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The Private Jets and Yachts of These Celebrities Will Have You Stunned




The era of purchasing expensive sports cars to show off your abundant fortune is long gone. Now, it’s all about purchasing classic luxury yachts and jets that the common man can only wish for.

So, let’s take a look at the jets and yachts of some of the wisest celebrities who know how to make ample money out of their time! Some of these are the perfect vacation toy, whereas some are a little too big for our liking – what will you think?

Brad Pitt

Everyone’s favorite Midwestern actor owns an equally stunning Supermarine Spitfire, which is worth $3.3 million. It was in 2013 that he bought this vintage World War II-era aircraft.

The plane has custom controls that make it a lot tougher to fly. Since this plane is retro, it’s relatively dangerous to even Angelina’s plane, but she won’t be flying that anytime soon. He was inspired to buy it after acting in WWII films like Fury and Inglorious Basterds

Nicole Kidman

Not only is she insanely beautiful but also pretty talented and intelligent. She made a wise business choice by purchasing the luxury private cruiser, the Sunseeker Manhattan 74, which is worth about $2.5 million!

It is created with loads of deck space, a swim platform for swimming in the sea, and an entertainment system. It appears that the Academy Award winner is used to luxury. The yacht also includes a VIP stateroom and enough cabin space for ten guests.

Celine Dion

This famous My Heart Will Go On singer owns a $42 million private jet with a luxurious kitchen. Her music career takes her to all the corners of the world, so having her own private aircraft gives her the autonomy she needs.

However, maintenance of this jet costs her about $3 million annually. Of course, that doesn’t suggest it is not amazingly furnished – with a leather finishings, designer furniture, and her own onboard chef to cook meals.

Selena Gomez

Whether or not she owns a private jet is still up for debate, but Selena Gomez recently shared a photo on her social media featuring a private jet, the Bombardier Challenger 300.

Even though the superstar, who has $50-million in her bank account, is only 24, it’s never too early to start a savings account and put some money aside. We look forward to seeing where the career of this singer/songwriter goes!

Matthew McConaughey

This Oscar-winner, Matthew McConaughey, was one of the first ones to be on board the new Bombardier Global 7000 that includes a fully equipped kitchen, master bedroom, and bespoke cabin space. And recently, he has considered purchasing it for himself.

Considering he has a $95 million net worth, his manager may not approve this investment. McConaughey owns the most spacious business jet with a kitchen, a master suite, and much more – the Bombardier Global 7000.

Roman Abramovich

The Russian billionaire is the proud owner of the second-largest yacht in the world. Eclipse measures in at a whopping 536 feet! With a grand fortune of $11.4 billion, who wouldn’t want to splash out on a few toys?

When he’s feeling bored, he can take his private jet to his private yacht and relax with friends and family. Known as the ‘billion dollar yacht’, Eclipse is actually *only* worth $500 million. We would love to see what’s inside!

Mark Cuban

Planes aren’t just a luxury – they’re a necessity. That’s according to entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who owns both this Gulfstream 500 and a Boeing 767.

A $40-million purchase won’t leave too much of an impact on the bank for Mark Cuban, as he sure has plenty more cash where that came from. He uses the Boeing 767 to transport his basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks.

Paul Allen

If you co-found a company like Microsoft, then the chances are you have some extra cash floating around. For Paul Allen, he decided to turn it into this yacht.

Octopus measures in at 414 feet – looking like something out of a James Bond flick. It has a crew of 57 people and a total capacity of 26, which means guests won’t have to lift a finger once they come aboard. 

Billy Joel

The Piano Man singer is the proud owner of Vendetta, a commuter yacht measuring in at 55 feet. It’s just one of the many boats that he bought all at once! 


A fanatic for boats and yachts, Billy Joel once owned up to five different ships that he would use to travel to his Madison Square Park concerts from his Long Island home. It also serves as Joel’s place to go and escape – a space where he can relax and write songs.

