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Lionel Messi Is Building A House In The Shape Of Number 10



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Being one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Lionel Messi has a net worth of an estimated $400 million, so he can pretty much have whatever he wants in life. With all that money, why build a normal looking house when you can have the most unique house built exactly to your specifications? This is exactly what Messi is planning to do as mock ups of his new house have been released.

The actual design is built in the shape of a number 10, the number jersey that the superstar soccer player wears. But that’s not all, as the circular shaped part of the house resembles the exact thing that made Messi so rich, a soccer ball. The ultra-modern, state-of-the-art home seems to have been built with the beautiful game in mind with grass and glass panels covering the roof with white bricks separating different parts of the house, just like the sections in a soccer ball.

In some more luxurious touches, the plans for the pool show it seamlessly merging into the house, creating a zero-edge infinity pool with the water flowing freely on all sides. It is suggested that Messi’s new house is due to cost around €7 million to build, but that is basically pocket change for the international star.

The new mansion is located 22 miles out of Barcelona in the Castelldefels area overlooking the Catalan mountains. The architect is celebrity favorite Luis de Garrido who has designed houses for the likes of Naomi Campbell and known for his revolutionary and unusual designs. He said in an interview “Messi’s house is closely related to him, his idiosyncrasies, his personality and even his own torments. I would say the most important personality of Messi is duality, determination and self-belief.”

In addition to his new house, Messi also has two other houses in Spain and his native Argentina where he lives with his wife and two sons.

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