The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time, Ranked

40. Tom Morello

A connoisseur of funk metal, heavy metal, and nu metal, Morello reinvented rock guitar during his career with Rage Against The Machine. Morello has a heavy reliance on effects pedals, which has resulted in him pioneering a number of sound effects that were previously never used. This includes the turntable scratches on Bulls on Parade and laser blasts in Killing in the Name.


In addition to his tenures with Rage Against The Machine, Morello also performed in Audioslave as well as under his politically driven alias, The Nightwatchmen. He has also collaborated with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Much of Morello’s style was influenced by the world of Hip Hop, which is strongly evident in his bold use of noisy production throughout his works.

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