Affordable Retirement Destinations Famous Among Celebrities

Retirement is a welcome break after slaving away at work for the vast majority of life. People dream of retiring somewhere exotic, serene and beautiful. Of course pension plans and life savings will dictate what you will and won’t be able to afford, but before ruling out your dream destination, take a closer look into retirement and it might just be more affordable than you once believed.

Phang-Nga, Thailand | Scarlett Johansson © DFree /

These destinations are famous for celebrity sightings and are special places A-listers escape to get away from the spotlight. If they’re good enough for them, they should suit you just fine.

Saint James, Barbados

Celebrity sightings: Simon Cowell and Hugh Grant

Retirement budget: $300,000

White-sand beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters surround the beautiful St. James, Barbados. The parish community in central-western Barbados has drawn in droves of A-listers and millionaires for their winter breaks and retirement.

Simon Cowell © MirrorCeleb | Hugh Grant © merlinpendragn / | Saint James, Barbados © Stephanie Braconnier /

Due to the shift in tourists, the destination changed it name from the “Gold Coast” to the “Platinum Coast”. It is inhabited by 20,000 people and has homes ranging from modest to huge, opulent mansions, catering for every kind of retirement plan.

Tuscany, Italy

Celebrity sightings: Sting

Retirement budget: $40,000

Renowned for its Renaissance art, architecture breathtaking vineyards and stunning villas, Tuscany is one of the most famous destinations in the world. With the Italian region’s capital being Florence, it is rich in history with attractions including the Uffizi museum and the famed Pitti Palace.

Sting © classichitradio / | Tuscany, Italy © Jaroslaw Pawlak /

Due to the mouth-watering authentic cuisine and famous wines including Chianti, Morellino di Scansano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and Brunello di Montalcino, it is the ultimate retirement location for culture vultures. In the summer months, expect to see celebrities including Sting, George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt.

Antiparos, Greece

Celebrity sightings: Tom Hanks

Retirement budget: $240,000

Lined with cobblestone streets, white houses with blue roofs, and friendly locals, Antiparos is one of the quieter Greek islands. Escape the mad tourist season in the summer on this island which is less than one mile from Paros by boat.

Tom Hanks © peterkidder / | Antiparos, Greece © Constantinos Iliopoulos /

This island is home to the oldest community in the Cyclades which was founded in 1914. The island has 1,200 residents making it perfect for those looking for a small, close-knit community in their retirement.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Celebrity sightings: The Kardashians, Gal Gadot

Retirement budget: $240,000

Located on the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in Israel, but it is definitely the most trendy. With a population of 440,000, Tel Aviv is the home to startup nation with a thriving technological economy.

Khloe Kardashian © 937RhythmFm | Kim Kardashian © KimKardashian | Kourtney Kardashian © kimkhloemedia / | Tel Aviv, Israel © Boris Stroujko /

Economically, Tel Aviv is the Middle East’s largest economy per capita, resulting in the city being given the title of thirty-first highest cost of living in the world and 10th most expensive city in the world. With a huge expat community, it is no surprise why people are flocking to the culturally-rich city for their retirement.

Mallorca, Spain

Celebrity sightings: Goldie Hawn, Harrison Ford

Retirement budget: $250,000

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearics, located in the Mediterranean and a part of Spain. In the warmer months, the island is packed with tourists and people looking for a short break.

Goldie Hawn © mangozy95 | Harrison Ford © AleshaRuth / | Mallorca, Spain © Balate Dorin /

Due to the influx of tourists, Palma de Mallorca is among the busiest in Spain with more than 28 million people passing through the airport annually. The quality of life and affordable value for money has made it a popular retirement destination for the British and other European countries.

Côte d’Azur, France

Celebrity Sightings: Rod Stewart, Elton John

Retirement budget: $480,000

A playground for the A-list and billionaires, the French Riviera is the summer yacht vacation choice of the super rich. From designer boutiques to exclusive restaurants and breathtaking real estate, it is quite an exquisite corner of the world.

Rod Stewart © radiodotsydney | Elton John © eltonofficial / | Cote D’Azur, France © s4svisuals /

Spanning over a number of different countries, the Côte d’Azur doesn’t have official boundaries and is home to more than two million people. Monte Carlo is the tax haven for the rich looking to save their hard earned money.

