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Luxurious Homes Owned By These Celebrities Are Totally Dreamy




Celebrities like to kick back and enjoy their time alone away from the cameras. When they buy a house, they often spend their hard-earned cash making it their dream home. Whether it’s a large swimming pool or just a soft mattress at night – no detail goes unchecked.



We examine some of the best homes from your favorite celebrities. With a strong 401k and insurance policies to last a lifetime, we see how the rich and famous choose to spend their money.

Celine Dion – $65 Million, Florida

Celine Dion is an experienced entertainer with a career spanning 30 years. She decided to build herself a Bahamian-style wonderland in Florida. She added a water park to her 10,000 square foot home complete with pools, man-made rivers, and water slides.


At a price of $65 million, this eight-bedroom mansion also comes with a beach-view, master kitchen, multiple dining areas, media, and game rooms and more. With a total fortune of $380m, wouldn’t you invest in a similar home?

Jennifer Lawrence – $8 Million, Beverly Hills

Jennifer Lawrence’s home was formerly owned by reality star and country singer Jessica Simpson. This 5,500 square foot home is in Beverly Hills and comes with five bedrooms and wardrobes each decorated in a French style, including a lap pool located in a hidden backyard and surrounded by greenery.


This is the perfect place for a starlet to get some quiet. She often resides in the house in between filming her Oscar-winning performances! Find out where this romcom star lives, on the next page…

Meg Ryan – $10.9 Million, Soho

Meg Ryan’s loft is not like yours. It may appear fairly simple, but this is the actress’ ninth home renovation project. The place is over 4,000 square feet with a 40-foot gallery, exposed brick walls, ebony wooden floor, floor-to-ceiling French doors, including 13 windows and eight wardrobes in the master bedroom.


If her career ever slows down as an actress, she can always take up interior design as a new job. This next actor is a mad-hatter for Hollywood Hills…

Johnny Depp – $19 Million, Hollywood Hills

Johnny Depp has bought a house in many places – Los Angeles, an island in the Bahamas, and even a village in France. However, we’re now looking at his primary home in Hollywood Hills.


In 1995, he paid a modest $1.8 million for the house, which was built in 1927. It’s built up of six houses (five owned by Depp) and covers 7,430 square feet in total. It boasts eight bedrooms, 29 rooms, and 10 bathrooms.

Mandy Moore – $2.5 Million, Pasadena

Mandy Moore wanted a change from the usual luxury lifestyle, so she bought herself a new chic place to fit her new style of living. The cost of this upgrade was $2.5 million, this 3,500 square foot home has three bathrooms, a spa, a large kitchen with a breakfast nook, three bedrooms, and an office.


In the backyard, there is private access to the pool with multiple patios and space for a couple of SUVs. Click to find out where Justin Bieber lives with his new bride…

Justin Bieber – $20 Million, Hollywood Hills

Newly-wed Justin Bieber can enjoy married life in his futuristic mansion in Hollywood Hills. The engagement to capture the world’s attention, he and Hailey Baldwin can rest easy with its six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and an impressive infinity pool.


We’re unsure if the glass surrounds require special insurance, but for the parties he’s known to have in his youth, it might be worth the investment! His $200 million fortune is helping him pay the $60k a month rent. Find out which Joker has just moved house, by clicking next…

Jared Leto – $2 Million, Hollywood Hills

This singer-turned-actor Jared Leto invested in a 2-story, 4,000 square foot compound for $2-million dollars in the Hollywood Hills. Leto’s home comes with tropical landscaping covering the house’s exterior, four bedrooms, a huge pool, and his own fully-equipped recording studio for when he is feeling creative.


This allows the actor and singer to indulge in any activity that he sees fit for the day as well as maintaining his privacy.

Scarlett Johansson – $3.8 Million – Los Angeles

Scarlett Johansson spent around $4 million for this four-bedroom place in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. At approximately 3,500 square feet, this mansion has everything she needs. It includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe, a fireplace, kitchen with an open floor plan, and other such amenities.


In the garden, there is a swimming pool, spa, cabana, and more additional space. The Avengers star doesn’t have to worry about upkeep on this house with her big-budget roles.

Michael Jackson – $32 Million, New York

Even though the King of Pop died in 2009, it doesn’t stop him from holding properties across the country. One o his homes included this impressive house built in the 1800s. It totals 12,700 square feet over six floors – with seven bedrooms. The marble countertops and design are true to his taste and personality.


