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NFL Stars Who Invested A Big Fortune In These Houses and Cars




The NFL pays its players some of the largest sums the world has to offer. Players can make millions of dollars a year in salaries, and that’s before all the additional endorsements and appearances. Many had a modest start in high school or college – and worked hard to be where they are today.



Now, their lives are filled with lavish homes and extravagant cars and yachts. We’ve gathered some of the coolest collections of houses and toys from some of your favorite players.

Tim Tebow & Demi-Leigh Nel Peters – Florida, $1.5 Million

Tim Tebow is certainly multi-talented, attaining success in all ventures sparking his interest. He is a prominent NFL and baseball player, and these days he is making a stable career out of sports commentary.


With a distinguished career, lots of money in his bank account, and the beautiful Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters next to him, life for Tim is nothing but pleasure. Together, they live in a palatial 6,500-square-foot house located within a golf course in Florida.

Joe Flacco & Dana Grady – Corvette Stingray, $70k

Joe Flacco rose to great fame and success, banking on his skills on the field. The quarterback plays for the Baltimore Ravens and was the MVP in 2013. He even got a cup made by Tiffany & Co for that! However, we are convinced he was more excited in the other prize that came with the award — a brand new Corvette Stingray valued at $70K!


He ended up paying taxes coming close to $25K on insurance, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with this is invaluable!

Drew Brees & Brittany Brees – Bugatti Veyron, $2.2 Million

The successful quarterback from New Orleans’ Saints, Drew Brees began playing football when in college. No wonder he has been able to amass a lot of money over the years, enabling him to easily buy five luxury cars worth $4.2 million!


In fact, this year he signed a whopping $50-million contract with the Saints again which means even more money for this NFL star. Married to long-time partner Brittany Brees, they seem to be a great fit with each other, but we don’t know what Brittany thinks about Drew’s love for fast cars!

Antonio Brown & Chelsie Kyriss – Hollywood, $6.6 Million

Antonio Brown apparently believes in experiencing life like a king. The $6.6-million home he bought for his wife, Chelsie Kyriss and their three children, is a declaration to that mindset.


Located in Hollywood Oaks, the residence has floors made of Italian marble and plenty of chandeliers, an outdoor kitchen, a wet bar, and even a synagogue! The home theater is enormous and there is a media room, a swimming pool, and a guest house within the property. Is it too fancy?

Michael Strahan & Nicole Mitchell Murphy – Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, $535k

Michael Strahan is pretty adamant about three things in life – his career, his cars, and his women – and it absolutely shows. Just look at this awesome car collection and you will understand what we’re saying: Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Mercedes-Benz SLR, Porsche Carrera GT,  McLaren Roadster, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, Mercedes-Benz 600, Lamborghini LM002, and Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG!


The entire cost of all his vehicles must reach millions, not even considering the auto insurance he spends for each of his cars each month!

Joe Montana – San Francisco’s Marina District, $2.275 Million

Coming in at 10,000 square feet, this Tuscan Villa placed within a 500-acre estate in Calistoga is nothing shy of astonishing, just like the owner Joe Montana himself. If we are speaking about the NFL, Joe Montana clearly needs a mention. The tremendous cost of the villa was $35 million, which is enough to drop our jaws to the floor.


However, they sold it off, stored the money in their bank accounts, and went to stay in the San Francisco Marina district. Maybe he chose to minimize a bit and bought a modest condo style apartment worth almost $2.3 million.

James Harrison & Beth Tibbott – Shadyside, $1.8 Million

James Harrison has retired away from the NFL now, but in his playing days, his Shadyside home saw a lot of activity. It was a fabulous place for hosting his guests, and along with wifey Beth Tibbot, Harrison had several parties here.


The house was built in 1994, but it was not too hard for James to renovate it completely to make it more modernized and to suit their needs. However, the house is on sale currently and we reckon the money is going straight into James’s retirement fund!

