The World’s Most Interesting Easter Traditions

Easter is a religious holiday, but most people celebrate it around the world, even if they are not religious. Here are a few countries that celebrate Easter in very interesting ways:



In Norway, Norweigens celebrate Easter in a really different way – they read stories all about crime! This is referred to as Påskekrim, or “Easter crime.” This Norweigan tradition is all about families getting together and reading mysteries, murders and violent crimes. If visiting Norway during this period, you will see many crime novels displayed by the windows of book shops.



In Poland, they call Easter Monday “Śmigus-dyngus”, and it’s a day where buckets, balloons, and pistols are filled up with water to squirt anybody that passes by. Most people believe this tradition was to do with fertility rituals, but right now it’s a fun day for the whole country to have some fun, and go to war with a water-fight!

South Africa


In South Africa, many people celebrate Easter as a long weekend and go on vacation. During the month leading up to Easter, you will see tons of chocolate marshmallow eggs, and chocolate bunnies all around. Often school children will sell the marshmallow eggs at school. Braais (South African barbecues) are lit over Easter weekend, and include a lot of beer, meat and salad, followed by Easter egg chocolates.

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