The house now belongs to the Michael Jackson estate, and it’s unclear if it will stay there. For $32m, it might be worth getting some of that money back by selling it. Click to find out which celebrity is currently hiding the price of his home…

Bill Maher – Undisclosed, Beverly Hills

In today’s world, a little mystery goes a long way. In work, Bill Maher doesn’t care what you think – and the same can be said for his personal life. This home was previously under the ownership of Ben Affleck, Susan Dey, and Drew Barrymore.


It’s unclear how much he paid for this property, but we expect it to be a lot – banking on at least a few million. How much do you think he paid for this secluded house?

Rihanna – $22 Million, Barbados

Rihanna bought her house for $22m in Barbados that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. It has direct access to the beach and is her dream home from before she was a rich a successful celebrity. the property has a large outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa, a tennis court, golf course and two docking yacht areas for guests who sail over from abroad!


It must be a great place to visit when you want to escape the craziness of California – would you visit? Click on the next page to see which star will be moving with her new Australian hubby…?

Miley Cyrus – $2.5 Million, Malibu

The young diva snagged up a two-bedroom Malibu dream house with two acres of the lush landscape for $2.5-million. This home is a stark contrast to her personality as a wild child but every mega celeb needs a place to go to for peace and quiet.


Today, she enjoys it with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, as they plan for their wedding during their exciting engagement. She has a driveway big enough for a few SUVs suitable for the future family! Our next celebrity was living in Washington D.C until this happened and he had to leave…

Tucker Carlson $2.2 Million, Washington, DC.

Cable news’ most popular anchor, Tucker Carlson had purchased this 4,784-square-foot residence for him and his family in 2011. It had more than enough space for his four children to run around when they were growing up.


He had to move up to New York for his show on Fox News, and so the family sold it to relocate in the Empire State. It had seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and one-half bath.

Kanye West – $20 Million, Hidden Hills

Kim and Kanye own a few houses, most notably this $20m house which he renovated no less than five times! No need to take out a mortgage when you’re worth nearly a billion dollars.


Still, the mansion doesn’t please Kim entirely – she is now eyeing up a $200m property with a massive 123 rooms, and a tennis court and bowling alley. Let’s hope they cool it down a bit – we’re not sure insurance will cover something that big. Turn the page to see where this former teen star lives…

Christina Aguilera – $13.5 Million, Los Angeles

Christina Aguilera is another star who follows her heart to buy and design her dream house. Her 11,000-square-foot mansion was this starlet’s personal project, including a recording studio, walk-in closet, walls of shoes and more rooms which all have their own color scheme.


It even has arcade rooms, compiled of all her kids’ favorite arcade games and pinball machines. This singer knows what she likes and is not intimidated by the price or others opinions. What about this former wrestler? Click to find out who lives in Beverly Hills…

Hulk Hogan – $1.6 Million, Beverly Hills

The TV star, wrestler, and TV personality has had his ups and downs during his career which started in 197u. Today, he lives in a $1.6m Beverly Hills home with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and totaling around 2000 square feet.


Its beach views are a major selling point and raise the insurance policies surrounding the property and its value. It is situated next to another estate owned by the Hogan family. He lives right next door to this young Hollywood star who made her name by swearing and cursing…

Chris Evans – $3.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

He’s the Marvel hero everyone routes for – Captain America! It wasn’t a civil war for Chris Evans, but a bidding war that he had to win to acquire this 4,600 square foot house.


Located in Laurel Canyon, the property has a master bedroom, dressing room, large floor-to-ceiling windows, and a steam shower. Chris has even built a spacious open-concept kitchen to nurture his love for cooking and keep the Captain well fed!

Chloë Grace-Moretz – $3.4 Million, Hollywood

While regular 21-year-olds tend to consider loans and mortgages rates before even they start thinking about buying their own home, actress/model Chloë Grace Moretz has already made more than one real-estate investments.


The latest property that ended up in her real estate portfolio is this gorgeous 5,600-square-foot mansion worth around $3.4 million. In addition to five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the pad includes a large master bath complete with a Jacuzzi tub.

Britney Spears – $9 Million, California

Pop icon Britney Spears has had a career with ups and downs, yet she still lives in an amazing home. Her nine-million California-Italian style villa is over 13,00 square feet and comes with everything you need inside and out: gardens, fountains, and elevated gazebo.