Greg Olsen and Kara Dooley – North Carolina, $1.7 Million

Each time a family expands, the need for a larger home becomes clear, and Greg Olsen and Kara Dooley must have thought the same. Their $1.7-million-dollar house was put on the property market when the couple decided to move somewhere else.


The residence comes with wine storage, a library, and a large green lawn. Though it’s unmistakably a stunning home, we can’t wait to see where the couple will move to next. Judging by their bank account, we’re sure their next house will be even more amazing!

Eli Manning – Quogue, $8.5 Million

We don’t need to introduce Eli Manning on this list! The New York Giants player has a large net worth of $100 million, and a $8.5-million-dollar house is rarely a big investment for him! Similar to many celebrity homes, his Quogue home is spectacular – and the best bit? He has an entrance to his own secluded beach!


Now that really adds a touch more opulence into what is already such an elegant house. With a successful career and a delightful personal life, Eli is one blessed man indeed.

A.J. Green & Miranda Brooke – Porsche Panamera 4S, Estimated $160K

A.J Green joined the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011 and has made quite the impression ever since. Today, he is worth $35 million – not bad for a 30-year-old!


He married Miranda Brooke and the two of them splashed out on a $160K Porsche Panamera 4S, with a V8 engine and automatic, 7-speed transmission. The Porsche goes from 0-60 in an impressive 4.2 seconds – reaching speeds of 175mph. Wow!

Jeff Garcia – California, $7.8 Million

Jeff Garcia has been retired since all the way in 2012, and we are convinced he has his investments planned out carefully.


With a gift for real estate ventures, Jeff and his wife, Carmella Garcia had sold their California house for $7.8 million which was an excellent deal since they had initially bought the home for much less! Though the house is beautiful and cozy, they’re probably thrilled with the money they got from trading it.

Mike Singletary – California, $3.25 Million

Mike Singletary’s career didn’t finish once he retired from the NFL. Instead of being the hero in the field, he made the decision to be a coach. Now he’s the head coach for the Memphis Express!


As well as dedicating his time in his new career, Mike has also made property investments when he put up his house for sale, amounting to $3.25 million. Sure, that’s quite a large sum of money, but he’s probably more content knowing that he’s being a massive influence on his team as a coach.

Jerry Rice & Latisha Pelayo – California, $9 Million

Jerry Rice will likely go down in history as the greatest wide receiver in the NFL ever. At the age of 56, Jerry looks wonderful even now and we guess what kind of weight loss diet he keeps. In 2018, he got engaged to his girlfriend Latisha Pelayo.


His ability was discovered when he was in school and there was no going back after that. His custom smart home in California cost about $9 million and is definitely worth every penny, regardless of the extra insurance costs!

Tony Gonzalez & October Gonzalez – Huntington Beach, $6.3 Million

Tony Gonzalez has a huge passion for both basketball and football, after playing both sports in his college days. He finally had to decide which one he loved more to continue professionally. Ultimately, he chose football and played for the Kansas City Chiefs, and later the Atlanta Falcons.


Due to his passion for the sport, success landed on his feet, allowing him to make quite a fortune in his bank account. With long-time partner October Gonzalez, he bought this fantastic house in Huntington Beach. The 6000-square-foot house has a half basketball court, a home theater, and a 1000-bottle wine cellar!

J.J. Watt & Kealia Ohai – Texas, $800k

When an NFL star purchases a “cabin” for $800k, it makes us think what kind of cabin it could be! It is possible for celebrities to have a second home where they can take a trip, escape the city, and finally relax, and it was a breeze for J.J. Watt to buy such a house given how his career began back when he was still in college.


The cabin is over 4,000 square feet and even has its own elevator! Well, J.J. Watt is fortunate that his career turned out so great.

Rob Gronkowski – Boston, Estimated $2.2 Million

This Patriots player can afford to buy a 2-bedroom Boston home worth $2.2 million. Before this, Rob Gronkowski lived in Tampa Bay, Florida, until he moved north for work. He sold the property and now resides in Boston full time.