Chris Brown

He doesn’t own his private aircraft yet, but he occasionally rents the deluxe Gulfstream IV. This jet costs a whopping $110,000 per two-way trip for social events and vacations.


Let’s hope we see him purchase his own jet soon so that he doesn’t have to pay this huge rent anymore. It appears that for all his traveling about, the rapper is not considering the thought of buying his own private jet. 


This U2 singer owns a lush ship named Kingdom Come with a master bedroom, a jacuzzi, and gold-plated furniture. The ship is of old European furnishings with gold-plated fittings, marble bathrooms, and a hot tub. 


It demands a crew of 17 people and can entertain 15 people. We let you be the judge whether riding on a big boat opposes the environmental work he seems to be so determined to get everyone to ‘be on board’ with.

Kanye West

Even reality star Kim Kardashian had acknowledged that the private 747 jet plane she and her husband, Kanye West, used to travel to Tokyo in August 2018 was too flashy. However, in true diva form, they were unapologetic.


West, who had just released his non-album single XTCY, and Kim were criticized on social media after she uploaded photos of the massive but empty interior of the commercial airplane via Instagram. Next time a celebrity tells you not to fly because of climate change, think of this!

Tom Hanks

He celebrated his anniversary with his wife on the grand Enigma, which cost him about $275,000 per week! He took the 246-foot superyacht along the Turkish coast.


The Forrest Gump actor was accompanied by Rita Wilson aboard the Enigma sailboat, which hosts 12 passengers and 16 crew members. The ship is super stylish, with an elegant dining area and relaxation center, and even a fully operational gym. 

John Travolta

Of course, you would expect John Travolta to own an airplane. After all, he has a pilot’s license to his name and is passionate about aviation. The legendary actor has turned his own home in Florida into a special airport to home his fleet of seven jets.


The total amount of planes reach a total of about $50 million. However, he gave this one away as charity to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society. Qantas Airways recently named him an honorary pilot.

Sir Richard Branson

With a total worth estimated at over $5 billion, Virgin’s Richard Branson can have basically whatever he wants. His Necker Belle comes in at almost 105 feet and acts as the perfect getaway from his busy business life on land.


Since 2003, Sir Richard Branson has offered the public an opportunity to charter it, sharing his lifestyle with people who can afford to keep up! Suitable for hosting seven people, Necker Belle is unmatched for speed-cruising along the coast.

Angelina Jolie

This wonder-woman owns the Cirrus SR22, which is a compact plane that can hold only about four or five people. She has a flying license, so that will save some space on this miniature plane.


These types of aircraft are great fun to fly, and while the planes are not too costly, they are quite serious, which adds to Jolie’s life and health insurance payments. The small aircraft might not be as large as others, but it acts as a flying car for Angelina, who has picked practicality over extravagance.

Tiger Woods

Golf superstar Tiger Woods owns his very own Gulfstream G550, which is the perfect way to travel to all the courses around the world. Considering how public his life and marital issues have been, it’s no surprise the golfer called his 47-meter yacht Privacy


Woods can invite up to 21 friends with him and keep them entertained with a gym, a Jacuzzi, a theater, and jet skis! Fancy a quick round of golf in Scotland? No problem for this champion.

JK. Rowling and Johnny Depp

This beauty has had the honor of being owned by both Harry Potter author JK Rowling and actor Johnny Depp. Once known as Vajoliroja, the Harry Potter author bought it and renamed it Amphitrite


On board, it has a gym, a pool, an entertainment room, two bedrooms, and can host 15 people at once. She sold it in July 2017 to an undisclosed buyer. 

Michael Dorn

If you happen to be a Star Trek fan, you will probably know Michael Dorn who played the Klingon in more than 40 film and TV appearances. However, you may not be aware of the fact that the actor is a certified pilot.


Today, Michael Dorn is the proud owner of an F-86 Sabre, a T-33 Shooting Star, and a North American Sabreliner. He takes it in turns to fly each one for different reasons – depending on work or pleasure. And we still need a mortgage just for a new car!

