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Rare Photos Of Queen Elizabeth That Will Make You Smile



It’s hard to think of Queen Elizabeth II as anything other than the head of the Monarch. She has been the ruler for 60 years – meeting with 12 Presidents and 13 prime ministers respectively – and has been a constant presence in the Commonwealth.


It is true that she is just a lady who happens to be Queen. Queen Elizabeth has been known to hold a strong sense of humor – often making her guests and Heads-of-State laugh during Royal events. We have highlighted some of the best photos of Queen Elizabeth who just happens to be caught in human moments.

The New Duchess

Here is Queen Elizabeth with the new Duchess of Sussex – Meghan Markle. Together, they appeared at the opening of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge – marking the first solo Royal trip for the Duchess. We can see how clearly they appear together and how HRH must have cracked a joke!

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

The Duchess can hardly hold back the laughter as they try to keep a straight face. It’s nice to see her humor transcend generations and cultures as she bonds with the newest member of the Royal Family.


The Lady Is Not Impressed

Gosh, it can’t be smiles all day long! This snap was captured during 2018’s wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We can’t always be happy in church all the time, and Queen Elizabeth appears to have let her guard down!


We doubt her expression is anything to do with the love between the Duke and Duchess. It’s more likely to have been taken during Bishop Michael Curry’s unconventional sermon called ‘The Power of Love’.

Mother and Son

Here, we can see a mother and son share a special moment during the 2017 Braemar Gathering sack race. It’s more than a mother and son: this photo shows the bond between the head of the monarchy and the immediate heir to the throne.

DAVID HARTLEY/Shutterstock

It looks like a cold day since Queen Elizabeth is wearing a blanket – leaving Prince Charles suffering with shorts! We imagine that jokes were exchanged while having to carry out official duties in the bad weather.


Catching Downton Abbey

We know Queen Elizabeth loves horses, but she’s a busy lady with places to be! Here, we can see HRH patiently checking the time before she can finish her duties and get home.


We love to imagine the Queen catching a new episode of Downton Abbey or another classic British show. Who knows, she might even be a fan of The Great British Bake-Off! Either way, it’s refreshing to see her in such a regular pose and seeing her act so normal.


Queen Elizabeth has had thousands of photos taken over the years – it’s normal to mess a few up! Here, we can see the exact moment that HRH accidentally blinked while the photo was being taken!

DAVID HARTLEY/Shutterstock

Apparently, she was unaware that the flash was going off and it caught her off guard. It’s ok, she can clearly laugh about it! It’s nice to see her caught in the usual awkward moments that we feel each day – reminding us she’s just like us!


Dark Humor

This photo might not look so special, but it’s what led up to it that made it so memorable. In 2016, Queen Elizabeth visited the Chelsea Flower Show and someone explained to her that the Lily of the Valley was once used for poison.


Then, the Queen responded by saying: “I’ve been given two bunches this week. Perhaps they want me dead.” Immediately, the room started laughing and this snap was taken. Another example of dark, British humor!

Everybody Scratches

We all get itchy noses sometimes – even the Queen of England! Here, we can see her scratching her nose as she patiently waits for some exciting action at a horseback race. Queen Elizabeth has been attending horse races for 70 years and is a huge fan of betting on winning racers.

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

Today, she attends Ascot racecourse frequently and still rides every so often! Not bad for a lady in her 90s! It is widely known that she has a passion for horses.


Going For A Drive

No one can stop the Queen of England from driving her favorite car! We can see that Queen Elizabeth enjoys a ride up in Balmoral, Scotland, where she frequently enjoys her leisure time.

Invicta Kent Media/Shutterstock

It’s so funny to see her as a regular woman driving a normal car – a far cry from a horse and carriage! It’s humbling to see that it’s still the little things in life that she enjoys and doesn’t rely too heavily on guards and tradition.

A Professional Photobomber

In 2014, this photo quickly went viral after Queen Elizabeth photobombed these two hockey players during the Commonwealth Games. Imagine taking an innocent photo with your teammate and having the Queen show up in it?

Jayde Taylor/Shutterstock

These two had just formally met with HRH and apparently, the selfie was planned and organized. Still, we think it’s amazing to see someone as important as the Queen taking a backseat in the photo and being a subtle touch in the background.


Oh, Bother – It’s Raining!

No one likes the rain! Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth sometimes has to stand in the rain for hours at a time during Royal Commitments, whereas the rest of us can run inside!