With so much noise in her everyday life, silence is golden for Spears who doesn’t mind the price tag of this estate – a drop in the ocean of her $200 million fortune. She’s practically neighboring with this Hollywood icon…

Denzel Washington – $14.6 Million, Los Angeles

As an incredibly versatile actor, Denzel Washington owns a home in Los Angeles with a large variety of recreational activities. It has a swimming pool, tennis court, cinema room, sauna, walk-in wardrobe, and a car park for his many cars and SUVs.


With a fortune of $220m, it doesn’t take much for him to splash out on a few extra toys and gadgets in his house. May he enjoy it!

Seth Meyers – $7 Million, Greenwich Village

This Late Night host’s home sure is something to talk about! His $12 million fortune has helped him buy a two-story, five-bedroom house in Greenwich Village coming in at 3,00 square feet.


This duplex is just a short stroll from Washington Square Park, and has a view of the Empire State building over the Hudson River. Not too bad for this funny man! He’s not too far away from this 1990s star currently living in Soho – find out who!

Beyonce and Jay-Z – $88 Million, Bel Air

With a combined fortune of $350m, is it a surprise that this power couple’s home is with almost $100m? As well as its eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, their amazing 30,000-square-foot Bel Air house has space for four swimming pools, a full-sized basketball court, spa, separate staff quarters, and a garage big enough to host at least fifteen cars.


We bet they got this insured, you don’t want any of that to wash away! Turn the page to find out what other Hollywood couple is currently doing renovations…

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt – $6 Million, New York

This famous TV and film couple easily bought this Brooklyn Park Slope house measuring at almost 4,000 square feet. This home contains six-suite bedrooms with amazing architecture, including walk-in wardrobes and design points.


They paid around $300k for renovations before moving in with their young children. They can now call this house a home for them and their family.

Lea Michele – $3.3 Million, Los Angeles

Glee alum Lea Michele appears to be happy in her West Los Angeles home that cost her about $3.3 million at the time of purchase. Even though she is not much of a party girl, the home was still featured in InStyle’s magazine as an example of an amazing investment for a young person looking to start a family.


This mansion contains multi-colored rooms with cupboards and wardrobes to match, as well as a big backyard and car park. What celebrity has traded it all for a farm? Click next to find out…

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – $3.45 Million, Tennessee

Just south of Nashville lies this amazing property belonging to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They have recently listed this 5000-square foot property for $3.4m – are you interested in buying it from them? It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and is on a quiet country road.


On the rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee, the house had many good memories inside of it and is ready to be the host of many more.

Lady Gaga – $5.25 Million, Hollywood Hills

Another Pop Icon with a Hollywood hideaway is Lady Gaga, who bought Frank Zappa’s home in Laurel Canyon. This Hollywood Hills house covers almost 7,000 square feet with six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, two guest homes, and a staff house for all her needs.


Adding to the insurance bills are indoor and outdoor kitchens, an entire art gallery, a recording studio, and a rooftop tennis court. This home truly has everything a Hollywood star could ever want or need.

Katy Perry – $4 Million, Los Angeles

Katy Perry is a singing sensation with a bunch of chart-topping hits; so it’s no wonder she can live like a true California Queen! Her $4 million Mediterranean-style home has special amenities including four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a walk-in closet.


The backyard has a stunning view and a massive pool – a great place to watch some fireworks. The price tag has nothing on her $280m fortune – she can afford to splash out a bit! Which Fresh Prince moved to California? Find out what it is on the next page! 

Will Smith – $42m, California

This Fresh Prince moved as far as he could to the neighborhood of Calabasas, California. This investment on land and water is far from just a home: this estate first cost Will Smith $20 million and comes with all the amenities he needs.


The house includes basketball courts, a golf course, a tennis court, a huge garage for 10 SUVs, and a recording studio. It is now worth more than double what Smith paid for it at $42 million, due to the additions he added to the estate.

Selena Gomez – $4 Million, Texas

Actress-turned-pop singer Selena Gomez certainly loves her family and friends – which is why she recently purchased a 10,000-square-foot mansion located in Fort Worth. The decision came after the singer decided she wants to spend more time with her family.


The resort-style home comes with seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, a luxurious home theater, two kitchens, parking for eight SUVs, and a gaming room. Together with that, it also has an outdoor kitchen, saltwater pool, and a tennis court. It’s pretty different from this $85 million house on the next page…

Eddie Murphy – $85m, Hollywood Hills

Famous comedian Eddie Murphy bought this $20m piece of land without a mortgage due to his high fortune as an actor and stand-up. He made some new renovations as a homeowner that included turning it into an entire resort – with a pool, sauna, gym, and hot tub.