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is one of the wealthiest rappers, producers, and businessmen in the world. No doubt he loves to vacation and travel in style. The rapper often charters this 241.47ft superyacht called Naia for only his very close friends and family.


The yacht accommodates up to 12 passengers, plus 22 crew members and private kitchen staff. Overall, it has eight cabins, a VIP suite, and huge entertainment facilities for his musical needs.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a celebrity who never gets to enjoy time away from the spotlight. Despite this, we don’t think it annoys him too much. He’s rather busy partying most of the time when he’s photographed anyway! A few years ago, photographers snapped some shots of him in several party yachts that he frequently rents.


Once upon a time, he used to do this with beautiful women he took on board with him! Now he’s happily married to Hailey Baldwin – let’s hope he settles down a bit.

Alex Rodriguez

Former Yankee player, Alex Rodriguez, is the proud owner of a Gulfstream IV family private jet. Recently, he made quite a few headlines when he took his famous girlfriend on an expensive vacation to Europe. Rodriguez allegedly spent more than $350K in a few days while sightseeing with Jennifer Lopez.


They don’t need to worry too much: these two still have a combined net worth of nearly $800 million. We think they’ll be absolutely fine with finances in the future.

James Packer

James Packer, known among tech geeks as the maverick investor and businessman from Australia, made a healthy investment with this Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. The mid-size flying toy has been built by ace manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporations.


With two turboshaft engines and some trendy landing gear, the sky gadget has enough room for twelve people! We can’t imagine all the adventures he can have on this thing. It’s estimated worth is $13 million, which is peanuts for him.

Karl Lagerfeld

Sadly, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died at the healthy age of 85 in Paris. However, before his death, you can tell that he was flying in style. We know this because of the impressive collection of several private jets he kept. In addition to a chef’s kitchen and master bedroom, they all included a spacious lounging area for his lovely cat.


More recently, the fashion powerhouse added the Boeing Business Jet to his list of vehicles, where he hosted the first ever fashion show in the skies. That’s definitely something to look up to!

John Cena

In addition to his wrestling career, John Cena is the face of WWE who happens to also appear at different events. He is also making the turn to TV and film projects, showing up in films like Daddy’s Home. Since all that means he will always be on the move, film companies and corporations pay for most of Cena’s flights.


However, being the highest-paid wrestler in entertainment (making more than $35 million) means Cena can pay for his own flight every so often – don’t you agree?

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a famous model who often hits headlines – but today, we’re examining her JetLux. It’s her very own $100K-per-trip private airline paradise. Recently, she took her girlfriends on a last-minute vacation to Jamaica on this amazing aircraft, showing how easy it is to access a luxury jet, which is can be so awesome.


The $100K is probably just a little small change for a big star like Hadid. It’s not like we expect stars to take commercial airlines, do we?

Joyce Meyer

When you do not have any mortgages or external debt to pay off, you might as well indulge in some fun now and then. That is just what Joyce Meyer did when she purchased the Gulfstream G-IV jet. Meyer is a Christian speaker, author, and president of Meyer Ministries.


With her constant charity work, Meyer is not just a great human being: but with her latest purchase, she is also about to become a world famous humanitarian!

Beyonce and Jay-Z

How can we have a list like this and not include these two? The famous couple just requires attention! This yacht is a birthday gift – this time from Jay-Z to Beyonce. She immediately fell in love with it after they chartered it.


Jay-Z initially took a hit on his bank account, but it was all in the name of love! It is a massive 213 feet long with a swimming pool, sauna, sundeck, a helipad, and Jacuzzi.

Leonardo DiCaprio

A high-profile advocate of environmental causes, Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen flying all around the world in his own private jet. He uses it to warn people about the threat of climate change and to tell people to take fewer vacations each year.


This Oscar winner apparently flies a rental private jet at least six times every month – spending up to $40K for each flight. We don’t think he will be getting the next green lifestyle award any time soon.