Sadly he was robbed this year during the Super Bowl and had to claim a lot of his insurance. Living in Boston doesn’t come without its risks. Our next NFL player is quite far from the East coast…

Deion Sanders & Pilar Sanders – Texas, Estimated $21 Million

This gigantic 109-acre ranch is the home to NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his wife, Pilar Sanders. The home includes a large lake, while the 29,000-square-foot home has a 3,000-square-foot master closet, nine bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, a full indoor basketball court, and several bowling lanes.


The couple is looking to sell this monster property – would you like to live here? Just splash out $21 million  – it’s easy! Find out over the page which NFL player bought a place in Seattle…

Richard Sherman – Seattle, Estimated $2.3 Million

This Seahawks player is based in Seattle and resides in his $2.3 million mansions with his partner. It features four bedrooms, a hot tub, a large swimming pool, and bathrooms and wet bar. The house features two (yes, two) fully-equipped kitchens.


We all like to cook but even we think that two kitchens are a bit excessive. You probably need the calories to play in a Super Bowl-winning team, which the Seahawks did in 2014.

Troy Aikman & Rhonda Worthey  – Texas, Estimated $5.3 Million

This former Dallas Cowboys quarterback isn’t holding back when it comes to enjoying his retirement. Unfortunately, he wasn’t destined to enjoy his marriage as much. After divorcing Rhona Worthey, he is looking to sell this $5.3 million home in Dallas.


The mansion is more than 10,000 square feet and holds a special home cinema and snack bar. It also has four bathrooms, six bedrooms, a pool, a wine room with a bar, a large tub, and a 3-car-garage.

Chad Johnson – Rolls-Royce Phantom, $200k

When class is considered, nothing can really match the classiness of a Rolls Royce. It is in its very own league and of course, only a people of an exclusive club can consider purchasing one.


Chad Johnson may have retired from playing in the field at the NFL, but due to years of hard work and toil, he has been capable of building quite a fortune for himself, allowing him to easily buy a Rolls Royce Phantom worth $200k. However, a few years ago he had to pay large fees after a divorce from his now-ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada.

Terry Bradshaw – Hawaii, $2.7 Million

NFL analyst and member of the NFL Hall of Fame, Terry Bradshaw, has decided to give us a look to his Kamuela, Hawaii ranch. He has finally put it on the real estate market with an initial asking price of $2.7 million.


The residence has tremendous features which make us wonder why he wants to sell this amazing piece of property and land –  but we’re sure it’s for good reason… perhaps a bigger home on the island? The Kohana Ranch has a lap pool measuring up to 60 feet, two koi ponds, and a waterfall!

Patrick Mahomes – Infiniti Q50, $50k

As if making millions, being able to film endorsements for large companies, and returning the love from his fans weren’t all enough, Patrick Mahomes was also signed by the Auto Group. This means he will be endorsing their cars and have access to a $50k Infiniti Q50 too!


He practices his trade for the Kansas City Chiefs, and he is getting a lot of wins so far. He has been with long-time girlfriend Brittany Matthews since their early college days and his fans are likely waiting to see them settle down together someday.

Patrick Peterson – Scottsdale, Estimated $2.6 Million

Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson invested in this Arizona property way back in2015 and made sure to renovate it into a dream project today. The house boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a gym, a chef’s kitchen, and more accessories enjoyed by the couple.


As a wine fan, he even built his own wine cellar and tasting room. It has everything you could ask for in a Scottsdale home which is a perfect place to raise a family.

Philip & Tiffany Rivers – Custom Cadillac Escalade, $200k

The elegant cars and houses that NFL stars purchase are a talking point for many, and since we don’t hold the kind of bank account that these amazing athletes have, we can only look on and admire them. Philip Rivers and wife Tiffany Rivers own this incredible custom Cadillac Escalade that could be yours for only $200K!


