kirby Says: “Kendall dared me to jump over a human being on my skates and I said NO WAY but she said BELIEVE IN YOURSELF KIRBY and I said OK so I strapped on my skates and guess what… I totally jumped over a human being!!!! Even tho I scraped my entire face on the asphalt and put my friend Taco in an “accidental coma”… I had the time of my freakin life!”


What an amazing experience – how to learn to jump over a human without getting hurt. Just one of the amazing experiences these two share.

Dress For The Party You Want

Kirby says: “As you can imagine, Kendall and I were pretty embarrassed when we showed up to Cardi B’s birthday party which apparently WASN’T a costume party smdh. I went as a cat and Kendall went as a ball of yarn… but we played it off by pretending we were going to a costume party AFTER Cardi’s which was def a lie but whatever lol”.


Cardi B’s birthday being black tie didn’t stop these two from being their best selves and partnering up yet again to be the fierce animals you see here.

Kirby The Birdman

Kirby says: “Yes I left the window open and a dozen birds flew in and pooped on LITERALLY EVERYTHING smdh… pretty sure one of them was a freakin penguin tho so at least that’s kinda dope!”


You can’t expect every shoot to go smoothly! Here, we can see how Kirby and Kendall faced quite the challenge when birds (and a penguin) flew in and disrupted their shoot. Rumors are that there are still some birds missing from the zoo nearby.

Back To Black

Kirby says: “Had a friggin blast at the YMCA YoYo Camp this summer learning how to YoYo like world champion Zach Gormley! Feeling pretty good about all the progress I’ve made in the last couple of months since I found this YoYo at Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Anniversary Party. Excited to see where I’ll be in 2018!!!”


What a great way to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah anniversary! Let’s hope their Yoyo skills are still up to scratch a year later.

Gorgeous In Green

Kirby says: “Ever since Kendall introduced me to the horselife in elementary school, I immediately changed my dream of becoming a disc jockey to becoming a horse jockey. S/O to elleusa and my dope stylist heatheralli for making my horse dreams come to life on this shoot. ULTRA SPECIAL S/O to the Palm Springs Search & Rescue team that found me after I wandered off and was lost AF in the desert for 16 gd hours lol smdh”


They both look amazing here! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Setting New Years Resolutions

Kirby says: “My New Years resolution was to FINALLY graduate from Loriel Kids to Pantene Pro-V but I’m kinda scared to commit tbh.”


Is there anything better than two twins getting together to improve their lives? Here, Kendall and Kirby are finally going to graduate from one shampoo to another – a massive moment! We hope they kept their promises to themselves.

Thin Crust or Deep Dish?

Kirby says: “I don’t usually play with my food cause eating it is already so much fun, but when Kevin James asks you to play pizza catch… you don’t turn that shiz down!!!”


Who wouldn’t listen to Kevin James? The sitcom star is famous for his food fights, and this duo got involved right away! We hope the borrowed Versace jacket wasn’t too damaged. What a lot of fun these two must have had together.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Kirby says: “Got kinda bummed when Kendall said she didn’t want to be a part of my Sonny & Cher photoshoot but then I got kinda pumped when Kim said she’d do it instead but then I got kinda bummed again when I found out that Kim didn’t rehearse ANY of the songs I emailed her. It’s fine tbh. Just needed to vent.”


Eugh, sisters right? Kirby got burned by not one, but two sisters! Kendall and Kim just weren’t playing nice when it came to their rehearsed dancing. Try Kourtney!

Smile For The Camera!

Kirby says: “Started a fresh new line of turtlenecks with Mom and Kim called Turtleneck Klub and each turtleneck comes with a gold shield that welcomes you to the Turtleneck Klub! I wanted to give out a free turtle too but apparently they’d all die in shipping or something idk. Also, we only have 2 sizes lol.”


The Kardashians practically invented selfies. Here, we can see three of the most popular members of the family try it out! The color scheme is amazing…

Movie Night

Kirby says: “Drake Bell hosts a backyard movie-a-thon every summer and this year he chose all 8 Harry Potter movies back to back. I think this pic was snapped right when Hagrid says “you’re a wizard, Harry” and all of us were pretty SHOOK by the news even though we already knew that Harry was a wizard LOL smdh”


Where were you when you found out Harry Potter was a wizard? These three were right here, in this moment. So blessed.

Nighttime Madness

Kirby says: “Had kind of a late night trying to glue Khloe’s aquarium back together (which I broke with my new bow and arrow haha oops) and I kept falling asleep on set smdh. Our photographer, Patricia, kept throwing candy into my mouth to wake me up but I srsly almost choked on one so she just gave up and decided that me sleeping made the pic more artistic hahaha.”


We hope they both got a good night’s sleep after this one!

Slip ‘N’ Slide

Kirby says: “Sometimes you gotta stall 20 flights at LAX because your squad surprises you with a homemade Slip ‘N Slide haha!! And then sometimes you gotta stall another 30 flights because you’re bleeding on the tarmac and gotta wait for the ambulance to arrive LOL smdh!!”


Who says travel needs to be boring? While delayed on the runway, these troublesome twins found some time to have fun! Remember: boring people get bored.

A Sunny Day On The Beach

Kirby says: “Kylie lost her car keys in the sand so the squad teamed up and searched for like 4 hours haha. Turns out they were actually in the car and the car was running in the parking lot the whole time but it was still def really dope to hang out with the people I love most. Also special shout out to St Bart’s Hospital for treating me for sunscreen poisoning! Love u guys!”


Is there anything worse than losing your keys? Thankfully, Kendall has an amazing brother who is willing to step in and lend a hand.

A True Performer

Kirby says: “Kanye wrote this pretty crazy/beautiful play called “Kanye’s Play” about a dream he once had so we decided to put it on for the whole squad in the back yard!!! I accidentally fell off the stage like 3 minutes into the show but my role wasn’t that important so I just chilled on the ground until the curtain closed haha smdh!!”


Oh no, it looks like there’s only room for one star in this duo! Kirby might have to retire from his acting dream after failing to perform in Kanye’s play.

Out With The Girls

Kirby says: “Too $hort gave me this bird and it won’t stop saying the F word hahaha no but seriously does anyone know a bird trainer?”


Going out with these girls can be crazy – just ask Kirby! Here are all the siblings out enjoying themselves on a well-deserved break from shooting all day. We hope the bird could keep up with all the shenanigans.

Water Fights!

Kirby says: “As most of you know, I shattered all my teeth in a tragic Slip-n-Slide accident last winter. It was on the news. Anyway, I’ve been scared of water ever since… but Kendall helped me get over my fear b/c that’s what family is for.”


It must have been quite a bid deal for these two to get back in the water, considering Kirby previously lost ALL his teeth. This time around, he got some support from a loving sister.