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Sip Tea Next To Buckingham Palace For Over $600 A Pot



The Rubens at The Palace

Tea enthusiasts will usually be prepared to spend an extra few dollars on a good quality infused tea, but a spot next to Buckingham Palace in London serves up piping hot brew for an eye-watering $650. Rubens at The Palace hotel is offering guests the most expensive cup of tea in the UK. The extravagant brew in question is the Rubens Golden Tips Tea which is produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

Unlike other pots of tea, this one comes with an experience and not just a hefty price tag. Guests who order it will see the Ceylon tea leaves brought to their table by a white-gloved server using gold tweezers, which is then weighed with absolute precision.

The brew is said to have a “smooth, light, mellow texture with hints of fruity notes”. Incase there were worries about not getting value for money, the tea leaves can be infused up to three times, allowing guests to taste different, rich and a depth of flavors every time a new pot is made.

Along with the lavish brew, guests are given an assortment of freshly baked scones, pastries and finger sandwiches, a staple of traditional British afternoon tea. The hotel recommends that guests enjoy the drink first before tucking into the treats to appreciate and savor all the flavors individually. 

Despite having a price tag that is bigger than a room at the five star luxury hotel in a prime London location, this specific drink has a history of exclusivity, costing around $1,500 in 1891. Situated opposite Buckingham Palace, this experience almost mimics a royal one. If guests want to enjoy the location and hotel, Ruben at The Palace’s regular Royal Afternoon Tea is priced at a much more reasonable $60 per person.

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