Musicians You Need To See Live At Least Once

From Beyonce to Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, these artists know how to put on a show. There is something electric about seeing these musicians perform live, feeling the music and atmosphere and being a part of something.


Not only do these concerts sell out within seconds, but they can also be quite pricey, so we have compiled a list of artists that you simply can’t miss watching live and are worth every penny.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have been around since 1962 and have seen international success and adoration through their music. They are considered to be one of the best bands in live performances and absolutely blow fans away with their electric and energetic performances.


With over 250 million record sales worldwide and performing in over 2,000 concerts, the Stones are truly music legends. Their No Filter Tour wrapped up in the summer, but there should be another chance to see Jagger’s moves live.


Irish rock band U2 are simply a must-see for any music fan. The band realized that fans, more than ever, want to go to their live performances and hear their classics and greatest hits and the band were happy to oblige.


In 2017 and again in 2019, U2 embarked on two worldwide tours commemorating the 30th anniversary of their 1987 album The Joshua Tree. The 22 Grammy-winning band’s The Joshua Tree tour is resuming in late 2019 so you still have a chance to see one of the best bands of all time.

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige doesn’t just give fans a performance live, she gives them an emotional rollercoaster through her powerful music. With nine Grammy awards under her belt, Blige has a soulful sound that can have fans dancing through her tracks at one point, and then feeling all kinds of emotions in her beautiful ballads.


Blige just finished The Royalty Tour in September 2019 where she co-headline with Nas, but the R&B singer will be sure to head back on tour soon enough.

Bruno Mars

“Uptown Funk” and “24K Magic” are two major dancefloor fillers, so imagine what the atmosphere is like when you hear it live, belted out by Bruno Mars himself. Mars knows how to entertain a crowd and will have sold out arenas busting out their best (or worst) moves.


His energy is infectious, his dancing is captivating and his live band will have you feeling the music in your bones. You will be sure to leave this concert in the best of moods and belting out Bruno’s hits.

Justin Timberlake

From his *NSYNC days to going solo, Justin Timberlake knows how to give an amazing performance. From belting out hits including “Rock Your Body” and “Cry Me A River”, Timberlake has wowed audiences around the world, even headlining the Superbowl Halftime Show in 2018.


Selling over 32 million albums throughout his career, Timberlake is showing no signs of slowing down and after finishing his Man Of The Woods tour in 2019, he will probably head back on tour in the next year.

Elton John

Around since the 60s, Sir Elton John is one of the greatest musicians and songwriters of all time. Not only has he been listed as one of the 100 influential musicians of the rock and roll era.


This man knows how to put on a show and Elton’s concerts have blown fans out the water and completely surprised at the production but the electric entertainment value is always second to none. Elton has postponed his upcoming tour, so you still have a chance to see the Rocket Man live.


One of the biggest voices to come out of the UK, Adele’s live concerts are almost like a therapy session. You will go through the motions together with the superstar as she belts out emotional hits including “Rolling In The Deep”, “Someone Like You” and “Hello”, probably with tears streaming down your face.


In between tracks, Adele talks to the crowds as if they are her friends, honest, candid and rather rude at times. Not just a concert but an experience, try grab tickets to Adele’s next live performance before it sells out.

Bruce Springsteen

There is a reason why Bruce Springsteen has earned the nickname The Boss. He has sold more than 135 million records worldwide and has embarked on 17 worldwide tours, both as a solo artist and as the leader of the E Street Band.


Springsteen has been hailed as one of the greatest performers and has an unforgettable stage presence that makes his concerts completely memorable. Springsteen has upcoming tour dates in 2020 with his E Street Band, don’t miss it.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith has one of the most emotional and stunning vocal performances in the music industry right now. Hearing him over a record is one thing, but hearing Smith live is a true experience that everyone should do at least once.


When you strip back all the gimmicks at concerts and are there for the raw and real voice of the performer, Sam Smith does it perfectly. With much speculation about a new Sam Smith album looming, he could be on tour within the next year.


