Parents Love These DIY Hacks For Their Children

Being a parent can be hard. Toddlers, in particular, require constant care and attention – things that take up a lot of time and energy. It can get overwhelming, to say the least.

We need all the help we can get. Thankfully, parents online have been posting their hilarious hacks that help make their days a little easier. Check out how these innovative parents combat some of the hardest parts of having a toddler. You’ll wonder how you lived without them!

‘Private’ Car Rides

This poor father of triplets knows how hard car rides can be – thankfully he came to a truly innovative solution! He simply created divides between his kids to make sure they don’t drive each other too crazy while riding together.

Ideally, all you need to do is put on some music and watch them fall asleep. This is particularly helpful for those long car rides – perhaps on the way to Disneyland? Either way, this hack is sure to help.

Sponges For Fingers

If you have small children, you know that they”re capaable of putting their fingers anywhere! This can particularly true during outdoor activities like bouncing on a trampoline or playing games with friends.

Next time your child goes out to play, make sure to wrap song pool noodles in some places where your child could get hurt. This could be on springs on the trampoline or even on rough corners. A little knock is sometimes unavoidable, but can be reduced with these!

Magnetic Cups

It can be frustrating to see your child take a new cup for every drink and then leaving them around the house. Before we know it, we’re left with dozens of cups all over the place filled with drops of water, milk, or juice.

Next time, take your child’s favorite cup and attach some magnets to them. This way, they will enjoy clipping it on to the fridge in an easy-to-reach place. They’ll love hanging up their cups after each use and help keep the place tidy.

Trick Pacifier

Have you ever had problems giving your child medicine? It can be a nightmare experience, forcing your kid to eat or drink the medicine you know they need. The problem is, they don’t always understand why you’re making them drink it!

With this trick pacifier, parents can subtlely feed their toddler the medicine they need with only a few drops through the device. The toddler won’t notice you helping cure the cold or infection they have, and they’ll fall straight asleep. Genius!

Sweeping Stakes!

Once your kid grows up a bit, it’s never too early to get them doing chores. This clever parent simply marked a square on the floor and told her daughter to put as much dust as she can in it. Now, the little girl is having fun competing in a game while tidying the house!

It’s the next step from the onesie that sweeps up dust from infants. This is a great way to get children to care for the home and have them feel satisfied after work!

Medicine In A Can

Once your child grows into a toddler, he can be hard to convince when it comes to taking medicine! This particular parent added a straw to their kid’s favorite soda can, but it directs into the medicine bottle.

After a few sips, he may realize it’s not a soda, but by then the ordeal will be over! It’s an imaginative way to get young ones to drink the medicine they need. Did you ever do this when you were a parent to young children?

Patting Your Baby To Sleep

We know how much your infant loves the feeling of a warm hand on their back. Sometimes it’s not possible to hold it there for the time it takes for them to fall asleep.

Next time, simply put some beans or rice in a glove and rest it on your baby’s back. This will give them the effect of a parent’s touch and help them fall asleep easier. Just make sure you don’t make it too heavy!

Telling Left From Right

Your kid isn’t always going to recognize what shoe goes on what foot – and they won’t care! To get them in the habit of doing this correctly, you can cut a sticker in half and post them together, making it clear which shoe goes where.

Why not make it a character from your kid’s favorite TV show? They don’t want to see their face divided! You might need to make a few stickers since their feet will rub them off after a while.

Baby Broomers

We all know how babies love to crawl around and explore their surroundings. We also know they can sometimes cause a mess. With this blanket, parents can let their children crawl around the house while also collecting dust – two birds with one stone!

Sit back and enjoy your free time as your youngster sweeps and wipes the floor as your very own baby broom! The best part of this is that they’re doing you a favor without feeling like they’re working.

Muffle The Sounds

We all know you have that one toy that you regret buying for your young child. It’s the car with the annoying sounds! Next time your kid is out of the house, simply find it and put some tape over the speaker.