Tulum, Mexico

Celebrity sightings: Richard Gere, Aaron Rodgers

Retirement budget: $90,000

Aside from the white sand beaches, luscious greenery, eco-friendly architecture and clear blue sea, Tulum is famous for its ruins from being a part of the Mayan times. Located on the Caribbean Sea, the climate is warm and sunny and has been an up and coming vacation destination in the last few years.

Richard Gere © Tinseltown | Aaron Rodgers © Featureflash Photo Agency | Tulum, Mexico © andrmoel /

Many of the resorts have gone eco-friendly, using the surroundings to act as the main architecture of the hotels. If you have dreamed of retiring on a beach, this one is beautiful and affordable.

Zurich, Switzerland

Celebrity sightings: Tina Turner

Retirement budget: $60,000

Zurich is home to around 400,000 people and is the second-largest city in Switzerland. Celebrities and the wealthy have been buying real estate right by the tip of Lake Zurich, making the city more appealing and affordable than ever.

Tina Turner © dumitru_aldescu / | Zurich, Switzerland © S.Borisov /

Locals are warm and friendly and the rules of the city make it perfect for retirees who are looking for a quiet life and pleasant way of living. Due to the altitude, damp days are rare and blue skies are common.

The Algarve, Portugal

Celebrity sightings: Bonnie Tyler

Retirement budget: $204,000

The Algarve is a region in southern Portugal resided in by 450,000 people. It is a very popular destination for tourists with a wonderful climate throughout the year.

The majority of produce in the Algarve is grown there and it is known for its fresh seafood, oranges, plums, figs, almonds, and carob beans. It is a very popular place for Brits and Europeans to retire in due to the slow lifestyle and warm temperatures.

New Providence Island, Bahamas

Celebrity sightings: Sean Connery

Retirement budget: $240,000

New Providence Islands is the Bahamas’ most inhabited island, containing over 70% of the region’s total population. The capital city Nassau is located here and has a community of 240,000 people.

Sean Connery © oxley264 / | New Providence Island, Bahamas © Ramunas Bruzas /

Many people who want to live the rest of their lives on the beach have retired here due to the beautiful scenery and plenty of untouched nature. One of the biggest industries is tourism with thousands of affordable hotels and resorts built around the island.

Limassol, Cyprus

Celebrity sightings: Mariah Carey, Kim Catrall

Retirement budget: $100,000

On the southern Cyprus coast, Limassol is a gorgeous little city and the second-largest urban area on the island. It has a population of around 180,000 and has a large influx of tourists every year staying at the resorts dotted around.

Kim Cattrall © TVSeriesNetwork | Mariah Carey © MariahCarey / | Limassol, Cyprus © Ksenija Toyechkina /

The climate is warm and the island has plenty of culture in the form of historic old towns, romantic harbors and pretty villages. The local restaurants are affordable with fresh fish and seafood year round.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Celebrity sightings: Hilary Swank

Retirement budget: $360,000

Dubai has established itself as a mecca of the UAE, with celebrities and travelers flocking to the middle-eastern city state. Known for its over-the-top, opulent luxury, Dubai attracts the super wealthy and plenty of celebrities.

Hilary Swank © THR / | Dubai, United Arab Emirates © S-F /

With a booming real estate industry and strong economy, it has become a popular place to retire and live off of bank interest. Dubai’s year round high temperatures are attracting many people around the world to retire in the Arabian peninsula.

Umbria, Italy

Celebrity sightings: Colin Firth

Retirement budget: $120,000

Another Italian city has been singled out as a dream retirement destination. Umbria is divided by the River Tiber, containing Lake Trasimeno and the Marmore Falls, making it absolutely beautiful.

Colin Firth © charoso10 / | Umbria, Italy © Jaroslaw Pawlak /

The towns have a rich heritage, and Perugia is a tourist hotspot during the warmer months. The locals are close-knit and the food is authentic and delicious. For those who desire a friendly, community feel, retiring in affordable Umbria is the perfect place.

