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How Many Of These Vintage Items Can You Name?



It wasn’t long ago that our toys and appliances were physical objects that didn’t survive within a phone or tablet. Whereas now children play on apps and online communities, there were whole generations that stored tangible nuggets of nostalgia on bookshelves and cupboards.

How many of these vintage items can you name? Test your memory and find out!


This Weird-Looking Device

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Early versions came out in the 1900s, but the rotary phone gained popularity in 1919. It was the first time people didn't need to connect via a third-party operator.

This Trippy Art Design

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Before TVs had 24-hour broadcasts, the National Anthem would play at 'sign-off'. This was followed by the test pattern you see here. It was shown when the station was broadcasting a signal but did not have any shows being televised.

This Twisty Thing

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This is the inspiration for the expression 'roll down the window' - an expression lost on the youth of today. These were discontinued in 2008, so you will likely not see them around today.

This Boxy Thing

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Even if independent artists might still release 8-track tapes every so often, the last mainstream cartridge released was Fleetwood Mac’s "Greatest Hits" in 1988.

This Boardy Thing

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That's right! People used to wash their clothes on this board. They came to the US in 1833 and some people still use them today. Clothes are first wettened, then brushed against the ridged metal which was considered less invasive than beating clothing on a rock.

This Booky Thing

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The first Yellow Pages was published in 1886 after the publisher ran out of white paper! It was used as a directory for local businesses before the internet.

This Machiney Thing

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These have been around since the 17th century. It wasn't until the 21st century that countries started banning them. You might see them in a bar, but they are probably not in use.

This Flippy Thing

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In the 1980s, countries started banning smoking on planes and it was in 2000 that a global ban was implemented across all flights and countries. You might still see some of these near the toilets - but don't use them!

This Weird Thing

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In the 1980s, Sony's Betamax competed with JVC's VHS to win the 'format wars' of home video. VHS would win, only to lose out to DVD a few years later.

This Twisty Thing

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People have been grinding their own coffee for thousands of years. Today, you're more likely to find an electronic device capable of doing it, or pre-ground coffee straight on the shelves.

This Cable Thing

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These phones were all around towns and cities so that people could make calls outside the house. 100 years after their introduction in the 1900s, there were two million across the US. They are hardly used today.

This Brushy Thing

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Before computers, people used to type on typewriters. Of course, this didn't prevent people from making mistakes. They used this to erase them.

This Tablet Thing

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'Ansaphone' was created in 1960 by Phonetel, a Japanese company. They reached their peak in 1984 and are now largely replaced with Whatsapp voice notes.

This Vintage Thing

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Tapes were huge ever since their introduction in the 1960s. However, they couldn't compete with the CD and faced a similar fate to the VHS.

This Portable Thing

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Before the iPod, Walkman changed the industry and the way we consumed music. For the first time, people could walk around and listen to their personal music. These were discontinued in 2010 and now live in history.

This Iconic Thing

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Young people might recognize this as the 'Save' icon on their computers or tablets. Once upon a time, these were used to store 8mg of data - which was more than enough!

These Sharp Things

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A Church Key is not a key to a church - but a hand-operated can and bottle opener. These were popular in the 1970s.

These Paper Things

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Encyclopedias are sets of books that have thousands of topics, usually ordered alphabetically. Today, they don't contain anything that can't be found on the device in your pocket - or the one you're using to take this quiz!

This Large Thing

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These famously had bad quality printing abilities, despite their high price tags. They grew in popularity in the 1970s and were in most homes by the 1990s. Today, you're more likely to see Laser or 3D printers.

These Candy Things

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In 1987, the color 'tan' was added to M&Ms after a vote. It joined the previously added dark brown, green, orange, and yellow. Sadly, in 1995 they were replaced with blue

How Many Of These Vintage Items Can You Name?
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