Winter is Coming: Build Shed Storage to Prepare for Storing Anything

Winter months are always a chore for families. There are many things to anticipate such as plowing snow, checking on your cars, and build shed storage. Storage is very essential all year round because it can keep items together while having a complimentary area in your house. While building shed storage seems like a huge project, proper planning and time allocation can definitely come a long way. And this can be a good DIY project for you too.


If you have plans to build shed storage for yourself, here are key things to remember:

Shed Design

You can start by finding a shed design you would love incorporated. There are already a lot of inspiration coming from the Internet and the famous Pinterest. A few clicks on your mouse can generate a lot of pictures and images of a good shed. Even if you have zero ideas at all or you don’t have that spark of interest in building one, being able to see beautiful sheds can spark your interest. There are even a lot of DIY tutorials on how you can be able to create one filled with detailed instructions and images too.


Shed Use

Typically, a shed is a storage of a lot of gardening tools and related equipment. Identify what is the use of the shed so you can be able to come up with the right measurement where your tools can fit in. If ever you decide your shed to be just an extra space for home storage, you can be able to come up with just the right shed measurement. Will you be using it to store holiday decors? Are you going to store old items? Make sure that the shed can be maximized for its use hence you need to know what it is for.


Shed Measurement

After identifying the design and what is its use, next come up with the measurement of the shed. If you are going to build one, we suggest making it multi-functional. This means that it can hold the equipment you would want to use and more. Make sure the measurements shouldn’t crowd your lot space. The shed size must be reasonable in your garden for example and should not be too big or too small for its intended use.

Shed Construction

This is the trickiest part and the one that requires a lot of details. In the construction process, you need to be able to identify materials as well, that will go with the shed. You would normally need cinder blocks or clay bricks, cement, and lumber. You also make sure that you have the right tools to even begin the construction process.

In any construction make sure to always start with a solid foundation. Since sheds are usually for storage purposes, make sure that rodents will be kept away from here. For the foundation to be good, make sure to level out the ground. Use solid bricks like cinder blocks for example. Do not forget to also make an electrical channel too.

The next big thing you need to do would be to lay the foundation. In this step, you can be able to start putting the rest of the cinder blocks. Set rebar posts in each corner and tie together with a string to keep the shed’s wall straight. Laying each brick should be checked regularly as this can affect the upper foundation if not done right.

You can then proceed with framing and roofing. You might need plywood boards here in order to best support the roof. The next crucial step would be creating the walls. Depending on the material you desire, you can set the walls and hammer it to your frame. Make sure that a wall is dedicated to windows and doors. Hence header building and installation would be necessary.

The next few steps would be beautification of the shed storage such as painting the walls, installing the glass for the windows, installing the door, and locks among others. During winter, having shed storage is a space-saver in a much more accessible place. You can be able to put in here your winter skis, winter gears, and related items. You can even store your snowblower tools here. Individuals would want to have shed storage intended for this kind of equipment since sheds are usually located outdoors and they can be able to easily grasp an item or two. It will also keep your items safe and secure.

Building storage from scratch is definitely a huge project. But doing it yourself would simply give you that sense of pride being able to complete a shed that stands tall in your yard. In case you are not confident yet with your DIY skills, you can always look for shed experts that can help you in the construction process. Regardless of the choice, having shed storage is definitely a homeowner’s must-have.

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