Animals Who Disturb These Photo Shoots Are The Real Heroes

We all hate having our photo taken. Unless we’re a celebrity and used to all the attention, it can be hard to focus and get a flattering picture. It turns out that this isn’t just a concern restricted to humans! Animals also resist the camera sometimes.


We’ve collected some of the funniest photos that have been captured by photographers trying to capture a photo of animals! If you can keep up, keep reading and see for yourself. Get ready to laugh…

Hey, What’s Up?

To the everyday animal in the wild, a camera can look like a strange device. Just what exactly is this big, black thing pointing in my face? Not today! This cheetah clearly wanted to learn more about the artistic process and so he got right up and personal with the photographer.


We love how comfortable these two seem to be next to each other. Whoever said curiosity killed the cat clearly never met this budding photographer feline!

Here’s What You Look Like…

We’ve all had our photo taken and begged the photographer to show us the image. Sometimes our hair is out of shape, other times we’re caught blinking at the worst time. It turns out that this fox has the same concerns as the rest of us!


Here, the photographer is getting nice and personal with this little guy as they look at some of their most recent photos. What do you think they saw together? Let’s hope the sly fox approves all the photos he sees!

Don’t Mind Me…

They always say that photographers shouldn’t interfere with nature while on location. However, that can be quite hard when nature literally climbs on top of you! Now, he’s stuck between a seal and a hard place: what’s next for this poor chap?


Well, it turns out that he has a sense of humor about the whole thing. Someone managed to snap these two… um… bonding while out on the nature trail together. To us, this photo is better than anything else he could have captured! What do you think?

What Are You Looking At?

Curiosity may kill the cat, but interest inspires the fox! Here, we can see how this little fox is taken some time out of playing in the snow to explore the wonders of technology. The photographer, meanwhile, can’t believe his luck!


Now, this fox will have a selfie of the ages: with his big brown eyes filling up the space and his nose just waiting to be bopped! What a good boy he is for staying so still.

I Can Be A Toupee, Too!

It’s hard to see where this man’s hair ends and this adorable white tiger ends. Can you imagine having such an incredible feline climb over your body like this? It just goes to show how all cats love acting like cats!


This is definitely one of the most intimate pictures between man and nature so far. We’re delighted someone managed to capture this image while they were playing. What do you think the original photo looked like?

Joining The Family

This photographer had a neat surprise when he was marching trying to find bears to snap. What he couldn’t predict, however, was he would be welcomed into a brand new family! Just like The Jungle Book!


Here, we can see how amazingly the bears are welcoming him into the pack – even giving him a haircut. We don’t recommend you do this – who knows what might happen! Hopefully, he got the photo and quickly made a safe escape.

Birdie Selfie

This bird is joining the selfie game! Good thinking from this photographer who decided to get a snap of this bird, who is busy making himself comfortable on a head! Look at that perfect balance.


We’re not sure if the bird was lured there with food or if this is a happy coincidence. Either way, we think the snap is a great find. We’d love to see the final image of this and see how it came out.

Papa, Can You Hear Me?

We’re not sure this is how cameras work! While this deer is busy using this camera as a microphone, we imagine he’s blocking all light needed to catch a photo. Still, the cheeky grin from the human makes this all worth it.


Let’s hope the deer didn’t cause too much damage when he was playing with the equipment. After all, they don’t know their own strength. This next image will make you question all reality…


This guy is quick as a fox! Some photographer tried to hide in a big ball of snow to capture the most authentic pictures of foxes in nature. However, he didn’t anticipate just how clever this fox is and got more than he bargained for!


This cheeky creature jumped at the chance to inspect the camera lens that was popping out of this ball of ice. Can you imagine how cute the final picture was? We would love to see it.

Look Behind You!

Have you ever seen a squirrel this friendly? One unsuspecting photographer is unaware that one of nature’s cutest creatures is right on top of his bag! He must have some tasty treats to lure a sneaky squirrel this close to him.


The photographer may have never seen this little guy, but this photo exists because someone else did! Thankfully, they took the picture and we can see how cute he is. It’s like nature’s version of Ratatouille!

Guys, I’m Over Here!

Anyone with a young toddler knows that sometimes you need a little help to get your subjects to look at the camera. Well, this photographer decided to employ his good friend, the meerkat, to capture his friends’ attention.


Do we think it paid off? At this time, it’s almost impossible to know. However, we do know that this photo is an awesome example of how humans and animals can work together to get the perfect shot.

Fantastic Foxes

It’s pretty amazing how inquisitive foxes are when they see a photographer. How is it that they manage to hide or examine the photo each time? We really love how they like to be behind the camera as well as in front of it.


Here, we can see just how nosy he is. As our female friend bends down to snap her shot, it almost looks as though the fox is about to strike a jump. Let’s hope nothing bad happened.

You May Now Kiss The… Photographer?