The mansion spans over 16 acres and has nine bedrooms, 32 rooms, and a guest house which is roughly the same size as a normal home.

Michael Phelps – $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

Michael Phelps returned to his five-bedroom home in Scottsdale, Arizona, after another round at the Olympic games. The mansion includes six bathrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, and four fireplaces. This $2.5 million home is a great real estate investment and Phelps could even retire in it.


Set on private land with a pool in the backyard, we are sure he will be able to keep busy during his retirement from professional competition. Speaking of retirement – check out what singer just returned to the public eye in this brand new house on the next page…

Tobey Maguire – Estimated $3.3 Million, West Hollywood

Tobey Maguire, the original star of the Spider-Man franchise, bought a modern style home in West Hollywood for an estimated $3.3 million.


It has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining room breakfast bar, a newly-renovated kitchen, a large entertainment area with glass walls and almost 50-foot long salt water swimming pool. That’ll keep the cobwebs at bay!

Adele – $9.5 Million, Beverly Hills

This famous British icon comes and goes every few years, but it’s undeniable that she leaves an impact wherever she goes. Adele has more than a few awards under her belt, so buying $9.5 million home in Hidden Valley was not something she needed financial advice for.


In total, it has four bedrooms each with a fireplace and walk-in closet, two dining rooms, two living rooms, and two baths rooms. Some actors prefer Florida, as this actor-turned-pilot will tell you on the next page…

Keira Knightly – $6 Million, New York

Keira Knightley has a fantastic apartment in the hip TriBeCa neighborhood that she bought in 2015. The $6 million, three-bedroom home is over 3,000 square feet and has a private patio with a modern touch to it.


The house matches the actress’ persona although she probably pays a lot for the insurance. Even with that, most are still envious of this bohemian hideaway.

Rob Lowe – $42 Million, Santa Barbara

This The West Wing and Parks and Recreation star recently invested a whopping $42m into this property. He and his wife merged their savings accounts to renovate this new home. Each of the 20 rooms inside the luxurious house is decorated in an old English style with a touch of modern luxury.


Their new piece of real estate made such an impression that it was featured on the pages of Architectural Digest. He’s not too far from another Hollywood star and his two teenage kids – find out who!

John Travolta – $12 Million, Florida

John Travolta is known for his career which has spanned over four decades. Looking at his house, you will definitely agree that his Florida property is impressive.


The $12 million compound is a home and airport including a long landing strip, airplane hangars, pools, and a golf course. We have to assume that he is still getting Grease residuals since his net worth is estimated at $160 million which helps pay off the house very easily.

Jessica Chastain – Estimated $5.1 Million – New York

As soon as this red-headed starlet got her first big payday she knew she wanted a new place. So, she bought a co-op apartment with more than 3,000 square feet in Midtown Manhattan a few years ago that is estimated to be around $5 million.


This home includes nine bedrooms, a large library, entertainment room, five fireplaces, and a large tub to relax in. It is surrounded with windows and high ceilings and finished with antique furniture.

Bill Gates – $147.5 Million, Washington

The man behind Microsoft, and perhaps the biggest philanthropist on the planet. Bill Gates is the owner of a $147.5 million dollar house in Washington. Gates’ home also comes fully equipped with a bunch of home technologies and systems, appearing to be a real-life Stark Tower!


It is a long way away from his childhood home and a great place to relax after a long day’s work – sometimes engaging in writing his latest book. Turn to the next page to find out who lives in a modest New York house…

Rosie O’Donnell – $525,000, New York

The comedian, actress, personality, and political pundit bought a large house in New York that makes her commute to The View much easier than before. There’s a pool, a jacuzzi, and even a movie theater so she can relax at night with friends and family.


O’Donnell is also a known philanthropist and spends time, money, and energy raising funds and contributing to charities across the states. Quite the investment, since prices are only going up in the Empire State!

Tiger Woods – $60 Million, Florida

Golf sensation Tiger Woods has seen his fair share of drama. However, when it comes to living a life of glamor, the prolific celebrity definitely knows how to get it done. Tiger’s Florida estate is worth north of an impressive $60 million – but that’s not all!


It also has a private jet and luxury yacht with a few dozen high-scale vehicles. With additional expenses like this, you can see how Woods can afford to pay for a new love affair every year or so.

Ciara – $6.7 Million, Meydenbauer Bay

Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, live in a 10,500 square foot mansion in Washington’s Bellevue Meydenbauer Bay. The property comes with seven bedrooms and bathrooms, spiral staircases, walk-in closets, theater room,  a wine cellar, and an entire lake.


