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The Best Tips and Tricks To Succeed At Gambling



Gambling can be an incredibly exhilarating and beneficial experience – but only if done properly. Games like Craps and Roulette might look like games of blind luck, but their players often rely on seasoned tactics and routines that help their heads stay above water. Gambling must be done right – the consequences of betting too high and losing are too big.



We’ve outlined some of the most effective tactics to adopt for all your favorite gambling games. Whether it’s a game of Poker among your friends or a slot machine in your local bar, be sure to follow strict rules for yourself to help you stay afloat.




Poker is one of the best ways to make consistent money when gambling. Aside from keeping a straight face, you will also need to have impeccable observation skills to beat your table.

Learn Texas Hold’Em


First, you have to learn how to play Texas Hold’Em. This is the most popular and widely adopted version of the game. And if you want to beat the big fish, you need to go swimming in the same tank.

Stay Sober


This is perhaps one of the more important aspects, particularly if you are still unfamiliar with your opponents’ habits. Drunk players lose money, and they lose because they drink their inhibitions away. Drunk people take more risks on their own hand, misjudge players, and cause chaos on the table. Basically, don’t touch the stuff.

Observe Your Table


What’s in a blink? Does the person opposite you twitch before he folds? Look out for every single mannerism your opponents have. After a while, you’ll be able to learn whether someone has a good hand or is only bluffing – giving you a one-up on them. Once you start to recognize when someone is lying, you’ll start to recognize when someone is telling the truth. Since Poker relies on understanding your opponent, you’ll want to make sure you observe and learn as much as possible.

Learn To Fold


There’s no room for stubbornness in a game of Poker. If you have a genuinely bad couple of hands (or simply want to distract your opponents), then don’t feel obligated to bet on every hand. You will end up losing too much too soon, so folding will extend your play and set you on the way to winning.

Raise Those Stakes

It never hurts to show a little aggression when gambling. If you have confidence in your hand, feel free to raise the stakes and put more money in the pool. Players will match you or they will fold. Either way, you won’t win at Poker unless you risk losing every so often.

Learn The Math

We don’t expect you to be able to count cards (a practice forbidden in casinos), but you will need a basic understanding of the pot odds, and the odds of winning hands. Take a few moments to practice and memorize some of the math behind Poker hands.




It’s not a game that offers the best odds in a casino but is still a fun game that could get you walking away with more cash than what you entered with. Plus, it’s nice to play with people as opposed to against them.

Find A European Table


Before starting your rounds on Roulette, make sure you play on a European model. The differences are subtle but can massively improve your odds of winning. European Roulette tables have one 0 instead of the usual two. This means that the house edge on American tables is 5.26%, opposed to 2.7%, which lower your chance of winning

Stay With Safer Bets



If you keep betting on grouped boxes, such as thirds, evens, odds, et al, you won’t win more but you’ll lose slower. If you place bets on singular numbers your odds at winning drop to 3%, whereas organized boxed bets can raise your chances to 50%.

Manage Your Money

If you quickly make a profit on the table, it’s advised that you store your original amount somewhere separate to your winnings. That way, if luck turns on you, you will (hopefully!) depart the table without a net loss.

Follow The Crowd



If you don’t mind squeezing past a few enthusiastic players, it is always better to play on at a crowded table. That way, you won’t spend too much time in one place and your bets per hour will decrease, potentially sparing you huge gambling losses. It’s always something to consider: loneliness causes over-play.

Practice Online

Try to learn the table as much as you can, you’ll recognize what works best for you and you’ll learn stamina and when to walk away.

Tip The Croupier

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This won’t help you be better at Roulette, but you’ll be a decent player with a good reputation. Croupiers work hard and deserve a little something, particularly if you win big. The best it can do is help you build relationships with people and solidify your place as a regular. At the worst, you lose a few bucks, which you’re prepared to do anyway.



Casino Siteleri

Slot machines have a bad reputation for being biased and/or a longshot to win any serious winnings. They’re no worse than the lottery, and you’ll be surprised how easily you’ll get caught up in their animations, music, and bonus features

Enjoy The Free Drinks

Unlike Poker, you’re not expected to make any big decisions or read any subtle features – so why not enjoy an open bar? As long as you set a target for winnings or when to walk away, you might as well have a cocktail on the house.

Take Your Time

It’s very easy to throw hundreds of coins into a machine in an hour, and you’ll most likely lose them all in a short amount of time. Take it slow, relax. You’ll play less per hour and reduce your losses.

Watch Your Pockets

It’s very easy to lose track of how many coins you’re putting into the machines, so try to make sure you keep winnings in a separate pocket, or preferably, away from you. Keep an eye on how much you’re putting in, and keep your minimum cash budget aside.

Avoid The Airports And Bars


These are most likely cash grabs. Unless they are being stored in official casinos, there’s really no reason to trust these machines which are owned by bar owners. Even if you win, the cash wins are famous for their modesty. Just don’t get into it.

Consider How Much You Play

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So you’ve just won 100 coins? That’s great, but how many did you put in? If that was your 99th play on the same machine then you’re not winning anything. Remember to track how many coins you are gambling with so you can keep track of your bets and winnings.

Avoid The Extra Games

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Don’t do anything on slots other than what they were originally designed to do. These bonus features are designed to distract you and take more of your winnings in a quicker way. Go to the machines, use them for slots, and leave – that’s it!


There’s no way we can guarantee how to win at any gambling game we play, but practice makes perfect. Learn to recognize the little things needed for each game, and may the odds be in your favor! Good luck.

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