When the Chargers moved to Los Angeles, he didn’t want to leave San Diego and change the lives of his wife and kids from their house, so he made it his mission to drive all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles every day.

Robert Griffin III & Rebecca Liddicoat – Aldoe, $2.69 Million

Playing for the Baltimore RavensRobert Griffin III (or RG3, as he is widely known) got his opportunity last year when Lamar Jackson was injured and he played in Jackson’s spot. ‘RG3’ has been playing for a pretty long time, but he spent most of last season viewing the games from the sidelines until this moment.


His first marriage to Rebecca Liddicoat ended in a divorce sadly, and now he is happily married to Grete Sadeiko in the home you see above.

Vincent Jackson & Lindsey Vandeweghe – Florida, $3.5 Million

Having joined the San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Vincent Jackson played for a total of 12 seasons in the NFL before finally ending his reign and entering retirement. With his fortune, Vincent bought this amazing house at the Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club.


The most significant feature of this mansion is the fact that it has a suite for the mother-in-law! We can’t imagine what it could be used for… Of course, it also holds a wet bar, an office, latticed lanai, and a four-car garage.

Kurt Warner & Brenda Warner – Arizona, $5 Million

After playing for the St. Louis Rams for most of his life, Kurt eventually settled down in Arizona after retiring from the field. Alongside his wife Brenda and their seven(!) loving children, his Arizona mansion was known for its futuristic design.


However, in 2011 he sold it for nearly $5 million. Now, they live in another house in Scottsdale, and judging by his bank account balance, we are sure that this one is definitely as nice as the first one!

Amari Cooper and Michelle Green – Undisclosed Location, Price

The wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys had a difficult upbringing. His mother faced many difficulties while raising him, and Amari made his hardships his motivation to make it big in life for his mom.


After a decade of building up his career, he finally landed a place in the NFL, allowing him to not only to improve his skills with the best of the players, but also collect in a lot of money. No wonder, when he got millions in his bank, he gifted his mom a house and a car.

Mario Williams – Buffalo, $2.5 Million

Property seems to be a perfect way for celebrities to invest their money. However, not everybody can make a profit out of it. NFL player Mario Williams placed his Buffalo home on the market for a modest $3 million, but sadly, there were not enough buyers who were looking.


He had to knock off $500,000 from his asking price, and someone finally took the burden off him and purchased his house for $2.5 million. Let’s hope it didn’t cause any loss for him, though, with all the money sitting in his bank, he doesn’t need to worry about his financial status!

Andrew Luck & Nicole Pechanec – Honda Accord, Estimated $25K

Despite a whopping $140-million contract with the Colts, quarterback Andrew Luck keeps it modest when dealing with car purchase choices. According to friends and family, Luck as always been frugal: he shared a car with his sister and would cycle to and from college.


Now he’s settled down with Nicole Pechanec, the two share this classic accord. It’s very charming to see money not change the character of good people like Andrew.

Joe Haden & Sarah Mahmoodshahi – Lamborghini Aventador, $1.1 Million

Joe Haden had begun his career as a cornerback for the Cleveland Browns, but today he plays for the Pittsburgh SteelersIt is secure to say that Joe loves all things shiny and bright — whether it is his cars or his amazing wife.


Now, he is the smiling owner of a Lamborghini Aventador which costs more than a million dollars! He wanted the car to have the colors of his team, and so it was customized accordingly to his demands.

NNamdi Asomugha & Kerry Washington – Hollywood Hills, $2.7 Million

Kerry Washington is the wife of the San Francisco 49ers player Nnamdi Asomugha. If you weren’t aware, she is also an actor and producer. The couple is one of the most popular power duos in the NFL field. At one point, they had this lovely French-style house found in the Hollywood Hills. They eventually sold it for $2.7 million.