Jonathan Hordle/Shutterstock

Famously, she and Prince Philip stood in the rain for three hours during her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 while waving to a 1000-boat flotilla. Can you imagine anything more quintessentially British? We admire how she withstands such weather, especially at her old age. We love it!

Don’t Forget To Laugh

It can’t always be serious all the time. Taking a break from her Royal duties, Queen Elizabeth attends the Dreweatts Handicap Stakes in 2013. Fortunately for HRH, her horse, Sign Manual, won the race!

David Hartley/Shutterstock

This is the face of pure glee as she sees her horse finish first in the race and she can collect her earnings! According to reports, she has owned and trained 27 winning horses over 70 years! What an amazing achievement for her.


Breaking Protocol!

Prince William and Prince Harry have both admitted to feeling nervous around the Queen when they accidentally break protocol. They say that while they learn a lot from her experience, she never shies away from telling them when they screw up!

Rupert Hartley/Shutterstock

Here, we can clearly see the look of a disapproving monarch and grandmother as they probably did something that breaks protocol. Shame, they still have a lot to learn from the veteran monarch! We wonder what they did…?

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Another classic example of being stuck in British weather! Queen Elizabeth is being a real trooper as she embarks on another engagement in the rain. Can you imagine your mother or grandmother standing in the rain for hours at a time?

Rupert Hartley/Shutterstock

Even though she’s being a true sport, she couldn’t help but show how uncomfortable she was here! We don’t blame her: walking in high heels in the rain must have been very hard. Amazingly, she has been committed to this for 60 years!


Windy Weather!

Former US President Barack Obama was met with true British weather during their Royal trip. Here, we can see the first family meet with the Royals and battle the wind as they walk from their venue to the car.

Geoff Pugh/Shutterstock

We can see Queen Elizabeth and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall struggle to keep their hats on. Bearing a smile, former first lady Michelle Obama is seen smiling through the ordeal. We hope Prince Philip didn’t make any cheeky comments!

Too Tired To Drive

Queen Elizabeth is not required to earn a driver’s license – and she cannot be charged for breaking the speed limit. This makes this hilarious photo a bit for sinister as we see her yawning behind the wheel. We know HRH loves to drive, but let’s hope nothing too bad happens!


In early 2019, Prince Philip was involved in a car accident and his car overturned! Amazingly, the 97-year-old survived without a scratch. Let’s hope they act responsibly behind the wheel.


Sticking It To The Monarchy!

You’re never too old to try to catch some snowflakes! We don’t know if it matches Royal protocol to stick your tongue out for photos, but this isn’t an official portrait so we can forgive her this time. We believe that she is with her great-grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as they play in the cold weather together.

David Hartley/Shutterstock

It must be amazing for Queen Elizabeth to meet so many of her future heirs to the throne. It reminds us that she is the matriarch of a loving family – not just the Queen of England!

Husband and Wife

It’s amazing to see Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth laughing after all these years. Here, we can see a giggling wife laugh at her husband as he dresses up to perform Royal duties in 2005.

Getty Images

We love the fact that after 70 years together, this couple can still make each other laugh. Who knows if a joke was exchanged or whether it was just the nerves of the situation? Either way, it’s very cute.


Not Now, Granny!

Just because your grandmother is the Queen of England, it doesn’t mean she can’t emabrrass you sometimes! At her 90th birthday celebrations, Prince William couldn’t contain his laughter as Queen Elizabeth cracks a joke in his presence.

Getty Images

It’s amazing to see how the current Queen and future King are bonding here. We understand that the Royals have a dry sense of humor, and we would love to hear more of the off-the-cuff jokes they make to keep each other entertained.

Not All Horses Are Winners

Oh no! It appears Queen Elizabeth wasn’t so lucky this time around when betting on her horse in Ascot. Here, we can clearly see the disappointment on her face as the horse bows its head in shame.

Getty Images

We’re sure she’s used to it – she’s been racing horses for 70 years! Although we love the fact that it still annoys her this much It shows HRH really cares about the hobby and the animals.


Sharing Smiles

Is there anything more amazing than watching the Queen bond with her successor? One day, the Duchess of Cambridge will be Queen, and here we can see the two bonding together.


During a Royal engagement, we can see HRH crack a joke to the Duchess, causing an eruption of laughter. It can be hard to sit through so many formal engagements, so it’s nice to see the Royals maintain a sense of humor. What do you think was said?