Can you think of a more adorable photo? Here is a woman just trying to snap a nature shot, but here comes this little guy! And what a cheeky guy he is – going straight in for a kiss! He must know how irresistible he is to animal lovers.


Amazingly, someone snapped this photo up during the intimate moment between these two. We’re not sure if the lady in shot managed to take her photo, but look at what we have instead? Very cute.

My Turn!

This is probably the worst thing that can happen to you during a photoshoot! Imagine the horror when your subject decides that enough is enough and wants her own camera. Well, this lion is showing us that she doesn’t want her photo taken – she would rather take the photos!


As she embarks on her new career, we can’t help but think of HOW she got that camera? Let’s hope no one was hurt or attacked and that she picked it up off the ground, let’s take a look at how she did it, shall we?

Caught In The Act

Here’s the photo taken right before this lion decided to take the camera that belonged to humans! Thankfully, everyone was at a safe distance from the Queen of the Jungle when she decided to take this camera for herself.


What’s more, she didn’t even say thank you! Let’s hope her new career in photography isn’t in vain and it isn’t a waste for the humans. Do you think insurance covers this? We hope so, for the humans’ sake!

Say Cheese!

Here’s another example of how animals can take over from humans and snap their own photos. Since this fox is a little smaller than a lion, this human could get up close and take this amazing image of the turned tables!


We’re pretty interested in the quality of a photo that was taken by an actual fox. Do you think they did a good job? We would love to know how it looked. Either way, we’re lucky enough to get this awesome image regardless.

A Quick Haircut

It’s important not to move when you’re taking a photo. This rings particularly true if you have a massive white wolf on your head trying to bite your ear off! What could possibly be going through this person’s head at this moment?


Amazingly, no one was hurt during this very unique photoshoot. What’s more, we’ve heard that the photo she took is actually an impressive one. We’re just glad both creatures had a good time and no one walked away injured.

Smile For The Camera!

We know by now that foxes love photography. However, what about these little guys? It’s almost too good to be true: he’s such a budding photographer that he’s even set up his own camera base next to a branch on a tree – good thinking!


They always talk about machines taking our jobs, but what about animals? While we weren’t looking, a bunch of animals have acquired the skills needed to become professional photographers. Ok, not really, but we should still be careful!

Making Friends

Being out in the field can be tough – you never know what you will get! For this lady, we can see that she was viciously attacked by her subjects. Only joking! It doesn’t seem like these cuties are causing much chaos.


Clearly, they feel comfortable getting to know the photographer in the picture. In fact, this photo is much cooler than something she could have filmed. We would have to take one home with us since they’re so cute.

A Little Left… A Little Right…

What is it with foxes and their passion for photography? This sly guy is hijacking this photo shoot with his own artistic input. We wish we could find out what his photo looked like in the final take. For now, we just need to appreciate this photo for the beauty that it is!


Why do you think they love photography? We’re pretty surprised by how many foxes have made this list so far. Either way, we’re impressed!

What IS This Strange Device?

You know who aren’t great photographers? Bears! Can you just imagine setting up your self-timing camera for a picture and this guy turns up? We would want to be as far away from this bear as possible.


We love the way the bear is carefully looking through the lens without touching it. It’s as if he doesn’t know what the camera is but still respects its value. We’re guessing he’s smarter than the average bear!

Dinner Time!

This lion has had enough of your silly games. No more does she want to be subject to your arbitrary photos! Here, we can see how this lion has literally stolen the camera and taken it back to her den! Let’s hope she doesn’t think it’s dinner!


We all know how protective mothers can be – perhaps the cameraman was getting too close to her cubs? Either way, it’s clear the fun and games are over for this unlucky photographer. Do you think he got the camera back in the end?


It looks like this leopard wanted to get in on the action – to the horror of the photographer! We love how authentic the human face is when she is met with one of nature’s most formidable foes!


What do you think happened next? It looks as though the leopard is small enough not to make too much of a problem, but we can’t help but wonder. Let’s hope the photographer got away safely. It looks like this is all in a day’s work for her.

Misbehaving Beavers!

This beaver saw a camera set up across from her dam and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Taken in the middle of the wildlife, it looks as though he is positively shocked by what he is seeing!


What do you think the camera is pointed at? We hope it isn’t a sign of deforestation or a broken dam that is making him react this way. This photo is definitely better than anything else that camera seems to be pointed at.

Ready… Steady… Go!

Here’s a rare view of a fox behind the camera from the subject’s point of view. We guess this is what it looks like to see a fox take your photo. What do you think he’s looking at? Perhaps the foxy photographer wants the subject to fix his/her hair.


It’s rare that we can see these images of the animals from this vantage point. We have to say, we think it’s pretty cool to see the shot from this angle. Do you think the fox clicked the camera? We hope so!

We’re Gonna Have To Take It Again…

We can tell this cheeky monkey is a complete perfectionist. Having presumably taken the camera from a human photographer, he is looking through all the snaps trying to find the perfect ‘look’ he worked on all season.


