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Tinder For Cows Is Here… Because Honestly Why Not?



A new app is on the market for lonely cows who are seeking a mate. And no, before you marvel at the fact your ex has their very own app, this is literally for cows. Like, the animal.

‘Tudder’ helps British farmers connect their cows to prospective animals in the area. Judging the look of the cattle, farmers swipe left or right until a match is made.

Upon a successful match, farmers are then directed to SellMyLivestock, a website where they can browse more photos and specific data about the cows before deciding whether to buy them.

Reuters / Matthew Stock

The data of each animal can prove incredibly valuable for farmers who are looking for strong animals to breed. This can include milk yield or protein levels – vital for high-quality meat and dairy.

Farmers are already delighted with the potential they have for meeting and mating with more cows. Seeing animals in their natural habitat can influence the decision. Each year, SellMyLivestock sells 50 million pounds worth of livestock.

“Despite the rest of the world’s view of farming, it’s actually very technologically driven,” said Tudder user and cattle farmer James Bridger. He later references accurate spraying, automated dairy units, and genetic science used in the industry.

Tudder – a mix between ‘Tinder’ and ‘Udder’ – was launched just in time for Valentine’s Day – helping cows all over Britain find love in 2019.

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