10 Summer Cleaning Hacks For Every Home

Buying a home is all fun until you start thinking of how to keep it clean, especially during the summer. Homes get beat down by debris and other dirt during the chilly days of winter, leaving homeowners will tons of cleaning jobs to attend to. But don’t freak out just yet. If you are planning to buy a home or already have a home, we have prepared a list of 10 summer cleaning hacks that will help make your cleaning easier and efficient. Be our guest.

Use a rubber glove to freshen up your sofa and other fabrics


This is science: When you rub two surfaces together, especially when one of them is rubber or plastic, an electrostatic force is created between the two surfaces, so the rubber is able to pick small debris such as pieces of paper. Pet hair is another example of debris that static energy can easily collect.

Thoroughly rub down your sofa, curtains, bedsheets, and any other fabric covering that is prone to pet hair with a pair of rubber gloves. The pet hair will stick to the gloves so you just pick it out.

Polish surfaces using lemon vinegar

When cleaning your kitchen cabinets, benches, lamp stands, kitchen sink, and bathroom floors, among other surfaces that could have sticky debris, lemon vinegar will come in handy. Just fill a jar with vinegar and ¼ lemon peels, and then let the concoction sit undisturbed for a week or two. Nothing cleans stains better than cotton wool that has been dipped in this mixture.

Clean with bicarbonate soda


If you want to clean and deodorize your home in the summer, bicarbonate soda will do that for you. A mixture of salt, water, and bicarbonate soda in a ratio of 1:1:1 will leave your wooden and plastic utensils cleaner than ever before. Sprinkling a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate soda into your dishwashing liquid, on the other hand, will deodorize your dishes and remove any stubborn grease and grime.

Using citrus rinds and rosemary

Cleaning cubes made of citrus rinds and rosemary smells fantastic; they will drown any bad odor coming from your kitchen or bathroom in a jiffy. Frozen citrus-rosemary cubes are also great at cleaning garbage disposals and stanching fridges. For optimal results, add a little vinegar to the mixture. The bad smell will be gone in hours.

Use an old sock as a Swiffer dusting cloth

Your Swiffer dusting cloth is missing? No problem! If you have an old sock in your laundry, you are sorted. The sock should preferably be super-soft and fluffy such as microfiber, chenille, and any other easy-to-clean, moisture-wicking fabric.

Attach your sock on the base of the Swiffer and then use it to dust the floor. You can reuse the same sock countless times until it stops collecting debris.

Use the dishwasher to clean toys


Your kids’ toys are also responsible for dirtying your house and as such, you need to clean them up as well. Hand-washing them isn’t always fruitful, plus the process can be tedious sometimes. The good thing is you can wash plastic toys using the dishwasher. Simply remove the batteries, throw them into the washer, and add your usual detergent.

Use a wire-hanger to clean the oven

With a cleaning wipe that is attached to a wire hanger and some detergent, you will be able to rid your oven even the most stubborn stains. The wire hanger needs to be twisted into a wand so that it can hold the cleaning wipe well in place. Use rubber bands to strengthen the DIY tool and then clean the spaces between your oven’s window glasses.

Clean your kitchen stainless steel using olive oil

Did you know that olive oil has magical powers of wiping out stains, even the mildest stains that you can’t see with your own naked eyes? Well, it does. Dip your cleaning cloth in olive oil and then use it to clean fingerprints and other smears from your stainless steel utensils and kitchen benches.

Using dishwashing detergent to clean your patio


If your brick patio has been too soiled during winter, don’t stress yourself out. Make a solution of water and dishwashing detergent, put it in a sprayer, and then spray the patio evenly. After about 10 minutes, scrub the floor using a stiff nylon-bristle brush.

Vacuum clean your mattress

To deodorize your mattress, sprinkle some baking soda all over it and then vacuum clean. Magnificent scents will soon start emanating from your bedroom.

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