Maui, Hawaii

Celebrity sightings: Kyra Sedgwick

Retirement budget: $280,500

Turquoise waters, luscious greenery, breathtaking waterfalls and scenic hiking trails will give you an understanding why so many celebrities spend most of their time in Maui. The second largest island in Hawaii, it has a population of around 144,000 people and is famous for its surfing,

Kyra Sedgwick © Kathy Hutchins | Maui, Hawaii © DonLand /

kiteboarding, snorkelling and marine life. The slow, laid back and healthy lifestyle is attractive to so many who retire on the island. Many celebrities use Maui as their getaway from the spotlight when they aren’t shooting Hollywood blockbusters.

Ibiza, Spain

Celebrity sightings: Sylvester Stallone

Retirement budget: $150,000

Ibiza may have the reputation for drawing in a raucous summer party crowd, but there are some quiet, dreamy and serene parts of the island. Located off the coast of Spain, the main settlements are Ibiza Town, Sant Antoni de Portmany, an Santa Eularia des Riu.

Sylvester Stallone © Tinseltown | Ibiza, Spain © Mariusz Stanosz /

The government clamped down on the noise from EDM clubs to make it more family and retirement friendly. In the off-season, locals enjoy the quiet streets and a delicious cuisine of fresh seafood and the mediterannean diet.

Laguna Beach, California

Celebrity sightings: Mark Cuban

Retirement budget: $417,000

Known for its beautiful sunshine, Southern California is the retirement choice for so many. Celebrities have chosen Laguna Beach to reside in due to its closeness to Los Angeles, but also far away enough for some peace and quiet.

Mark Cuban © Kathy Hutchins | Laguna Beach, California © Engel Ching /

Laguna Beach is known to be luxurious with stunning scenery from all angles. It has a population of 23,000 with some wonderful local cafes, restaurants and shops. The country clubs have become popular with pensioners looking for a slower lifestyle.

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Celebrity sightings: Mel Gibson

Retirement budget: $260,000

Costa Rica’s beautiful Nicoya Peninsula borders the Pacific Ocean, offering stunning scenery and a slow, beach life. It is a great place to retire for nature lovers as there are some incredible national parks, mountain hikes, outdoor activities and wonderful marine life.

Mel Gibson © Tinseltown / | Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica ©

Cost of living in Costa Rica isn’t too high, so a retired couple can live quite comfortably. Costa Rica has always been among the world’s most popular retirement destinations for good reason. The climate is temperate and budgeting is possible.

Big Island, Hawaii

Celebrity sightings: Roseanne Barr

Retirement budget: $240,000

Big Island got its name as it is the largest part of Hawaii. However, despite its landmass being 63%, there are only around 23% of Hawaii’s inhabitants. The small population is mostly due to the fact of the difficult terrain and there are only a few areas eligible for building infrastructure.

Roseanne Barr © Kathy Hutchins | Big Island, Hawaii © Milan van Weelden /

In addition, the Big Island active volcano has deterred some people from living there. However, it is a wonderful part of Hawaii, it is quiet, serene and rich in nature.

Patmos, Greece

Celebrity sightings: Julia Roberts

Retirement budget: $240,000

Located in the South Aegean Sea, the beautiful Greek island of Patmos is one of the most historically significant places in the world. With a population of around 3,000, it is the ideal place for those who want to retire in peace and quiet.

Julia Roberts © vaIentinoangeI / | Patmos, Greece © Nejdet Duzen /

The island can only be reached by boat, making it popular with superyachts in summer. It has some of the most delicious seafood in Greece, made by locals for generations. Between the ancient Greek sites, beautiful villas and local delicacies, it is too good not to retire here.

Chateauneuf de Grasse

Celebrity sightings: Mick Jagger

Retirement budget: $480,000

Located in Southeastern France, Chateauneuf de Grasse is a perfect French Riviera town with a population of around 3,000. It sits on the border of Opio and Plascassier and is just 13 miles from Cannes, making it easily accessible to the bigger cities, but staying just away from the noise and crowds.

Mick Jagger © TheTorontoSun / | Chateauneuf de Grasse, France © Margarita Hintukainen /

The town is home to the beautiful Church of Saint Martin and is surrounded by picturesque mountains.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Celebrity sightings: Sharon Stone

Retirement budget: $1.1 million

Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, leading it to end up on many people’s bucket lists. The stunning white sand beaches, turquoise blue lagoon and vibrant barrier reef and luscious green peaks have made it a dream honeymoon destination.