Kirsty Bertarelli

Former Miss UK Kirsty Bertarelli is apparently the richest woman in the United Kingdom. As well as her own career, she can also thank her billionaire Swiss husband, Ernesto. Together, they are the owners of this huge 96-meter six-deck Vava II luxury yacht.


They had the yacht secretly built as a replica of their 47-meter boat, just doubled the size of it. It was more than $131 million to buy! This superyacht is ranked the 33rd largest among the world’s water vessels.

Morgan Freeman

Who says you’re too old to follow your heart? Morgan received his pilot’s license at the ripe age of 65. So, when he feels like flying, the beloved actor gets to choose between three of his planes: Cessna 414 twin-engine, a Cessna Citation 501, and a long-range SyberJet SJ30.


However, back in 2015, he was involved in a plane crash while sitting in the passenger seat of one of his own planes. Let’s hope he didn’t need an injury lawyer!

Bill Gates

This co-founder of Microsoft and former richest man alive, Bill Gates, spoiled his family to an ultimate vacation on board the 440-foot lavish yacht, Serene, for the little price of $2 million per week. 


As well as an indoor seawater swimming pool, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, and another swimming pool on the roof, this attraction boasts a submarine docking station, a gym, two helipads, and a cinema. Why would you ever leave?

Jim Carrey

Everyone’s favorite funnyman Jim Carrey is quite the fan of aviation. As one of the most famous comedic actors of our generation, Jim Carrey did not waste any resources when he made the decision to own a jet. 


The Dumb & Dumber star owns his own Gulfstream V – known for its performance and safety capabilities. Since he is clearly a practical person as well, Carrey has the jet suitable for hire for the expected price of around $8,000 per hour.

Steve Jobs

As sleek and elegant as the devices his company makes, this beast is owned by the family of the late Steve Jobs. The Apple co-founder never got a chance to enjoy any time on Venus, but his legacy now lives on in water as it does on land.


Today, it is owned by Laurene Powell and rests in the Cayman Islands until someone decides to take it out into the waters. It is a whopping 256 feet in length and weighs more than 1,800 tonnes! 

Eric Clapton

The Layla singer bought Va Bene in 2005 and enjoys it as his summer getaway. It’s a 156ft yacht which can easily accommodate 12 of his guests in six massive bedrooms while traveling along the Mediterranean.


Hopefully, no sheriffs were shot in the purchase of this beauty. We would love to think of all the songs that were written on the seas when Clapton is inspired by the water around him. 

Steven Spielberg

The film director of your favorite summer blockbuster owns Seven Seas, an impressive 282-foot yacht suitable for 12 guests. It can travel up to 20 knots and even has a swimming pool on board. 


The Jaws director is quite keen on the sea and ocean and wants to upgrade to a larger yacht. If you are interested, Seven Seas is up for sale! But considering the asking price, we couldn’t buy it even with ten loans.

Rupert Murdoch

The media mogul owns and operates Vertigo, a boat he uses to sail the seven seas when he isn’t budding up with politicians and film stars. We imagine this has been quite the setting for ‘off the record’ conversations, providing the privacy they need.


Little is known about the jet, but it has been in the Murdoch family for a few years and hosts plenty of friends and family members throughout the year. You can find it in parts of Europe and the Caribbean. 

Britney Spears

You may have heard of a little star called Britney Spears? Not only has Britney sold millions of albums and hosted a number of tours around the world, but she also has million-earning fragrances and a lingerie line. This brings her net worth to an impressive $200-million over a 20-year career.


Therefore, it doesn’t come as much of a shock that the pop princess chooses to get some privacy with her kids and crew by buying her own private jet. She uses it to fly around the world in peace. Wouldn’t you?

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

When you’re wealthy and famous, the only way to have an even better status is by having your own private jet. Tom Brady’s Brazilian beauty, Gisele Bündchen, bought one for her and the family to get around, since they travel a lot.


They use it like most of us use cars. There are photo shoots across the world, back and forth between their LA luxury home to Boston for Brady’s work. Sometimes they even take it to Paris to visit Gisele’s family! The amazing jet can host 19 people, but they use it for personal travels only!

