Gosh! Take A Look At These Private Royal Photographs

Most photos we see of the British Royal Family are officially released from Kensington Palace. These include updates, announcements, or just checking in to say hello. If we don’t get a snap from the paparazzi, us common folk are usually deprived of some of the more intimate moments shared among the normal of families.

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We’ve uncovered some of the rarest photos of the Royal Family in existence. Here, we can see how the Royals are just normal people – like you and me – who enjoy laughing, relaxing, and adventuring through life.

Father and Sons

Is there anything prouder than a father with his sons? Here, we can reveal a rare look at the princes from when they were younger. Prince Charles looks so proud as he strikes a pose with his charming young boys.

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The photo was taken in 1988 when Charles and Diana were still married, although she is nowhere to be seen in the photo. These symbolize happier years with the family before it was disrupted by divorce and grief.

A Future Queen

Prince William met Kate Middleton while he studied at the University of St. Andrew’s in Fife. The two of them are living in the same dormitory and also shared some classes together. Between 2001 and 2005 they would create a bond that would take them all the way to the present day and the rest of their lives.

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Here is a picture of Kate Middleton on her graduation day after completing a Master’s in Art History. Prince William graduated that same year with an M.A. in Geography.

Brace Face

We all have awkward years – even if you’re royalty! Here, we see a young Prince Harry in his teenage years while he gets some dental treatment to fix a crooked smile. It’s not uncommon for young boys and girls to wear braces in their teenage years, and Prince Harry is no exception.

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Years later, he shows us his charming and delightful smile from ear to ear as he stands alongside his new bride, Meghan Markle. We think they were worth the investment!

Brother and Sister

Here is a rare photo of the late Princess Diana with her brother Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer. In the summer months of 1967, a photographer snapped this photo of the siblings at Park House in Sandringham, Norfolk.

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Unfortunately, their parents were to divorce only two years later. Diana often recalled how she had unhappy years in childhood filled with instability. Of course, years later she would get divorced which would sadly prove traumatic to her own children.

Jordanian Adventures

Did you know our future Queen lived in Jordan for two years? Here is a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as a young toddler. She is standing alongside her sister, Pippa, and father.

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He worked for British Airways and the family spent two years living in Jordan between 1984-1986. It must have been a wonderful few years, even if the girls are unlikely to remember much of it! We bet they had some good travel insurance to keep them and sound!

Happy Family

Here, we can see a rare photo of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Prince William. The photo was taken in March 1983 while the couple lived in Kensington Palace.

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It’s amazing to see the joy felt by parents who welcome a newborn baby into their family. Soon after, the three of them would all welcome Prince Harry to make a wholesome family of four. Unfortunately, it was not to last as the couple would famously divorce a few years later.

Future Bossy Pants!

At only 10 years old, our future Queen certainly knew what she wanted! Here is Queen Elizabeth in the year that her father became King following his brother’s abdication. Although born into the Royal family, Elizabeth never expected to be Queen since she was a niece of the King and not a direct successor.

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However, destiny would change forever with an abdication that would mark the beginning of her life as Queen. How would you feel if you became a ruler?

Dukes and Duchesses

It’s a proud moment to see our young princes walking next to each other with their wives. For years, we have seen them grow up into fine gentlemen. Today, we see them adapt the protocol which dictates that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex must walk behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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In a forever-modernizing monarchy, they are walking next to each other – demonstrating a sign of equality for all! It has been reported that all four are very close.

Fashion Icon?

Before she wed her Prince, Princess Diana attended her sister’s wedding three years earlier. At age 16, she was a bridesmaid in the 1978 wedding to Mr. Robert Fellowes. At the time, she probably had no choice but to wear what she was told – something that wouldn’t change much later!

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Once she officially entered the Royal Family, the world would start to see her in a lot more glamorous clothing. Over time, she became an icon and known to the world as ‘The People’s Princess’.

A Man of Service

Before dedicating most of his life to The Firm, Prince Philip was a Royal Navy Lieutenant. He was a dedicated serviceman who spent time across the waters saving lives when needed. Many of his adventures are documented during the Netflix drama The Crown.

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He has often described his outings, which date back to 1943, as some of the happiest times of his life. Today, he has reached the impressive age of 97, where he officially retired from public life to spend his final days at home.

A Thirst For Knowledge

Prince Charles was no academic, but it didn’t stop him from pursuing further education at the prestigious Cambridge University. After completing five O-levels and two A-levels, he went to study Anthropology and History.

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After graduating in 1970, he became the first heir apparent to the English throne who would be a university graduate. Prince William followed in his footsteps years later by attending St. Andrews – where he would meet his future wife and our Queen.

A Strapping Prince!

This photo of Prince Philip when he was a teenager is a rare look into his early years. The strapping young man clearly shows charm and charisma – it’s no wonder our Queen fell for him so hard! As a teenager, he attended a Scottish high school called Gordonstoun.

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He enjoyed his time there tremendously and sent his son, Prince Charles, there. The Netflix show The Crown depicted these as troubling times for the young prince, not felt the same way as Prince Philip.

Enjoying The View

This photo dated all the way back to 1952, when Queen Elizabeth is celebrating Prince Charles’ fourth birthday. It was only a few months before that she was coronated, and they are adapting to their new lives as head of the Commonwealth.