It will sound much fainter, but not enough that your little one will notice any difference. Suddenly, it will be more comfortable around the house without that annoying sound all afternoon! What are you waiting for?

Shower Capping

Washing your baby’s head is a delicate moment, often made worse with the infant crying when water enters his/her eyes. This umbrella band can fit neatly around your baby’s head making sure that no water is accidentally sprayed into open eyes.

Now you can watch them sit back and relax the bath without a care in the world, while you can relax knowing you won’t be harming your baby. It will change the way you both experience bathing time.

Monster Spray

It can be hard to convince your children that there are no monsters in the closet – especially after a scary film! Sometimes telling them nothing is wrong isn’t enough – that’s where the monster spray comes in!

Simply stick some stickers on a spray and make your own ‘monster spray’ to show the kids that there’s no way they’ll be extra visitors that night. It can be water or non-toxic air freshener – just something to get the imagination going!

Color-Coded Clocks

Establishing a routine is one of the most important parts of parenthood. Next time your kids are at school, color in your clock that easily divides it into topics. These can be ‘homework’, ‘playing’, ‘bathtime’, or whatever else you do.

This will create a solid routine that young children will be able to visually understand – making everyone more cooperative and efficient. We love the idea of ‘penalty time’ to make sure they get early nights! Would you do this?

Showing The Shoes

We all know that your kids’ toys can cause havoc around the house. Often, they will throw things around the house and forget where they put them, or simply not care – leaving you the chance to step on something! Why not try hanging a shoe organizer on the back of their bedroom door?

This way, they can keep their dolls, cars, books, or cards in designated areas. It can teach them the importance of organization and respect. You can also put one in the car!

Toy Garage

When your kid enjoys play time, it can be too easy to fall asleep at nap time without cleaning up. Encourage them to tidy up after themselves with this excellent handmade car garage. It can be made with empty toilet rolls painted and decorated – all kept in a place.

This way, your child will know the importance of cleaning up while also making for an awesome display of car toys! It also saves on floor space – meaning there is more room for activities!

Drive-Thru Caddies

Next time you’re on a road trip, you might want to back a shower caddy in the car. When you order food, it can be chaos trying to organize and store it neatly while driving!

With these, you can easily put your kids’ foods into different caddies – making it simpler to store and eat. This is also a good hack for when you pick up food to take home since it keeps all the meals in place while you drive.

Glitter Rollers

A new moment in parenthood appears when your kid discovers glitter. All parents know the moment: when your child experiments with the colorful craft and spills a pot all over the floor! Glitter can appear almost impossible to remove due to its size and quantity.

Next time, you can roll it up with a lint roller. It turns out that glitter sticks to this much better than a sweep or vacuum. Perhaps you can even turn it into a game with your little one?

Plane Stickers

It can be hard to keep your child entertained on a plane for hours. Every passenger will wish you knew this little hack to help everyone! With these light non-stick stickers, your young one can play around with characters, objects, and colors.

Now, they can spend hours decorating the window however they want. You’ll be amazed at just how much time they can spend quietly decorating the window before falling asleep. Make sure to stack up on these before your next flight.

Lolly Lids

Of course, children love ice lollies but parents hate the mess! Next time your child picks out a colorful ice lolly, remember to stick it through a coffee cup lid! It will act as a barrier to catch any dripping parts or chunks that break off.

This is a cheap and easy way to keep your kid clean when you order a lolly on a hot day. Think of it as a bib for the ice lolly, something they can grow out of.

Beach Crib

A bed sheet is a perfect DIY crib you can take to the beach to stop your toddler from crawling away. This simple trick is easy and affordable – just take a spare sheet in your beach bag and crop it up with bags or coolers.

Now, your baby will remain neatly inside the DIY crib without crawling away. You can also pin an umbrella in the sand to make sure he/he doesn’t get sunburnt. Then simply wash it once home.

Feeling The Burn

Has your child just burnt themselves? We hate to see them in pain and do everything we can to help the pain go away. Next time your young one accidentally burns themselves, try applying some vinegar to the burn.