Kid Rock

Kid Rock may live in a castle now, but he hasn’t forgotten his old ways of hosting huge parties on boats. This time, he was seen cruising along Mackinac Island on a mind-blowing yacht called Rock.It.


The yacht was designed by the Dutch company Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design. But its interior and its exterior spaces are super-luxurious and perfect for a rockstar. The vessel has seen numerous celebrities come and go, and it’s ideal for Rock before his U.S. tour, starting May 2019.

Blac Chyna & Amber Rose

Even though she was pregnant then, Blac Chyna took a hop across the pond for some relaxing times and festivities at Cannes Lions Festival. She was accompanied by her friend Amber Rose. The two were on-board for the very prestigious Daily Mail’s Yacht Party in Cannes, France.


The best friends had a blast together at the time on the luxurious Superyacht Idol. We wonder if the two of them thought of purchasing some travel insurance before boarding. Still, we’re sure nothing bad happened to them!

John Legend

Way back in 2015, John Legend designed a $120K jet-setting package. He called it “The Legend Experience,” and it was for 50 people who wanted to see a bit of the singer’s lavish lifestyle.


The jet-setters who had bank accounts big enough for the experience were taken on an 11-day trip around the globe with the Legend himself! They flew on the Four Seasons Private Jet which Legend flew himself. What a legend! We would definitely do this if we could.

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen is a very successful televangelist with his televised sermons estimated to draw more than 20 million viewers per month. His private jet is an Airbus A319 which is rumored to be worth about $86 million. Thank God!


Osteen raised quite the scene in 2017 when he closed the doors of his massive church to Hurricane Harvey victims, suggesting that he didn’t open it since he wasn’t asked by the state. He also caught some unwanted attention when in a TV interview he said that apologizing for wealth is like insulting to God.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been on quite a roll over the past few years with albums, singles, and concerts. But still, she would likely need a bank loan to buy her own private jet. What we see here is her own Gulfstream G650 which is rumored to cost $58 million.


And that’s why the small pop star is, at least for now, only renting an aircraft for her tours and trips. But don’t doubt even for a second this comes cheap: it’s estimated that a flight on this is more than $30,000.

Nicki Minaj

The queen of today’s hip-hop, Nicki Minaj, loves spending her money on every lavish item possible. As we’ve seen, this includes cars, jewels, and real estate. More recently, she felt that she’s had enough of renting a private jet, so she got herself her own $36-million ride.


We can assume that a large savings account is not her top priority. Now, she can use the Gulfstream V to fly around the world for her tours and vacations. Europe, anyone?


For Drake, 2017 was quite a year for him! All we need to do is consider the $90 million he made and we can understand why. His $150-million net worth has given him the title of one of the richest rappers in the world.


However, it also allowed him to buy a $50-million private jet – complete with a huge master suite and a queen-sized bed. With such a large bank account balance, you really can enjoy life to the max.

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled only has one baby boy, but he has become a Social Media sensation thanks to his dad’s luxury lifestyle. The photos of Ashad junior flying on their private jet to meet his father on tour have become an instant hit.


As it turns out, the famous hip-hopper doesn’t mind spending north of $38K for each trip on the plane. We don’t doubt that the dad still has plenty of cash to invest in a savings account and secure his son’s future. Perhaps he will seek education?

Adriana Lima

Living life as a supermodel can get pretty serious with all the amazing things they get to enjoy. One perfect example is the life of Adriana Lima. Adriana even spent more than $1 million of her own money to purchase a mini-superyacht called ‘Zeelander 44’.


The Zeelander immediately caught Adriana’s eye while she was looking for a boat in the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. She certainly deserves it after working hard as a Victoria’s Secret model for all those years!

Bruno Mars

The famous singer and songwriter, Bruno Mars, has probably already forgotten how it feels to travel on a crowded plane. In fact, we bet he hasn’t shared a seat as soon as he bought his $42-million private jet called ‘Mars Rider’.