Miguel should not be overlooked as an incredible artist to see live. In his performances, Miguel’s voice is clearly the main attraction and his talented backup singers make each individual song an entire event.


The Sky Walker singer is perhaps among the most underrated performers who incorporates R&B, funk, hip hop, rock and electronic styles into his music. From this, he has been compared to the likes of Babyface and Prince. You can grab tickets to his tour in the upcoming months.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz took matters into his own hands and recorded an album on his own when record labels were turning him down. Today, he is one of the most loved and respected artists, breaking the record for most wins in the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance category at the Grammy’s.


Kravitz has sold out tours around the world and his stage presence and visual performance has been hailed by critics. He is set to tour in 2020, so don’t waste time in booking tickets.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been around for over 40 years and are still considered as one of the best bands. The rock/funk band have been churning out hits like “Californiacation” and “Knock Me Down” and show no signs of slowing down.


The Chili Peppers high energy and exciting performances have led them to sell out every concert they have played. Back on tour in 2019 going into 2020, you too can see what all the fuss is about.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has performing in her blood being a part of the famous Jackson family and more than 30 years in the industry isn’t going to stop her from hitting the stage. Jackson showed off the incredible performer that she is after being given the prestigious jobs of headlining the Superbowl Halftime show.


Her perfectly choreographed shows have arenas off their seats and dancing the night away to hits including “All For You” and “Together Again”. She is currently wrapping up her latest tour.

Jennifer Lopez

We can’t have a list of greatest musicians to see live without JLO. Whether you know it or not, everyone is a JLO and as soon as hits like “Jenny From The Block” and “Get Right” start playing, you can’t help but sing along.


From her crazy choreography to her inspiring dancers, outrageous costumes and over the top sets, Jennifer Lopez knows how to put on a show and give fans an incredible night. She just finished her It’s My Party tour but it won’t be long before she heads back on the road. 

Maroon 5

Between their older hits and newer songs, Maroon 5 know how to make a great pop song. There is a reason the band have sold over 150 million records worldwide and have an adoring fan base.


Led by Adam Levine, their hits like “Moves Like Jagger” and “This Love” always get the crowd going at their concerts with fans belting out every word of the catchy songs. The band are about to finish their Red Pill Blues Tour on New Years’ Eve.


There are some artists who’s powerhouse vocals can stun fans at concerts leaving them lost in the music, but there are others who command the stage and put on an absolute show. Rihanna might have one of the best stage presence in the industry today.


Her performance persona is sassy, strong and there is no holding her back when she is in the zone. From the provocative outfits to Rihanna’s dance moves, this is one concert you won’t forget.

Kanye West

Never one to shy away from a public performance whether it is warranted or not, Kanye West is in his absolute element when performing. With a Kanye concert, you never know what you will get. It can be Kanye performing the whole concert in full masks, or suspended high up in the center of the arena on a floating stage.


Kanye’s creativity and artistic direction manifests during his performances, and you will leave totally understanding the hype. You’re also guaranteed to get some amazing guest performers join him on stage.

Lady Gaga

If you’ve seen any of Lady Gaga’s music videos, you’re getting a small snippet into how outrageous and shocking her live performances. Gaga is one of the few performers who can wow in a high-tempo track and then get behind a piano and proceed to play and belt out a ballad without hitting a bad note.


With a residency in Las Vegas that has wowed audiences every single night, you don’t have a reason not to see Gaga.


A true hip-hop legend, Eminem is known to be one of the greatest rappers who has an incredible stage presence. He has sold over 230 million records globally and won 15 Grammy award with adoring fans around the world.


Despite not having released any new music in a while, he released a re-issue of The Slim Shady LP in 2019 and announced he was touring Australia and New Zealand in 2019. If you happen to be anywhere near concerts, it will be an experience you won’t forget.

Jay Z

The hip hop star turned businessman and mogul has dominated in his genre since the 90s, collaborating with some of the best artists of all time, including his wife Beyonce.


