The Best Albums of the Decade, Ranked

39. Lorde, Melodrama, (2017)

After releasing an explosive debut studio album as well as her wildly popular single Royals, one couldn’t have expected Lorde to top her initial contributions to modern music. Unexpectedly, she did just that with the masterful Melodrama. After experiencing her own break up, Lorde dissected her feelings of grief, loneliness, and insecurity and utilized them to write two powerful yet sincere ballads, titled Liability and Writer in the Dark.


As if such emotive tracks were not enough to win listeners’ hearts, Lorde still managed to include a number of dance-floor tracks rooted in her electropop background, such as Green Light and Supercut. Following heaps of praise directed at Lorde’s sensational songwriting talent, this album was named album of the year by a multitude of media publications, including Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, and Uproxx.

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