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This Small Town Wants To Abolish The Concept Of Time



Jøran Mikkelsen/Visit Norway

For the folks in Sommaroey, Norway, time is just a social construct and should be abolished.

That’s according to some of the locals who are currently advocating for the removal of time. Sommaroey is a small Norweigan island and does not see the sun for 69 days of the year.

Because its residents don’t see any sun between the months of November and January, they don’t exactly experience life the same way we do.

The idea for a ‘time-free’ zone came about after noticing how residents spend their dark and light days differently. For example, the abolition of the clock would help students, teachers, employees, and residents find their own schedule.

According to local citizen Kjell Ove Hveding, politicians have been busy collecting ‘dozens’ of signatures needed for a petition to restructure the concept of time. They hope to assess any legal or practical issues that will surely arise.

One major bridge in Sommaroey is covered in wristwatches, a symbolic gesture by residents who agree they should ‘leave time in the past’. Having months of constant sunlight creates more flexibility for jobs, hobbies, and recreation. Overall, the island has a population of around 350 people.

Historians believe that time has been around since, well, the beginning of it. At the moment, there is no precedent for entire communities banning the stopwatch.

Would you live somewhere without any concept of time?

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