Jay Z has sold over 125 million records worldwide and headlined seven tours and coheadlined an additional nine. Jay Z last went on tour with wife Beyonce in 2018 but there are rumors of a new album coming which means the potential to see Jay on tour again.

John Mayer

John Mayer fans will know that you haven’t fully understood his music and lyrics until you have seen him live. John’s last album The Search for Everything was well-received, but following this, he took a different turn with his music.


After developing an interest in the Grateful Dead, Mayer formed Dead & Company in 2015 with three former Grateful Dead musicians and they have been touring from October 2019 until January 2020 so now is you chance to see John Mayer live.

Lil Wayne

Rapper Lil Wayne began his career at 12 years old when he was discovered by Birdman and joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label. He released his debut album The Block Is Hot almost 20 years ago and some of his hits include Lollipop, A Milli, and Go DJ.


While Wayne said that he would retire at age 35 as he has four kids and wants to take care of them, he does appear at some concerts from time to time so keep a look out for those.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott first stepped into the limelight with his single Antidote and has gone from strength to strength ever since. His third studio album Astroworld became his most successful and it was accompanied by a sell out tour which featured all kinds of airborne rollercoasters in a huge production.


Scott’s tour came with a Netflix deal which was titled Look Mom I Can Fly. Scott often encourages mosh pits at his concerts and brings fans on stage. He will be at the Astroworld Festival in November in Texas.


British band Coldplay are known for their incredible concerts which becomes a complete experience for all those involved. Not only do the visuals at the concerts come from lights, but at the Mylo Xyloto Tour, they handed Xylobands to every attendee that made the entire stadium light up with different colors.


If you love their hits like Viva La Vida, Hymn For The Weekend and A Sky Full Of Stars, you will love every minute of their incredible concerts.

Chance the Rapper

After releasing his first mixtape 10 Day on music sharing site DatPiff, Chance the Rapper shot to fame immediately. His second mixtape was released in 2013 and became a huge hit with fans.


If you’ve been lucky enough to see Chance thus far, you will know that his concerts are quite intimate and sell out almost immediately. But for those who haven’t seen him yet, fear not as the rapper is going on a huge US tour in 2020, so get your tickets now.

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters were formed by Dave Grohl in 1994 and still remain one of the best bands to this day. Through the years they have gained fans from all ages and all walks of life.


While their music is impressive, their live performances are high energy, electric and filled with passion that will make you a fan after, if you weren’t already before. While the band are not currently on a tour, they are set to appear at music festivals as the headliner in the next couple of months.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift came into the music industry as the all-American country singer who had a loyal fan base of young girls. Taylor later transitioned into pop music and gained a new demographic of fans and topping the charts with her hit music.


While she has had some very public feuds with other artists and record labels in the last few years, Taylor has never failed in putting on a great performance for her fans. Filled with high energy and amazing choreography, her concerts are simply a great time. Tickets for her summer 2020 tour are available now.

Billy Joel

Also known as the Piano Man, Billy Joel has been in the music industry for over 40 years and is still one of the most iconic singer/songwriters around. His jazz influenced music has attracted crowds around the world flocking to see him play live.


In 1987 he even became one of the first artists to tour in the Soviet Union after the rock and roll ban was lifted. Joel is constantly on tour in the US so you have every opportunity to go and see him.


Rapper Drake is one of Canada’s greatest exports and with singles including “One Dance”, “God’s Plan” and “Hotline Bling” he is one of the biggest artists in the world, selling over 170 million records. Not only has he won plenty of Grammys for his music, but Drake is known for putting on one great performance when you see him live.


From the pyrotechnics to the stunts and visuals, not to mention the special guests, every detail is thought about when Drake goes into the concert planning process. Drake is always making new music so a concert is probable in the next year which you don’t want to miss.


At 73 years old, Cher is showing no signs of slowing down in her performances. Starting out as iconic duo Sonny and Cher, Cher went on to sell over 100 million records as a solo artists and starring in one of the most lucrative Las Vegas residencies in history.