You will see how the chemicals in the vinegar counteract the burning feeling and help alleviate the pain and reduce the blister size. Make sure it’s for minor burns only – serious ones will need a doctor!

Painting Without The Mess

Do you want to encourage painting with your child but dread the mess? Next time you want to tap into your kid’s creativity, consider keeping paint in ziplock bags.

Teaching Mama

This useful hack will help your young one paint with his hands all while keeping the mess tightly in a bag. When you’ve finished, take your photograph of the work and easily throw it away. Easy!

Keeping Lunch Fresh

When your kid goes off to school, you’ll want to make sure she has a healthy diet. When you cut up an apple for her lunch box, sprinkle some salt on the slices and then wash them with water.

The salty taste is washed away, leaving the sweetness, and the brief interaction with salt will prevent them from going brown in the hours after they are cut. Now, she can eat them fresh well into the afternoon!

Pizza Canvases

Next time you order pizza for family night, keep the boxes! A large pizza box is the perfect canvas for arts and crafts and can be easily transformed for your child once dinner is over.

Simply separate the top from the bottom and wipe down any grease or food. Then, you can easily paint, draw, stick, or cut any part of it. Get ready to hang it on the wall!

WD40 Is Life

When you have young children, it’s amazing how much WD40 can help you in crazy situations. You’ve probably experienced the moment when your child draws on the walls at home!

With WD40, you can just spray some of its magic on the ink and watch it slide off the wall or surfaces. In fact, you can use WD40 for pretty much anything! We have highlighted this, and more, in our article about WD40 which you can read here.

The Right Writing

One of the more frustrating parts of parenthood is teaching your child how to hold a pen and write. Once they determine their dominent hand – most likely right – then comes the challenge of getting them to hold the pencil correctly!

When teaching your child, make sure to put some tissues in their hand. By making them hold it with their smaller two fingers, they will be forced to hold the pencil with the correct three fingers. All that’s left is teaching cursive!

Use Toothpaste For Brushing

This isn’t only good for your teeth! Toothpaste actually works surprisingly well on wooden surfaces – something to remember if you find your child channeling their creativity.

Next time you see some unwanted drawings on wooden furniture, rub some toothpaste on it and leave it overnight. The paste will remove pens, pencils, and even permanent marker! Make sure to remind your young one that this isn’t something you will want to do again!

Taping For Nails

This is great trick not just for your children – you can benefit too! Next time you use those mini clippers for your nails, you can make sure to wrap some tape gently around its edges.

This small hack will prevent the nail from flying everywhere and getting lost! We all know the feeling of losing our clippings on the sofa or on the floor somewhere. This trick will save you from your next headache.

Become a Pollock

Want to get rid of old sheets? Now is the perfect chance to channel your own Jackson Pollock! Simply lay it on the grass outside and prepare for the creative flow!

Your child will love the opportunity to paint on a large ‘canvas’ in the fresh air. Who knows, if it’s good enough you can always cut a bit off and hang it on the wall once it’s finished.

Painting The Sole

If your toddler’s new set of socks don’t have protective grip, be prepared for some slipping and falling! Especially if you have wooden floors – you will want to do something to prevent a fall!

By painting some fabric paint on the soles of the socks, your child will have extra friction for grip. Now they can walk around freely without the risk of slipping and sliding!

Pegs For Your Teeth

It can be a real pain trying to get your kid to brush their teeth! What’s more, there is plenty of bacteria that can make them sick – particularly at a young age. Next time, consider using clothes pegs to prop up a toothbrush.

Not only does it keep them off surfaces that could be dirty, but it allows them to dry easily and on display. No more will you lose you child’s toothbrushes in cupboards or draws!

Lock Preventors

Is there anything scarier than your child being locked in a room alone? Some doors are easy to lock, causing panic for parents who leave their kids for a second.

Next time you think this might happen, just tie an elastic band over the knob, preventing it from locking! Your child will be able to close the door but the lock won’t work – meaning that you’ll never be caught off guard again. This will make the whole house safer.

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