Sharon Stone © JStone | Bora Bora, French Polynesia © Lux Blue /

If you love the outdoors and have a healthy retirement fund, you can’t really get any better than living in breathtaking French Polynesia.

Passignano, Italy

Celebrity sightings: George Lucas

Retirement budget: $130,000

Located in the Province of Perugia in the Italian region of Umbria is the small town of Passignano. With a population of under 6,000, the charming Italian town is something out of a movie set, so much that it attracted Star Wars creator George Lucas to reside in a beautiful estate there.

George Lucas © starwarstuff / | Passignano, Italy © Stefano_Valeri /

Sitting on the northern rim of Lake Trasimeno, Passignano presents unspoiled, panoramic views across the lake. The setting is perfect and the local cuisine is sublime.

Dublin, Ireland

Celebrity sightings: Jeremy Irons

Retirement budget: $200,000

The capital city of Ireland has so much to offer for a wonderful retirement. Aside from being the home to famous Irish breweries, it has some wonderful medieval castles and sights to explore along with rolling hills and plenty of greenery.

Jeremy Irons © BinBetween / | Dublin, Ireland © Leonid Andronov /

The Christmas markets and lights are one of the highlights of the year, and people from all over the world flock to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Living in a city like Dublin, you’ll never be bored in your retirement.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Celebrity sightings: Hugh Jackman

Retirement budget: $250,000

Bondi Beach is one of Sydney’s most popular beaches for good reason. With cool winters and hot summers, Sydney’s climate has attracted many pensioners to move down under for the outdoorsy and active lifestyle.


Around Christmas, the beaches and local cafes all over Sydney are packed with tourists soaking up the sun and enjoying the best of the east coast. While travelling outside of Australia costs a lot of money, there are plenty of options to travel domestically.

Jupiter Island, Florida

Celebrity sightings: Celine Dion

Retirement budget: $240,000

There is a reason why Florida has become such a popular retirement destination for so many. The weather is beautiful all year round, there are plenty of like minded people around to socialize with and it is laid-back and calm.


Jupiter is a great place for those who love golfing and beautiful, quiet beaches. Palm Beach International Airport is a mere 25-minutes from Jupiter, making it excellent for travel links.

The Hamptons, New York

Celebrity sightings: Robert De Niro

Retirement budget: $500,000

The Hamptons might not be one of the cheapest places in New York, but it is definitely the most sophisticated if you can stretch your retirement fund.


In the warmer months, the slow town becomes buzzing with the younger generation coming from Manhattan, but in the winter, you will have to wrap up and brave the snow. The Hampton’s has some exquisite restaurants and beautiful private beaches.

British Virgin Island, Caribbean

Celebrity sightings: Richard Branson

Retirement budget: $60,000

You may be surprised that living in the same area as a billionaire isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. Many islands in the British Virgin Islands provide stunning panoramic views of the turquoise oceans and white sand beaches, but the cost of living is not expensive (unless you own your own island, of course)!


The main islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke. The locals are very friendly and you will regularly see Richard Branson out in the seas sailing.

Turks and Caicos, Bahamas

Celebrity sightings: Drake

Retirement budget: $150,000

Not only is Turks and Caicos a beautiful island with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, but it is also a tax haven, meaning you will get much more for your money in retirement.

AP/ Shutterstock

It is perfect for people looking for a slow-paced lifestyle and nature lovers and people who enjoy outdoor activities. The small population is spread over a number of islands, making it quiet, with the main island, Provinciales, providing more of a buzz with tourists.

Hvar, Croatia

Celebrity sightings: Beyonce and Jay Z

Retirement budget: $300,000

In recent years, Hvar has become the place to go in the summer months. The island is small and can be driven from end to end in 90 minutes, with sea views all the way round.


As well as the outdoor activities, there is plenty of history on the island and it is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From May to October, the town is buzzing with tourists, but the rest of the time is friendly locals and expats who have emigrated to the stunning island.

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Celebrity sightings: Jennifer Lopez

Retirement budget: $200,000

Despite being one of the most expensive places in South America, Rio is still very much budget-friendly and you can get a lot for your dollars. For those looking for beaches in their retirement, Rio offers 5,000 miles of beaches to choose from and the country has no history of earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes.


Once you learn Portuguese, the locals are warm and friendly and the local cuisine is delicious. The temperatures year round are between the 70s and 80s.

