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You Asked: How Can I Use The Toilet In Antarctica?



Editor Choice receives hundreds of emails a day from avid readers who seek answers to some of life’s most important questions. Most of them are pertaining to our articles already on the site. Some, however, are more abstract and require a bit more attention. We have selected one of the strangest ones in an attempt to answer it.

“How Can I Use The Toilet In Antarctica?”

We decided to conduct some research and provide 10 tips on how to use the toilet in Antarctica. If you ever find yourself going down south, you might want to keep these in mind.

Don’t make yellow snow

Antarctica is one of the most untouched environments in the world. If you find yourself down there, then there’s a chance you’ll see something rare and never seen by other humans. Don’t ruin it by making yellow snow! You will be found and swiftly sent home by people who parole the area.


Bring a bottle

If you can’t make yellow snow, you’ll want to bring a bottle with you. That way, you keep the environment untouched and fresh for future faces. This might be a little easier for the boys than the girls, but women can invest in a ‘shewee’.

Practice, practice, practice

This tip is for the girls. You might want to practice using your Shewee before you head down to the icy desert. You don’t want any nasty surprises once you get there. Guys, you’ve already been practicing your whole life, so sit this one out.

Don’t confuse the bottles

This is a mistake you will only ever make once in your life. Trust us. We may or may not be speaking from experience. Make sure to clearly mark which bottle is for drinking and which bottle… is not.


There’s no room for inhibitions

When using your pee bottle and device, you might not be blessed with the privacy you have become used to. There will be no restroom, and there might not even be a partition. Get used to the adventure and make sure to embrace the madness.

Built a bathroom

You may not have physical rooms to use when you ‘spend a penny’ but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own. Remember: you are surrounded by snow capable of forming into bricks and walls. Get creative with it.



Ok: you’ve built the walls and added your pee bottle. Now just make room for necessary toilet paper and keep your sanitizer nearby. Bravo – you have your own bespoke bathroom! Your buddies will surely be jealous.

Consider the wind walls

Don’t underestimate how cold and windy Antarctica can be. You might have your necessary bottle and Shewee, but that’s only the start. It is essential that you consider the wind direction once you get down to business. You don’t want to let loose against the wind.


Search for the view

In the likely event you will have to produce some solids, give yourself a bit of a treat. There’s a lot to explore at the south pole, so set up you, ahem, camp in a place with a good view of what’s around you. Look for inspiration by setting up your private camp in front of a snowy volcano.

Two walls are enough

If you find the perfect location for your water closet, then you won’t need to invest time building more than two walls. You’ll feel a little exposed at first, but once you remember there’s no one else around you, all you’ll need to do is build a corner that’s out of view from your friends.

Now you have the tips to make the ‘perfect’ toilet experience when you visit Antarctica. Best of luck to you and we look forward to hearing how it goes.