A lawn, an entire basketball court, and a large swimming pool made the house even more glamorous. However, we think that the couple has been able to save enough money to afford another elegant house if they want.

Reggie Bush & Lilit Arvagyan – Lamborghini Aventador, $450k

Reggie Bush declared his retirement from the NFL in 2017. Across his long career, he has worked his trade for a few teams. Being a player with amazing talent, he never disappointed those in the field of sports.


However, he did get in some controversies which cost him a few of his prestigious awards, it didn’t stop him from being his own unique self!

Darren McFadden & Tita McFadden – Buick Centurion, $100k

Here’s another NFL player who has been wooed by cars – Darren McFadden. The running back player, who played for the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboysadores bright colors and retro designs when it comes to his cars.


His taste is quite tacky and eclectic, but we are not suggesting it’s a bad thing. We should particularly mention his purple Buick which was bought for $30k but with several changes over the years, it costs about $100k now. Quite the investment!

Jim Brown & Monique Brown – Los Angeles, Undisclosed Price

Jim Brown has earned his reputation as an NFL player and as an actor. Married to Monique Brown, the couple is still together in their older years, and we are so happy they never needed a divorce attorney ever! So what is the secret to such a successful marriage?


It is pretty good to assume that his financial stability and his ability to purchase luxury items like their house in L.A. must have helped them stay satisfied, happy, and secure!

Navorro Bowman – San Jose, $.2 Million

This estate owned by NaVorro Bowman was a vintage piece of architecture built all the way in 1951. However, Bowman renovated it, shelling out a lot just to ensure that his home fit his needs perfectly. With an initial asking price of $4.2 million, the house is fit for any famous face with deep pockets –  plus it’s certainly a great deal!


It is clear that Bowman’s financial planning advisor had sorted everything so that Bowman is ready to invest in a second, nice property soon!

Brett Favre & Deanna Tynes Favre – Ford F-150, Estimated $29.1K

Just because you play for the Green Bay Packers, it doesn’t mean you need to spend millions on a fancy car. Brett Favre and his partner, Deanna Tynes Favre used to own this Ford which he would drive to practice.


He sold it for $29.1k to an undisclosed buyer and we tracked down its value today: a modest $17k. It goes to show how you can be in the top 1% of earners and yet still maintain a modest lifestyle.

Aaron Rodgers & Danica Patrick – Chevrolet Camaro, Estimated $35K

Another modest entry on our list is Aaron Rodgers and his $35,000 Camaro from 2011. The Green Bay Packers’ quarterback is the modest owner of the customized vehicle – he even put the logo on it! Talk about loyalty!


Still, at 34 he must be more aware of frugality and spending money only when it’s necessary. His partner, Danica Patrick, seems to find it charming and is said to be a fan of the car.

Odell Beckham Jr & Sophie Campise  – Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Estimated $500K

Odell Beckham Jr – the 25-year-old New York Giants‘ wide receiver, is already on the Forbes‘ “30 under 30” list. As well as his football commitments, he has deals with Nike and other companies, which afforded him this Rolls-Royce Phantom.


This is just one car in his collection of Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupes, a red Ferrari, a McLaren MP4-12C, and a fully-customized Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. Find out which Texas NFL player landed in hot water over his rental over the page…

Dez Bryant & Ilyne Nash – Texas, $4,720 Per Month

Bryant was first drafted to the Cowboys back in 2010 and even earned three Pro Bowl berths within four years. He lives with his partner and their two children in this Texas property, but recently found himself sued in court after damaging the rental home.


He had to pay $60,000 in damages and had to repaint, clean, and replace the interior. Let’s hope he got insurance to help him out.

Tony Romo & Candice Crawford – Dallas, Estimated $9 Million

This former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo shares this grand $9-million mansion with his wife, Candice Crawford. Among their assets, the 32,515-square-foot mansion comes with an outdoor entertainment area and three fireplaces to reap the benefits of the Texas heat.