The plane has enough space and comfort to fit 24 people in total. Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who has over $105-million in the bank. He uses it to travel on tour and go on vacations around the world.

Soulja Boy

DeAndre Cortez, also known as Soulja Boy, treated himself after he bought a $55-million private jet for his 21st birthday. Not a bad way to welcome adulthood! To fit the rapper’s exceptionally high standards, the jet was fully customized and can now hold up to 12 passengers.


If Soulja Boy is going to fly around the world he’s going to make sure that he provides guests with extra comfort and space. As well as beds, this beast also features a bar and cinema, so you can relax while flying high in the sky.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev made quite a statement when she posted a number of snaps of her lavish St. Tropez holiday to her Instagram followers. The Vampire Diaries star enjoyed the hot weather with her friends Jessica Stam, Tess Jantschek, Chandler Bailey, and Hillary Harley.


Together, they relaxed on the luxury jet that set them back around $100K a week. If you can afford it, we can think of no greater way of spending your hard-earned cash! It looks absolutely amazing.

Enrique Iglesias

What Chris Brown rents, Enrique Iglesias has bought. That’s right, the Gulfstream IV. It cost him about $3.6 million dollars! The singer has such a passion for planes that he actually learned how to fly one!

However, since Iglesias has a passion for air crafts and also holds a pilot’s license, the investment is definitely worth it for him. The Latin singer’s jet is worth $3.6 million, but he certainly hasn’t got a problem spending money on what he loves!

Michelle Rodriguez

If you happen to have a spare $500K in your earnings account, you can also celebrate life on this 28-foot luxury yacht. Named Ecstasea, actress Michelle Rodriguez spent a week relaxing away from everyone on this beast.


There’s a good reason she would want to spend time away on Ecstasea. For one, it has a full massage room with spa treatment, jet skis, a huge gym, and two helipads. We bet she had fun relaxing with friends and loved ones, even if it was only for a week.

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum has recently had her dream vacation aboard this luxury yacht in St. Tropez with her boyfriend, art curator Vito Schnabel. The two spent time relaxing and enjoying the amazing scenery


Although the couple rented it only for a couple of days, they still had to spend a massive sum, since a week on this gorgeous yacht costs nearly a million dollars. We wonder if Heidi’s financial advisor could offer advice and recommend that this wasn’t a great financial idea? Who knows…

Cara Delevingne

Model and actress, Cara Delevigne, might just become the next celebrity to own her own private jet, considering how frequently she travels all over the world. However, for now the British star is renting her jets and probably spending more than your average annual salary each time so does it.


But then again, Cara Delevigne has a net worth of $9 million. So, if any of us can fly around the world on a private jet, it’s her. Let’s be honest: she can definitely afford it.


We’ve already seen how Beyonce and Jay-Z treat each other with extravagant gifts. You’re probably wondering what could be better than the yacht we’ve already seen? Well, how about a private jet? Because if you’re conquering the seas you might as well try for the skies as well.


This image, posted to Beyonce’s official Instagram page, shows us that she is the ultimate queen of travel. The singer, actress, and dancer shared this snap with her wearing an outfit worth $13,000! Slay it, queen!

Oprah Winfrey

Chat show star Oprah Winfrey cashed out $45 million on her very own Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS. Her jet has been altered to increase the space available for facilities at the cost of seating. That means it can only carry ten travelers but is furnished with extra bathrooms and dining and rest areas.

As a special touch from Oprah herself, the inside is all leather. With a modest size of 19 passengers, this jet can fly anywhere in the world for a nice break away from her showbiz lifestyle.

Donald Trump

This businessman-turned television star-turned US President has been the owner of his own plane since 1997. He used it vigorously to travel to all 50 states, including Wisconsin, during his election campaign in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, the mogul had to depart from Trump Force One for the real thing – but it is unclear which one he finds more glamorous. Today, the jet remains in the family and will surely be used by him again once he leaves office and returns to private life.

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