Judging by the photo here, it doesn’t look like he’s happy with the results! Apparently, after the photo was taken he demanded a whole new photo shoot to get the perfect shot. Rumors are that they’re still working today…

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

It’s always nice to have a second opinion. This photographer agrees, even taking the words of wisdom from this little guy on his shoulder. The cute baby is cueing up a shot with perfect composition and lighting – good job!


We’d love to see the differences between this human shot and then with the help of the monkey. Do you think there would be much of a difference? Maybe they’re shooting a fruit bowl with plenty of bananas!

Not Today, Thanks!

Eugh, being a famous squirrel is tough. What with all the cuteness and the photo shoots from nature lovers all day. Sometimes, you just need to say ‘enough is enough!’ and cancel the shoot all together.


Well, that’s exactly what this little guy did. After a long day of being everyone’s cutest little forest animal, he finally put an end to the shoot! Can you believe he got up and close like that? We can’t imagine the guys he had to get so close to the human! Let’s hope he got a good snap out of it.


Um, it’s quite safe to say these guys walked into the wrong den one day! After a long and grueling shoot, this bear had had enough and entered into a full-blown hissy fit. It looks like she caused quite the storm!


We reckon she was protecting her baby cub which is why she had a sudden change of heart. Or, this photo has been doctored – although we hope that isn’t the case. What do you think?

Look From The Dentist’s Chair

We’ve seen many photos on our list of animals peering into the camera. While we’ve often wished to see the final shot of that moment, it looks like we have one here. We must be honest: it’s not as charming or gracious as we thought it would be!


This little guy had clearly had enough of photo shoots and wanted to lash out at the photographer. Thankfully, he got this shot before potentially being bitten, or worse. The good news is that he likely outran this sloth.

Taking Cover

You may not know this, but hippos are surprisingly aggressive and dangerous animals. Their large size and short temperament have often landed travelers in a lot of trouble. As we can see by her eyes, this hippo is determined to keep us away from her calf.


If this photographer had any sense, he or she would quickly leave after this photo and run to a safe distance. As the mother covers her child from view, there’s no telling what will happen if she’s pushed any farther.

Room For One More?

Is this charming polar bear running from the camera, or is he running toward it? Here, we can see this fella have something catch his eye. Is it dinner? Is it another photo shoot? Whatever it is, he wants in. Right now!

Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

Thankfully, we managed to catch this photo of him seeming interested in whatever wan on the other side of that window. Let’s just hope it wasn’t a bedroom or bathroom. That would have been… awkward.

Smile For The Camera!

We all have our diva moment sometimes. For this Siberian tiger in northern China, that moment is literally right now. There’s a reason why so many people are rushing to snap a shot of this little guy. He’s actually one of the rarest creatures in the world. Sadly, the Siberian tigers face extinction.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Seeing a baby Siberian tiger is incredibly rare, which probably explains why he’s sick of being in front of the camera all day. Not much longer, buddy!

The Animals Are Taking Over!

So far, we’ve seen animals and humans on either side of the camera. This is the first time we’ve seen animals on both sides at the same time! It’s almost like humans are no longer needed at all. We think this is totally adorable.

Facebook | FOTO-REIS

What are the chances that this (human) photographer would catch this happening? We love the natural interest these animals have in a camera. Let’s hope they snapped a shot – we hope they did.

Trying To Run Out Of Shot…

We’ve all made a dash for it once in our lives. Usually, when our relative tries to grab a photo of us at the dinner table. Well, this elephant clearly felt the same thing! Thankfully, this talented photographer managed to catch this shot.

facebook | naturesbestphotographyafrica

This picture is actually pretty impressive. As a piece of art, it’s amazing how he or she achieved this look with the elephant running away. You were quick, Nelly, but not quick enough!

Wait, What?

How do you get a photo of a swan if they don’t like humans? Well, one way of doing it is dressing up as the animal you want to find! This actually is quite a common technique among filmmakers for nature shows. How else do you think they got their amazing shots?


This is a special behind-the-scenes shot of how those images are captured. If more photographers adopted this tactic, this entire article wouldn’t exist! So, every cloud!

I Said No Photography!

Whatever you do: make sure not to annoy a bird of prey! This Eagle was clearly having a bad hair day when this photographer snapped a picture of him. Well, imagine how shocked he must have been when this guy fought back!


We don’t know what the original photo looks like, but we hope it was worth this attack! In fact, the photo OF the attack is worth the attack. We hope he learned his lesson!

King Of The Mountain!

Look at this adorable little cheetah. Does he think he’s climbed to the highest and biggest mountain in the jungle? We seem to think so! This human can’t believe just how close he has come to nature – after all, now he’s part of it!


This photo reminds us of Pride Rock in The Lion King. We don’t blame the photographer for keeping still and having the photo taken – would you resist? Is this fella dangerous? Not as much as his older sibling, who you can see here:

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