We have a feeling this American singer and NFL couple won’t have to worry about bills and loans as they raise their family here.

Bernie Sanders – $575k, Champion Island

The 2016 Presidential candidate wants to take money from the rich to feed the poor. This is one of his four houses he shares with his wife who is currently under FBI investigation for fraud. It was built in 1920 and is 1883 square feet – much, much bigger than the average home of his supporters.


Let’s hope they have a strong insurance policy – his summer house comes with hundreds of thousands of dollars of maintenance costs. Sanders has something in common with this past president – you won’t believe how much his house is worth on the next few pages!

Diane Kruger – Estimated $4.2 Million – New York

Diane Kruger is another famous Hollywood star who recently won an award for best actress from the Cannes Film Festival.


So with her rising fame and recognition, she decided to cash out $4.2 million on a trendy eco-friendly apartment in Tribeca, downtown New York City. The home is almost 2,000 square feet and has two bedrooms, a huge walk-in closet, and an office.

Jimmy Carter – $167k, Georgia

The former president lives in a modest suburban home and even continues to shop at the supermarkets he visited before his tenure at the White House. His humble two-bedroom home (which he built himself!) is shared with his wife, Rosalynn, and goes to show not all former presidents seek a lavish lifestyle!


The only difference in his life today is the addition of Secret Service agents who accompany all former presidents for life. At 94, he has enjoyed the longest life after the presidency than any other person.

Robert Downey Jr. – $11.9, East Hamptons

Marvel’s key player, Iron Man‘s Robert Downey Jr. is one of the top-billed actors in Hollywood. He acquired a cottage in the East Hamptons called “Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage”. It is comprised of the main house complete with seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a library, and an office for all that script reading!


Even the guest house, which is located a short walk away, has two bedrooms. Outside it holds a pool, three-car garage, tennis court, and a studio.

Dennis Quaid – Estimated $14 Million, Montana

Dennis Quaid has a place out in Southwest Montana that he’s owned for around 25 years. It rests on more than 400 acres of land with two ponds, horse stables, riding paths, four cottages, and a planetarium.


This massive compound is over 5,000 square feet with two wings, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms. It contains large living rooms with fireplaces built in a cabin-like fashion with stone, log and wooden floor units.

Clint Eastwood – $9.75 Million, California

Another old man on our list, the Western actors is entering his 89th year and stronger than ever. His Spanish Colonial estate in California is on a 4.7-acre space of land. He bought it in 1994 for $3.9m and is looking to gain on the investment.


In total, it is 7000 square feet with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It’s the perfect home to host his family and friends which he uses for BBQ dinners and evenings of quiet drinks.

Aaron Rodgers – Estimated $8 Million – Del Mar

This quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and NFL star Aaron Rodgers is an owner of multiple homes. His primary home is in Wisconsin where the team is located and where he lives during the NFL season. Rodgers’ other is in his hometown of Del Mar, San Diego.


This additional residence includes six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large swimming pool with a Jacuzzi in the backyard, a full spa with sauna, basketball court, beauty salon, a football field, gaming room, gym, and a cinema. Being an NFL all-star means you can master the art of ‘work hard and play hard’.

Drake – $7.7 Million, Hidden Hills

Canadian rapper Drake banked on Hidden Hills for his home for quite some time. He bought the house for ‘only’ $7.7 million compared to the $27 million asking price it has today.


This mansion comes complete with a gigantic set of swimming pools, waterfalls, and extravagant man-cave-type rooms that include a few secret passageways. We definitely get why Drake had his eye on this place and how good of an investment it is.

Kobe Bryant – $6.1 Million, Los Angeles

With a $500 million fortune, we’re not surprised that Kobe Bryant chose to retire! Today, he enjoys his $6.1m home fitted with a salon, gym, home theatre, and a swimming pool.


His initial asking price for the LA mansion was $8m, but someone eventually bought it for $6.1m. Kobe Bryant is recently enjoying a new career as an Oscar-winning filmmaker, so no need to worry about banking on a comeback to sports! 

Mel Gibson – $27 million, Connecticut

Mel Gibson has had a turbulent career, to say the least, but you can’t say the man doesn’t know how to live in style. This mansion, named ‘Old Mill Farm’ is located in Greenwich, CT, and was sold for a massive $27 million back in 2010!

The property has acres of land to explore, a vintage fireplace, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and plenty of place for privacy. When you’re as big a star as he is, it’s important to have some space for yourself every so often!