It has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, a spa to relax in, and a swimming pool to get some exercise. The couple bought it for $3 million but have spent $6 million on renovations, raising its value.

Troy Polamalu & Theodora Holmes – La Jolla, Estimated $2.5 Million

This 1.75-acre property was actually a bit of a headache for Troy Polamalu and his wife, Theodora Holmes. They bought the La Jolla property for $4.75 million and renovated it for years.


It features a modern chef’s kitchen, two family rooms, eight bathrooms, six bedrooms, a four-car garage, a Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool. Unfortunately, they only sold it for $2.5 million, marking a $2 million loss.

DeMarcus Ware & Taniqua Smith – Denver, Estimated $1.3 Million

DeMarcus Ware has retired from the Denver Broncos, but it didn’t stop him from settling down in Denver with his then-wife, Taniqua Smith. Cherry Creek North is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods and it’s a short distance to some of Denver’s best shopping sites and restaurants.


The house itself is relatively modest – 3,000-square-foot home, coming with three bedrooms and bathrooms. A perfect amount of space for a small family. What about the Patriots’ most famous player? Find out what Tom Brady drives over the page…

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen – Rolls-Royce Ghost, Estimated $300K

One of the most famous players in the NFL, Tom Brady, is the owner of this Ghost. He’s been part of the Patriots for 17 years now, so why not splash out on a few fun toys?


The car has some awesome qualities, like 563-horsepower and a V-12 engine with an 8-speed transmission. He is only one half of a dream couple, with the other half being Gisele Bündchen, the famous model. Together, they enjoy the lavish lifestyle of fast cars and glamor.

Adrian Peterson & Ashley Brown – BMW 750i, Estimated $82K

Even though he encountered problems with the other side of the law – requiring a criminal defense attorney at law – Adrian Peterson remains admired by his fans and his partner, Ashley Brown. Today, he spends his time building an impressive car collection.


One of his prized possessions is a very customized 2006 BMW 750i. According to reports, he picked it up for $82K after the Minnesota Vikings drafted him to the team.

Matt Forte & Danielle Daniels – Chicago, Estimated $4.1 Million

This former Jets running back lives in a 9,000 square feet mansion, featuring a home theater big enough for 20 people, a garage for three cars, and an outdoor deck. The Chicago home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an elevator to reach all of its four floors.


The couple enjoys hosting friends and family who are often amazed by its 60-foot spiraling staircase in the middle. Currently, Matt and Danielle have applied for a zoning change to add another 1,137 square feet to the property.

Von Miller & Megan Denise – Cherry Hills Village, Estimated $10 Million

Go hard or go home, according to Von Miller. The outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos lives in this huge house in a Colorado estate in Cherry Hills Village. Girlfriend Megan Denise is there to help fill a closet room with more than 800 pairs of shoes and over 150 eyeglasses.


Its bedrooms are decorated in the style of a Vegas hotel suite, and even the basement is an entertainment area which they call “Club 58” when friends and family visit.

Cam Newton & Kia Proctor – 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass, Estimated $255K

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers‘ quarterback, really loves collecting and customizing cars. He spent $45,000 renovating his 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass, inserting a 24-karat gold plating, a brand new interior, and seats with diamond stitching. But that’s not all: the tires are wider than normal ones with gold treatment on the rims.


With such tacky taste, it’s amazing he managed to woo former model Kia Proctor, who just gave birth to their third child in 2018.

Russell Wilson & Ciara – Bellevue, Estimated $6.7 Million

The Seahawks quarterback is married to R&B singer Ciara, and the two live in a 10,700 square foot mansion in Bellevue, near Lake Washington.


They live here with their daughter and two pets, and it includes a wine cellar, seven bedrooms and bathrooms, five fireplaces, a walk-in pantry, and its own luxury yacht dock outside. The two of them must enjoy each other’s company – they are completely secluded in Meydenbauer Bay.