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Prince Charles once revealed that his relationship with his mother was cold, although we wouldn’t bank on it judging by this photo. The heir and heir apparent look like a loving mother and son as they share a fun experience together.

A Little Lady

Not many people realize how connected the Spencer family is to the Royals. Princess Diana, then Lady Diana, is sitting in the Queen’s country home in Sandringham, Norfolk. Coming from an aristocratic family, Diana actually grew up playing with Andrew and Edward, Prince Charles’ younger brothers.

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The house this photo was taken in was leased from Queen Elizabeth – little did anyone know the families would get much closer as time went on! This two-year-old Lady Diana is precious!

A Royal Wedding!

The engagement between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip was made public in July 1947, five years before she would take the throne. The happy couple had actually become engaged the year previously, but her father King George VI wanted them to wait until she was 21.

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They had met years earlier and continued an exchange through letters – how romantic! As of 2018, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for 71 years! Such a wonderful life together.

Who Are We Missing?

This year, Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday. He is the oldest living heir apparent in history, which is either fantastic or disappointing. Here is a wonderful photo of the Windsor family spanning three generations. After seeing so many photos of their children throughout the years, it’s lovely to see them all grown up!

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It’s amazing to think how Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will grow up. We can’t help but spot the missing matriarch in the family – the Queen herself!

Learning The Ropes

This photo was taken on Prince Charles’ seventh birthday, way back in 1955. He’s seen wearing a Balmoral tartan kilt traced back all the way to 1853. When you are Royal, spare no expense!

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This famous kilt is worn by Queen Elizabeth as a dress, and other members of the family can wear it if granted with her permission. Prince Charles is starting to learn about his royal duties and the destiny that lies ahead. Good luck!

A Baby Bump!

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has quickly joined The Firm and is currently carrying Prince Harry’s firstborn. At 37, she is a divorced American and is shaking up the institution one protocol at a time.

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Here is a snap from one of her first Royal Engagements – a charity event at the Royal Variety Performance. In Spring 2019, the world will meet their first born child who will enjoy a life of luxury. What do you think it will be called?

Sister Bond

During the Queen’s early reign, she often lent on her sister, Princess Margaret, for support. The two were not sparse of controversy, however, as history shows. Following Princess Margaret’s infatuation with Captain Peter Townsend, the Queen refused to allow her sister to marry him.

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This is because he was divorced and it was considered against the Church. Ironically, three out of Queen Elizabeth’s four children would end up divorced. Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones and divorced 18 years later.

From Suits To Wedding Dresses

This is one of the first photos to show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day. Meghan Markle made history as an American divorcee to marry into The Firm. Here, the Duke and Duchess look dashing as they walk together as husband and wife for the first time.

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They married in May 2018 and will welcome their first born within the first year of their marriage. Being 37, the Suits star is probably eager to settle down a bit.

Rocking Pearls

Princess Elizabeth was only 21 when she got engaged to Prince Philip. This photo is one of the official pictures that was released upon the announcement in 1947. At that time, the Royal Family remained a secretive and reclusive institution, and so photos of this kind were a real treat to the world!

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Today, Kensington Palace has adapted with the times and frequently provides updates in the form of television appearances and even Tweets! Do you keep up to date with the Family?

Young Mother

In one of the most intimate photos, Princess Elizabeth looks adoringly at her firstborn, Prince Charles. Elizabeth was just 21 when she became a mother for the first time, back in 1948. There is nothing stronger than the feelings a mother has for her children – even if that mother also reigns over the British empire!

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Today, this little fella is in his seventies and still waiting to rule the Commonwealth once his mother passes. The Queen has met the next three generations of heirs apparent.


Prince Harry shared an intimate photo from his honeymoon with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Here, she is already pregnant with their first born. They shared a moment in the woods together away from the public eye – in one of the last moments they will ever have just the two of them!

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The pregnancy was announced in October 2018 and the newest member of the Royal Family is going to arrive in the Spring of 2019. Do you think they are having fun?

Dressing Up

Queen Elizabeth has always loved dressing to impress, even as a toddler! Before becoming clear that she would be Queen, the then-Duchess posed with her sister, Margaret.

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We love the attention to detail, such as the ‘E’ emblem on her handbag and tiny gloves to match. We would be treated to more fashion statements from this little girl as she remained in the public eye for the next 80 years! Do you like the outfit she is wearing?

The Dog Lover

As she approached her teens, it is clear that Elizabeth took a liking to animals. Here she is getting close to a dog with a beaming smile from ear to ear. Aside from dogs, the Queen has also shown an interest in horses.

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For the next few decades, Queen Elizabeth would host a bunch of Corgis in Buckingham Palace, and famously ride horses with US President Ronald Regan. Do you like animals as much as this young girl?

Family Ties

Here is Prince Charles cradling his youngest grandchild, Prince Louis. He was born in early 2018 and completes the trio for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Usually, the Royal Family releases official photos with somewhat serious poses and positions.

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It is refreshing to see such an intimate photo between a grandfather and his grandson. It is a sign of the times that the Royal Family is sharing more unconventional photos which show the love they have for each other.

Raising Princesses

Here, we can reveal a rare colored photo of a young Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret. At the time, she was the Duchess of York and her mother would be the Queen.

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When King George died, she became Queen Mother since she was not a blood relative of The Firm. The two sisters had a special bond and the three of them were all very close. Sadly, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret would die one month apart, in February and March 2002.

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