Valletta, Malta

Celebrity sightings: Bruce Willis

Retirement budget: $100,000

Many expats are now retiring in Malta due to the warm climate, friendly locals and very much affordable lifestyle. Malta has a great transport system so pensioners will not have to rely on buying a car and locals are all English-speaking to help you on your way.


Malta has some amazing local festivals as well as having the greatest density of historic sites than any other country in the world, meaning you will never become bored.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Celebrity sightings: Nick Jonas

Retirement budget: $220,000

On the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic lies the beautiful Punta Cana. The region known for its 32km stretch of stunning, quiet beaches and turquoise waters.


Prices in the Dominican Republic are the best value in all of the Caribbean and $2,000 per month could give you a relaxed and wonderful lifestyle. In recent years, the government has welcomed in retirees, making it increasingly easy to reside in the country without having to go through long processes.

Byron Bay, Australia

Celebrity sightings: Matt Damon

Retirement budget: $500,000

Byron Bay has risen through the ranks in Australia for cost of living, but for good reason. Celebrities and the super rich are buying property all over the beautiful little beach town in Australia.


Shoes are always optional in Byron, the beaches are perfect and the walking viewpoints are even more incredible. Due to the small nature of Byron Bay, locals are very friendly and it is a tight-knit community. If you love an outdoorsy lifestyle and enjoy barbecue for dinner, there is no better place than Byron.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Celebrity Sightings: Emma Stone

Retirement budget: $200,000

Scottsdale, Arizona has a small population of 200,000 and is in close proximity to Pheonix for shopping and restaurants. The town offers gorgeous weather all year round, beautiful parks and clean streets.


Part of the retirement attraction to Scottsdale is its large number of country clubs and world-famous golf courses. With excellent healthcare and many people flocking there to retire, you will be able to build up a nice community of friends quickly.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Celebrity Sightings: Angelina Jolie

Retirement budget: $30,000

Cambodia’s capital city is known for giving retirees a luxurious lifestyle for a small amount of money. Known as the “Kingdom of Wonder”, many westerners have been able to massively upgrade their lifestyle due to a very low cost of living.


Cambodia has a large tourism industry and people visit all year round from all corners of the world, so locals speak plenty of english. To put it into perspective, a bottle of champagne at dinner costs $25. 

Città Sant’Angelo, Italy

Celebrity Sightings: Madonna

Retirement budget: $80,000

In Italy’s Ambruzzo region lies this gorgeous historic hamlet. The charming town is some of the finest Italy has to offer and real estate prices are 30-70 percent lower than in Tuscany or Umbria.


With access to the Adriatic Sea, national parks and nature reserves nearby, there are endless activities for those who have an appreciation for the outdoors. With Rome just a three-hour drive, there isn’t any reason why you can’t reside in the peaceful Italian countryside with some of the best cuisine in the region.

Savannah, Georgia

Celebrity sightings: Miley Cyrus

Retirement budget: $150,000

Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most beautiful cities in America and the town is specifically designed for pedestrians. With a mix of historical houses, wonderful boutiques and a great culinary scene, Savannah is great for those looking for a slow lifestyle in a charming and friendly neighborhood.


Between cultural and natural attractions, there is something for everyone at all times of the year. The winters are mild and wet while summers are hot and humid.

Madrid, Spain

Celebrity sightings: The Beckhams

Retirement budget: $30,000

The capital of Spain is a true melting pot of cultures and people living together from all walks of life. Between the historical sites, new buildings and different districts, there is always something to do in the metropolitan city. Locals are friendly and the food is fresh and delicious.


People in Madrid love to socialize so cafes, terrazas and parks are always buzzing with friendly locals. If you’re looking to stay up a little later, Madrid would be perfect for your retirement as everything starts a little later on in the day.

Lisbon, Portugal

Celebrity sightings: Scarlett Johansson

Retirement budget: $210,000

The capital of Portugal has proved to be quite the popular destination for retirement. With a strong economy, the warmest winters in Europe, plenty of accessible transport links and a buzzing city life, it is easy to see why the destination has become so high in demand.

Phang-Nga, Thailand | Scarlett Johansson © DFree /

The city has cultural sites, quaint cafes, Michelin star restaurants and a great shopping district. Put simply, you won’t ever be bored in your retirement here.

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