The Private Jets and Yachts of These Celebrities Will Have You Stunned

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the rarest celebrities on earth! Not only is she a major triple threat – she can sing, act, and dance, but she has been able to keep up her celebrity power since the ‘90s. She’s also like a gorgeous and magnificent ruby that can never age, and always stays polished and alluring. She truly is a queen of queens in the celebrity world. Naturally, she likes to travel in style.

Getty Images

Jennifer travels a lot as she has a hectic work schedule, is always touring, always working out between cities and has a wonderful fiance to spend time with as well. She also has two kids she is bringing up. So, when J-Lo needs to travel, she chooses to do so by private jet. Her fiance Alex Rodriguez recently purchased a private jet – a Gulfstream IV for a cool $40 million. He loves taking Jennifer and the family on it when they travel!

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