The Best Albums of the Decade, Ranked

Having just entered into the 2020s, the time has come to look back and reflect on the many musical gems that the music industry gifted us with in the 2010s. From Hip Hop to Pop, Rock, Folk, and EDM, there have been plenty of songs, albums, and concerts that helped shape this memorable decade.


From rising stars such as Drake and Ed Sheeran to brand new talents such as Chance the Rapper and Billie Eilish, there has been a multitude of fresh talents who have redefined music genres across the board. Even long-established acts such as Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys made memorable contributions, thereby delighting their existing fanbases and even earning new admirers in the process. Let’s take a look at the last decade’s best albums and better understand why these albums have been so impactful in the world of music.

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