Between performing for sold out crowds, Cher has also starred in movies including Mamma Mia 2 and in Burlesque. The icon is currently on her Here We Go Again world tour so you can catch her at a city near you.

Ariana Grande

At age 26, Ariana Grande has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her wide vocal range and catchy songs have won her a Grammy and a huge fan base worldwide. Her biggest hits include “Problem”, “Thank U, Next” and “No Tears Left To Cry”.


Ariana’s 2017 concert in Manchester was tragically the site of a terrorist attack, killing 22 of her fans and injuring hundreds more. After recovering and taking some much needed time off, she is back to belting out hit songs to sold out areas. She is currently in the middle of her Sweetener tour.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has had quite the career and she is known for being one of the most energetic and entertaining performers. With hits like “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic” and “I’m a Slave 4 U”, Britney knows how to get a crowd going with her amazing choreography and inspired staging.


Although the star has been known to lip sync at many of her concerts, Britney is all about the overall entertainment. Her Las Vegas residency has been put on hold for her to deal with personal issues but she told fans she would be back.


With a career spanning over 3 decades, Madonna is one of the greatest performers of her generation. With over 300 million records sold worldwide, she is listed as the best-selling female recording artist of all time by Guinness World Records.


When it comes to her live performances, whether at a concert or an award show performance, Madonna loves going for the shock factor, so you never really know what she will do or say, which makes it more entertaining. With hits including “Prayer”, “Like a Virgin” and “Hung Up”, you know you will have a great time.

John Legend

John Legend has one of the most soulful voices in the music industry with an incredible range. For his singing and songwriting, he has won 10 Grammys as well as an Oscar and he was the first African American to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT).


His concerts have fans singing along to songs including “All of Me” and “Ordinary People” while John plays along behind the piano. You won’t appreciate his full vocal range until you hear it in person.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is known to be the ultimate diva. From her dazzling costumes, perfect hair and gorgeous dancers, everything is perfect when it comes to her concerts. With her five-octave vocal range and melismatic singing style, you get both ballads and uptempo hits when you attend one of her concerts.


To make it more interesting, watch how she interacts with her dancers, not only are they a very close knit group, but she is also dancing one of the main choreographers.

Backstreet Boys

While they might not be the most iconic of artists on this list, the Backstreet Boys have some of the catchiest songs which you know are your guilty pleasures, and their concerts are a riot. As far as 90s boy bands go, they really are some of the best and they still wear the matching outfits with perfectly timed choreography to take you back in time.


Their Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency is currently running and it is the first residency they have ever performed. If you want to belt out “I Want It That Way” and “As Long As You Love Me” you know where to go.

Calvin Harris

If you’re into dance music, Calvin Harris’ concert will feel like it’s a few hours too short. The Scottish DJ is famous for songs including “We Found Love”, “This Is What You Came For” and “Summer” and has even won a Grammy award.


Collaborating with artists including Rihanna, Sam Smith and Florence Welch gave his music a whole new mainstream audience and has allowed him to top the Billboard charts. He performs weekly in Las Vegas at the clubs, or catch him on his stadium tour.

The Weeknd

Canadian singer/songwriter Abel is better known as his stage name The Weeknd and he has sold over 70 million records worldwide. His number one hits include “Beauty Behind the Madness” in 2015, “Starboy” in 2016, and “My Dear Melancholy” in 2018 along with many other singles that came in the top 10.


He is considered to be one of the biggest R&B singers around and he has performed to sold out crowds in the biggest arenas. The Weeknd has an incredible stage presence and all of his concerts have been received very well.


Beyonce has been hailed as one of the best singers and performers of this generation. Beyonce’s performance are packed with energy, her bands are amazing and her stage presence is totally unforgettable.


If you haven’t yet seen Queen Bey on stage in person, her Netflix documentary showing her full Coachella performance will have you absolutely desperate to experience Beyonce in all her glory. With a husband like Jay Z, a sister like Solange and a previous girlband in Destiny’s Child, you’ll get some surprise additions to the phenomenal performance.

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